Volume-8 Issue-3C, January 2019

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Volume-8 Issue-3C, January 2019, ISSN: 2278-3075 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering and Sciences Publication

Analysis for Oxygen Permeability of Cosmetic Silicone Hydrogel Contact Lens in Korea
Ki-Sung Kim

A Study on Dietary Habits, Alcohol Use Disorder and Physical Health Problems of College Students
Kyung-Sook Kim1, Mi Yu2, Jung Hyun Choi3, Sejin Ju4, Hee Jeong Kim5, Miok Kim6

The Relationship between Perceived Organizational Support, Customer Orientation, and Ethical Leadership in the Retail Industry: Focusing on the Moderating Effect of Leader Trust
Hae-Soo Pyun

The Impact of Consultant’s Ability and Attitude on Social Enterprise Performance – Centered on the Mediating Effects of Economic Performance
Se-Yun Kim1, Yen-Yoo You2

Factors Influencing the Intention to Quit Smoking among Wage Workers in Korea
Young-Sook Kwon

The Effects of Presenteeism and Social Loafing on In-Role Behavior at the Workplace
Byung Yoon Chun

Dental Hygienist’s Perception of Oral Health Nutrition Policy
SoYoung Park1, Youn Soo Shim2, So Youn An3, Jong Bin Kim4, Ji Sun Shin5, Seung Woo Shin6, Jong Soo Kim7

A Study on Reciprocity Law Failure using Human Phantoms in Digital Radiography
Hyeong-Gyun Kim

A Study on Image Output Method in the Radiography Training Simulator
Joon-Koo Choi

Depression and Self-Esteem of Middle-Aged and Elderly Single Household: Focus on Comparison to the Multiple Household
Su-Sun Park1, Da-Yeon Shim2

Depression, Mood State, Fatigue, and Quality of life in Cancer Patients
Eun-Ja Yeun1, Hee-Jeong Kim2

Analysis of Dose Distribution of Detectors by type of Heel Effect
Dong-Hee Hong1, Ho-Sung Kim2, Sang-Hyun Kim3, Jung-Hoon Lee4

Correlations between Self-Esteem, Subjective Happiness and Grateful Disposition of High-School Students
Hyun A Nam1, Miok Kim2

A Study on the Relationship between Job Stress, Belief in Happiness, and a Sense of Happiness Perceived by Early Childhood Teachers
An-Na Kim

The Influence Factors of Suicidal Ideation of Patients with Alcohol Dependence
Ju-Hyun Woo1, Ji-Hye Jang2, Jung-Suk Park3

Relationship between Social Support Perceived by Nursing Students and Stress Coping: Focusing on the Moderating Effect of Major Satisfaction
Younghee Jeong

A Study on the Relative Importance of Bottom-Up Childcare Policy for Low Fertility Measures
Byung-Man Kim1, Jung-Ju Kim2

Improvement of Halitosis and Changes in Saliva Components after Using Dentifrices with Menthapiperita Extract
Jung-Eun Park1, Jong-Hwa Jang2

A Study on Motivation of Marriage and Views of Marriage of Korean College Student
Hee-Seung Song1, Miok Kim2

Evaluation of Changes in Physical Properties of Ortho MTA IITM by Various Root Canal Cleaning Agents
Jun Lee1, So Youn An2, Jun Sang Yoo3, So Young Park4, Youn Soo Shim5, Vasudev Ballal6

A Study on the Impact of the Characteristics and Factors of Consulting Client on the Quality of Consulting Services
Joon Hyuk Seo1, Yen-Yoo You2, Chang-Won Lee3, Jung-Wan Hong4

Creativity and Social Competence of Young Children: The Mediating Role of Emotional Intelligence
Heejeon Suh

A Study on the Change of Teacher Professionalism and Teacher Efficacy of Early Childhood Education Students: Whether they Have Completed the Grade and Advanced Major Courses
Su-Jeong Jeong1, Jeong-Jin Youn2, Young-woo Lee3, Mi-Seung Yun4

Conditions of Health Promoting Behaviors for Clinical Laboratory Scientist in Healthcare Centers
Jung-Suk Kim1, Chang-Eun Park2

The Effects of Dementia Partner Programs using Telephone on Cognitive and Neuropsychiatric Symptoms in Elderly Persons with Mild Cognitive Impairment: A Randomized Controlled Trial
Hwan-Hee Kim

Factors Affecting Neonatal Pain Management
Yoon Hee Cho1, Joohyun Lee2

Mediated Effect of Self-Efficacy Between Academic Stress and College Adjustment
Myoungjin Kwon1, Weon-Hee Moon2

Effects of Combined Exercise on Physical Fitness and Blood Lipids in Male Workers
Do-Jin Kim1, Jong-Hyuck Kim2

A Study on the Effect of Organizational Culture of Food Service Company on Innovative Behavior of Cooks
Dong-Heui Choi

Protease Production by Newly Screened Strain Isolated from Carnivorous Plants
Seok-Cheol Cho1, Wan-Young Yoon2

Effects of Learning Experience on Core Competencies of Nursing Students
Jihyun Kim

A Study on the Attitude toward Food Safety of the Elderly in Single House Holds
Ye-Jong Lee

Effects of Work-Life Balance on the Turnover Intention of Nurses Compared to Paid Female Workers
Dong Min Son1, Ok Kyung Ham2

The Effects of Marine Ecotourism Destinations Attributes on Perceived Value, Customer Satisfaction, and Loyalty
Tai- Gi An1, Lim-Soo Shin2

The Dual Mediation Effect of Entrepreneurial Self-Efficacy and Hope in the Relationship Between Entrepreneurial Intention and Expected Performance
Chang Seek Lee1, Ha Young Jang2

Causal Model Affecting the Satisfaction of Social Commerce Users in Websites: Mediating Effects of Benefit Factors
Seung-Yeob Yu

Factors Affecting the Psychosocial Adjustment of Patients with Peritoneal Dialysis
Seung-Ju Kang1, Hwa-song Kuk2

Effects of Music Therapy on the Stress of Adults: a Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
Ji-Ah Song1, Iklyul Bae2

The Effect of Mobile Payment Service Quality on Usage Intention – Focusing on the adjustment Effect of user Satisfaction
Hyun Soon Jang1, Yen Yoo You2, Joo-Sang Jeon3


Factors Affecting the Performance of Health Behaviors in Patients Undergoing Percutaneous Coronary Intervention
Hyeong-Ju Kang1, Eun-Hee Park2, Hae-Ryoung Park3

The Effects of Forgiveness Education Program for University Students
Hye-Won Jeon1, Seung-Joo Kim2, Myung-Sook Chung3, Seok-Im Kang4

The Effects of using Nintendo Wii Exergames on Hand Function and Depression in Post-Stroke: A Pilot Study
Chang-Hyung Lee1, Jong-Hoon Moon2, Jin-Hwa Jung3

Development of a Real Time Fine Dust Smart Fashion Tag Device using Open API
Na-Young Lee1, Sol-Ji Ra2, Youn-Hee Kim3, Ki-Doo Kim4

A Study on Web-based Real-time Greenhouse Crops Pest Diagnosis System using Artificial Intelligence
Hoo-Young Lee1, Koo-Rack Park2, Dong-Hyun Kim3

Multicasting Optimization Using an Improved Binding Update List in Mobile Hosts for Nested Mobile Networks
Chul Ho Park1, SangYeob Oh2

Method and Study on User-Friendly GUI System Implementation Using Sonar Sensor Data
Se-Yeob Kim1, Joong-Eup Kye2, Yoon-Young Park3, Kang-Hee Jung4, Ngo-Hai Linh5

Risk Assessment Based on Hierarchical Fuzzy Inference and Prediction using Kalman Filter for Underground Facilities in Smart Cities
Israr Ullah1, Muhammad Fayaz2, Do Hyeun Kim3

A Short-Term Traffic Flow Prediction Based on Recurrent Neural Networks for Road Transportation Control in ITS
Wafa Shafqat1, Sehrish Malik2, Yung-Cheol Byun3, Do-Hyeun Kim4

A Real-Time Controlling Mechanism Using Fuzzy Logic for Efficient Comfort Supporting and Power Consumption in Smart Homes
Wenquan Jin1, Yong Geun Hong2, Do Hyeun Kim3

A CoT Architecture for Local Cloud and IoT Networks Based on Agent Using IETF CoAP
Songai Xuan1, Kyung Nam Park2, Hee Dong Park3, Do Hyeun Kim4

Design and Implementation of Automation Appliances Control Based on MVC Model Using Distributed MQTT Broker in CoT Networks
Faisal Mehmood1, Shabir Ahmad2, Do Hyeun Kim3

Problem Gambling in the College Male Students: A Structural Equation Modeling Approach
Kyoung-Eun Kim1, Jung-Hyun Choi2

A Preliminary Study for Developing Gambling Preventive Education for College Students
Han-Woo Kim1, Jung-Hyun Choi2

Analysis of Surface Hardening Characteristics of Gas Carburized Chromium Alloy Steel for Automotive Constant Velocity Joint
Chang-Yeol Oh1, Bo-An Kang2, Choon Yoo3, Sang-Jin Yoon4

The Effect of Consultant Competency on Consulting Performance Using Text Mining and Meta-Analysis
Sang-Moon Kim1, Yen-Yoo You2, Chang-Won Lee3, Jung-Wan Hong4

Development and Usability Testing of Online Debate Dashboard based on Learning Analytics Approach
Mina Yoo1, Sung-Hee Jin2, Yujie Han3

Interaction Types of Students in English Speaking Tests: Focused on the Impact of Personality
Mi-jin Joo

Blockchain-Based User Authentication with Anonymity for Internet of Things Applications
Yong Joo Lee1, Keon Myung Lee2, Sang Ho Lee3

Classification Models for Handling Missing Data
Jong Chan Lee

Study on the Content-Based Instruction on English for Specific Purpose
Su-Young Park1, Yu-Ri Choi2, Sun-Ok Jang3, Youn-Soo Shim4

Effect of Customer Readiness on Technology-Based Self-Service Quality and Usage Intention
Seon-Hee Ko1, Jung-Min Park2

The Effect of TBSS Relational Benefit on Relational Commitment and Willingness to Buy Again: Focusing on Customers Using Technology-Based Self Service of Airlines
Seon-Hee Ko

Development of Microlens for Integrated Optical Pickup Using Six Sigma Methodology
Ho-Pyo Hong1, Myung-Bok Lee2

Large-Scale Threat Traffic Analysis and IDS Development using Software
Kyuil Kim1, Chanjin Park2, Wonhyuk Lee3, Seunghae Kim4, Woojin Seok5

A Study on the Web-based International Exchange Project for Global Education
Jee-Hyun Bae1, Kyeong-Ouk Jeong2

A Study on Value Chain Analysis Model based on Inter-Company Transactions Information
Tae-Eung Sung1, Kanghoe Kim2, Young-Su Moon3, Ho-Shin Lee4

A Study on a Fake News Tracking System Based on Block chain Technology
Woo-Rim Cheon1, Sung-Jun Kim2, Jang-Mook Kang3

Building Block Identification from Deep Neural Network Codes for Deep Learning Modeling Support
Ki Sun Park1, Kyoung Soon Hwang2, Keon Myung Lee3

Developed of Chameleon Shape for Kinetic Transforming Shape
You-Suk Kim1, Eun-Seo Song2, Sung-Dae Hong3

Development of an Instructional Model based on Constructivism for Fostering Computational Thinking
Sook-Young Choi

Economic Analysis of Efficient Operation Algorithm of Stand-Alone Microgrid
Seo-Hyun Yeo1, Thi-Tuan-Vi Le2, Jin-Wook Park3, Seong-Mi Park4, Sung-Jun Park5

Energy-Efficient Robust Data Communication in WSNS (Wireless Sensor Networks)
Joong-Ho Lee

A New Positioning Algorithm of UAV in Military Ad Hoc Networks
Sang Woo Jung1, Ki-Il Kim2, Bong Soo Roh3, Jae-Hyun Ham4

Design and Implementation of Multiple ECQV Implicit Certificate Generation Algorithms
Eun-Gi Kim

Numerical Analysis of the Hydro Forming Process Involving an Automobile Rear Subframe by Finite Element Methods
Kee Joo Kim1, Tae-Kook Kim2

Knowledge and Attitude of Sex in Undergraduate Students
Eun Ja Yeun1, Misoon Jeon2

A Comparative Study on Blog Usage Culture of Korean and Chinese Netizen
Seung-Yeob Yu

The Impact Analysis of SCM Adoption in Corporate on Trust, Competence and Performance
Soo-Ho Choi

Analysis of the Relationship Between Korea’s Export to China and Exchange Rate
Jeong-Il Choi

The Effect of VR Advertisement Characteristic Components on the Perceived Usefulness and Easiness, and Advertisement Attitude
Yun-Seul Choi1, Seung-Yeob Yu2

Factors Affecting Satisfaction of Products Implemented by Wearable Devices: Focused on Product Attributes and Customer Attributes
Dong-Sup Youm1, Seung-Yeob Yu2

Causal Model Analysis of the Effect of Facebook Ad Constituents on Advertisement Attitude
Eun Hee Kim1, Seung-Yeob Yu2

Antimicrobial Activity, Cytotoxicity and Bioactive Constituents by GC/MS Analysis of Essential Oils
Myoung Hee Lee1, Hyun-Jin Kim2

Showing Up at Work ill: Relationship with Job Satisfaction and the Moderation Effect of Job Autonomy
Byung-Yoon Chun1, Chiang-Soon Song2

Gender, Presenteeism, and Turnover Intention and the Mediation Effect of Presenteeism in the Workplace
Byung-Yoon Chun1, Ye-Jin Hwang2

The Effect of Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support Simulation Education for Nursing Students
Sun Young Park

A Study of Trends and Consumer Awareness through Cosmetics Branding and Artist Collaboration
Hojin Lee1, Yunjung Heo2

Evaluation of Scattered Dose of Highly Radiosensivity Major Organ During Computed Tomography Examination
Ki-Jeong Kim1, Hong-Ryang Jung2, Cheong-Hwan Lim3, Gyoo-Hyung Kim4, In-Seok Kang5, Hye-Nam Lee6

Changes in the Quality of Life After Women’s Menopause
Myoung-Hee Kim

The Influence on Medication Adherence of the Elderly with Chronic Diseases in Rural Area
Jeong-hee Bae1, Hyun-Ju Jeong2

Investigation of Infection Awareness of Physical Therapy Students
Su-Min Lee1, Myung-Chul Kim2

Subjectivity on Andropause among Middle-aged Men using Q Methodology
Hye-Won Jeon1, Mi-Young Chon2

Subjectivity on Filial Piety among Korean Undergraduate Students: An Application of Methodology
Jeong-Ah Yoon1, Mi-Young Chon2

The Effects of Full Immersion and Semi-Immersion Games on Autonomic Nervous System of Healthy Adult
In-Bae Kim1, Jong-Ho Kang2

The Effects of 250µs Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation on the Hip Joint Range of Motion
Woo-hyuk Choi1, In-Bae Kim2, Jong-Ho Kang3

Analysis of Introversion and Extroversion of HCI Over-Engagement in Korean and Chinese University Students
Jae-Yong Lee1, Hae-Ri Park2, Yuxin Huang3, Hong-Ryang Jung4, Cheong-Hwan Lim5