Volume-3 Issue-10, March 2014

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Volume-3 Issue-10, March 2014, ISSN: 2278-3075 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering and Sciences Publication (BEIESP)

Synthesis, 2DNMR and Crystal Structure Analysis of Piperidin – 4 – one Derivatives
Ramani Devi R1, Kathirvel R2, Seeni Mubarak M3, Mohamed Rabeek S4, Fazal Mohamed M.I5

Design and Simulation of Pulse Code Modulation Multiplexing (PCMM) and De-Multiplexing Technique in MATLAB
Fatima Faydhe AL-Azawi1, Zainab Faydh AL-Azawi2, Rafed shaker AL- Fartosy3

Design of Cold Rolling Mill Components
Firoj U. Pathan1, Santosh N. Shelke2

Innovative Technologies and Organizations in Global Energy Systems
Md.Minhaj Ahmed

Factors Affecting the Setting Time and Compressive Strength of Alkali Activated Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag Reinforced with Wollastonite
Valeria A. Gonzalez1, Benjamin Varela2, Joseph Voelkel3

Analysis of Brain Images to Detect the Alzheimer’s Disease using Segmentation Approach
R.Sampath1, A.Saradha2

Computerised Human Resource Information System– An Emerging Trend for Managing Human Resources
Aishvarya Bansal

Performance Enhancement of PV Based Water Pumping System
Velvizhi J1, D.Padma Subramanian2

Analysis of Agile Software Development Utilising Cloud Computing Capabilities
Pavithra Mani1, Deebitha.S2

Simulation and Analysis of Rectangular Micro-Strip Patch Antenna for 1.9 GHz using IE3D
Dishant Shah1, Hardik Aboti2, Chirag Joshi3, Vidya Sawant4

Design of an Efficient Clustering using GNG and SOM
Sundeep Kumar1, Shilpi Gupta2

Waveform Analysis of New Diode Clamped and Cascaded H-Bridge Multilevel Inverters with PWM Technique
N. Mohan Teja1, R S Ravi Sankar2, Talath Anjum3, P.Sanjay4

Web Based Integrated Development Environment
Mala Dutta1, Kamal K Sethi2, Ajay Khatri3

Seismic Energy Disssipation of a Building using Friction Damper
Shilpa G. Nikam1, S.K. Wagholikar2, G.R. Patil3

Privacy Measure for Publishing the Data- A Case Study
Chinta Someswara Rao1, Bhadri Raju MSVS2

Replenish Approach in Non Homogeneous Structured Dataset using Interpolation Techniques
V. Narayani1, S.Raj Kumar2

Facial Expression Detection Based on Local Binary Pattern and Back Propagation Neural Network
Mousa Kadhim Wali1, Md. Hussein Baqir2, Majid S. Naghmash3

CFD Analysis on Performance of Open and Closed Single Cavity Based Scramjet Combustion at Mach 2
K.N.Jayachandran1, N. Nithin2, D. Thanikaivel Murugan3

Mode-I Fracture Analysis of Thermally Aged of Glass and Glass-Carbon Hybrid Composites
Prasanth C1, Saavan Ravindranath2, A.Samraj3, T.Manikandan4