Volume-10 Issue-1, November 2020

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Volume-10 Issue-1, November 2020, ISSN: 2278-3075 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering and Sciences Publication (BEIESP)

Performance of Isolated Soft Switching Current Fed LCC-T Resonant Dc-Dc Converter for PV/Fuel Cell Applications
V. Prabhakar Reddy1, J. Siva Vara Prasad2

Developing Classification Model for Chickpea Types using Machine Learning Algorithms
Nigus Asres Ayele1, Hailemichael Kefie Tamiru2

Structural Design of Wearable Miniaturized Textile Antenna
Pranita M. Potey1, Kushal R. Tuckley2

Epilepsy Prediction using a Combined LSTM – XG Boost System on EEG Signals
Shanmuga Skandh Vinayak E1, Shahina A2, Nayeemulla Khan A3

Design and Implementation of an Autonomous Irrigation System using an Open-Source Internet of Things Platform
Byungsoon Kim

Improved Design Considerations of 8T SRAM Cell to Avoid Data Extraction
K. Nathiyadevi1, K. Helen Prabha2, S. Tamil Selvi3

The Impact of Heterogenous Ultra-dense Network Technologies on the Performance of 4G and 5GNetworks
Abdullah Mohammed Abdullah Al-Amodi1, Amlan Datta2

Fuzzy Logic Based Hardware Faulty Node Detection And Redundancy Mechanism For Wireless Sensor Networks
N. Priya1, P.B. Pankajavalli2

Feasibility Study on the Transportation Network in the East Coast of Sabah
Mohd Azizul Bin Ladin1, Fariq Ismeth Jaimin2, Nazaruddin Abdul Taha3, Lillian Gungat4, Abdul Karim Mirasa5, Sidah Binti Idris6

A Comparative Study of Pre-Engineered and Conventional Multi-Span Industrial Building
Jyotsna1, shivaraj mangalgi2

Millimeter Wave Communications with OMA and NOMA Schemes for Future Communication Systems
Shaik Rajak1, Chappalli Nikhil Chakravarthy2, Nafisa Nikhath Shaik3, Sunil Chinnadurai4

Designing Service Oriented Modelling Architecture in Customer Service Management at the Catholic Church of the Archdiocese of Jakarta
Kristianto1, Gunawan Wang2

File Log Server and Application in Server System Privacy
Phan Thi Ha1, Trinh Thi Van Anh2

Active Learning Multi-Strategies
Ibtehal Nafea

Strength Assessment on Geopolymer Concrete using Ceramic Waste Powder and M-Sand
S. Kavipriya1, D. Dhavashankaran2, M.Vijay3

Design of Hybrid Controller for PV sourced Electric Vehicle with Hybrid Energy Storage System using Regenerative braking
Sadaf Rakshan1, M S Aspalli2

A Bit on the Right, A Bit on the Left: Towards Logical Bundle Adjustment
Mohamed Ben Ellefi1, Pierre Drap2

Fake News Detection with Machine Learning
Jayesh Patel1, Melroy Barreto2, UtpalSahakari3, Supriya Patil4

Feature Extraction and Classification Methods for Lung Sounds
Nishi Shahnaj Haider

Experimental Investigation of Diesel Engine with Novel Juliflora Biodiesel
Dasari Akhil1, K. Appa Rao2

Multi-objective Pareto based Optimal Placement and Sizing of Solar PV and Wind Generation System
M.S.Giridhar1, P. Sobha Rani2

Visual Detection for Android Malware using Deep Learning
Ahmed Hashem El Fiky

Influence of Lime and Marble powder Waste on the Strength Activity Index of Self Compacting Mortar and Concrete
V.C.Panchal1, G.R.Vesmawala2

Stylistic Characteristics of the Gender Based Folkloric Discourse
Abduvahabova Mohina Azatovna1, Eshankulova Nargiza Xayitmuratovna2, Burtabaeva Barno Akbar qizi3, Umarov Bobir Norboyevich4

A Modification of Quadratic Programming Algorithm
Poonam Kumari

The Principle of Architecture First in Software Project Management Minimizes the Cost of Software Development Process: A Review
Yidnekachew Kibru Afework1, Tagele Berihun Mengist2, Nigus Asres Ayele3, Hailemichael Kefie Tamiru4

Security Issues and Risks for Banking Services under Cloud Computing
Surendra Yadav1, Ashik Hussain2, Neha V Sharma3

Digital Image Processing based Surface Area Calculation
R. A. Joshi1, S. N. Helambe2, R.R.Deshmukh3

A False Positive Decision on the Patient Skin Based on the Statistical Parameters and Visual Quality Measures of Skin Images after Applying Morphological Filters
Sree Hari Raju. S1, Rajan. E.G2

BotNet Detection for Network Traffic using Ensemble Machine Learning Method
Yogita Barse1, Deepak Agrawal2

Svm Implementation for Ddos Attacks in Software Defined Networks
Sugandhi Midha1, Gaganjot Kaur2

Islanding Detection Scheme of Distributed Generation Systems using Hybrid FAT-SGO Approach
Sathish K R1, T Ananthapadmanabha2

Home Automation using Thingspeak
Sai Vignesh Ramisetty1, Pavan Akkineni2, Obbu Goutham sai3, Pujith Sai P4

Adaptive Upgradation of Personalized E-Learning Portal using Data Mining
Ravikiran R.K1, K.R. Anil Kumar2

Musical Genre Classification using Convolutional Neural Networks
R. Thiruvengatanadhan

Behaviour of Polypropylene Fibre on the Mechanical Charateristics of Fibre Reinforced Concrete using Polypropylene Fibers
Sukhvir Singh Grewal1, Suryakant Jaryal2

Corrugated Steel Tunnels – Numerical Study Using Finite Element and Analytical Methods
Ahmed Abdel Rahman1, Mahmoud Awad allah2, Nashwa Soliman3

A Benchmark for Suitability of Alluxio over Spark
Kanchana Rajaram1, Kavietha Haridass2

An Emergency Portable Ventilator for COVID Patients with Acute Breathing Difficulty
Dinesh K. Anvekar1, Manjula Vasant Kiresur2, Usha B. Siddaiah3, Archana R Kulkarni4, Narendra Kumar5

A Pinnacle Technique for Detection of COVID-19 Fake News in Social Media
R. Sandrilla1, M. Savitha Devi2

Deep Fuzzy Multi-Object Categorization in Scene
S.Kumaravel1, S.Veni2

An Efficient Hybrid Genetic-Grey Wolf Based Neural Network (G2NN) for Breast Cancer Data Classification
A. Gopi Kannanand1, R. Balasubramanian2

IDFML: A Meta Language for Heterogeneous DSMLs Coordination
Naima Essadi1, Adil Anwar2

Prevention of Patch Wall (PW) Formation of Building Surfaces by Making the PW‟s Effects to Below- Awareness-Level of Concern by Making the PW Innovation of Long-Lasting Nature as Attributive Responsibility of the Building‟s Structural Component
Prasanta Biswas1, Atanu Paul2, Jayanta Kumar Karmakar3, Sohel Sk.4, Biltu Mondal5, Sujay Banerjee6, Nabamita Sen7, Binka Mondal8

Convolutional Neural Network Based Approach to Detect Pedestrians in Real-Time videos
Sandhya N1, Anirudh Marathe2, JS Dawood Ahmed3, Aman Kumar4, Harshith R5

Experimental and Analytical Study of Grouted Sleeve Splice Under Axial Tensile Load
Abdallh M. Soliman1, Hatem H. Ibrahim2, Hossam A. Hodhod3

Identification of Various Security Issues, Threats and A Novel Service Model in Cloud Computing
Nasreen Sultana Qadri1, Kusum Yadav2, Yogesh Kumar Sharma3

Cross Language Information Retrieval (CLIR): A Survey of Approaches for Exploring Web Across Languages
Suhas D. Pachpande1, Parag U. Bhalchandra2

A Surveillance System for Air Pollution Monitoring-Warning
S. Aghalya

IoT Based Smart Home Security System with Face Recognition and Weapon Detection Using Computer Vision
M. Nandhini1, M. Mohamed Rabik2, Kiran Kumar3, Ashish Brahma4