Volume-8 Issue-4S2, March 2019

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Volume-8 Issue-4S2, March 2019, ISSN: 2278-3075 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering and Sciences Publication

Analysis of Hospitalized Pathways Using Locally Weighted Learning
Yong Gyu Jung1, Jae Hong Lee2, Young Jin Choi3

Back-Stepping Controller Design for Stable Solenoid Valve System
Yongho Jeon1, Shinwon Lee2

Pi Controller Design for Stable Solenoid Valve System Using the Scheduling of Control Gain
Yongho Jeon1, Shinwon Lee2

Modeling and Performance Analysis of Zbr and Dbr in Mobile Cellular Network
Jong Hun Park1, Jihee Jung2, Hee-Seon Jang3, Jang Hyun Baek4

Enhancement of Robustness and Precision of Indoor Positioning by Fusing Wifi Fingerprinting and Pdr Techniques
Muhammad Shahid Jabbar1, Ghulam Hussain2, Jundong Cho3, Sangmin Bae4

Development of Advanced Information System to Strengthen the Immunity System of Pneumonia Patients
Seong-Ran Lee

An Analysis on the Effect of Medical Information Application to Prevent Visual Degeneration through Overuse
Seong-Ran Lee

A Shop Survey and Advertising System Based on Iot
Sung-Bae Kim1, Ki-Young Lee2, Jeong-Jin Kang3, Yong-Soon Im4, Sung-Jai Choi5, Yeon-Man Jeong6

Smart Automatic Vertical Blind Based on Iot
Ki-Young Lee1, Jeong-Jin Kang2, Sung-Jai Choi3, Gyoo-Seok Choi4, Han-Chun Song5, Eun-Young Kang6

Waiting Signal Confirmation System Using Smart Sensors
Kyu-Ho Kim1, Ki-Young Lee2, Jeong-Jin Kang3, Myeong-Bok Choi4, Kyeong-Su Jang5, Yun-Sik Lim6

Power Management System of Smart Multi-Tab Based on Iot
Ki-Young Lee1, Sung-BaeKim2, Jeong-Jin Kang3, Myeong-Bok Choi4, Gyoo-Seok Choi5, Sung-Ho Hwang6

Policy Research on Science and Technology of North Korea in the Kim Jong-Un Era Based On BiG Data
Jeong Jeonghyun Lee1, Jangmook Kang2, Sangwon Lee3

The Comparison of Performance According to Initialization Methods of Deep Neural Network for Malware Dataset
Young-Man Kwon1, Yong-woo Kwon2, Dong-Keun Chung3, Myung-Jae Lim4

Life Expectancy and Mortality by Race Using Random Subspace Method
Yong Gyu Jung1, Dong Kyu Nam2, Hee Wan Kim3

Simulation for Blockage Sensitivity Evaluation of Millimeter Wave Cellular in Urban Scenarios
Thanh Ngoc Nguyen1, Taehyun Jeon2

The Correlation between OSS Project and Organizational Performance
Jong-Bae Kim1, Hyungwoo Park2

Classification of the Loading Type of Trucks using Convolutional Neural Network
Dong Gyu Lee

Biodiesel Production from Wild Mustard (Brassica Juncea L.) Seed Oil through Co-Solvent Method at Room Temperature
Neam M.T. Al-Layla1, Duaa H. Altamer2, Saba H. Sedeeq3

3,7-Dinitro-1,3,5,7- Tetraazabicyclo [3,3,1] Nonane (DPT): An Important Intermediate in the Synthesis Route of one of the Most Powerful Energetic Materials (RDX/HMX)
Hany A. Elazab1, M. M. Seleet2, Said M. A. Hassanein3, M. A. Radwan4, M. A. Sadek5

Human Emotion Detection and Stress Analysis using EEG Signal
Prashant Lahane1, Mythili Thirugnanam2

Novel Routing Protocol for Secure Data Transmission in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks
Arage Chetan S1, Satyanarayana K V V2

High Data Availability with Effective Data Integrity and User Revocation Using Abe Scheme for Cloud Storage
Prashant mininath mane1, C. M. Sheela rani2

Life Cycle Environmental Assessment of an Office and Residential Building in Northern India
Amir Ishaq1, Rizwan A Khan2, Syed Meezab3

Calculation of the Finishing Worth in the Dubai Economic Advertise: A Data Mining Policy
Mangannaagari Swarnalatha1, Venkateswara Rao.K2

Face Recognition Based Attendance System For CMR College of Engineering and Technology
Kalachugari Rohini1, Sivaskandha Sanagala2, Ravella Venkata Rathnam3, Ch.Rajakishore Babu4

Spatial Correlation Based Contrast Enhancement for Retinal Images
M. Nagraju Naik1, Venkata Subba Reddy K2

Identifying Symmetric and Transitive Binary Relations
Khalid Al-Barrak1, Mohammed Alawairdhi2, Kailash Kumar3

A Strategy for Near-Deduplication Web Documents Considering Both Domain &Size of the Document
MD Zaheer1, V. A. Narayana2, Gaddameedhi Sreevani3

Design and Comparison of Different 4:2 Compressors Based on 180nm Technology
Sri Laxmi P1, B. Kumar Sanjiv2, Vandana Khare3

Design and Analysis of a Tweet Alert System for Identifying Real Time Traffic Using K-Means Clustering Algorith
D D D Suribabu1, T Hitendra Sarma2, B Eswar Reddy3

Hybrid Parallelization of Protein-Ligand Docking using Fast Fourier Transformations and Rigid Body conformation
Abhishek K1, S. Balaji2

Zigbee based Railway Gate Controlling
B. Kumar Sanjiv1, Srilaxmi. P2, Pandu Ranga.V3

Sensor Based Garbage Disposal System
Abdul Subhani Shaik1, S. Usha2

Induction of Decision Trees based on Gray Wolf Optimizer for heart Disease Classification
Pravin S. Game1, Vinod Vaze2, Emmanuel M3

Discovery of Parkinson’s syndrome with hand tremor analysis using density based improved K- Medoids algorithm
Raghuvira Pratap A1, Babu Sallagundla2, Kranthi Kumar Guttikonda3, Prasad J V D4

Robust Bit Error Rate Optimization for MASSIVE MIMOCEM System using Channel Coding Method
G. Jagga Rao1, Y. Chalapathi Rao2

An Effective audio Watermarking Approach with high data Embedding
Hardeep Singh Saini1, Dinesh Arora2, Manisha Verma3

Performance Analysis of MMSE Combining in Multi-carrier Spread Spectrum Systems over NLOS Channel
L. L. Prasanna Kumar1, K. E. Srinivasa Murthy2, M. N. Giri Prasad3

Adaptive Compressive Sensing of Images Using VSBCD Algorithm and Improvement
M Madhavi1, J Swetha Priyanka2

An Integrated Boost Parallel Flyback Converter for Multi Load Applications
Medi Pallavi1, S.L.V Sravan Kumar2, N Ravishankar Reddy3

Design and Implementation of Traffic Density Controller using Wireless Communications
S Monika1, T Anuradha2, S V S Prasad3

Modified Multicast Routing Algorithm for Network-on-Chip
K.Shoukath Ali1, P.Samapth2, S.Elango3, Sajan P Philip4

RSU Message Updating and Broadcasting Using TLB Algorithms with Secure Navigation in VANET

Realization of Butterworth Low Pass Filter Design in Microstrip
Salai Thillai Thilagam.J1, M.Vittal2, T.Sarath Babu3, B.Siva Reddy4, K.Raju5

Varible Blocksize Motion Estimation for H.264
Shafee Vunnisa Sayyad1, V.S.K. Reddy2

A Novel Technique for Buffer Based Advanced Video Coding
Shafee Vunnisa Sayyad1, V.S.K. Reddy2

Accident Detection and Alert System
T Kalyani1, S Monika2, B Naresh3, Mahendra Vucha4

Wavelet Domain Extraction of Features from single channel Sleep EEG
Vijayakumar Gurrala1, Padmasai Yarlagadda2, Padmaraju Koppireddi3

Multi Attribute Test Pattern Optimization for Test Power Minimization in Digital Circuits
Y.Sreenivasula Goud1, B.K.Madhavi2

Raspberry PI Based Water Quality Monitoring and Flood Alerting System Using Iot
Samreen Jahan1, E.Amareshwar2, S.V.S Prasad3, Arulananth T S4

Vlsi Design of an Area and Time Efficient Design of Overloaded Cdma Architecture Using Han Carlson Adder
Arulananth T S1, Praveen Sagar2, Anusha B3

Seismic Retrofitting of Reinforced Concrete Beams with Baslt Fibre Mat
S. Durga devi1, G.S.Thirugnanam2, T Aarthi3

Design and Implementation of Smart Floor Cleaning Robot using Android App
S Monika1, K Aruna Manjusha2, S V S Prasad3, B.Naresh4

Design of a Solar Tracking System for Renewable Energy on Arm
K. Nishanth Rao1, C. Srikanth2, S.V.S. Prasad3, Arulananth T S4

Fire Alarm Robot and Authentication System Using Raspberry Pi and Cloud
Katravath Ravi1, M.Raju naik2, S.V.S Prasad3, Arulananth T S4

Strained Si/SiGe/Si Nano-Channel HOI MOSFET
Lalthanpuii Khiangte1, Rudra Sankar Dhar2

Design of Smart GSM and GPS Based Rescue System for International Maritime Boarder Crossing of Indian Fisherman Using AVR Microcontroller
VSR Subrahmanyam1, P.B.Natraj2, SVS Prasad3, Arulananth T S4, Nehru5

Climate Change and Impact on Water Resources: A Perspective To Review The Environment: Applicable To Udyavara River Basin Westcoast of India
Balakrishna Srinivas Maddodi1, H N Udayashankar2

RFD based on Resource Scheduling Technique in cloud Computing
Nihar Ranjan Nayak1, S. Bhubaneswari2

Modelling, Analysis and Fabrication of Bush Bearing on Plummer Block by Using Carbon Epoxy Material
A Sarath Kumar1, B. Hari Prasad2

Synthesis of Optimized Patterns from Thinned Arrays
G.S.K.Gayatri Devi

A Study and Enhancement on Storage and Energy Efficient Using Cloud Computing
G.Charles Babu1, Y.Rokesh Kumar2, Balasani Venkata Ramudu3

An Improved Method Using STFT for Separation of Speech Signals
C.Anna Palagan1, K.Parimala Geetha2, T.Leena3

Utilization of Solid Waste to Produce Eco-Friendly Bricks
B.Dhanalaxmi1, K.N Sujatha2, E.Rakesh Reddy3

Automated Seed Sowing Machine Using Atmega2560
B. Annapurna1, B. Anusha2, S.V.S Prasad3, B. Somanaidu4

Infra Red Sensor and Voice Recognition Sensors Based Vehicle Speed Control Using Embedded Controller
Pallavi Goud N1, Arulananth T S2, Bharathi C R3, Neheru K4

Diffusion-Thermo and Thermal-Diffusion Effect on Flat Surface in Presence of Magnetohydrodynamic
P. Geetha1, M. Dhavamani2

FPGA Implementation of Discrete Phase Locked Loop with No Dead Zone
Bharanidharan N1, D. Preethi2, Baranidharan V3

Embedded Video Processing on Raspberry Pi
T Anuradha1, S Monika2, S V S Prasad3

A Novel Scheme for Movie Recommendation System using User Similarity and Opinion Mining
Nagamanjula R1, A.Pethalakshmi2

Failure Analysis of a Steam Pipe Used in Rotary Kiln Under High Temperature Conditional Circumstances
Vijayan.S.N1, T.Gunasekaran2, SenthilKumar.K.R3

Experimental Analysis of Heat Transfer Characteristics in a Square Duct with Perforated Internal Fins
Saravana Sathiya Prabhahar R1, Arjun Kumar M2, Gowsik Kumaran P3, Arumugesh K S4

EDGE Oriented Image Denoising Through an Adaptive Thresholding in the Complex Wavelet Domain
B.Chinna Rao1, M.Madhavilatha2

IOT Based Smart Energy Meter Billing Monitoring and Controlling the Loads
A.Subba Rao1, Sri Vidya Garige2

Optimal Feature Selection by Distribution Diversity for Sentiment Analysis
A.V.R.Mayuri1, K.Asha Rani2

Control Aspects of Cooperative Adaptive Cruise Control in the Perspective of the Cyber-Physical System
Ankur Jain1, B.K. Roy2

Effects of Communication on the Performance of Cooperative Adaptive Cruise Control
Ankur Jain1, B.K. Roy2

Comparative Performance Of 3φ Vsi Fed Variable Speed Drive By Selective Pwm Techniques
S. Manivannan1, N. Saravanakumar2

Theoretical Analysis of CMOS circuits in 90 nm Technology
D. Lakshmaiah1, S. Pothalaiah2, M. Praveen Kumar3, G. Krishna Kishore4

Performance Comparison for Ripple Carry Adder Using Various Logic Design
G. Sasi1, G. Athisha2, S. Surya prakash3

A Cloud-Based Event Processing Technique for Measuring Metrological Parameters of Rain Streams using Saa Sand Analytics
Kapa Hemalatha1, S.Sailaja2, K.Krishna Reddy3

Severity Analysis of Mitral Regurgitation Using Multi-Objective Firefly Optimization Method
P. Abdul Khayum1, R. Sudheer Babu2

SEPIC Rectifier with Voltage Doubler Characteristics Based Wind Energy System for High Power Battery Storage Applications
Elangovan S1, Kamatchi Kannan V2, Senthil Raja K3, Bhuvaneswari S4

Detection of Malicious URLs using Machine Learning Techniques
Immadisetti Naga Venkata Durga Naveen1, Manamohana K2, Rohit Verma3

A Novel Method for Dental Radiographs Contrast Enhancement for Efficient Diagnosis of Dental Diseases
A. Ramana Kumari1, S. Nagaraja Rao2, P. Ramana Reddy3

Performance of Space Vector PWM based Induction Motor Drive using dspace
Syed Munvar Ali1, V.Vijaya kumar Reddy2, M.Surya Kalavathi3

Analysis of the IOT Sensors and Networks with Big Data and Sharing the Data through Cloud Platform
Subrata Chowdhury1, Ramya Govindaraj2, Sharma Shumbhu Nath3, Kingsleen Solomon4

Hybrid CPU-GPU Co-Processing Scheme for Simulating Spiking Neural Networks
Sreenivasa.N1, S. Balaji2

Different Types of Techniques Employed in Performance Appraisals
S. TephillahVasantham

Design and Optimization of Compact Inverted F Antenna for 2.5GHZ Applications
Ramya P1, Valarmathi R S2, Sritha P3

Stress-Strain in Multi-Layer Reinforced Concrete Doubly Curved Shell Roof
Lam Thanh Quang Khai1, Do Thi My Dung2

A Relevance Technical Approach for Screening the Significance of IDS in Cloud Forensics
Shaik Khaja Mohiddin1, Yalavarthi Suresh Babu2

RAMS Architecture based on Cloud Service
Hanyong Choi1, Sungho Sim2

A Study on a Design of V2N Beacon Service on Road Traffic Accidents Prevention
Minyoung Kim1, Jongwook Jang2

Successful Operation Model Design of Electronic Commerce in China based on Big Data
Jangmook Kang1, He Sun2, Sangwon Lee3

Big Data Platform Development for Environmental Monitoring in Plant Factory
Daehee Park1, Wei Liu2, Sangwon Lee3

Model Development of Customized Marketing Strategy based on Credit Card Data and Social Big Data
Myungki Nam1, Jangmook Kang2, Sangwon Lee3

A TCB algorithms for wear leveling method in FTL-based NAND flash memory

A Study on the Comparative Analysis of Bitcoin Miner
Jong-Bae Kim1, Hyungwoo Park2

Development of the Mobile application of drawing editor based on android
Jung-Sook Kim1, Junho Jung2

Development of Reversible Video Watermarking Algorithm based on Hybrid DWT-SVD
Neha Patil1, V. R. Udupi2

Optimized Throughput and Minimized Energy Consumption Through Clustering Techniques for Cognitive Radio Network
Anant R. More1, M.S.G. Prasad2, Wankhede Vishal A3

A Robust Scheme for Impervious Authentication
T. Srinivasa Ravi Kiran1, A.Srisaila2, A. Lakshmanrao3

Effect of Tool Overhang Length on Turning Operation Using Finite Element Model
B.Tulasiramarao1, P. Ramreddy2, K. Srinivas3, A.Raveendra4

Identification of Most Influencing Blast Design Parameters On Mean Fragmentation Size And Muckpile By Principal Component Analysis
N. Sri Chandrahasa1, B.S.Choudhary2, M.S.Venkataramayya3

Nutritional analysis of Sugarcane – Papaya wine
Pallavi S. Patil1, Umesh B. Deshannavar2, Sneha S.Kagale3, Apurva P.Karve4

An Efficient un-realization algorithm for privacy preserving decision tree learning using McDiarmid’s bound
T. Satyanarayana Murthy1, N.P.Gopalan2, D.Yakobu3

Design and implementation of low power 5 stage Pipelined 32 bits MIPS Processor using 28nm Technology
V.Prasanth1, V.Sailaja2, P.Sunitha3, B.Vasantha Lakshmi4

Analysis of Flow Oscillations in an Open Cavity by a Passive Control Method
Yogesh Madaria1, Rajender Angidi2