Volume-8 Issue-10S, August 2019

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Volume-8 Issue-10S, August 2019, ISSN: 2278-3075 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering & Sciences Publication

Cyber Security Affairs in Empowering Technologies
R .Sri Devi1, M. Mohan Kumar2

Continuous Wavelet Transform Based Gene Optimized Fuzzy C-Means Clustering For Forest Fire Detection
Pushpa Balasubramanian1, Kamarasan Mari2

Automatic Detection of Glaucoma based on Refined Complete Local Binary Pattern and Random Forest Classification Method
Narmatha Venugopal1, Kamarasan Mari2

Development of an IoT based Air Quality Monitoring System
Sreevas R1, Shanmughasundaram R2, VRL Swami Vadali3

Visual Information Retrieval for Videos Based on Feature Extraction using Machine Learning Techniques
V.Mohana Maniganda Babu1, S.Sasireka2, E.Anitha3

Artificial Intelligence Applications and Future Research Directions
K .G. Rani Roopha Devi1, R.Mahendra Chozhan2, R. Murugesan3

MPPT Controller Based on Fuzzy Logic for Photovoltaic Systems using Line-Commutated Inverter and Sepic Converter
T. Shanthi1, S. U. Prabha2

Retention and Turnover of Teaching Fraternity in Educational Sector with Special Reference to Degree Colleges in Bangalore
Haritha M1, E A Parameshwar Gupta2

Modelling and Optimization of Cutting Forces and Tool Wear in Milling of Aerospace Al 6061(Sic) Composites
Ankush Kohli1, H. S. Bains2, Sumit Jain3

Spiritual Values: A Question of Existence in William Faulkner’s the Sound and the Fury and Absalom, Absalom!
B. Arokia Lawrence Vijay

Oscillatory Behavior of Solutions of Fourth-order Mixed Neutral Difference Equations with Asynchronous Non Linearities
Shirmila Premkumari. K

Riccati Techniques, Discrete Oscillation and Conjugacy Criteria for Fourth Order Nonlinear Difference Equations
Shirmila Premkumari. K

P06 2A Planning Aspect of balancing Sustainability and Green Form for 21st Centuries Mega Cities
Rutuja Deshmukh Jagtap1, D.P.Singh2

Impact of Culture on Rural Built Environment
Srinivas Daketi1, Abdul Razak Mohamed2, Ramesh Srikonda3

Common Fixed Point Theorems for Generalized Cyclic Contraction Pair in Partial B-Metric Spaces
A. Jennie Sebasty Pritha1, U.Karuppiah2

Consequence of Heat Transfer on Free Convection Flow of Casson Fluid with Hall Effect
P. Thirunavukarasu1, S.Bhuvaneswari2, R.Manjula3

Representation of the True Discipleship in Harriet Beecher Stowe’s “Uncle Tom’s Cabin”
A. Siles Appollo1, R.Vijayalakshmi2, L.Aruldoss3

Excess Acoustical Properties and Molecular Interactions in Ternary Liquid Mixtures of 3(Meta)Methoxy Phenol, 1 Propanol and n-Hexane at 303 K, 308 K & 313 K using Ultrasonic Techniques
P.S. Syed Ibrahim1, J. Senthil Murugan2, S. Chidambaravinayagam3, J. Edward Jeyakumar4

Relationship between Motivational Practices and Organisational Citizenship Behaviour with Special Reference to Employees of Manufacturing Industries in Coimbatore District
Lydia H Swamy

Improved Content Based Medical Image Retrieval using PCA with SURF Features
S.Govindaraju1, B.Mukunthan2

On Recent Trends in Consumer Perception and Behaviour Towards Organic Food
K.Gunaseelaprabhu1, Ramya.J2

Privacy Preserving Healthcare Data using Cloud Computing
S.Thavamani1, M.Rajakumar2

Brain Tumor Detection and Segmentation using Histogram and Optimization Algorithm
P. Ratha1, B. Mukunthan2

Managing Internal Resource for Sustainability: A Case of Indian Family Business
Mary Metilda R1, Abraham Varughese2

Design and Development for Forgery Currency Detection using SIFT Features based SVM Classifier
M.Praneesh1, R.Nagarajan2, P.Kavitha3

Fuzzy Almost Generalized E-Continuous Mappings in Smooth Topological Spaces
B. Vijayalakshmi1, A. Vadivel2

Energy Efficient and Secured Key Based Management in Area Monitor by WSN
K.R. Asha1, M.C. Supriya2

Detection and Classification of Vehicles on Curved Roads
Venugopala P. S.1, Ashwini B.2

Adaptive Particle Swarm Optimization based Credentialed Extreme Learning Machine Classifier (APSO-CELMC) for High Dimensional Datasets
M.Praveena1, V. Jaiganesh2

DWT Based Image Steganography with Seven Segment Display Pattern as a Key
Savita D Torvi1, K B Shiva Kumar2

Early Brain Tumour Prediction using an Enhancement Feature Extraction Technique and Deep Neural Networks
S. Somasundaram1, R. Gobinath2

Feature Extraction of ECG signal using Meyer Wavelet Transform
SK. Piramu Preethika1, R. Gobinath2

The Impact of HRM Practices on Job Satisfaction in the select Star Hotels of Coimbatore
L. Dinesh1, V.M. Senthil kumar2

Use of Artificial Intelligence and Automation of Interview Process using the Chat Bot
Abishek Rajkumar.S1, Aravind Raghavan2, A.S.Sathish3, V.Samuel Rajkumar4

Heuristic Search Based Feature Selection and Discretive Self-Organized Map Clustering for Spatio-Temporal Pattern Discovery
R.Sarala1, V.Saravanan2

Tanimoto Gaussian Kernelized Feature Extraction Based Multinomial Gentleboost Machine Learning for Multi-Spectral Aerial Image Classification
A.Gokila Vani1, V. Saravanan2

A Special Research on Homo Cordial Labeling of Spider Graph
S.Sriram1, R.Govindarajan2

Fekete – Szego Problem for Sakaguchi kind of Functions Related to Shell – like Curves Connected with Fibonacci Numbers
P.Lokesh1, B.Srutha Keerthi2

A Wireless Sensor Network Model for E-Metering and Fault Identification in Smart Water Distribution Systems
Shruthi Venkat1, R.Ranjith2

Segmentation of Fruit and Vegetables using Fuzzy – Corner Based Region Growing Algorithm (Fuzzy-COBRA)
Mohana Maniganda Babu V1, T.Santha2

Existence Results for Semilinear Functional Differential System with Nonlocal Conditions
S. Chandrasekaran

Fekete-Szego¨ Coefficient for the Janowski Α-Q-Spirallike Functions in Open Unit Disk
Read. S. A. Qahtan1, Hamid Shamsan2, S. Latha3

On Ngδs-Continuous Functions
K. Sakthivel1, K.B. Devaki2

Forms of supra g#α- Continuous Functions
V.Kokilavani1, N.R.Bhuvaneswari2

Solving Assignment Problems using Consecutive Integers with Residue Partitioning
P. Geetha1, A.Gnanam2

Bounds for the Second Hankel Determinant of Certain Univalent Functions
Renuka Devi K1, Hamid Shamsan2, S. Latha3

Influence of Organic Additive Benzene Sulfonic Acid on the Magnetic Behavior of Electrodeposited COMNP Thin Film Alloys
M.RM. Krishnappa1, K.V. Kannan Nithin2

Design of Bit Slice Processor based on Reconfigurable Approximate Carry Look-Ahead Adder
Rangeetha S1, Sharmila devi S2, Adline Jancy Y3

η-Open Sets in Topological Spaces
D. Subbulakshmi1, K. Sumathi2, K. Indirani3

Salinity Detection in Households using Raspberry Pi 3b+
K.Vidhya1, R.M.Madhumidha2, G.S.Nivetha3

A Model based Test Pattern Generation and Testing Framework for IoT Applications
V.Sathyavathy1, D.Shanmuga Priyaa2

Application of Various Machine Learning Techniques in Sentiment Analysis for Depression Detection
Soundariya R S1, Nivaashini M2, Tharsanee R M3, Thangaraj P4

The Upper Complement Connected Monophonic Number of a Graph
F. Merlin Sugirtha1, P.Arul Paul Sudhakar2, S.Robinson Chellathurai3

Coefficient Problem for Certain Classes of Analytic Functions using Hankel Determinant
B. Srutha Keerthi1, S. Prema2

Algebra of Fuzzy Random Variable and its Application to Science and Engineering Problem- Radon Transport from Soil into Building
Debabrata Datta1, Shakeela Sathish2

An analysis on the Emotional Intelligence and Academic Achievement among the students in the District of Kottayam, Kerala
Elizabeth john1, K. Manimekhalai2

A Technological Highlights of 5G Network Technology with their Research Challenges
Kuldeep Kumar Somvanshi1, Suryakant Pathak2

Data Security Measures using Hybrid Encryption Technique
Ankit Vishnoi1, Durgansh Sharma2, Manish Prateek3

Fuzzy Cross Domain Concept Mining
Rafeeq Ahmed1, Tanvir Ahmad2

Challenges of Information Security in the Contemporary Cyber Threat Perception
Tripti Misra1, Kingshuk Srivastava2, Rajeshwari3

Future Prospects and Challenges of Big Data with Big Data Problems
Reshu Grover1, Manisha Agarwal2

A Proposed Fuzzy Optimization Technique for Software Release Time Problem
Shubhra Gautam1, Deepak Kumar2, L.M. Patnaik3

A Pattern Storage System using Pattern Warehouse along with Sources of Pattern Generation and Applications
Khedekar Vilas Baburao1, Dharmendra Singh Rajput2

AEfficient Processing of Queries using Filtered Bitmap Index with Multi-Join Multiple Set Predicates
A. Regita Thangam1, S.John Peter2

Multisensor Smart Robot for Border Security Surveillance with Human Action Prediction
N. Vishwanath1, S Perumal Sankar2

Density based Traffic Control System Embedded with Patient Weightage Method
Shyamala S1, R.Ranjith2

Hop Excellence of Paths
P. Getchial Pon Packiavathi1, Balamurugan2, R.B. Gnana Jothi3

Transformation of Dependency and Association in UML Design Class
Ngamsantivong Thavatchai1, Ratanavilisagul Chiabwoot2

Simulation of Population Growth and Distribution based on Centrality of Road Network
Amila Jayasinghe1, Nima Yoezer Tenzin2, C. Chethika Abenayake3, P. K. S. Mahanama4

Critical Success Factors of Hospital Management Information System (HMIS) Implementation in Developing Countries
Dionisius  Alvian  Ariwibowo1, Dumilah  Ayuningtyas2

Effectiveness of Tax Incentives of Hard-To-Recover Oil Reserve Development
I. V. Sharf1, М. P. Ivanova2, I. V. Filimonova3

Manufacturing Learning and Forgetting: Steady State Optimal Batch Size for Constant Demand Case
Sunantha Prime (Teyarachakul)

Employment of Unskilled Craft Workers in the UAE Construction Projects: Explicating the Reasons
Mohammed Albattah1, Adejumo Saheed2, Muhammed Tariq Shafiq3

A Keyword Based Educational and Non-Educational Website Recognition Tool
Sangita Modi1, Sudhir B. Jagtap2

Multi Performance Optimization of Shoulder Milling Process Parameters of AA6063 T6 Aluminium Alloy by Taguchi Based GRA
Om Prakash Singh1, Gaurav Kumar2, Mukesh Kumar3

A Fuzzy Logic Based Personalized Result Analysis Support for Student Performance Up-Gradation
Sangita  A. Jaju1, Sudhir B Jagtap2, Rohini B. Shinde3

Organizing Duplicate Spatio-Temporal Data in Location Intelligence
Sumeet Gill1, Meenakshi2

Prediction of Heart Disease using Name Entity Recognition based on Back Propagation and Whale Optimization Algorithms
Velmurugan Thambusamy1, Latha Umasankar2

SIFT based Dorsal Vein Recognition System for Cashless Treatment through Medical Insurance
Rajendra Kumar1, Ram Chandra Singh2, Ashok Kumar Sahoo3

Verification of Biometric Traits using Deep Learning
Rohit Khokher1, Ram Chandra Singh2, Aashish Jain3

English text to Indian Sign Language Machine Translation: A Rule Based Method
Gouri Sankar Mishra1, Parma Nand2, Pooja3

An Algorithm for Determining SIFT Matching Score for Dorsal Vein Recognition System
Tarshi Jain1, Rajendra Kumar2, Ram Chandra Singh3

Network Centrality Analysis of Public Transport Systems: Developing a Strategic Planning Tool to Assess Passenger Attraction
Amila Jayasinghe1, Rattanaporn Kasemsri2, C. Chethika  Abenayake3, P. K. S. Mahanama4