Volume-4 Issue-7, December 2014

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Volume-4 Issue-7, December 2014, ISSN: 2278-3075 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering & Sciences Publication (BEIESP)

Parallel Implementation of Smith-Waterman Algorithm using MPI, OpenMP and Hybrid Model
Zeiad El-Saghir1, Hamdy Kelash2, Sayed Elnazly3, Hossam Faheem4

High Step-Up DC–DC Converter for AC Photovoltaic Module Application
Ponugoti Sri Lakshmi1, Kande Dayakar2, Dola Sanjay S3

Necessity of Qom’s City Buildings Improvement
Seyed Gholamreza Hashemi1, Gholamreza Ghodrati Amiri2, Seyed Ali Razavian Amrei3

Protection Degree from Forest Fires at the Mountainous Forests of Greece
Nikolaos Karatzidis1, Vasileios C. Drosos2, Kosmas Aristotelis Doucas3, Vasileios Giannoulas4

Investigation of CNC Turning Tool Wearing using Image Processes
Nukman Bin Yusoff1, Abdulaziz S. Alaboodi2, Osama I. Alsultan3

MHD Flow and Heat Transfer Through a Circular Cylinder Partially Filled with non-Darcy Porous Media
M. K. Sharma1, Kuldip Singh2, Ashok Kumar3

Survey on Cryptography Algorithms
Brijesh Kumar Patel1, Mukti Pathak2

Spine Segmentation in Medical Image Processing using Unsupervised learning
B. Suresh Kumar1, B. L. Shivakumar2

An Improved Distance Vector by Naming and Protecting from Wormholes in Wireless Sensor Networks
Leelavathy S. R

Ex-Post Investigation of ERP Business Value in an Indian Organization
Rakesh Roshan

A Review of Solar Air Conditioning System
Neelesh Dutt Pandey1, Subhadeep Chakraborti2, Arindam Ghosal3

Evaluation of L2 Trigger Impact on Fast Mobile IPv6 Handover
Mohamed Alnas1, Nassr Abuhamoud2, Elmabruk Laias3

Automated Profile Extraction and Classification with Stanford Algorithm
Renuka S. Anami1, Gauri R. Rao2

Fingerprint Verification using Statistical and Co-Occurrence Matrix Features
Shweta Ujwal Bagadi1, Giridhar P. Jain2

GCC Vs. ICC Comparison using PARSEC Benchmarks
Abedalmuhdi Almomany1, Afnan Alquraan2, Lakshmy Balachandran3

Three-Phase Four-Wire Distribution System Utilizing Unified Power Quality Conditioner
Sahar Aslanzadeh1, Morteza Nasooti2

An Overview of Intrusion Detection System in Computer Networks
Ashish Negi1, Himanshu Saini2

Design of UART Protocol with Interrupt Logic and Status Register
Salman Khan B. R1, Arun Patro2, Siva S. Yellampalli3

High Speed RC4 Algorithm Based on True Dual Port RAM by using Verilog HDL
Thirupathi Naidu P1, Ashok Kumar V2, Kranthi R3

An Efficient Codec of 2d Adaptive Directional Lifting Based Spl5/3 with Improved Spiht Algorithm for Lossless Image Coding
Sanjay H. Dabhole1, Sharad T. Jadhav2

An Optimal Detection of Polyp and Ulcer in WCE Images using Fast BEMD with DLac Analysis”
Sharad T. Jadhav1, Sanjay H. Dabhole2

Fast Block Based Motion Estimation using Various Search Patterns
P. A. Bhalge1, S. Y. Amdani2

Estimation of Potential Evapotranspiration using Empirical Models for Imphal
Nganthoi Naorem1, Th. Kiranbala Devi2

Study and Analysis of LFC with Wind Plant in two Area Power System Through Fuzzy Inference Technique
K. Harinadha Reddy

E-Trust Assessment on E-commerce
Issa Najafi

Computer Assisted Medical Health System for the Benefit of Hard to Reach Rural Area
Priti Kalode1, Onkar S. Kemkar2, P. R. Gundalwar3

Bengali and English Vehicles Number Plate Recognition System using MATLAB
Arifuzzaman Md1, Tosikur Rahman2, Ahammad Emtiaz3, Islam Md. Rashedul4, Nafiz Ahmed Chisty5

An Interactive Design Tool for Engine Sand Separator System
Farooq Saeed

Charging of Batteries and Checking their Autonomy with Variable Stand-Alone Photovoltaic Systems in Field Conditions
Sumedha Sengar

Literature Survey on Development of An Algorithm for Face Recognition using Wavelet Neural Network
Priyanka Dharane1, A. S. Vibhute2

Small Signal Stability Analysis of a Wind Penetrated Electricity Distribution System
P. Venkata Narayana1, K. H. Phani Sree2