Volume-1 Issue-2, July 2012

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Volume-1 Issue-2, July 2012, ISSN: 2278-3075 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering and Sciences Publication (BEIESP)

A new mathematical dynamic model for HVAC system components based on Matlab/Simulink
Ahmad Parvaresh1, Seyed Mohammad Ali Mohammadi2, Ali Parvaresh3

Optical Time Division Multiplexing System Performance and Analysis Using MZI Switching
Sachin Kumar1, Sandhya Sharma2, Naveen Hemrajani3

Impact of Decision Support Systems on Evaluating and Selecting Information System Projects (Case Study: National Iranian Gas Company)
Hassan Rangriz1, Khosro Manteghi2, Ashkan Hamedi3, Mohammadreza Goli4

Discovering Application Level Semantics for Data Compression Using HCT
Deepa. R1, K. John Peter2

Strategies for using e-Tools in Teaching, Learning and Supporting of e-Learning Courses: A Selective Study
M. Anandhavalli

Performance Analysis of Different Topologies of 1-Bit Full Adder in UDSM Technology
J Samanta1, A Patra2, D Mishra3, R Rashmi4, I Kundu5,R Koley6

Study of Two Area Load Frequency Control in Deregulated Power System
Isha Garg1, Mohd. Ilyas2

Energy-Aware Fault Tolerance in Hard Real-Time Embedded Systems
S.Subha1, N.Kumaresan2

Performance Evaluation of SDS Algorithm with Fault Tolerance for Distributed System
Sathiya Bharathi K1, Kumaresan N2

Fast Self Switching type Frequency Agile RADAR Processing unit Implemented on Xilinx FPGA
Rajendra Prasad P1, B. Abdul Rahim2

Augmentation of Travelling Salesman Problem using Bee Colony Optimization
Anshul Singh1, Devesh Narayan2

Involvement of Mobile Adhoc Network (MANET) Technology in Pervasive Computing
Sonika Chaudhary1, Deepak Sharma2, Rakhi Tanwar3, Rayma Singh4

Lean Manufacturing Implementation in the Assembly shop of Tractor Manufacturing Company
Gundeep Singh1, R.M. Belokar2

Analysis of On Demand and Table Driven Routing Protocol for Fire Fighter Application
Annapurna D1, K B Raja2, Venugopal K R3, L M Patnaik4

Improvement of call level loss performance using speed-sensitive CAC in hierarchical heterogeneous wireless networks
D.C.Vinod Rathna Kumar1, K.Ramudu2

Image Segmentation in the Presence of Intensity in Homogeneities by Using Level Set Method with MRI and Satellite Images
D. Mohammed Elias1, P. Lakshmi Devi2

Simulation of Reduced Complexity Beamforming Algorithms for Mobile Communication
Kishore M1, Ashwini V.R. Holla2, H .M. Guruprasad3

Layered Approach of Intrusion Detection System with Efficient Alert Aggregation for Heterogeneous Networks
Lohith Raj S N1, Shanthi M B2, Jitendranath Mungara3

Reputation-Based Security Protocol for MANETs
Mohammed Mujeeb1, Sudhakar K N2, Jitendranath Mungara3

Concatenation of Spatial and Transformation Features for Off-Line signature Identification
Ravi J1, K B Raja2

A routing metric for wireless mesh networks with optimal cost and optimal power
Rupali Sawant1, Mukeshkumar Baghel2

A Review on Various Identity Management Systems
Gaurav Sharma1, Shefali Pruthi2

Tool Design for Oval Punching
Vyankatesh B.Emche1, M. D. Pasarkar2

Wavelet based Secure Steganography with Scrambled Payload
H S Manjunatha Reddy1, K B Raja2

A Novel Concept of Simultaneous Voltage Sag/Swell and Load Reactive Power Compensations Utilizing Series Inverter of UPQC
Kavitha.M1, S.Radha Krishna Reddy2, S. Md3. Mazhar-Ul-Haq4, JBV Subrahmanyam5, R.V Amarnath6

Runtime Scheduling Of Dynamic Task Graphs Communication with Embedded Multiprocessors
K.Gowthami1, N.Kumaresan2

Distributed Computing Solution forHardware-In-LoopSimulation of Indian Satellites
Rashmi Jagade1, Sridevi.K.N2, Jitendranath Mungara3

FPGA based Remote Monitoring System for Food Preservation
Sonu Rana1, Rakesh Gill2

An Application of Value Stream Mapping In Automotive Industry: A Case Study
R.M. Belokar1, Vikas Kumar2, Sandeep Singh Kharb3

Design of Power Efficient divide by 2/3 Counter using E-TSPC based Flip Flops
J.Suganthi1, N.Kumaresan2, K.Anbarasi3

Non Minitia Fingerprint Recognition based on Segmentation
Ramachandra A C1, K B Raja2, Venugopal K R3, L M Patnaik4

Use of Radial Basis Function Neural Networks for Analysis of Unbalance in Rotating Machinery
G.R. Rameshkumar1, B.V.A. Rao2, K.P. Ramachandran3

Reliability cost Assessment for upgrading feeder by using customer surveys
C. Bhargava1, Imran2, P.S.R. Murty3

Intra-modal Score level Fusion for Off-line Signature Verification
Prashanth C R1, K B Raja2, Venugopal K R3, L M Patnaik4

Design & Implementation of E1 to STM-1 Frame and Deframe
Konda Vijayasree1, Siva S Yellampalli2

Frequent Element Pattern Matching To Evade Deep Packet Inspection in NIDS
Pallavi Dhade1, T.J.Parvat2

Implementation of PMBLDC motor using Cuk PFC converter
Padmini Sahu1, Anurag Singh Tomer2

General Concepts of Capacity Based Design
Sujin S. George1, Valsson Varghese2

Present and Future of Cloud Computing: A Collaborated Survey Report
S.Hemalatha1, R.Manickachezian2

A Concept for Development, Safe Erection and Use of Scaffolding for High Rise Buildings
Mogarkar1, Valsson Varghese3

Performance of Ad-Hoc Network Routing Protocols in Different Network Sizes
Ginni Tonk1, S.S. Tyagi2

An Application of Value Stream Mapping In Automobile Industry: A Case Study
R.M. Belokar1, Sandeep Singh Kharb2, Vikas Kumar3