Volume-10 Issue-4, February 2021

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Volume-10 Issue-4, February 2021, ISSN: 2278-3075 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering and Sciences Publication (BEIESP)

Performance Based Machine Learning Model to Enhance Performance of Students
Bhavesh Patel

Hand Side Recognition and Authentication System based on Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
Mohammad Abbadi1, Afaf Tareef2, Afnan Sarayreh3

A New Image Completion Method Inserting an Image Generated by Sketch Image
Gilhee Choi1, Kyounghak Lee2, Hyung-Hwa Ko3

Automatic Diabetic Retinopathy Diagnosis using Prewitt Edge Detection & Color Mapping from Fundus Imaging
Megha Deshmukh1, Vineeta Saxena Nigam2

Design and Development of Soil Moisture Sensor
U B Mahadevaswamy1, Meghana N2

Design and Fabrication of Magnetic Loop Antenna for 5MHz
Anvesh Inamdar1, G. S. Mundada2

Modelling and CFD Simulation of Temperature and Airflow Distribution Inside a Forced Convection Mixed-Mode Solar Grain Dryer with a Preheater
Johannes P. Angula1, Freddie Inambao2

Performance Evaluation of a Forced Convection Mixed-Mode Solar Grain Dryer with a Preheater
Johannes P. Angula1, Freddie Inambao2

Use of Sodium Silicate in Combination with Cement for Improving Peat Soil in Mekong River Delta – Vietnam
Vu Ngoc Binh1, Do The Quynh2

Experimental and Numerical Investigations on Hydraulic Barrier Bottom Plug for Deep Excavations: A Case Study
 An Phung Vinh

Cost Effective Analysis of Hybrid Energy System with Pumped Hydro Storage using HOMER Pro
Himanshi Koli1, M.P.S. Chawla2

Implementing Facial Recognition by Interfacing MATLAB Along with Arduino
E. Ramkumar1, T. Guna2, S.M. Dharshan3, V.S. Ashok Ramanan4

Eco Friendly Dye Extraction From Cyanophyta for Textiles
E. Ramkumar1, V.S. Bala Murali2, S.M. Dharshan3, S. Ajay Vishnu4, T. Guna5

Analysis Working Environment Among of Malaysian Seafarer’s
Mohd Redza Bin Mahmud

Collaborative Business Intelligence: A Case Study of the Dubai Smart City Strategy
Mounir El Khatib1, Khadeegha Alzouebi2

Liver Cancer Key Genes Identification
Ashitha Ebrahim1, Joby George2

Modelling and Design of an Electric Vehicle Fed with Dual Drive Motors using Hybrid Energy Storage System
Bheemireddy Thanusha1, G.Sujatha2

A Crop Recommendation System to Improve Crop Productivity using Ensemble Technique
Shikha Ujjainia1, Pratima Gautam2, S. Veenadhari3

Studies to Understand The Importance of Risk Management in a Construction Project Procurement During Unprecedented Times
Ishwarya P1, Joseph V Thanikal2, Subendu Prasad Misra3, Mohd. Suhail Khan4

Towards an E-journalism Based on Semantic Web Technologies
Ahmed S. Ismail1, Haytham Al-Feel2, Heba Elbeh3, Mohamed Elkawkagy4

Thoracic Electric Bio-Impedance Artifacts Removal by Block Related Adaptive Eliminators for Remote Health Care
Soniya Nuthalapati1, Kusuma Nutalapati2, Venkata Varun Sai Nallapaneni3, Siddabattuni Harinadh4, Prem Chand Tallapaneni5, T.R Sai Suraj6

Design a Low Power and High Speed Parity Checker using Exclusive–or Gates
Brahmaiah Battula1, Valeti SaiLakshmi2, S. Durga Sri Sravya3, Putta Vijaya Lakshmi4, Sunanda Karpurapu5, S. Lakshmi Navya Sri6

Treatment of Waste-Water of Educational Institution and Estimating the Cost of the Wwtp
 Payal Maharathi

Human Tracking Mechanism for Institutions using RFID and Facial Recognition
Rameez Shaik1, L.V. Patil2

Electric Field and Potential Distribution of Porcelain Insulator using FEM Method
B Mallikarjuna1, K N Ravi2, V Muralidhara3, N Vasudev4

Nominal Inflection of the Tutsa Language
 Hemanta Konch

Impact of Ethical Behavior on Employees’ Performance in the Nepalese Commercial Banks
Jitendra Prasad1, Pitri Raj Adhikari2

Even-odd Harmonious Labeling of Some Graphs
Dhvanik Zala1, Narendra Chotaliya2, Mehul Chaurasiya3

An Improved LSA Model for Electronic Assessment of Free Text Document
Rufai M. M1, Afolabi Adeolu2, Fenwa O. D3, Ajala F.A4

A Secret data sharing Model for Agriculture Experts in Federated Cloud based on Polynomial based Encrypted Scheme
V. Keerthi1, T. Anuradha2

Study of Denial of Service (DoS) Attack in Wireless Sensor Networks with Power Constraints
K Prashanth1, S S Nagamuthu Krishnan2

A Social Network Scrum Framework for Software Development under COVID-19 Pandemic
Nalinee Sophatsathit

A Practical Approach of Image Categorization
Shubham Budhathoki1, Dhruv Rawat2, Prateek Gupta3, Utsav Shukla4, Uma Tomer5

The Indian Automotive Supply Chain: Impact due to COVID-19 and Strategies to Re-Emerge
Sunantha M

Influence of using Micropiles as Retrofitting Method for Bridge Shallow Footing: Numerical Study
Hassan. A. Abas1, M.A. Ismaeil2

Design and Implementation of Secure Smart Shopping System using Arduino
R. Parameswaran1, P. T. V. Bhuvaneswari2

A Scientific Analysis to Observe Uniqueness in Lip Print Pattern
N.B. Pushpa1, N.B. Prajwala2

Non-State Education in Uzbekistan: Formation and Development Prospects
Khakimov Nazar Khakimovich

A Survey on Computer Ethics (w.r.t. Artificial Intelligence, Robot Weaponry, Fuzzy Systems, Autonomous Vehicles)
Naresh Kshetri

Learning Rate Optimization in CNN for Accurate Ophthalmic Classification
Mahmoud Smaida1, Serhii Yaroshchak2, Ahmed Y. Ben Sasi3

Influence of UV Radiation on Physical and Biological Properties of Rapeseed in Pre-Sowing Treatment
Semenov Anatolii1, Sakhno Tamara2, Semenova Kateryna3

EFURMS: An Efficient Scheme for File Upload and Ranked Multi-Keyword Search over Encrypted Data in Cloud
Bhavya M1, Thriveni J2, Venugopal K R3

A Novel Three phase Three Wire UPQC (Unified Power Quality Conditioner) Configuration using Ten Switch Topology for linear RL loads
Kasoju Bharath Kumar1, Dongari Vamshy2, Mahesh Chanda3

A New Approach for Effective Biomedical Waste Segregation and Disposal
Aneri Tank1, Dimpal Khambhati2

Millimeter-Wave Channel Estimation using Alternating Direction Method of Multipliers
Aarab Mohamed Nassim1, Chakkor Otman2

Strength Characteristic of Recycled Aggregate with Silica Fume as Admixture
Rajshekhar Yergol1, Lingraj Shastr2