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Volume-7 Issue-12, September 2018, ISSN: 2278-3075 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering & Sciences Publication

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Steven Valentino E. Arellano, John Mark Gabriel N. Caguicla, Lawrence Alexis P. Desuasido

Paper Title:

Sign Language and Speech Translation Wearable Device with Android Application for Special Education Schools in the Philippines

Abstract: The Sign Language and Speech Translation System through Smartphone with Android Application (Sign Speak) utilizing a Wearable Device was developed to have bidirectional communication assistance for speech and hearing-impaired (HI) students. This was also to fulfill the lack of Special Education (SPED) teachers specialized in HI. The wearable device (glove) will be connected through Bluetooth to smartphone with installed application, and it will translate the sign language gestured by HI student into speech upon wearing it. Likewise, audible speeches of SPED teacher and/or other non-impaired individuals will also be translated into texts being display on the smartphone. HI and non-impaired students, and teachers of one of the public SPED schools in the Philippines tested the system and also served as respondents to the conducted survey. Obtained results indicated that the translation system of different sign language gestures and speeches were accurate and reliable. Generally, this would be a modern communication device for all speech and hearing-impaired people.

Keywords: Android Application, Sign Language Translation, Wearable Device.


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Ajay Singh, M. P. S Chawla

Paper Title:

Zigbee and RF Module based Solar Panel Monitoring System

Abstract: Solar energy is now accepted as an important source of renewable energy, thus real time information of a panel’s system becomes a major concern. This paper illustrates about the hardware and software execution of continuous wireless monitoring system for solar panel located in remote areas. XBee module is used as a wireless sensor network which is low power consumption device. Short time delay characteristics and simple to develop, low cost leads to high data reliability. The proposed system has a sending end and another one as receiving end. This system monitors the Solar Panel Temperature, Humidity, Panel Current and voltage, as well the power. At the receiving end, X-bee module receives the sensor data and sends it to the central system. Python language is used to stored continuous data in Postgre SQL database. The stored data in database can be observed in the Web Page through internet.

Keywords: Sensors, Arduinoatmega 2560 Microcontroller, X-bee s2 Module, Coordinator and Router, direct sequence spread spectrum XCTU, Postgre SQL Database. 


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