Volume-1 Issue-3, August 2012

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Volume-1 Issue-3, August 2012, ISSN: 2278-3075 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering and Sciences Publication (BEIESP)

Comparative Performance Analysis of ANN Implemented LMS with ANN for Channel Estimation in AWGN Channel Scenario
Probal Banerjee1, Pallab Banerjee2, Shweta Sonali Dhal3

A Security Solution for the Transmission of Confidential Data and Efficient File Authentication Based on DES, AES, DSS and RSA
Rajat Chaudhary1, Prem Singh2, Ambika Agarwal3

Video Monitoring System Based on ARM9
Srikanth V1, Leelavathi G2

Video Monitoring System Based on ARM9
Srikanth V1, Leelavathi G2

The Controlling of Mobile Robot Based on ARM9
Roopashree S S1, Manjunath Lakkannavar2

The Design of Granary Environmental Monitoring and Control System Based On ARM9 and ZIGBEE
Hemanth Kumar G1, Manjunath lakkannavar2

ASIC Implementation of HDB3 Codec
Meshram Vaibhav Bhimrao1, Ramesh T2

Hybrid Filtering Technique for Image Denoising using Artificial Neural Network
Paras Chawla1, Ruchi Mittal2, Kavita Grewal3

Color Edge Detection in RGB Color Space using Automatic Threshold Detection
Anil Kamboj1, Kavita Grewal2, Ruchi Mittal3

Block Level Physical Design of Interfacing Module in RISC Core
Siddalinga Aland1, V. Venkateswarlu2, Rohith B.R3

Structural Equation Modeling Analysis between Enabler and Results in EFQM Model; a Case Study in Vocational Training Corporation in Jordan
Bashar Alsarayreh1, Hassan Khudair2

Comparative Performance Analysis of Average Max Round Robin Scheduling Algorithm (AMRR) using Dynamic Time Quantum with Round Robin Scheduling Algorithm using static Time Quantum
Pallab Banerjee1, Probal Banerjee2, Shweta Sonali Dhal3

Comparative Study of Network Monitoring Tools
Shrutika Suri1, Vandna Batra2

Fpga Implementation of Low Power Pipelined 32-Bit Risc Processor
Preetam Bhosle1, Hari Krishna Moorthy2

Economic Generation of Electrical Power by using SFL Algorithm
Shaik Ghouse Basha1, P B Chennaiah2, Kandalam Giridhar3

Secure and Dependable Cloud Services for TPA in Cloud Computing
Nandeesh. B.B1, Ganesh Kumar R2, Jitendranath Mungara3

An Efficient Approach For Avoiding Down Time of Production Data Base Server in Active/Passive Windows Failover Clustering Environment
A.Arockia Aswini1, V.R.Manisankar2, J.Jagadeesan3

Comparative Analysis of DCT, DWT &LWT for Image Compression
Preet Kaur1, Geetu lalit2

Multimedia Content protection Based on Commutative Watermarking and Cryptographic Technique
B. Rajesh kumar1, CH. Sai Murali2

Secure Data Transition over Multicast Routing in Wireless Mesh network
Adarsh. R1, Ganesh Kumar. R2, Jitendranath Mungara3

A Tailored Approach to Enhance Wireless LAN Security
Ankur Kumar Shrivastava1, Ishan Ranjan2, Abhinav Kumar3, Anant Kumar Rai4, Ramander Singh5, Archit Rastogi6, Nitisha Payal7, Amod Tiwari8

Analysis and Comparison of Efficient Techniques of Clustering Algorithms in Data Mining
Shiv Pratap Singh Kushwah1, Keshav Rawat2, Pradeep Gupta3

Comparative Performance Analysis of Empirical and Radio Propagation Model for Bluetooth Indoor Localization
Idigo V.E1, Azubogu A.C.O2, Ohaneme C.O3, Isizoh A.N4

Cost Optimized Trends in Contouring using Hand Held GPS
Jyoti Shankar Prasad