Volume-3 Issue-7, December 2013

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Volume-3 Issue-7, December 2013, ISSN: 2278-3075 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering and Sciences Publication (BEIESP)

Design of Low Power SRAM Architecture with Isolated Read and Write Operations at Deep Submicron CMOS Technology
Naveen Kumar Sarva1, U. Nageswara Rao2, D. Ramesh3, D. Harihara Santosh4

Mining Regular Pattern Over Dynamic Data Stream using Bit Stream Sequence
Vijay Kumar Verma1, Kanak Saxena2

Distribution Automation – a Modern Perspective
Prachi Yadav1, Nisheet Soni2

Power Optimization of High Speed Pipelined 8B/10B Encoder
Gajendra Singh Solanki1, Rekha Agarwal2, Sandhya Sharma3

A Survey on Application of Machine Learning Algorithms on Data Mining
Tapas Ranjan Baitharu1, Subhendu Kumar Pani2

Design of a Low-Cost Contact-Less Digital Tachometer with Added Wireless Feature
Nitin Singh1, Raghuvir S. Tomar2

An Efficient Design of R-2R Digital to Analog Converter with Better Performance Parameter in (90nm) 0.09-µm CMOS Process
Anuradha S. Kherde1, Pritesh R. Gumble2

Effect of Opening Size and Location on the Shear Strength Behavior of R.C Deep Beams without Web Reinforcement
Hawraz Karim M. Amin1, V.C. Agarwal2, Omar Q. Aziz3

Classification of Users in Online Video Social Networks
Kondra Mohan Raju1, E. Madhukar2

Design and Motion Planning of Indoor Pipeline Inspection Robot
Harish P.1, V. Venkateswarlu2

Base Transceiver Station (BTS) Safety and Fault Management
Chetan Patil1, Channabasappa Baligar2

Optical Character Recognition of Printed Text in Devanagari using Neuro – Fuzzy Integrated System
Ankush A. Mohod1, Nilesh N. Kasat2

Impact of the Proposed Cargo Port on the Traffic Characteristics of Ponnani Town and Abatement Measures
Irshad C.K1, Gymmy Joseph Kattoor2, Abdul Malik K.V3

Comparison of Genetic Algorithm and Particle Swarm Optimization for Pattern Recovery in Failed Antenna Arrays
Rashwinder Singh1, Danvir Mandal2

An Experimental Study on using Lightweight Web Sandwich Panel as a Floor and a Wall
Nahro Radi Husein1, V. C. Agarwal2, Anupam Rawat3

Nonlinear Behavior of Continuous Composite Steel Concrete Beam with External Prestress
Ali Hussein Qader1, V. C. Agarwal2, Amer M. Ibrahim3

Wireless Sensor Networks – an Important Part of Current Automotive and Building Automation Tasks
Jan Haase

A New Approach to Communicate Secret Message (Key) Among a Group using Chain Matrix Multiplication Based on Public Key Crypto System
Nageswara Rao Eluri1, K. Venkata Rao2, M. Soma Sundara Rao3, Mohammed Abazeed Bazeed4

Design & Analysis of Master Cylinder of Hydraulic Braking System using ANSYS
J. Reddaiah1, G. Harinath Gowd2, S. Praveen Kumar3, V. Vishnuvardhan4

Lower-Error Antilogarithmic Converters using Binary Error Searching Schemes
Chao-Tsung Kuo1, Tso-Bing Juang2

FPGA Implementation of AES Algorithm
R. Sharadha1, CH. Bhanu Prakash2, M. J. C. Prasad3

AGILE Software Development Using Scrum Methodology
Debaswapna Mishra1, Narendra.Kumar Kamila2

Agent of Semantic Annotation of Educational Resources Based on Ontology
Aziz Oriche1, Abderrahman Chekry2, Md. Khaldi3

Mitigation of Inrush Current in Transformer
Sagar Devidas Bole

PIC Microcontroller Universal Board
Rathod Raju Ambadas1, R. P. Chaudhari2

Threshold Energy Based LEACH Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks
Ullas P1, Shashi Kiran B N2, Darshan A M3, Bharath Kumar S4

Design and Improvement of WiMAX OSTBC– OFDM Transceiver Based Multiwavelet Signals by Tomlinson-Harashima Precoding on SFF SDR Development Platform
Mohammed Aboud Kadhim1, Maha M. Mohammad Ali2

Estimation and Comparison of Antenna Temperature and Water Vapor Attenuation at Microwave Frequencies over Northern and Southern Latitude
S. Mondal1, N. SK2, P.K. Karmakar3

Palm Vein Recognition for Human Identification using NN
Mansi Manocha1, Parminder Kaur2

An Improved Data Transfer Technique using Steganography with Water marking and Visual Cryptography
Sakshi Batra1, Harpinder Kang Khattra2

Leakage Reduction and Stability Improvement Techniques of 10T Sram Cell: a Survey
A. Veera Lakshmi1, S. Priya2

Wireless Stand-Alone Real Time Remote Patient Health Monitoring System
Rubina A Shaikh1, Sajid Shaikh2

Use of AST for Translating Executable UML Models to Java Code in Eclipse and Testing Strategy for UML Models
Anand Mohanrao Magar1, Nilesh J Uke2

Implementation of Improved AODV Protocol Based on WiMax using Network Simulator 2
Lovenish Kumar1, Sunita Rani2

The Performance Improvement of Long Range Inter-relay Wireless Cooperative Network using Three Time Slot TDMA based Protocol
Imranullah Khan1, Tan Chon Eng2

Inter-turn Fault Analysis of Synchronous Generator using Finite Element Method (FEM)
B. Jagadeesh Chandra Prasad1, B. V. Sanker Ram2

Design and Analysis of Clutch Using Sintered Iron as a Friction Material
Mamta G. Pawar1, Monarch K. Warambhe2, Gautam R. Jodh3

Protection against Online Password Guessing Attacks by Using Graphicals Passwords
Kiran Babu T.S1, Ragav Krishna.R2

A Comparative Overview of Popular Attacks Relevant to Adhoc -Networks
Kiran Babu. T. S1, Ragav Krishna.R2