Volume-8 Issue-4S3, March 2019

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Volume-8 Issue-4S3, March 2019, ISSN: 2278-3075 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering and Sciences Publication

Agriculture Transformation: A Method of Restricting Outmigration from Rural Hilly Region of Uttarakhand, India
Ajay Sharma1, Deepak Kholiya2, Rakesh Chandra Bhadula3, Amit Kumar Mishra4, Neha Garg5

S-TVDS: Smart Traffic Violation Detection System for Indian Traffic Scenario
Aman Kumar1, Shakti Kundu2, Santosh Kumar3, Umesh Kumar Tiwari4, Jasmeet Kal5

Impact of Dataset Size and Performance Analysis of IDS using Random Forest Algorithm in ‘R’ Language
Amit Kumar Mishra1, Rakesh Chandra Bhadula2, Neha Garg3, Deepak Kholiya4, V. N. Kala5

Changing Trends in Indian Education System: Merits and Demerits
Shipra Gupta1, Shipra Agarwal2

Ligand Based Pharmacophore Modeling and Virtual Screening for Novel Antidiabetics Targeting PPAR-gamma
Partha Sarathi Bairy1, Prashant Gahtori2, Abhilasha Mishra3, Veerma Ram4

Assessment of Antimicrobial Property of Naturally Coloured Cotton in Relation to Conventional White Cotton
Jyoti Chhabra1, Madhulika2

Hadoop and Big Data Framework: A Technological Comparison of Various Techniques and Tools
Manika Manwal1, Amit Gupta2, Sonali Gupta3, Shiv Ashish Dhondiyal4

Health Concern Associated To Mustartd Oil
Singh. N1, Kumar. V2, Dhyani. A3, Lall .S4, Nawaz. A5, Nardev Singh6

Impact of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare
Navin Garg1, Amit Gupta2, D Bordoloi3

Cloud Computing Based Intrusion Detection System Challenges and Method
Noor Mohd1, Annapurna Singh2, H.S. Bhadauria3, Ankur Dumka4, Indrajeet Kumar5

Performance of an Air Curtain in Residential Building and Methods to Analyze: A short Review
Atul Singh1, Rajesh P Verma2, Jasmeet Kalra3

Liquid socking Ability of Hybrid Biocomposite Material Having Epoxy Resin Matrix and Reinforcement of Chicken Feather Fiber
Gagan Bansal1, Kartik Kaushik2, Pankaj Negi3, James Kunjwal4

Thermal Analysis of Cooling Fin for Electronics Circuit
Rajesh Pant1, Jasmeet Kalra2, Pankaj Negi3, Rajesh P Verma4

CFD Simulation for Analyzing Velocity and Pressure Drop In Primary Duct of Air Preheater
Jasmeet Kalra1, Rajesh Pant2, Pankaj Negi3, Vijay Kumar4

Analytical Study on the Effects of Electromagnetic Waves on Human Beings
Vijay Kumar1, Mohd. Shah2, Jasmeet Kalra3, Bhaskar Pant4

Unraveling India: Setting up the Premises for a Healthy Economy
Shipra Agarwal1, Romil Negi2, Shipra Gupta3

CNN Based Framework for Sentiment Analysis of Tweets
Vikas Tripathi1, Bhasker Pant2, Vijay Kumar3

Corrosion Examination in Peroxide Solutions under Acidic pH
V. Choudhary1, Jasmeet Kalra2, Awanish Sharma3, R. Aggarwal4

What Leads to a Successful Public-Private Partnership: Identifying Critical Success Factors
Mohit Kumar Ojha1, Priti Sharma2, Rupa Khanna Malhotra3, Oshin Parasar4