Volume-3 Issue-9, February 2014

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Volume-3 Issue-9, February 2014, ISSN: 2278-3075 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering and Sciences Publication (BEIESP)

Adaptive Mitigation of Jammer & Clutter in an Airborne GMTI scenario using Sample Matrix Inversion Processing
Debasish Bhaskar1, Mousumi Gupta2, Rabindranath Bera3

A Study on Spectral Reflectance with Surface Water Quality and Chlorophyll-A Concentrations in Muthupet Lagoon of Thiruvarur District, Tamilnadu
Thiruneelakandan1, B. Jeyavel Raja Kumar2, T. Dushiyanthan3, C. Suresh4, R. Karthikeyan K5, Davidraju D6

Direct Digital Control of HVAC System and CO2-Based Demand Controlled Ventilation
Viktor Iliev1, Darko Babunski2, Igor Seso3, Saso Andovski4

Efficient Use of Renewable Energy in Train and Railway Station
Tejaswini Dilip Patil1, Kaustubh Dilip Patil2, Sunil M. Mahajan3

Feature Selection for Application on Predicting Alzheimer’s Disease Progress
Seyed Arsalan Hoseyni1, Javad Zaree2, Pejman Masoud3, Zahedizadeh4

A Survey to Micro Grids and its Applications
Mojtaba Mohseni1, Abdolhamid Sohrabi2, Ali Ghareaghaji3

Development of PID Controller for Controlling Desired Level of Coupled Tank System
H.I Jaafar1, S.Y.S Hussien2, N.A Selamat3, M.S.M Aras4, M.Z.A Rashid5

Expert Shell for on-line Dynamic Control of a Transportation Process
Goran Radoičić1, Miomir Jovanović2, Lepoje Ilić3, Bratislav Blagojević4

Uninterrupted Traffic Flow at Junctions with Special Reference to Guwahati City
Mukta Ranjan Singha1, Bichitra Kalita2

Numerical Analysis of Hypersonic Combustion of a Scramjet Combustor with a Central lobed Strut Injector at Flight Mach Number 7
K.M Pandey1, Gautam Choubey2

Histology Based Image Retrieval in Multi feature Spaces
D.Sudha1, J.Priyadarshini2, A.Ranjidha3

SER Vs SNR Performance Comparison of 3-Time Slot QSTBC for Rician Fading Channel
Narendra Singh Thakur1, Ritu Chauhan2

Energy Saving Opportunity in a Waste Water Treatment Plant
Deepika Sandhu1, Ruchi Pandey2

Assessment of Properties on AISI 316LN Austenitic Stainless Steel Material under Low Temperature Liquid Nitriding Processes
Ram.Subbiah1, S. Satheesh2, Shoan C. Sunny3, G. Kishor4, K. Fahad5, R. Rajavel6

Color Image Segmentation using K-Means Clustering and Otsu’s Adaptive Thresholding
Vijay Jumb1, Mandar Sohani2, Avinash Shrivas3

Load Testing Strategy Review When Transitioning to Cloud
Tanvi Dharmarha1, Ajay Jain2

WSN based Parameter Monitoring and Control System for DC Motor
Mohini Reddy1, Vidya Sawant2

Hide Inside-Separable Reversible Data Hiding in Encrypted Image
Lalit Dhande1, Priya Khune2, Vinod Deore3, Dnyaneshwar Gawade4

Performance Analysis of Energy Aware LAR Protocol in IEEE 802.15.4 based Mobile Wireless Sensor Networks
P. Samundiswary1, K Dilip2

Identification of Breast Cancer Using Ensemble of Support Vector Machine and Decision Tree with Reduced Feature Subset
H.S Hota

Low Cost Transient Free Thyristor Switching Capacitor for Power Factor Correction Panels
Mahmoud Gaballah1, Mohammed El-Bardini2

Image Super Resolution Reconstruction using Wavelet Transform Method
V. Prasath1, R.Buvanesvari2, N. Thilartham3, K. Nirosha4

Dynamic Modelling of Seven- Link Biped Robot on Matlab/Simulink: Survey
Padmini Sahu1, Anurag Singh Tomer2

Enhancement of Website Visibility using Search Engine Optimization Techniques
V. Prasath1, R. Buvanesvari2, R. Kalaivani3, M. Megala4

Improving Web Service Selection using Fuzzy Quality of Protection
V. Prasath1, R. Buvanesvari2, V. Anitha3, M. Keerthana4