Volume-8 Issue-2S, December 2018

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Volume-8 Issue-2S, December 2018, ISSN: 2278-3075 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering & Sciences Publication

Enhancement of Soil Properties by Using Fly Ash and Metakaolin
D.V. S. Sankara Reddy1, K.Kowshik2, M. Jugal Kishor3, R. Vijaya Durga4, V. Pavan Kumar Reddy5

Performance Evaluation of Stone Column Installed Soft Ground- A Parametric Study with Numerical Investigation
D.V. Siva Sankara Reddy1, M. Chittaranjan2, C. Ravi Kumar Reddy3, K. Kowshik4

Evaluation of the Behavior of Geo-Synthetic Reinforced Soil Wall with Improved Soil as Backfill
D.V.Siva Sankara Reddy1, Ch.Gopal Reddy2, M.Jugal Kishore3, K.Kowshik4

Liquifaction – a Geotechnical Engineering Challenge In Pavement Construction
G. V. Praveen1, S. Goverdhan Reddy2

Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Surface Treatment of Rayon Fabrics
S. Nithya1, K.R. Aranganayagam2, C. Nithesh3

Removal of Heavy Metals from Dyeing Industry Wastewater by Using Eco-Friendly Absorbents
Saravanan M1, Gandhimathi A2

Modelling and Implementation of Single-Phase Z-Source Inverter using Arduino
Hafsa1, B.Venkateswararao2, Gummadi Srinivasa Rao3, Ch. Ganesh4

Design of Microstrip MIMO Antenna for S & C-band Applications
K. Vasu Babu1, B. Anuradha2, Maram Srinivasa Rao3, N. Sivaiah4

Effect of Seismic Zone and Soil Type on Linear Time History Behavior of RC Framed Building
K. Siva Kiran1, D.V. Siva Sankara Reddy2, H. Teja Kiran Kumar3, V. Rajendra Kumar4

Morphology based Tense Aspect Disambiguation for sentences in Telugu to English Translation
Lavanya Settipalli1, Sivaiah Bellamkonda2, Ramachandran Vedantham3

A Multipurpose Mobile Application for Air Cargo Management System for Saudi Airlines
Kahkashan Tabassum1, Hadil Shaiba2

Estimation of Power in High Altitude Freely Suspended Wind Turbine
Sampath S S1, Prasanth Sreekumar2, Chithirai Pon Selvan M3

A Meta Analytic Review of Emotional Dissonance – It’s Cause and Impact
Thanesa Iyer1, Jaya Yadav2

Aligning IS/IT with Business Allows Organizations to Utilize Dark Data
Liyana Shirin Akbar1, Khulood Al-Mutahr2, Mohammed Nazeh3

An Efficient Localization Scheme for Mobile WSN
Kailas Tambe1, G. Krishna Mohan2

An Impact of Recent Technological Reforms in Indian Railways on its Revenue and Its Influence on the Passenger Satisfaction in Terms of Service
Atul Choudhary1, Sanjeev Bansal2, Prashant Sharma3, Anu Prashaant4

Change in the Role and Competencies of Global CIO’s in Cloud and IoT Based Organizations- A Study on it and Business Leaders
Jipson George Thoomkuzhy1, Mohammed Nazeh2

Perception of Employees About Changing Paradigm Shift Towards HR Practices In ITES Companies of Noida
Deepesh Kr Yadav1, Jaya Yadav2

Role of Spiritual Leadership in Enhancing Employees’ Job Performance: A study of Organized Retail Sector in India
Rajeev Malik1, Jaya Yadav2, DeepeshYadav3

Role of Stakeholder in Revenue Mobilization to Alleviate Poverty in Ghana using E-Governance Mechanisms
Jennifer Ellah Adaletey1, Valliappan Raju2, Siew Poh Phung3

The Consumer Price Index as a Measure of Consumer Price Inflation
Paul Asif Ali Naqvi1, Abdullah Saeed Sulaiman Bagaba2, Sara Ravan Ramzani3

Embedded System Based Secured Car Parking System
S. Kaliappan

A Novel Improved Resonant LLC Converter with Minimal Components
Tamilarasu Viswanathan1, P Maithili2

Implementation of Hybrid Controller Based PMSM Drive for Improved Dynamic Response
P. Thirumoorthi1, Nandini K2

Artificial Neural Network Controlled Shunt Active Power Filter for Minimization of Current Harmonics in Industrial Drives
P. Thirumoorthi1, Raheni T D2

Wireless Smart Biometric Attendance System
Ram Prabu J1, Pavithra R2, Aswini N3, Francis Brindha A4

Minimax Optimization of PV Panel Specifications for Different Temperatures
Tamilarasu Viswanathan1, R Rajesh2

Spread Spectrum Modulation for Multi-Input DC-DC Converter
Tamilarasu Viswanathan1, S Suryaprakash2, P Abinesh3

Intelligent Transport and Safety Assisting System
R. Kavitha1, Niranjana C2, M. Nirmala3, S. Surya Prakash4

VLSI Design of An Area & Time Efficient Design of Overloaded CDMA Architecture Using Han Carlson Adder
Arulananth TS1, Praveen Sagar S2, Anusha B3

Identification of Development Dynamics in the Krishna Eastern Delta and Its Future Impacts on Water Availability and Quality with Focus on Soil Productivity and Its Degradation
Nekkanti Haripavan1, Nandyala Sivakishan2

Performance Based Congestion Control using Video Graphic Volume Count for an Uncontrolled Intersections in Vijayawada City – A Case Study
P. Pradeep1, S. Harish2, D. Ravikanth3, Malathi Narra4

Analyzing Strength Characteristics of Self Compacting Concrete by using Hair Fibre as a Partial Replacement of Cement
P. Sai Mahesh Reddy1, D.V. Siva Sankara Reddy2, M. Jugal Kishore3, K. Siva Kiran4

Implementing and Testing of IoT Technology in Agriculture
J. Maha Kavya Sri1, Narendra VG2, Vidya Pai3

An Approach to Zero Knowledge Proof for Secure Data Sharing in Cloud Storage: New Direction
Amjan Shaik1, B. Madhurima2, M. Neelakantappa3

Study on Mechanical Behaviour of Hybrid Composites
T. Prasad1, P. Chinna Srinivasa Rao2, B. Vijay Kiran3

EBPS: Effective Method for Early Breast Cancer Prediction using Wisconsin Breast Cancer Dataset
P R Anisha1, B Vijaya Babu2

IoT-Health Check-Up using Arduino Microcontroller
G. Balram1, D. Gurvinder Singh2

High Efficient Three Phase Harmonics Elimination System for Induction Motor
K.Vinay kumar

A Novel Research on Improving the Overall Efficiency Among Hard Switching and Soft Switching Circuits using Optimization Techniques
Moinuddin K Syed1, K. Raghuveer2

Congestion Control in Spatial Networks During Disasters
J. Shiva Prashanth1, Shaik. Gousiya Begum2

Improvement of Dynamic Performance of Induction Motor Drives by using FLC Based MPFC
Sundilla Ravi1, D. Krishna2

Effect of HRM Practices in Implementation and Adoption of Human Resource Information System (HRIS) in Some Selected Manufacturing Industries of Midnapore District of West Bengal – an Empirical Analysis
Wendrila Biswas1, Debarun Chakraborty2

Interference Mitigation Techniques for Advanced Cellular Communications Using MIMO Based Smart Antenna Beam Forming
V.Thrimurthulu1, N S Murti Sarma2

Lung Cancer Detection and Classification Using Deep CNN
S. Sasikala1, M. Bharathi2, B. R. Sowmiya3

An Approach for Extracting Viewpoint Patterns using Geometric Directions
Pavan Kumar K1, S.V.N Srinivasu2

Fingerprint Classification by using the Delaunay Triangles
Y. Suresh1, S. V. N Srinivasu2

Optimization of Deep Learning using Various Optimizers, Loss Functions and Dropout
S.V.G. Reddy1, K. Thammi Reddy2, V. Valli Kumari3

Infinitely Variable Valve Lifting
A. Raveendra1, K. Sri Noothan Reddy2

Design and Analysis of Leaf Spring for Heavy Weight Vehicles using Composite Materials
A. Raveendra1, Mohammed Abdul Mubashir2

A Study on Soil Stabilization using Sugarcane Bagasse Ash

An Approach for Minimizing the Response Time and Improving Availability of Web Services
M. Swami Das1, A. Govardhan2, D. Vijaya Lakshmi3

Deep Rapping: Character Level Neural Models for Automated Rap Lyrics Composition
Aaron Carl T. Fernandez1, Ken Jon M. Tarnate2, Madhavi Devaraj3

Synthesis and Characterization of Porous Calcium Oxide Nanoparticles (CaO NPS)
A.S. Balaganesh1, R. Sengodan2, R. Ranjithkumar3, B. Chandarshekar4

Adaptive Filter Architecture for FPGA Implementations
Kalaiselvi1, Vasuki2

Study on Steel Beam Column Joint with Different Types of Connections
Abishek P1, Karthikeyan G2

Seismic Retrofitting of Beam-Column Joints in RCC Buildings Using Jacketing Techniques Along With Cross Bars
J. Premalatha1, N. Lakshmipriya2

Performance Evaluation of a Multistorey Steel Frame with Viscous Fluid Dampers in Lower Toggle Configuration
J. Premalatha1, M. Palanisamy2

Concreting For Construction- Quality Control by Six Sigma Approach
Nishaant Ha1, Swethaa.B2, Chris Anto.L3

Analysis of RCC Building with Shear Walls at Various Locations and In Different Seismic Zones
Sylviya B1, P. Eswaramoorthi2

Use of Kadappa Waste as a Resource Material for Building Construction
V.G. Kalpana1, Aravind B2, P. Eswaramoorthi3

Performance Assessment and Cost Effectiveness in Replacement of Aggregates with Construction and Demolition Waste in Concrete
Gowri Shankar M1, Nagarajan V2, Eswaramoorthi P3, Karthik Prabhu T4

A Comparative Study On Compressive Strength of Ordinary Concrete and Concrete Replaced With Ceramic Tiles and Eco Sand
S.Rajalakshmi1, Kezia Jobel Selvakumar2, J.Sathya Kirubaa3, T.R.Lakshmi4

Seismic Analysis of Vertical Irregularity Rc Building By Extended N2 Method
K. Ramadevi1, P. Muthaiyan2

Efficiency of Polyethene Non-Woven Fibre Filter for Treating Institutional Waste Water by Membrane Bio Reactor Process
S K Shivaranjani1, S.Uma Sankari2

Behaviour of Self-Compacting Concrete with Cement Replacement Materials
P. Sachin Prabhu1, Ha. Nishaant2, T. Anand3

Performance of Self Compacting Concrete Containing Micro-Silica and Steel Fibre
Venkateshwaran.A1, Nandhini.K2, Ponmalar.V3

Design, Analysis and Fabrication of a Microstrip Slot Antenna
Ramprakash K

Design, Simulate Analyze the Performance of Parallel Coupled Micro Strip Band Pass Filter at 1.5 GHz for GPS Applications
Ramprakash K1, Loshni T2, Aparna A P3

Interdigital Bandpass Filter for 2.5 GHz LTE Application: Design and Performance Analysis
Aparna.A.P1, Loshni.T2, K.Ramprakash3

Towards Enhancing the Performance of a Stress Detection System
S.Arun Kumar1, S.Sasikala2

Speed Breaker Detection Using GLCM Features
M.Bharathi1, A.Amsaveni2, B. Manikandan3

Canoe Tool for Ecu Automated Communication Testing
Udhaya Kumar R1, Kavitha K2

Smart Glove to Monitor Parkinson’s Patients
K. Thilagavathi1, S.G.Gayatri2, M.N.Aayisha Rumaana3, V.Abhirami4

Gain Enhancement of a Square Patch Antenna using EBG Structure
Amsaveni1, M. Bharathi2, P.J.Phavithra3

Waste Segregation using Deep Learning Algorithm
R.S.Sandhya Devi1, Vijaykumar VR2, M.Muthumeena3

Real Time Monitoring System: Implementation of Face Detection and Recognition Algorithm
Dinesh Kumar K1, Karunamoorthy2, RaniThottungal3

A Novel Method Of real Time Cloth Size Measurement Algorithm Based On Fpga Platform
Karunamoorthy B1, Ramprabu J2

Smart Health Care Monitoring System
R. Kavitha1, Niranjana C2

Safeguarding Two Wheeler User‟s Lives Using Smart Helmet
K.Premalatha1, J.J.Nandhini2

Efficiency of Lateral System in Tall RC Building
Md Taqiuddin1, S. Lakshmi Shireen Banu2

Building a blockchain approach with hyperledger transaction flow and distributed consensus algorithms
S. Dhanalakshmi1, B. G. Obula Reddy2, K. Yogitha Lakshmi3

A Study on Performance Analysis of Multi-Level Feedback Queue Scheduling Approach
Sanjeeva Polepaka1, R. P. Ram Kumar2

RSM based Empirical Model for the Performance and Emission Characteristics of ROME Biodiesel
T. Ramachandran1, S Murugapoopathi2, D. Vasudevan3

Use of Steel Slag as Coarse and Fine Aggregate in Porous Concrete Pavements
Vishwanath B J1, Rex2

Local Texton Centre Symmetric Pattern Matrix (Ltcspm) On Wavelet Domain for Texture Classification
B. Kishore1, V. Vijaya Kumar2

Age Classification Based On Appearance Model Using Local Ternary Direction Pattern Approach
Nara Sreekanth1, Munaga HM Krishna Prasad2

Texture Classification Based On Fuzzy Similarity Texton Co-Occurrence Matrix
J.Srinivas1, Ahmed Abdul Moiz Qyser2, B. Eswara Reddy3

A Novel Improved Resonant LLC Converter with Minimal Components
Tamilarasu Viswanathan1, P Maithili2

Embedded System Based Home Security Surveillance using Raspberry PI
S.Kaliappan1, A.Ezhilarasi2, S.Abhianaya Priya3, N.J.Nivetha4

Handling Complete-Verbs of Telugu in Machine Translation
T. Kameswara Rao1, M. Rajyalakshmi2, T. V. Prasad3, V. Koteswara Rao4

Ground Level Ozone Prediction for Delhi using LSTM-RNN
S. Geetha1, L. Prasika2

A Study on Mechanical Properties of Concrete Reinforced with Hybrid Fibers at a Low Fiber Volume Fractions
Srikanth Koniki1, D Ravi Prasad2