Volume-10 Issue-2, December 2020

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Volume-10 Issue-2, December 2020, ISSN: 2278-3075 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering and Sciences Publication (BEIESP)

Interactive 360-Degree Virtual Reality into e-Learning Content Design
Abuelainin Hussain

Development of Corrosion Resistant Laser Sintered Inconel 718 Material using Salt Spray Test
Karthik R1, K Elangovan2, Girisha K G3

IoT in Safety and Security of Automobiles
Shamik Palit1, Chandrima Sinha Roy2

Solar Equipment Based Micro Grid in Hilly Terrains of Rural India – A Broad Perspective
Archan Bhanja1, Anil Kumar2, Anshuman Gupta3

Classification and Severity Measurement of Epileptic Seizure using Intracranial Electroencephalogram (iEEG)
Sanjay Shamrao Pawar1, Sangeeta Rajendra Chougule2

Hypervisor Vulnerabilities and Some Defense Mechanisms, in Cloud Computing Environment
Dina Mohsen Zoughbi1, Nitul Dutta2

Design Thinking as the Answer to the Question of Relevance in Engineering Education in Africa
Kehdinga George Fomunyam

Corporate Social Responsibility as Contextual Responsiveness for Engineering Education in Africa
Kehdinga George Fomunyam

Performance of Naïve Bayes in Sentiment Analysis of User Reviews Online
Habeebullah Shah Quadri1, R. K. Selvakumar2

An Anatomization of Language Detection and Translation using NLP Techniques
Bhagyashree P Pujeri1, Jagadeesh Sai D2

A Generator Based Polynomial with Secret Encryption Scheme for Secure Data Sharing and Privacy in Multi-Party/Federated-Cloud Computation
V. Keerthi1, T. Anuradha2

Maintainability Metrics for Object-Oriented Software System Modifiability
Hanumantha Rao Battu1, R. Satya Prasad2, D.N.V. Syma Kumar3

Experimental and Theoretical Performance Analysis of Emission and Combustion Characteristics of Diesel Engine using Bio Diesel as an Alternate Fuel
Saurabh Dayal1, Devendra Singh2, Ajay Kumar Sharma3

Optimization of IDS using Filter-Based Feature Selection and Machine Learning Algorithms
Neha Sharma1, Harsh Vardhan Bhandari2, Narendra Singh Yadav3, Harsh Vardhan Jonathan Shroff4

Performance Tuning Techniques for Face Detection Algorithms on GPGPU
Yara M. Abdelaal1, M. Fayez2, Samy Ghoniemy3, Ehab Abozinadah4, H.M. Faheem5

SIFCON-A High Performance Concrete – Experimental Investigations
R.G. Sonone1, Sanjay Sharma2, H.K. Sharma3

Relationship between B40 Household Income and Demographic Factors in Malaysia
Humaida Banu Samsudin1, Amirul Aqil Nadzrulizam2

Performance Analysis of Solar Stills with Different Absorbing Materials
Maneesh Kumar1, Devendra Singh2, Ajay Kumar Sharma3

Exploratory Study of the Hcci Engine Employing Exhaust Gas Recirculation
Sundar Lal1, Devendra Singh2, Ajay Kumar Sharma3

Optimizing MRI Registration using Software/Hardware Co-Design Model on FPGA
Yasmeen Farouk1, Sherine Rady2

Homograph Attack Warning System
Muhammad Uwais1, Arpit Sharma2, Akhil Kumar3, Lakshya Singh4

Ecg Heartbeat Classification: Conceptual Understanding through Cnn & Rnn – A Machine Learning Approach
P. Rama Santosh Naidu1, G. Lavanya Devi2, Kondapalli Venkata Ramana3

Enhancing Software Development Teams‟ Client Awareness: An Empirical Study of Its Impact on Productivity
Abdulrahman M. Qahtani

The Culture of Wireless Access Technology Learning Communication in the Covid19 Pandemic
Azlina Musa1, Mohd Nasir Hashim2

Effect of Nano-additive on the Bonding Strength and Formaldehyde Emission of the Plywood Adhesive during Manufacturing of Wood Based Panel Products
S.C.Sahoo1, Amitava Sil2, Dharm Pal3

The Variation of Atmospheric Electrical Conductivity as the Function of Altitude
Abhishek Kumar Mishra1, Anurag Kumar2, Vikas Mishra3

Optimal Design of Integrated Chiller Capacity with Ice Thermal Storage for Commercial Buildings through Cooling System Cascade Analysis
Muhammad Ikhwan Zamhuri1, Haslenda Hashim2, Ho Wai Shin3

The Effects of Prostaglandin Analogs on Intraocular Pressure in Human Eye for Open Angle Glaucoma
Shabab Akbar1, Sapna Ratan Shah2

Data Mining and Statistical Review of Optimization Techniques of Hybrid Renewable Energy Systems
Muhammad Imran Khan