Volume-8 Issue-3, January 2019

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Volume-8 Issue-3, January 2019, ISSN: 2278-3075 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering and Sciences Publication (BEIESP)

Experimental Investigations of Mechanical and Microstructural Properties of FSWed Cu-Zn30 Joints
Pankaj, Ramesh Kumar Garg1, Amit Goyal2

Eigen Energy Values and Eigen Functions of a Particle in an Infinite Square Well Potential by Laplace Transforms
Rohit Gupta1, Rahul Gupta2, Dinesh Verma3

Watermarking Techniques based on DCT and SVD using PSO
Kapil Kumar Singh1, Sandhya Tarar2

An Efficient ECG Approximation using Chebyshev Polynomial Interpolation
Om Prakash Yadav1, Shashwati Ray2

People Movement on The Throughput of Wi-Fi Networks and the Significant Changes that Affect WLAN Performance by using Random Waypoint Mobility Model (RWMM) & Random Direction Mobility Model (RDMM) to Model the JNT University Hyderabad India
Seyed Amin Ahmadi Olounabadi1, Avula. Damodaram2, V. Kamakshi Prasad3

An Advanced Algorithm for Load Balancing in Cloud Computing using MEMA Technique
Saher Manaseer1, Metib Alzghoul2, Mazen Mohmad3

Performability of VBRCP in VANET using UGFT
M. Rajeswari1, K.S. Meena2, C. Sivamani3, Sheethal M. S4, Sreetha E.S.5

Design & Simulation of Array DGS using HFSS
Vasujadevi Midasala1, P. Siddaiah2

A Comparison of Piplined and Parallel CORDIC Architecures
Mohamed.M.Elgazzar1, Mahmoud Maher El-Sayed Mohammed2

Processing Algorithm and Data Acquisition for Laser Range Sensor
M. Lakshmi Raviteja1, N. Nagaraju2, Anandbabu Gopatoti3, N. Paparao4

Usage of Mineral Admixtures in Self Compacting Concrete- A Review
S. Arunchaitanya1, E. Arunakanthi2

Filtering and Statistical Feature based Automatic Detection of Breast Lesions in Ultrasound Images
Telagarapu Prabhakar1, S.Poonguzhali2

A New Single Switch AC/DC Converter with Extended Voltage Conversion Ratio for SMPS Applications
L. Sri Sivani1, Nagi Reddy B2, K. Subba Rao3, A. Pandian4

Design and Development of a Knowledge-Based Approach for Word Sense Disambiguation by using WordNet for Hindi
Pooja Sharma1, Nisheeth Joshi2

The Most Common Factors Effecting Ground Water Quality
Maram ALMuhisen1, HüseyinGökçekuş2, Dilber Uzun Ozsahin3

Study of the Quality Concepts Implementation in the Construction of Projects in Saudi Arabia by using Building Information Modelling (BIM)
Mohammad Abazid1, Hüseyin Gökçekuş2, Tahir Çelik3

Phytochemical and Anti-microbial Analysis of Punica granatum Peel and Rind extract
Priyanka J1, Packiyalakshmi R2, Padmapriya P3, Pavithra M K S4

Growth, Yield Attributes and Yield of Tomato (Solanum Lycopersicum L.) as Influenced by Application of Organic Fertilization
S. Marimuthu1, M. Vigensh2, N. Karthick3

Performance Improvement of Wind Turbine Driven PMG with Multi Level Inverter
R.Bharani Kumar1, S.Bhuvaneswari2

Fuzzy Logic Controller for Position Control of Servo Motor
J. Priya1, A.Jeevanandham2, K. Rajalashmi3

Weed Detection Using Image Processing in Organic Farming through Aurdino
Lakshmi.K1, S.Lakshmipriya2

Extraction of β 1,3-1,4 Glucanase from Bacillus Subtilus: Aqueous Two-Phase Extraction Versus Salt Precipitation
Pavithra M K S1, Jayapriya A2, Ismathroshan B M3, Kokila S4

DC Micro Grid Using Boost Converter With Perturb and Observe Method for Maximum Power Point Tracking
Alex Stanley Raja T1, Senthil Kumar R2, Santhosh Kumar K V3, Nandhakumar A4

FPGA based Speed Control of Three Phase Induction Motor
P.Selvabharathi1, V.Kamatchi Kannan2, S.Sathish kumar3

State-of-the-Art Machine Learning and Deep Learning: Evolution of Intelligent Intrusion Detection System Against Wireless Network (Wi-Fi) Attacks in Internet of Things (IoT)
Nivaashini.M1, Thangaraj.P2

Photo Voltaic Powered Voltage Source Inverter for Single Phase Induction Motor with MPPT Algorithm
A. Nandha Kumar1, R. Senthilkumar2, T. Alex Stanley Raja3, K.V.Santhoshkumar4

Heart Disease Prediction using Data Mining with Mapreduce Algorithm
T.Nagamani1, S.Logeswari2, B.Gomathy3

Study and Identification of Adhayyan Framework in CBSE Schools of India and UAE
Aniket Srivastava1, Parul Verma2, AtulPati Tripath3

Optimization Driven Beam Forming in 2D Linear Array for MIMO Systems
P.N. Jayanthi1, S. Ravishankar2

Shortest-Path Routing in Wireless Mesh Networks under Time Varying Link-Cost Metric
Nandini K. S1, S.A. Hariprasad2

Verification of JESD204BTX Soft IP using Universal Verification Methodology
Vinay P1, Shylashree N2

Fusion of Iris Texture with Finger Vein Geometry for Authentication
Sudhamani M J1, M K Venkatesha2

Optimization of Maximum Power Point Tracking Algorithm using Artificial Intelligence
A.Nandha Kumar1, R. Senthilkumar2, T. Alex Stanley Raja3, K. V. Santhoshkumar4

Influence of Perlite and Glass Fiber on the Compresive, Split Tensile and Flexural Strength of Concrete Incorproting Glass Fiber
M.Rajendran1, N.Lavanya2