Volume-8 Issue-6S2, April 2019

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Volume-8 Issue-6S2, April 2019, ISSN: 2278-3075 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering & Sciences Publication

Performance Evaluation of Parallel AES Algorithm Implementing GPU
Suman Goyat1, Shri Kant2

Study on Impact of Chassis on the Performance of an Automobile with NEDC Simulation
G. Shivaguru Prakash1, Srinivaas Ashok Kumar2

Comparison of User-based Collaborative Filtering model for Music Recommendation System with various proximity measures
M. Sunitha1, T. Adilakshmi2

SLM-Hadamard Technique in OFDM
Mounika Neelam1, Venkata Ramanaiah G2, Yeswanth Dharma Teja3

Maitland Vs Kaltenborn Approach in Improving Pain and External Rotation in Adhesive Capsulitis
Kalipravina Sunderamuthy1, Susmitha Govind2, Yu Che Wah3, Kshtrashal Singh4

Insight of Public Opinion Regarding Political Perception in India Using Sentiment Analysis on Twitter
Sayali Jori1, Shraddha Phansalkar2

Speech Emotion Recognition Using CapsNet
Sukanya K S1, Leya Elizabeth Sunny2

Machine Learning Perspectives for Dental Imaging
Vivek K Verma1, Tarun Jain2, Horesh Kumar3

Radiative MHD Flow past a Vertical Melting Front with Variable Temperature
D. Rajani1, J. Siva Ram Prasad2, K. Hemalatha3

Access Policy Based On Time and Attribute Factors In Public Cloud
Amrutha N1, Eldo P Elias2

Environmental Laws and Sustainability Development
M.V. Suresh Kumar1, CH. Lakshmana Rao2

MLMGAD Configuration to Expand Load Management for Cloud
Akhilesh Kumar Bhardwaj1, Rajiv Mahajan2, Surender Kumar3

Analysis of Different IOT Based Healthcare Monitoring Systems
Mohammad Dawood Babakerkhell1, Nitin Pandey2

Research on Determinants of Property Purchases
V. Mydhili1, Sundari Dadhabai2

New Trends in High-Performance Architecture: Shifting To Bio-Inspired Innovative Green Technologies In Future Architecture
Shirin Sotodeh1, Mohammadjavad Mahdavinejad2, Parisa Baharloo3

Viewpoint from a Protection against Erosion Project in Vietnam Coast
Quang Hung Nguyen1, Hoang Hung Vu2

A Study on Behavior and Preferences of Individual Investors towards Investments with Special Reference to Delhi NCR
Bharti Wadhwa1, Aakanksha Uppal2, Anubha Vashisht3, Davinder Kaur4

Environmental Sustainable Development Reporting
M.V. Suresh Kumar1, CH. Lakshmana Rao2

Automatic Fruits Identification and Disease Analysis using Machine Learning Techniques
Santi Kumari Behera1, Amiya Kumar Rath2, Prabira Kumar Sethyh3

Detection & Identification of Rice Leaf Diseases using Multiclass SVM and Particle Swarm Optimization Technique
Prabira Kumar Sethy1, Nalini Kanta Barpanda2, Amiya Kumar Rath3

Characterization and Utilization of Biochar Derived from Pyrolysis and Co-pyrolysis of MSS and Waste Biomass as an Adsorbent
Dharmesh Kapatel1, Meet Chavda2, Yash Kothari3, Harsh Modi4, Aasit Movalia5

Desalination of Water Using Double Slope Double Basin Solar Still Coupled With Evacuated Tubes
Anand C S1, Jithin Suresh2, P C Sreekumar3

Bankruptcy Prediction Models: An Empirical Comparison
Arpita Agarwal1, Ity Patni2

Textural Features and Feature Selection in KAN-NADA Character Recognition
B N Ajay1, C Naveena2

Role of Spiritual Intelligence in Leadership Roles with Special Reference to Educational Institutions
Shraddha Wilfred1, Richa Arora2, Surbhi Jain3

Analysis of Challenges Facing Human Resources Management in Current Scenario
S. Ramachandran1, Deepa Sharma2

Problems Faced by Small Business Entrepreneurs in Obtaining Credit Facilities from Commercial Banks- With Specific Reference to Mudra Loan
Reshma Raj1, ShilpaH.S2, K.G Rajani3

Risk Assessment of Diabetic Retinopathy using Data Mining Techniques
Manoj Vairalkar1, Vijaya Kamble2, Kalpana Malpe3

Modified K-Means and Symbolic Representation in Kannada Character Recognition
B N Ajay1, C Naveena2

Performance Analysis and Evaluation of Clustering Algorithms
Sanskruti Patel1, Atul Patel2

Resource Optimization Using Cloud Scheduling
Naresh T1, A Jaya Lakshmi2, Vuyyuru Krishna Reddy3