Volume-1 Issue-1, June 2012

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Volume-1 Issue-1, June 2012, ISSN: 2278-3075 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering and Sciences Publication (BEIESP)

Behavior Analysis of Semantic Data Models
Chirag Sharma1, Sandeep Kaur2

Microcontroller Based Closed Loop Automatic Irrigation System
Neelam R. Prakash1, Dilip Kumar2, Tejender Sheoran3

Implementation of Image Segmentation on Digital Images Using Modified Otsu Algorithm
Brijesh Shah1, Akshaya Patel2, Satish Shah3

Image Denoising Using Hybrid Filter
Rekha Rani1, Sukhbir Singh2, Amit Malik3

Comparative study of various Page Ranking Algorithms in Web Structure Mining (WSM)
Neelam Tyagi1, Simple Sharma2

Decoding Quadrature Signals using AT90CAN128
Akhilesh Gannavarapu1, Vatte Suresh2

Software Enabled Load Balancer by Introducing the Concept of Sub Servers
Mamta Dhanda1, Parul Gupta2

To Reduced the Energy Conception in Wireless Sensor Networks by Using Selective Message Forwarding Schemes
K. Venkata Ramana1, M. Ravi Kishor2

User Authentication using Colors and data security using Armstrong numbers for Wireless Sensor Networks
Shakera Shaikh1, Veena Gulhane2

Design Optimization of Speed Ratio for Conventional Chain Drive Used In Tricycle
Chetan A. Samarth1, A. K. Mahalle2

Network Selection Algorithm for Vertical Handover in Co-operative Wireless Network
Piyush K. Ingole1, N. A. Chavhan2

Design of a Square Microstrip Patch Antenna
Shruti Vashist1, M.K.Soni2, Pramod Singal3

Performance Comparison of Ad-Hoc Network Routing Protocols using NS-2
Ginni Tonk1, Indu Kashyap2, S.S. Tyagi3

A Comparative Study between Web Mining Tools over some WUM Algorithms to Analyze Web Access Logs
Arvind K. Sharma

A Comparative Study of Two Different Neural Models For Speaker Recognition Systems
Geeta Nijhawan1, M.K. Soni2

Noise Drain in Wireless Body Area Sensor Network
Yogita L. Kumbhare1, Pankaj H. Rangaree2

Optimization of Time by Elimination of Unproductive Activities through ‘MOST’
R. M. Belokar1, Yashveer Dhull2, Surender Nain3, Sudhir Nain4

Restructuring Manufacturing Process Using Matrix Method
R.M. Belokar1, Sudhir2, Yashveer Dhull3, Surender Nain4

Comparison between Conventional PID and Fuzzy Logic Controller for Liquid Flow Control: Performance Evaluation of Fuzzy Logic and PID Controller by Using MATLAB/Simulink
Gaurav1, Amrit Kaur2

Vector Quantization Based Image Compression
P.Sivakumar1, S.Ravi2