Volume-9 Issue-11, September 2020

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Volume-9 Issue-11, September 2020, ISSN: 2278-3075 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering and Sciences Publication (BEIESP)

Solution to Economic Load Dispatch Problem of a Distributed Generating System using Pattern Search Algorithm
C. Durga Prasad1, G.V. Siva Krishna Rao2

A Study of Soft Computing Based IoT Device Security System
Santhosh1, K. Thinakaran2

Neuro-Based Prognosticative Analytics for Parkinson Disease using Random Forest Approach
Srilakshmi Ch1, Kishore M2, Ajay Amarnath R3, Deva Krishnan C4

Assessment of Environmental Changes using GIS Applications
C. Prakasam1, Saravanan R2, Varinder S Kanwar3, M.K. Sharma4, Monika Sharma5

Simulation of Robot Kinematic Motions using Collision Mapping Planner using Robo Dk Solver
P. Sivasankaran1, R. Karthikeyan2

A Survey on Deep Learning Architectures and Frameworks for Cancer Detection in Medical Images Analysis
Thiyagarajan A.1, Murukesh C2

Development of a Wavelet – ANFIS Based Fault Location and Identification System for Underground Power Cables
Rajveer Singh1, Vinay Krishna Gharami2

Incorporation of Non-Fictional Applications in Wireless Sensor Networks
Ankur Sisodia1, Swati2, Hina Hashmi3

Seismic Performance Evaluation of Multi-Storey Building Having Soft Storey With Different Location of Shear Walls
Kashif Ahmer1, Sharat. S. Chouka2

Smart Waste Segregation using ML Techniques
Dhruv Nrupesh Patel1, Ashwin Sasi2, Anand Chembarpu3, Chandrashekar Dasari4, Usha C S5

Optimal GPS Satellite Selection using Stochastic Optimization and Volumes of Tetrahedrons for High Precision Positioning
Sasibhushanarao Gottapu1, Nalineekumari Arasavali2

Evolution of Industrial Revolutions: A Review
Ashwani Sharma1, Bikram Jit Singh2

Emotion Detection on live video using Deep Learning
Krishnaiah Boyana1, Venkateswara Rao Gurrala2, Bhaskar Rao Koutharapu3, Ratna Prakash Pedapudi4, SK. Mabasha5

Flash-Flood Potential Assessment by Integrating the Remote Sensing Data and GIS with Reference to Adam Area, Western Saudi Arabia
Abdulrazak H. Almaliki

Groundwater Quality in Kovilpatti Region and Removal of Fluoride using Neem (Azadirachta Indica) Leaves as an Adsorbent
R. Venkada Lakshmi1, S. Aditi Selva Rengam2, K. Brammasakthy3, B.Santhiya4, M. Shanmugasree Revathi5

Obstacle Detection Challenges of Camera Sensor Designed for ADAS
Karri Satish Poojith Reddy1, Srinivaas A2

Performance Analysis of Integrated Bio-Catalyst Microbial Fuel Cell with Different Asian Weather Conditions
Manasi P. Deore1, A. M. Mulla2

Simplified Mathematical Model to Predict Response of Ferrocement-Lgs Composite Wall to In-Plane Loading
Nishant Sarjerao Jadhav1, Amrut Anant Joshi2

Analysis of COVID-19 impact on Cardiovascular using ECG
Vani E S1, Swarnalatha K S2

Seismic Analysis of Multistoried Building on Sloping Ground with Ground, Middle and Top Soft Storey
Tanuja V Keneror1, Vaijanath Halhalli2

Energy use in Building Envelope of a Residential Apartment Building in the Warm and Humid Climate of Guwahati, Assam
Amal Barman1, Madhumita Roy2, Arpan Dasgupta3

Sensitivity of Design Parameters on State of Charge of Electric Vehicles
Abhi Ram K1, A Srinivaas2

Machine Learning Algorithms for Indian Music Classification Based on Raga Framework
Kalyani C. Waghmare1, Balwant A. Sonkamble2

Hybrid Feature based Classification of Images using Supervised Methods for Tag Recommendation
Anupama D. Dondekar1, Balwant A. Sonkamble2

Glass Classification based on Machine Learn-ing Algorithms
Harshit Mathur1, Aditya Surana2

Fire Recognition based on Image Processing using Raspberry pi
R. Sandhiya1, Santhoshini Arulvallal2, Lakshmi Shree. B3, D. Dhina4

Robotic Arm Assisted Laser Surgery with LiFi Based Patient Monitoring System
Lakshmi Shree B1, Sandhiya R2, Santhoshini Arulvalla3

5V‟s of Big Data Attributes and their Relevance and Importance across Domains
Vinaya Keskar1, Jyoti Yadav2, Ajay H. Kumar3

Crop Disease Recognition using Machine Learning Algorithms
Archana Chaudhary Thakur

Image Description using Encoder and Decoder LSTM Methods: Some Issues
Nirmala1, Gopalkrishna Joshi2, P S Hiremath3

DVR Control System for Voltage Sag/Swell Compensation for Sensitive Loads Protection
Zeinab Elkady1, Naser Abdel-Rahim2, Ahmed A. Mansour3, Fahmy M. Bendary4

Automatic Non-Contact Fever Detector to Prevent COVID-19 Spread in Public Places
Katherine Tian

Short Literature Review on Diagnosis of CKD using Gas Sensors
Santhoshini Arulvallal1, Lakshmi Shree. B2, Sandhiya. R3

Stabilization of MSW by using Cowurine
Aboli V. Chavhan1, Arif Khan2

Network Performance Comparison of Fat-Tree and BCube Data Center Architecture: Case Study on Government Office Network
Indra Zulardi1, Nico Surantha2

Experimental Investigation of Sustainable Low-Cost Thermal Energy Storage Materials for Solar Water Heating
Rihab Elassoued1, Romdhane ben Slama2

Automatic Anaesthesia Regulation System (Aars) With Patient Monitoring Module using Multitask Feedback Network
Bakkiyalakshmi B1, Saranya S2, Lakshmi Shree B3

IoT Based Automated Diabetic Monitoring System
Monisa. K1, Mohana. S2, Yasmin. S3, Sandhiya. R4

Palsy Monitoring and Healthcare System
Dhanalakshmi. R1, Nehaa.S2, Shayana. S3, sandhiya.R4

Conceptual Design of a Roller Obstacle Deflector
Tharun Raj1, M. Prasad2

Big Data an Interesting Tool for Policing and Law Enforcement to Ensure the Safety, Health, Possessions of Citizens, and To Prevent Crime and Civil Disorder
Gourisha Sethi1, A. R. Abdul Rajak2

Designing and Implementation of Non Invasive Blood Glucose and Hemoglobin Detection using NIR
Kalaivani V1, Devika E2, Arulladakanthan R3, Santhoshini Arulvallal4

Text Preprocessing Method on Twitter Sentiment Analysis using Machine Learning
Jenifer Mahilraj1, Getahun Tigistu2, Sisay Tumsa3

Portable Wireless Drowsiness Detector
Ahmed Maricar .z1, Ananthakrishnan .k2, Manimala .v3, SanthoshiniArulvallal4

Minimizing Transmission Energy of Wireless Sensor Network
Birtukan Adamu Birawo

Towards Automating Clash Management Process in Design-Build Industrialized Projects
Mustafa Fawaz1, Rahinah Ibrahim2, Maszura Abdul Ghafar3, Ali Rashidi4

SCADA Vulnerabilities and Existing Security Approaches Towards Industrial Protection
Daniel José Franco1, Abdullah Muhammed2, Shamala K. Subramaniam3, Azizol Abdullah4

Obstructive Sleep Apnea Patient’s Heart Beat Monitoring System from Android Smartphone using MQTT Protocol
Heru Nurwarsito1, Firstian Satya Yulihardi2

Spectrum Sensing using Enhanced Restricted Boltzmann Machine for Cognitive Radio Network
Amit Kumar1, Pushpendra R Verma2, Sajal Swapnil3, Rakesh Ranjan4

Effect of Ginger Hydro Alcoholic Extract on Oxalate Renal Stone in Rats
Shayan Kako

Transfer learning using Alex Net Convolutional Neural Network for Face Recognition
Ridza Azri Bin Ramlee1, Yvonne Yap2, Siva Kumar Subramaniam3, Mohamad Harris Misran4, Asem Khmag5

Conservation of Cement Strength in India
Subha Sinha1, Vybhav Gupta2, Shashank Shaurabh3

Behaviour of Rectangular Concrete Deep Beams with Hybrid Fibre Reinforced Polymer Reinforcements Considering Web Openings
P.Swaminathan1, G.Kumaran2

Battery Lifetime Estimation for LoRaWAN Communications
Vítor Fialho1, Fernando Fortes2

Student Grade Prediction
Vruddhi Mehta1, Rajasi Adurkar2, Kriti Srivastava3

Big Data Analytics in Healthcare
Sakshi Raj1, Swati Sharma2

Performance Enhancement Method for Machine Learning Algorithm
Archana Chaudhary

Multi level Transformer less PV Inverter with Reduced Switching Losses and Elimination of CM leakage Current
Bhagyashree Karur1, Sanjeevkumar R A2

Cybersecurity Network Prevention from DDOS Attack in Healthcare System
Ravi Tomar1, Yogesh Awasthi2

A Systematic Review of Network Security Breaches and Solutions
Ravi Tomar1, Yogesh Awasthi2

Geotagging: Systematic Anatomization and Conceptual Model for POI Verification
Monika Sharma1, Vinod Bothale2, Meenakshi Nawal3, Mahesh Bundele4

Innovating Fire Detection System Fire using Artificial Intelligence by Image Processing
Salim Said AL-Ghadani1, C. Jayakumari2

Lifetime Responsive Depth Based Routing for Underwater Wireless Sensor Network using Hybrid Soft Computing Technique with Optimal Delay
Pushpendra R Verma1, Amit Kumar2, Sajal Swapnil3, Rakesh Ranjan4

Maximum Power Point Tracking using Grey Wolf Technique Under Fast-Changing Irradiance
Rubi Debbarma1, Champa Nandi2

Decision Optimization: Internet Data Assistance for Students during Learning from Home
Edy Budiman

Mathematical Analysis and Simulation of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor for Electric Vehicle Application
K. Navyasree1, N. Malla Reddy2

Analytical Simulations for Proactive, Reactive and Position based Routing Protocols using OMNeT++ via INet Framework
Mohamed M. A. Elgazzar1, Ahmad Alshareef2

Development and Analysis of Combinational Pico-Energy Generation Framework
Manjusha Sham Patil1, Anwar Mubarak Mulla2

Empirical Analysis of Robust Chaotic Maps for Image Encryption
Sonal Ayyappan1, C Lakshmi2

Optimization of System Framework for Secure Communication and Data Virtualization on Cloud Computing
Nikita Kayarkar1, Uday Singh Kushwaha2, Prashant Richhariya3

Weather Prediction for Tourism Application using Time Series Algorithms
Abhijit Kocharekar1, Bharat Nemade2, Chetan Patil3, Durgesh Sapkale4, Sagar Salunke5

A Dynamic Scalable Security Model for Data at Rest in fog Computing Environment
Tarek Husein1, Aqeel Khalique2, M. Afshar Alam3, Bhavya Alankar4