Volume-9 Issue-4S2, March 2020, ISSN: 2278-3075 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering and Sciences Publication (BEIESP)


Implementation of IoT in Embedded Systems for Real Time Water Quality Monitoring
Ravikumar Kondle1, S. Dastagiri2, M. V. Lakshmaiah3

Automatic Pest Detector in Agricultural Farms using Acoustic and Image Wireless Sensor Network Technology
Y. L Malathi Latha1, J. Manoranjini2

Student Attendance Management System using Principal Component Analysis Method
M. Srilatha1, R. Hemalatha2

Keyword Extraction from Tweets using Graph-Based Methods
G. Dhana Lakshmi1, M. Kanthi Rekha2

Design and Analysis of Spatial Skyline Queries Indexing
Swathi Sowmya Bavirthi1, Supreethi. K. P2

An Examination of Emotion Recognition using Machine Learning Algorithms on Different Speech Databases
Kogila Raghu1, M Sadanandam2, V Kamakshi Prasad3

Findings on Real-Time Location Tracking by Implanting Different Mechanisms
A. Sai Hanuman1, Kanegonda Ravi Chythanya2

Parallel Computing of PVS Node based GTS Algorithm on GPU
T. Ramathulasi1, M. Rajasekhara Babu2

Affordable Cluster-Based Context for Multimedia Big Data Extraction
Pampati Nagaraju1, Etyala Ajith Kumar2

Applications of Nano-Rkin Internet of Things (IoT)
V. Chandra Shekar Rao1, Chinthapally Akanksha2, Voore Subba Rao3

A Mining Frame Work of CO-PO Attainment using Deep Learning Techniques
P Vasanth Sena1, P Sammulal2, Suresh Pabboju3, D L Srinivasa Reddy4

Efficient Software Architecture Pattern for Accelerator Based Computing
Bhogendra Rao PVRR

Secure Data Aggregation Scheme for IoT Applications in Cloud
Mallareddy A1, Sridevi R2, Prasad Ch G V N3

Issues in Design and Development of Reliable Configurable Distributed Checkout and Launch System for Mission Critical Aero-Space Flight Vehicles
Shivpal Singh1, Bhogendra Rao PVRR2

Deep Learning based Effective Steganalysis
John Babu G1, Sridevi Rangu2

Applications of Multi-Label Classification
Ayesha Mariyam1, SK Althaf Hussain Basha2, S Vishwanadha Raju3

General Regression Neural Network Versus Back Propagation Neural Network for Prediction of Reheater and Super Heater Sprays in Thermal Power Plants
K.S. Madhavan

Optimizing Consumption of Energy in Multicast Model in -Constrained Mobile Wireless Networks
Yonas Melaku Waktola1, Kokeb Abera2

A Conceptual Framework for Intelligent Power Distribution Transformers
K. Somasena Reddy

Analyzing Global Feature for Duplicate Video Retrieval using CNN and PCA
N. Gayathri1, K. Mahesh2