Volume-8 Issue-7C2, May 2019

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Volume-8 Issue-7C2, May 2019, ISSN: 2278-3075 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering & Sciences Publication

A Comparison of Pleistocene Gastropod Distribution in Both Open Shore and Lagoon at Ash Shaibah South Jeddah, Western Saudi Arabia
Abdu M. Almassari1, Mohammed Gameil2

Self-Actualization of Aggie, Calvin and Roger In Blood Drive Story, Grisham’s Ford County
Dhina Melinda1, Emzir2, Sabarti Akhadiah3

Efficient Domain Name Resolution using SDN Architecture
Aswathy A1, Arjun D Shenoy2, Leena Vishnu Namboothiri3

Blackholing VS. Sinkholing: a Comparative Analysis
Anjali B Kaimal1, Aravind Unnikrishnan2, Leena Vishnu Namboothiri3

Scalable NOC Architecture for BMI Applications using Field Programmable Gate Array
P. Arun Prasath1, M V Pavan Kumar2, R. Sarathy3, Pinjala Sai Kiran4, G. Priya5

Analysis of Participants Satisfaction on the Service Quality of BPJS Ketenagakerjaan Surabaya Karimunjawa using Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) and Importance Performance Analysis (IPA) Method
Anita Ardhiana

A Rice Leaf Color Chart using Low-Cost Visible Spectro Sensor
Tran Khac Duy1, Tran Thi Ngoc Huyen2, Nguyen Minh Trang3, Luong Vinh Quoc Danh4, Anh Dinh5

A Simple Dissolved Oxygen Sensor using Low-Cost Visible Spectro Sensor
Tran Thi Ngoc Huyen1, Tran Khac Duy2, Nguyen Minh Trang3, Luong Vinh Quoc Danh4, Anh Dinh5

An Investigation Into the Use of a Low-Cost NIR Integrated Circuit Spectrometer to Measure Chlorophyll Content Index
Nguyen Minh Trang1, Tran Khac Duy2, Tran Thi Ngoc Huyen3, Luong Vinh Quoc Danh4, Anh Dinh5

Selecting Board Directors using Machine Learning
Ravi Ranjan1, D. Priyanka Sruti2, S. Delfin3, Aditya Kesharwani4

Modelling and Forecasting Third Party Fund Growth using ARIMA
Didik Eko Hari Santoso

Effect of Work Experience and Work Achievement to Position Promotion for Young Employees in Bukopin Sharia Bank, Sidoarjo Branch
Ellis Ferdyna

Effect of Orthokeratology Lenses on Restoring Visual Acuity
Fen-Fen Huang1, Zong-Bao Chen2, Jian-Chen Su3, Yue-Jin Wang4

Variable Modulation Index PWM Inverter using AGC fed Induction Motor based WSN
Ibraheem M. Khalil1, Hazem Noori Abdulrazzak2, Hanaa Hameed Merzah3

Securing Mint Route Protocol in Wireless Sensor Networks
Lakshmi S. Gopal1, Arjun S.2, Remya Nair T.3

Investigation in to the Factors Influencing the Savings and Investment Behavior on the Success of Small Scale Cinnamon Planters in Sri Lanka
Jayasinghe S.J.A.N.S1, Liyanage M.S.H2, Wijesundara L.A.N.H3, R.D.P.V Ranasinghe4, Weligodapola H.W.M.C5

Origins of Recharge of the Grombalia Groundwater
Rym Mhamdi1, Mohamed Mechergui2

A Study on the Continuing Usage of IoT-based Healthcare Wearable Device
Min Jung Kang

An Instructional Model of ASEAN Cross Cultural Learning of CLMV Students in Mahachulalongkornrajavidyalaya University
Phra Rajvaramethi Inkrungkao1, Lampong Klomkul2

Military Spying Robot
Sarmad Hameed1, Muhammad Hamza Khan2, Naqi Jafri3, Adeel Azfar Khan4, Muhammad Bilal Taak5

What are we doing this for? Engaging in Pedagogy Through the use of Exit Slips
Nicholas Zarb

Japanese Gay Pornography: Space of “Queer” in Struggle with Japanese Masculinity Power
Piyapong Ingthaisong1, Somsuk Hinviman2

Business Strategy Based on Quantitative Strategic Planning Matrix on Golf Courses in Surabaya
Rathon Gendroyono

Hammering Test Evaluation of Dynamic Elastic Modulus and Void Ratio of Pervious Concrete
E Ridengaoqier1, Shigemitsu Hatanaka2

The Effect of using Social Media to Enterpreneurial Interest in Airlangga University Students : Case in Management Students at Faculty of Economic and Business.
Yusril Rosyid Kurniawan

Test Automation Framework as a Service (TAFaaS) – Scale Test Automation & DevOps Practices with Cloud, Containers, and Microservice.
Sandeep Sivanandan

“Teen Mom” Discourses in Thai Society Through Fiction Media and Celebrities’ Real Lives
Suparada Prapawong1, Somsuk Hinviman2

The Reason why we can’t use Cassava leaf for Commercial Purpose in Thailand.
Supattra Buasaengchan1, Somchai Pengprecha2, Pakpachong Vadhanasin3, Kriengkri Kaewtrakulpong4

New Technology of Destruction of Waste of the 1st and 2nd Class of Danger
Vladimir A. Grachev

The Impact of Remuneration, Work Mutation and Career Development Towards Employee Performance in Kpp Pratama Sidoarjo Selatan
Wiwien Widyastutie

Offshore Steel Fish Farming Facility Integrated with Multi Vertical-axis Wind Turbines: A Conceptual Design and Hydrodynamic Analysis
Xiang Yuan Zheng1, Hua Dong Zheng2, Yu Lei3, David Kennedy4

The Influence of Human Aspect of Accommodation and Destination on Tourist Satisfaction
Pantas H. Silaban1, Arsen Pasaribu2, Andri D. K. SIlalahi3

Revisit to Policy Formulation for Climate-Smart Agriculture in India
Bibhu Kaibalya Manik

Relationships Between Human Attributes and Sources of Information for Seeking Halal Food Information: A Pilot Study in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Firas Saleh Omari1, Norhidayah Azman2, Roesnita Ismail3

Effect of E-Service Quality on Repurchase Intention: Testing the Role of E-Satisfaction as Mediator Variable
Veronika Trivia Lestari1, Jeanne Ellyawati2

A Web-based Application for Residential and Non-Residential Centers and Institutions of DSWD (Department of Social Welfare and Development) Region III Records Management and Incident Reporting
Rene D. Laguna

Local Government Institutions and Environment Management in South Asia: A Case Study of India and Bhutan
VC Shushant Parashar1, Shalini Saxena2, Meenakshi3

Are Data Collection Tools for TPACK Suitable?
Serkan Dincer

Improving the Restructuring of Distressed Assets Through Securitization on Emerging Markets
Olga Em

Internet of Things can be used to Automate Human Life
Surbhi Saroha

An Efficient & Learning Approach of POS Tagging using Rule-Based for Devanagari Script
Madhuri Sharma1, Medhavi Malik2, Neha Gupta3

A Study of Cyber Security using Machine Learning Techniques
R. Devakunchari1, Sourabh2, Prakhar Malik3

Study of Depression Analysis using Machine Learning Techniques
Devakunchari Ramalingam1, Vaibhav Sharma2, Priyanka Zar3

A SRGM using Time Dependent Delay Effect in Fault Detection and Removal Phenomenon
P. Agarwal1, S. Rani2, S. Bansal3

Analysis of Feature Extraction Techniques for Speech Recognition System
Rajeev Ranjan1, Abhishek Thakur2

Life and Personality of Queen Esther and Rani Lakshmibai: A Comparative study
Crispine Shiny1, D. David Wilson2

Towards a Digital Policing in Developing Nations: The Nigerian Context
Idris Ismaila1, Victor Y. Legbo2, Adeyemi R. Ikuesan3, Shaka A. Imavah4, Abdullahi B. Mohammad5, Fatimah J. Abduldayan6, Meshach Baba7

Interpretation of Emotions Through Colors and Patterns used in “Red Room I” by Vasiliy Ryabchenko
Steffy Antony

Negotiating Aspects of Culture, Communication and Identity in Indian Literary Texts: An Analytical Study
M.Vijayakumar1, Anu Baisel2, Ezhil Kumar3, W.Christopher Rajasekaran4

Need for Computerized Automated Machine (CAM) for finding THR issues in Patients
Sandhya Tatekalva1, M.Usha Rani2

Incorporating ‘The Triple E Framework-Learning First, Technology Second’ and Cooperative Learning’ in Low Tech English Classrooms
Pushpa Nagini Sripada1, Mani Ramana Cherukuri2

Enhancement of Estidama Pearl Rating of a Retail store and Energy Centre using Sustainable Solutions
Sneha Sanjay1, Biju Koottala2, Amjad Alokeh3, J. Brema4

Interpersonal Communication Adroitness in the Work Milieu
Nancy Prasanna Joseph

Demola International Project As An Instrument of Students Involvement in Science – Business Integration
Daria Y. Mironova1, V. Vijaya kumar2, Rajkumar Murugesan3

Assessment of Water Quality and Parameters Leading to Eutrophication in an Urban Water Body
R.V.Dhivya Shree1, J.Brema2

Embedding Technology in Curriculum Design and Development
K.T.Tamilmani1, R. Nagalakshmi2

Exploring the Marginalized through Anthropocentrism: A Case Study of R. K. Narayan’s A Tiger for Malgudi
Y.C. Savariah Xavier1, I.Ajit2

Factors Influencing the Acquisition of Writing Skills
M.Dhanya1, C.Alamelu2

Silence is not golden!
G.J Hamlin

Model for Crowd Distribution in Public Transport Buses
Ved Prakash Mishra1, Amna Rafi Chaudhry2, Kajal Shah Surname3

Indian Heritage Tourism – A Netnographic Approach
Swetha N1, Harsha V Murthy2

Customer Perception on Technology Intergration in the CRM Strategy of Big Bazaar, Chennai
D. Anitha Kumari1, P. Suganya Devi2, Ashok Kumar Katta3

Challenges in Innovative Rural Retail Marketing
Sukhavasi Santha kumara1, B. Balanagalakshmi2

Gender Inclusivity in Global Corporate Boardrooms – is India the Tortoise in the Race
Bharathi Ravi11, S. K. Sudharsanam2

Physical Health and Well being of College Students: Impact of Environmental Stress
S. Suganya1, V. Andal2

Brand Connecting With People in the Aspect of Emotional Advertising Towards Societal Benefits and Awareness
R. Punniyamoorthy1, R. Arulmoli2

A Study on Customers Opinion Towards Brand Positioning and Competitiveness of ICICI Lombard General Insurance in Comparison with Other Brands
Easwaramoorthy Rangaswamy1, T. S. Uma Rani2, Chandrasekharan C S3

Influence of Executives’ Age on their Organizational Identification: An Empirical Investigation among the Executives of a Large Scale Public Sector Aircraft Manufacturing Organization across India
Geevarghese1, Blessie. P.2

Employability Skill Gap Analysis Among the Engineering Students and Industry Expectation in Chennai with Structural Equation Model
J. Kavitha1, N.Sumathi2

Impact of Human Capital Management on Organizational Performance- A Study with Reference to Private Sector Banks
S. Rafiya Banu1, M. Chandran2

A Random Walk Model for Sectoral Indices in Indian Context- A Study with Special Reference to Bombay Stock Exchange Indices
R. Rajesh Ramkumar1, P.S. Joan Kingsly2

Role of Private Colleges in India in Promoting Collaborative Leadership for Inclusive Development
Rose Kavitha

Consumer Expectation in the Performance of Premium Motorcycles with Reference to Chennai City.
V.Saillaja1, Amuthan2

A Study on Quality of Work Life Among Seafarers—Scopus Journal.
Saravanan.M1, S. Poongavanam2

Glitches and Perceptions of Second Language English Testing at Tertiary Level: A Qualitative Study
Soundarya K R1, S V Karthiga2

Personality as a Determinant of Employee Engagement in Indian it Industry
N.Sumathi1, S.Venkatesan2

Economic Problems of Women Entrepreneurs in Chennai Sub Urbans
Telu Suvarna1, Chithirairajan2, Thangamayan3, E. Rajarethinam4

“Study the Impact of Pricing Factor in Smart Phone Switching Behaviour”

Technology Acceptance of Artificial Intelligence in Banking and its Impact on Banking Efficiency
S.Venkatesan1, N.Sumathi2

Observations on Anonymization Based Privacy Preserving Data Publishing
Nirzari Patel1, Mehul P Barot2

Determination of Lateral Load on Steel Plate Shear Wall by Indian Standard Code
Sudarshan R. Vhatkar1, Pradip D. Jadhao2

An Overview of Text Detection in Natural Scene Images
A.Vishnuvardhan1, M.N.Sriharsha2

Critical Success Factors for Lean Implementation within SME’s in South India
M.K.M Farooqui1, D.V.Seshagirirao2, M.L.Vinitha3

Phase Changing Materials in Thermal Energy Storage Systems: A Review
Namrata Bordoloi1, K. M. Pandey2, K. K. Sharma3

Review of Computational Work in Pulse Detonation Engines
Ankit Chourasia1, Kumari Ambe Verma2, K. M. Pandey3

Comparative analysis between Ancient and present non-distractive testing methods in the fields of Mechanical and civil Engineering
B. Koteswararao

A Survey on Fault Detection Enabled Optimal Load Balancing Technique by Efficient Utilization of VM in Cloud Computing
C. Priya1, M.vKannan2

Gandaberunda: Aesthetic Representation of the Mythical Bird
Gomathi Gowda

An Analysis of Light Weight Block Ciphers in Wireless Body Area Networks
Radhika Rani Chintala1, Sadineni Srujana2, Nalluri Ajith Kumar3

KINHAL: The Exquisite Craft of Karnataka
Gomathi Gowda1, Ramadevi Vallapi2, G. Lenin Babu3

Overview on Cache Transition Techniques for Semantic Graph Parsing for optimizing Search Process using Text Mining
Sajini G1, Jagadish S Kallimani2

Survey on Routing Algorithms for Fault Tolerant in Network on Chip
Devendra Rapelli1, J. L .Mazher Iqbal2

Extractive Review Summarization Framework for Extracted Features
Palak Bansal1, Somya2, Nazar Kamaal3, Shreya Govil4, Tameem Ahmad5

Physiological indices and biosignal processing for predicting cardiovascular health
Hemant Kasturiwale1, Sujata N. Kale2

A Study on Under Water Image Enhancement using Color Balance and Fusion
R. Sujatha1, C. Selvarathi2

The Effect of Perceived Value on Customer Engagement with the Moderating Role of Brand Image: A Study Case in Vietnamese Restaurants
Hai Quynh Ngo1, Thanh Hoai Nguyen2, Gi-Du Kang3

Structural Health Assessment of Bridge
Yash Singh1, A.K. Gupta2, Kongan Aryan3

A Review on Stone Columns used for Ground Improvement of Soft Soil
Istuti Singh1, Anil Kumar Sahu2

Climate Change Challenges in South Asia: A Case of Bhutan
VC Shushant Parashar1, Shalini Saxena2

Important Factors that Affect Vietnamese Consumers’ Green Purchasing Behavior
Gia-Tuong Tong1, Gi-Du Kang2

Moral Hazard on Public Health Insurance: Evidence from BPJS in Indonesia
Rogatianus Maryatmo1, Jeanne Ellyawati2