Volume-2 Issue-4, March 2013

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Volume-2 Issue-4, March 2013, ISSN: 2278-3075 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering and Sciences Publication (BEIESP)

Significance of Mobile AD-HOC Networks (MANETS)
Aditya Bakshi1, A.K.Sharma2, Atul Mishra3

Image Denoising Techniques- A Review Paper
Kanika Gupta1, S.K Gupta2

Influence of Addition of Pond Ash as Partial Replacement with Sand and Cement on the Properties of Mortar
Arunkumar Dwivedi1, Dhiraj Kumar S. Lal2

Major Problems Associated With the Use of ICT in Institution
Shabnam S. Mahat1, P.P. Jamsandekar2, K.M. Nalawade3

Feasibility Study of Partial Replacement of Cement and Sand in Mortar by Brick Waste Material
Hemraj R. Kumavat1, Yogesh N. Sonawane2

Implementing Kalman Filter in GPS Navigation
Kanika Gupta1, Apurva2, Priya Jindal3, Vishakha Snehi4

Android Based Emergency Alert Button
Dhrubajyoti Gogoi1, Rupam Kumar Sharma2

Public Key Encryption Algorithms for Wireless Sensor Networks in tinyOS
Chandni Vaghasia1, Kirti Bathwar2

Re-Evaluation of Visual Studio 2010 Add-ins For Coding Guidance
Pallavi S. Bangare1, Pooja More2, Sunil L. Bangare3, Ashish Upadhye4, Pooja Zambad5

Seat Occupancy Detection Based on Impedance Measurement
P. Blessy1, R. Jegan2, X. Anitha Mary3

Effect of Constant Suction on Transient Free Convective Gelatinous Incompressible Flow Past a Perpendicular Plate with Cyclic Temperature Variation in Slip Flow Regime
Monika Kalra1, Dinesh Verma2

Eco-Composite Flush Door Shutter Using Bamboo-Jute Fiber
Pijus Kanti Khatua1, Suraj Chakraborty2, Sibaprasad Maity3, Gora Das4, Arunabha Ghosh5

Transient Stability Improvement of Two Machine System using Fuzzy Controlled STATCOM
Surinder Chauhan1, Vikram Chopra, Shakti Singh2

A Secure Technique for Hiding Data under the Fingerprint Images using Modified Haar Wavelet Based Transformation
Heena1, Jagpreet Kaur2

Dynamic Time Quantum in Round Robin Algorithm (DTQRR) Depending on Burst and Arrival Time of the Processes
Dibyendu Barman

A Review of Different Parameter Monitoring Systems for Increasing Agricultural Yield
N.R.Patel1, S.S.Thakare2, D.S.Chaudhari3

Speech Emotion Recognition: A Review
Rahul. B. Lanjewar1, D. S. Chaudhari2

Data Decomposition Technique Proposed for Candidate Itemsets Generation of Association Rule Mining Algorithms on Heterogeneous Cluster
Rakhi Garg1, P. K. Mishra2

A Review on Smart Sensors Based Monitoring System for Agriculture
Swarup S. Mathurkar1, D. S. Chaudhari2

An Overview: iButton (1-Wire Technology) and ZigBee Wireless Protocol
R. W. Somkuwar1, P. L. Paikrao2, D. S. Chaudhari3

A Hypothetical Approach on Artificial Intelligence System with Sensors and VRS
R. K. Ramesh1, A. Kabeer Mohamed Refai2

Non Local Image Restoration Using Orientation Optimization By Means of Genetic Algorithm
Ramandeep Kaur1, Tejinder Thind2

Wireless Assistive Technology for Severely Disabled Persons: an Overview
G. B. Saboo1, D. S. Chaudhari2

ARM 7 Based Accident Alert and Vehicle Tracking System
Salas K Jose1, X. Anitha Mary2, Namitha Mathew3

Middleware and Toolkits in Grid Computing
Pooja Rani

Certain Approaches of Real Time Object Tracking in Video Sequences on Embedded Linux Platform
Namitha Mathew1, Prabhakar. S2, K. Gerard Joe Nigel3

Potentials and Capabilities of FACTS Controllers for Quality and Performance Enhancement of Power System
J. Sandeep Soni1, H. P. Agrawal2, R. Gupta3, H.O. Bansal4

Fly Ash Class F: Opportunities for Development of Low Cost Mortar
Rushabh A. Shah1, Jayeshkumar Pitroda2

Effect of Used Foundry Sandand Pozzocrete Partial Replacement with Fine Aggregate and Cement in Concrete
Dushyant R. Bhimani1, Jayesh Kumar Pitroda2, Jaydev J. Bhavsar3

Production of Sugarcane Bagasse Based Activated Carbon for Cd2+ Removal using Factorial Design
Musa Mutah1, Kikuchi Akira2, Abdul Majid Zaiton3, Jaafar Jafariah4, Salim Mohd Razman5, Ismail Nor Eman6

Intrusion Detection using Data Mining Technique
Stuti Singh1, Roshan Srivastava2

A Server Side Solution for Protection of Web Applications from Cross-Site Scripting Attacks
A. Duraisamy1, M. Sathiyamoorthy2, S. Chandrasekar3

Low Cost Hand Vein Authentication System on Embedded Linux Platform
Gayathri S1, K Gerard Joe Nigel2, S Prabakar3

A Novel 1-Bit Full Adder Design Using DCVSL XOR/XNOR Gate and Pass Transistor Multiplexers
P. Divakara Varma1, R.Ramana Reddy2

Effect of Using Different Encoders in Bluetooth
Pankaj Garg1, Ruby Verma2

Investigation and Review of Efficient Method for Multiple Protein Network’s Pairwise Alignment
Smita Upendra Gumaste1, Jyoti Rao2

A Graphical Password using Token, Biometric, Knowledge Based Authentication System for Mobile Devices
Kailas I Patil1, Jaiprakash Shimpi2

Design of a Wide Slot Antenna for Bandwidth Enhancement for Wireless Communication Application
Manish Kumar Rajput1, Divyanshu Prabhav2, Chitransh Karade3

Features Enhancement and Efficiency Optimization of HSNP by HSVP System of Vehicle Number Plates
S. P. Singh1, Vikash Sharma2

Real Time Smart Car Security System by Using Biometrics
S. P. Pingat1, Shubham Rakhecha2, Rishabh Agrawal3, Sarika Mhetre4, Pranay Raushan5

An Approach to Improve Security on Clone of Mobile Device During Augmented Execution
Yash Dave1, Gordhan Jethava2

Review: Evaluating and Analyzer to Developing Optimized Text Summary Algorithm
Madhuri Gawali1, Mrunal Bewoor2, Suhas Patil3

Measurouting Approach for Flow Utility in Routing Assisted Traffic Monitoring
S. Priya1, S. Pushpa2

Overview of Wind Turbine Driven Self-Excited Induction Generator
Haval Sardar Kamil1, S. U. Kulkarni2

Stability Analysis of DFIG-Based Wind Farms using Different Bus Systems
Mustafa Jawad Kadhim1, D.S.Chavan2

Speech Signal Noise Reduction by Wavelets
Roopali Goel1, Ritesh Jain2

Multistage Enhancement of Channel Quality using Channel Estimation Techniques for Effective BER/SNR using 16 QAM for Mobile Communication
Rajeshwar Singh1, Gurpreet Singh Saini2

Review of Various PTS (Partial Transmit Sequence) Techniques of PAPR (Peak to Average Power Ratio) Reduction in MIMO-OFDM
Er. Ankita1, Anand Nayyar2

Implementation of a Hybrid High Power Factor Three-Phase Unidirectional Rectifier
Ankusha.Biradar1, Nagabhushan.Patil2

A Novel Digitally Controlled Converter for Renewable Energy Resources
J. Baskaran1, P. Pugazhendiran2, M. Sujith3

An Application of Remote Sensing and GIS Based Shoreline Change Studies – A Case Study in the Cuddalore District, East Coast of Tamil Nadu, South India
S. Kumaravel1, T. Ramkumar2, B.Gurunanam3, M. Suresh4, K. Dharanirajan5

Work-Study and Design of Material Handling System in Soot Girni
A. P. Edlabadkar1, Anup P. Ingle2

Diatoms Community Structure in Relation to Physico-Chemical Factors in Yercaud Lake, Salem District, Tamil Nadu, India
R. Venkatachalapathy1, G. Nandhakumar2, P. Karthikeyan3

Pulse Oximeter using PSoC
Sanjeetha Sara John1, P. Anatha Christhu Raj2

Auto Backup with Network Information System
Prajakta D. Phalke1, Snehal G. Pote2, Sakshi Dhar3, Kshitija S. Urane4

A Novel Approach to Capture Salient Part from JPEG Image
Radhika P. Fuke1, M. V. Sarode2

Proactive Cued Click Points: A Sound Signature Integrated Graphical Password Authentication Mechanism
Sarisha Satheesan1, A. Ilayarajaa2

Monitoring Land Cover Changes in the Parts of East Cost of Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry Union Territory using Geospatial Technology
S. Kumaravel1, B. Gurugnanam2, M. Bagyaraj3, S. Venkatesan4, M. Suresh5, K. Dharanirajan6

An Approach towards Detection of Indian Number Plate from Vehicle
Sourav Roy1, Amitava Choudhury2, Joydeep Mukherjee3

A Smart Wireless Home Maneuver for Indoor Blind Pedestrians Via Indoor Positioning System
Renganthan. B1, Vinothini. K2, Chinnadurai. S3

Design and Implementation of a Natural User Interface using Hand Gesture Recognition Method
Jishmi Jos Choondal1, C. Sharavanabhavan2

Geostatistical and Fuzzy C-Mean Clustering For Extraction of White Matter
D. Sushma Deevi1, G.S. Ajay K Reddy2, Narendra Babu3

Review of Design of Hybrid Aluminum/ Composite Drive Shaft for Automobile
Bhushan K. Suryawanshi1, Prajitsen G.Damle2

Change in the Key Expansion Function of AES
Gaurav Kumar1, Kunwar Pal2, Dilbahar Singh3

Data Migration Between Crossbreed Platform using Ant Colony Optimization
Dilbahar Singh1, Sumit Kumar Yadav2, Gaurav Kumar3

An Overview of Preprocessing on Web Log Data for Web Usage Analysis
Naga Lakshmi1, Raja Sekhara Rao2, Sai Satyanarayana Reddy3

Unified Particle Swarm Optimization to Solving Economic Dispatch
I.D.Soubache1, P. Ajay-D-Vimal Raj2

An Efficient Personalized Web Search Mechanism using BinRank Algorithm
T.D. Khadtare1, P.R. Thakare2, S.A.J. Patel3

A Study of Quality Assessment Techniques for Fused Images
G. N. Raut1, P. L. Paikrao2, D. S. Chaudhari3

Behavioral Analysis of Energy in Wireless Sensor Networks
Nikhil A. Chaudhari1, Vivek S. Deshpande2, J. B. Helonde3, V. M. Wadhai4

Performance Analysis of Reliability in Wireless Sensor Network
Praful P. Maktedar1, Vivek S. Deshpande2, J. B. Helonde3, V.M. Wadhai4

An Efficient Method of Watermarking Using Multi Wavelet Technique with Modified Fast Haar Wavelet Transform (MFHWT)
Shefaly Sharma1, Jagpreet Kaur2

RSA Cryptography Algorithm: an Impressive Tool in Decreasing Intrusion Detection System Vulnerabilities in Network Security
S.H. Mortazavi1, P.S. Avadhani2

Single Walled and Multi Walled Carbon Nanotube Structure, Synthesis and Applications
E.N. Ganesh

Secure Digital Signature Schemes Based on Hash Functions
Erfaneh Noroozi1, Salwani Mohd Daud2, Ali Sabouhi3

Cryptographic Hash Functions: SHA Family
B. Madhuravani1, D. S. R Murthy2

Experimental Device for Acquisition of Propertiesi V and V (T) of the Solar by Automatic Change Operating Point
Ousmane Sow1, Dianguina Diarisso2, Nzonzolo ZénobeAmadou MBodji3, Mamadou Saliou Diallo4, Amadou Diao5, Idrissa Gaye6, Fabé Idrissa Barro7, Grégoire Sissoko8