Volume-9 Issue-12, October 2020

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Volume-9 Issue-12, October 2020, ISSN: 2278-3075 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering and Sciences Publication (BEIESP)

Taguchi Design for Wear Behaviour of Al-Si-B4C Composites Prepared by Powder Metallurgy
Abraham Subaraj. M1, Bensam Raj. J2, Naveenchandran. P3, Christopher Ezhil Singh. S4, G. Glan Devadhas5

Dry Sliding Friction of Al-Si-B4C Composites Prepared Through Powder Metallurgy using Taguchi Design
Abraham Subaraj. M1, Bensam Raj. J2, Naveenchandran. P3, Christopher Ezhil Singh. S4, G. Glan Devadhas5

An Experimental Technique to Determine the Permissible Warp Tension Variation At the Required Pick Density
TSS Jayawardana1, EASK Fernando2, GHD Wijesena3

Soil Classification and Harvest Proposal Implemented using Machine Learning Techniques
N.Saranya1, A.Mythili2

Economical Study on the Use of Hollow Steel Sections in Light Industrial Sheds
Subha Sinha1, Shivangi Mishra2, Shashank Saurabh3, Rajan Kumar4, Rahul Kumar5

Garbage Collection Algorithms in Flash-Based Solid State Drives
Rishabh Gogna

Utilization and Durability of PET Waste Aggregate for Floor Tiles Production
Omosebi Taiwo O1, Noor Faisal Abas2

DIS-NV Functions for the Recognition of Emotions in Spoken Dialogue
Divya Gupta1, Poonam Bansal2, Kavita Choudhary3

Performance Analysis of ECG Arrhythmia Classification based on Different SVM Methods
Sumanta Kuila1, Sayandeep Maity2, Suman Kumar Mal3, Subhankar Joardar4

Optimization of Biodiesel (Rubber Seed Oil) Process Parameters using Taguchi Method Based on Experimental Procedure in A Batch Stirred Tank Reactor
Ravikumar R1, Sowmiya T2, Srilakkshmi K M3, Pragatheesh. L4, Sukeerthi A5

Home Automation using Esp-8266
Shivani Vispute1, Aakarsh Nayyar2, Y.P.Obulesu3

Influences of Earned Value Management on Construction Project’s Performance in Yemen
Waled Hakami1, M. A. Shameri2, Belal R. Aldhubhani3

Globalization and Internationalization in Engineering Education in Africa
Kehdinga George Fomunyam

Implementing SWOT Analysis in Engineering Education in Africa
Kehdinga George Fomunyam

Political Capital as the Hallmark of Engineering Education in Africa
Kehdinga George Fomunyam

Redefining the Principles in Fitness for Purpose and Value for Money in 21st Century Engineering Education
Kehdinga George Fomunyam

Finite Element Computation of Crown Deflection of Cracked Concrete Gravity Dam under Effect of Creep in Fracture Process Zone
K. K. Pandey1, V. Kumar2, G. J. Singh3

An E-Ornament for Women to Escape the Effects of Date Rape Drugs
S. Tamil Selvi1, K. Helen Prabha2, G. Preethi3, M. Pooja4

Design and Evaluation of a Suspension System with Variable Parameters
Shadi Munshi1, Sufyan Azam2, Mohammad Gadoori3

Maritime Autonomous Surface Ship Operation near Small Traditional Wooden and Fishing Boat
Diaz Saputra1, Haryono Soeparno2, Togar Alam Napitupulu3

Deep-Droid: Deep Learning for Android Malware Detection
Ahmed Hashem El Fiky

B40 Group Income Household Trend in Malaysia
Humaida Banu Samsudin1, Norsyasya Aina Mohd Mokhtar2

Industrial Robotic Arm for Chilli Milling Process
R.M.R.D. Abeyrathna1, E.M.A.C. Ekanayake2, K.S.P. Amaratunga3

Alignment Modifications for the Link Canal by Adopting Remote Sensing and Verified by using MCDM (TOPSIS) Method
S.V.J.S.S Rajesh1, B.Pardhasaradhi2

Simulation of the Nanoscale Joint Surrounding Gate SOI MOSFET Characteristics
Masalsky Nikolay

Software Package Application for Self-consistent Processing of X-ray Measurement Data for Studying Structural Properties and Parameters of Objects
Medetov N.A.1, Petrakov D.S.2, Gerasimenko N.N.3, Suyundukov R.A.4

The Reality of using Information Technology in Distance Learning Experience of the United Arab Emirates in the Shadow of the Covid-19 Pandemic
Maha Mustafa Omer Abdalaziz

Analysis on Present Mathematical Model for Predicting the Crop Production
Neetu Sharma1, Saurabh Kumar2, Naveen Mani3

Assessment of Various Methods to Measure the Soil Suction
Armand Augustin Fondjo1, Elizabeth Theron2, Richard P. Ray3

Low Code Coding Approach for of dm Systems Coded with the Progressive Transmission
Francis Xavier1, Hari Babu S2, Rajesh A3, Jameer Basha SK4

Performance of Flywheel Energy Storage System for Fault Ride through Support of Grid Connected Vsc-Hvdc Based Offshore Wind Farms
CH. Aparna1, J.V. Pavan Chand Sr2

Effect of Column Dimensions on Seismic Behavior of Multi-Storey Buildings
Diyar Yousif Ali

Fuzzy Logic Controlled Zeta Converter fed DC-Motor Drive System with reduced Steady-State-error
Niranjana Siddharthan1, Baskaran Balasubramanian2

Seismic Analysis of Rcc Structure with Different Types of Dampers
Waseemuddin Asad1, Aravind Kumar Harwalkar2

Dynamic Cooperative Model for Ranking Construction Risks using Monte Carlo Simulation
Amr Mahmoud1, Ahmed Elhakeem2, Ahmed Elyamany3

A BIST Methodology to test CLB Resources on an SRAM-Based FPGA using Complementary Gates Configuration
Rajesh A1, Jameer Basha SK2, Francis Xavier3, Hari Babu S4

A frame work for Reliability Analysis of Mechanical Systems in a Manufacturing Industry
M. Srinivasa Rao

An Enhanced Queuing Model for Route Optimization in Ad-Hoc Networks Based on Simulation
Lalit Johari1, Rahul Kumar Mishra2

Effect of Web Inclination on Box Girder Bridges
Akash B. More1, Shriganesh S. Kadam2

Block-Chain Based Authorization and Access Control Mechanisms for IoT Environments: Challenges and Opportunities
Asra Kalim1, Deepak Singh Tomar2, Sheikh Ikhlaq3

DeCoSim: A method for Collaborative Simulation of Complex Systems
Khanh Nguyen Trong

Role of Emotional Intelligence Dimensions in Stress Detection
Sarika K.Swami1, Mukta G. Dhopeshwarkar2

Agrocompanion: A Smart Farming Approach Based on Iot and Machine Learning
Rashi Kaur1, Kodali Havish2, Thirumala Kaustub Dutt3, Gangidi Manohar Reddy4

Movie Sentiment Analysis using Feature Dictionary and Multiview Light Semi Supervised Convolution Neural Network
Chaitra Kulkarni1, R Suchithra2

Ontology-Based Metasearch Engine in Electronics Area
Tatyana Ivanova

A Study on Crop Disease Detection of Banana Plant using Python and Machine Learning
Satyamedha Hosur1, Praveen Banasode2, Minal Patil3

An Accurate Identification of Packet Dropping Attacks Using Cat Swarm Optimization (Cso) To Ensure Better Intrusion Detection In Manet Environment
Niyaz Hussain A M J1, G Maria Priscilla2

DesignandSimulation of High-Efficiency High Gain non Isolated Interleaved DC-DC Converter with Reduced Voltage Stress on the Devices
Azra Fatima1, M.S.Aspalli2

Battery Charger with Improved Power Quality Cuk Derived Power Factor Correction Converter
Radhika B1, Akash Patil2

Novel Design of Low-Power High-Speed Hybrid Full Adder Design using Gate Diffusion Input (GDI) Technique
Challa Lakshmi jyothi1, S Hanumantha Rao2

Experimental and Cfd Analysis of Heat Transfer Rate in Multi Air Jet Impingement Over A Flat Plate and Pin-Fin Heat Sink
Syed. Unees Babu1, Perumalla Vijay Kumar2, K. Lakshmi Prasad3

NLP Algorithms Endowed for Automatic Extraction of Information from Unstructured Free-Text Reports of Radiology Monarchy
Vaishali M. Kumbhakarna1, Sonali B. Kulkarni2, Apurva D.Dhawale3

A Cascaded H-Bridge Multilevel Inverter with Reduced Numberof Switches
Ranjeeta Sugandhi1, M.S.Aspalli2

Design and Analysis of Hybrid full adder Topology using Regular and Triplet Logic Design
Sana1, Anum Khan2, Subodh Wairya3

A Transformerless Buck-Boost Converter with Single Switch
Channamma. S. Patil1, M. S. Aspalli2

Emergence of Educators for Industry 5.0 – An Indological Perspective
Abhay Saxena1, Durgesh Pant2, Amit Saxena3, Chandrashekhar Patel4

Automatic Liver Cancer Detection using Sobel Edge Detection & Morphological Dilation in Digital Image Processing
Vijay Laxmi Yadav1, Anubhuti Khare2

Neuron Network Prediction Feed-For wad Wind Speed Network on Mauritania’s North Coast: Ballawack Case
Soukeyna Mohamed1, Diene Ndiaye2, Sidi Mohamed Mustapha3, Abdel Kader Mahmoud4