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Volume-2 Issue-4: Published on March 10, 2013
Volume-2 Issue-4: Published on March 10, 2013

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(ISSN: 2278 - 3075, Volume-2, Issue-4, March 2013) 

Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering & Sciences Publication Pvt. Ltd.

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Aditya Bakshi, A.K.Sharma, Atul Mishra
Significance of Mobile AD-HOC Networks (MANETS)

1 - 5


Kanika Gupta, S.K Gupta
Image Denoising Techniques- A Review Paper

6 - 9


Arunkumar Dwivedi, Dhiraj Kumar S. Lal
Influence of Addition of Pond Ash as Partial Replacement with Sand and Cement on the Properties of Mortar

10 - 13


Shabnam S.Mahat, P.P.Jamsandekar, K.M. Nalawade
Major Problems Associated With the Use of ICT in Institution

14 - 16


Hemraj R. Kumavat, Yogesh N. Sonawane
Feasibility Study of Partial Replacement of Cement and Sand in Mortar by Brick Waste Material

17 - 20


Kanika Gupta, Apurva, Priya Jindal, Vishakha Snehi
Implementing Kalman Filter in GPS Navigation

21 - 25


Dhrubajyoti Gogoi, Rupam Kumar Sharma
Android Based Emergency Alert Button

26 - 27


Chandni Vaghasia, Kirti Bathwar
Public Key Encryption Algorithms for Wireless Sensor Networks In tinyOS

28 - 34


Pallavi S. Bangare, Pooja More, Sunil L. Bangare, Ashish Upadhye, Pooja Zambad
Re-Evaluation of Visual Studio 2010 Add-ins For Coding Guidance

35 - 38


P.Blessy, R.Jegan, X.Anitha Mary
Seat Occupancy Detection Based on Impedance Measurement

39 - 41


Monika Kalra, Dinesh Verma
Effect of Constant Suction on Transient Free Convective Gelatinous Incompressible Flow past a Perpendicular Plate with Cyclic Temperature Variation in Slip Flow Regime 

42 - 44


Pijus Kanti Khatua, Suraj Chakraborty, Sibaprasad Maity, Gora Das, Arunabha Ghosh
Eco-Composite Flush Door Shutter Using Bamboo-Jute Fiber

45 - 51

13. Surinder Chauhan, Vikram Chopra, Shakti Singh
Transient Stability Improvement of Two Machine System using Fuzzy Controlled STATCOM
52 - 56
14. Heena, Jagpreet Kaur
A Secure Technique for hiding data under the Fingerprint Images using Modified Haar Wavelet Based Transformation
57 - 59
15. Dibyendu Barman
Dynamic Time Quantum in Round Robin Algorithm (DTQRR) Depending on Burst and Arrival Time of the Processes
60 - 64
16. N.R.Patel, S.S.Thakare, D.S.Chaudhari
A Review of Different Parameter Monitoring Systems for Increasing Agricultural Yield
65 - 67
17. Rahul. B. Lanjewar, D. S. Chaudhari
Speech Emotion Recognition: A Review
68 - 71
18. Rakhi Garg, P. K. Mishra
Data Decomposition Technique Proposed for Candidate Itemsets Generation of Association Rule Mining Algorithms on Heterogeneous Cluster
72 - 75
19. Swarup S. Mathurkar, D. S. Chaudhari
A Review on Smart Sensors Based Monitoring System for Agriculture
76 - 78
20. R. W. Somkuwar, P. L. Paikrao, D. S. Chaudhari
An Overview: iButton (1-Wire Technology) and ZigBee Wireless Protocol
79 - 83
21. R.K.Ramesh, A.Kabeer Mohamed Refai
A Hypothetical Approach on Artificial Intelligence System with Sensors and VRS
84 - 85
22. Ramandeep Kaur, Tejinder Thind
Non Local Image Restoration Using Orientation Optimization By Means Of Genetic Algorithm
86 - 88
23. G. B. Saboo, D. S. Chaudhari
Wireless Assistive Technology for Severely Disabled Persons: An Overview
89 - 92
24. Salas K Jose, X. Anitha Mary, Namitha Mathew
ARM 7 Based Accident Alert and Vehicle Tracking System
93 - 96
25. Pooja Rani
Middleware and Toolkits in Grid Computing
97 - 101
26. Namitha Mathew, Prabhakar.S. K.Gerard Joe Nigel
Certain approaches of Real Time Object Tracking In Video Sequences on Embedded Linux Platform
102 - 105
27. J. Sandeep Soni, H. P. Agrawal, R. Gupta and H.O. Bansal
Potentials and Capabilities of FACTS Controllers for Quality and Performance Enhancement of Power System
106 - 111
28. Rushabh A. Shah, Jayeshkumar Pitroda
Fly Ash Class F: Opportunities for Development of Low Cost Mortar
112 - 115
29. Dushyant R. Bhimani, Jayesh Kumar Pitroda, Jaydev J. Bhavsar
Effect of Used Foundry Sandand Pozzocrete Partial Replacement with Fine Aggregate and Cement in Concrete
116 - 120
30. Musa Mutah, Kikuchi Akira, Abdul Majid Zaiton, Jaafar Jafariah, Salim Mohd Razman, Ismail nor Eman
Production of Sugarcane Bagasse Based Activated Carbon for Cd2+ Removal Using Factorial Design
121 - 125
31. Stuti Singh, Roshan Srivastava
Intrusion Detection Using Data Mining Technique
126 - 129
32. A. Duraisamy, M.Sathiyamoorthy, S.Chandrasekar
A Server Side Solution for Protection of Web Applications from Cross-Site Scripting Attacks
130 - 137
33. Gayathri S, K Gerard Joe Nigel, S Prabakar
Low Cost Hand Vein Authentication System on Embedded Linux Platform
138 - 141
34. P. Divakara Varma, R.Ramana Reddy
A Novel 1-Bit Full Adder Design Using DCVSL XOR/XNOR Gate and Pass Transistor Multiplexers
142 - 146
35. Pankaj Garg, Ruby Verma
Effect of Using Different Encoders in Bluetooth
147 - 149
36. Smita Upendra Gumaste, Jyoti Rao
Investigation and Review of Efficient Method for Multiple Protein Network’s Pairwise Alignment
150 - 154
37. Kailas I Patil, Jaiprakash Shimpi
A Graphical Password using Token, Biometric, Knowledge Based Authentication System for Mobile Devices
155 - 157
38. Manish kumar Rajput, Divyanshu Prabhav, Chitransh Karade
Design of a Wide Slot Antenna for Bandwidth Enhancement for Wireless Communication Application
158 - 161
39. S. P. Singh, Vikash Sharma
Features Enhancement and Efficiency Optimization of HSNP by HSVP System of Vehicle Number Plat
162 - 165
40. S. P. Pingat, Shubham Rakhecha, Rishabh Agrawal, Sarika Mhetre, Pranay Raushan
Real Time Smart Car Security System by using Biometrics
166 - 168
41. Yash Dave, Gordhan Jethava
An Approach to Improve Security on Clone of Mobile Device during Augmented Execution
169 - 173
42. Madhuri Gawali, Mrunal Bewoor, Suhas Patil
Review: Evaluating and Analyzer to Developing Optimized Text Summary Algorithm
174 - 175
43. S.Priya, S.Pushpa
Measurouting Approach for Flow Utility in Routing Assisted Traffic Monitoring
176 - 180
44. Haval Sardar Kamil, S. U. Kulkarni
Modeling of Wind turbine Driven Self-Excited Induction Generator
181 - 185
45. Mustafa Jawad Kadhim, D.S.Chavan
Stability Analysis of DFIG-based Wind Farms Using Different Bus Systems
186 - 190
46. Roopali Goel, Ritesh Jain
Speech Signal Noise Reduction by Wavelets
191 - 193
47. Rajeshwar Singh, Gurpreet Singh Saini
Multistage Enhancement of Channel Quality using Channel Estimation Techniques for effective BER/SNR using 16 QAM for Mobile Communication
194 - 198
48. Er. Ankita, Anand Nayyar
Review of various PTS (Partial Transmit Sequence) techniques of PAPR (Peak to Average Power Ratio) Reduction in MIMO-OFDM
199 - 202
49. Ankusha.Biradar, Nagabhushan.Patil
Implementation of a Hybrid High-Power-Factor Three-Phase Unidirectional Rectifier
203 - 206
50. J.Baskaran, P.Pugazhendiran, M.Sujith
A Novel Digitally Controlled Converter for Renewable Energy Resources
207 - 210
51. S. Kumaravel, T. Ramkumar, B.Gurunanam, M. Suresh, K. Dharanirajan
An Application of Remote Sensing and GIS Based Shoreline Change Studies – A Case Study in the Cuddalore District, East Coast of Tamilnadu, South India
211 - 215
52. A. P. Edlabadkar, Anup P. Ingle
Work-Study and Design of Material Handling System in Soot Girni
216 - 219
53. R. Venkatachalapathy, G. Nandhakumar, P. Karthikeyan
Diatoms Community Structure In Relation To Physico-Chemical Factors in Yercaud Lake, Salem District, Tamil Nadu, India
220 - 222
54. Sanjeetha Sara John, P. Anatha Christhu Raj
Pulse Oximeter using PSoC
223 - 225
55. Prajakta D. Phalke, Snehal G. Pote, Sakshi Dhar, Kshitija S. Urane
Auto Backup with Network Information System
226 - 229
56. Radhika P. Fuke, M. V. Sarode
A Novel Approach To Capture salient Part From JPEG Image
230 - 232
57. Sarisha Satheesan, A. Ilayarajaa
Proactive Cued Click Points:A Sound Signature Integrated Graphical Password Authentication Mechanism
232 - 236
58. S. Kumaravel, B.Gurugnanam, M.Bagyaraj, S. Venkatesan, M.Suresh, K.Dharanirajan
Monitoring Land Cover Changes in the Parts of East Cost of Tamilnadu and Pondicherry Union Territory Using Geospatial Technology
237 - 240
59. Sourav Roy, Amitava Choudhury, Joydeep Mukherjee
An Approach towards Detection of Indian Number Plate from Vehicle
241 - 244
60. Renganthan.B, Vinothini.K, Chinnadurai.S
A Smart Wireless Home Maneuver for Indoor Blind Pedestrians via Indoor Positioning System
245 - 248
61. Jishmi Jos Choondal, C. Sharavanabhavan
Design and Implementation of a Natural User Interface Using Hand Gesture Recognition Method
249 - 254
62. D.Sushma Deevi, G.S.Ajay K Reddy, Narendra Babu
Geostatistical and Fuzzy C-Mean Clustering For Extraction of White Matter
255 - 258
63. Bhushan K. Suryawanshi, Prajitsen G.Damle
Review of Design of Hybrid Aluminum/ Composite Drive Shaft for Automobile
259 - 266
64. Gaurav Kumar, Kunwar Pal, Dilbahar Singh
Change in the Key Expansion Function of AES
267 - 269
65. Dilbahar Singh, Sumit Kumar Yadav, Gaurav Kumar
Data Migration between Crossbreed Platform Using Ant Colony Optimization
270 - 273
66. Naga Lakshmi, Raja Sekhara Rao , Sai Satyanarayana Reddy
An Overview of Preprocessing on Web Log Data for Web Usage Analysis
274 - 279
67. I.D.Soubache, P.Ajay-D-Vimal Raj
Unified Particle Swarm Optimization to Solving Economic Dispatch
280 - 284
68. T.D. Khadtare, P.R. Thakare, S.A.J. Patel
An Efficient Personalized Web Search Mechanism using BinRank Algorithm
285 - 289
69. G. N. Raut, P. L. Paikrao, D. S. Chaudhari
A Study of Quality Assessment Techniques for Fused Images
290 - 294
70. Nikhil A. Chaudhari, Vivek S. Deshpande, J. B. Helonde, V. M. Wadhai
Behavioral Analysis of Energy In Wireless Sensor Networks
295 - 298
71. Praful P. Maktedar, Vivek S. Deshpande, J. B. Helonde, V.M. Wadhai
Performance Analysis of Reliability in Wireless Sensor network
299 - 302
72. Shefaly Sharma, Jagpreet Kaur
An Efficient Method of Watermarking Using Multi Wavelet Technique with Modified Fast Haar Wavelet Transform (MFHWT)
303 - 305
73. S.H.Mortazavi, P.S.Avadhani
RSA Cryptography Algorithm: An Impressive Tool in Decreasing Intrusion Detection System Vulnerabilities in Network Security
306 - 310
74. E.N. Ganesh
Single Walled and Multi Walled Carbon Nanotube Structure, Synthesis and Applications
311 - 320
75. Erfaneh Noroozi, Salwani Mohd Daud, Ali Sabouhi
Secure Digital Signature Schemes Based on Hash Functions
321 - 325
76. B. Madhuravani, D. S. R Murthy
Cryptographic Hash Functions: SHA Family
326 - 329
77. Ousmane Sow, Dianguina Diarisso, Nzonzolo ZénobeAmadou MBodji, Mamadou Saliou Diallo, Amadou Diao, Idrissa Gaye,Fabé Idrissa Barro, Grégoire Sissoko
Experimental Device for Acquisition of Propertiesi-V and V (T) of the Solar By Automatic Change Operating Point
330 - 334

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