Volume-3 Issue-2, July 2013

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Volume-3 Issue-2, July 2013, ISSN: 2278-3075 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering and Sciences Publication (BEIESP)

Eco-Efficient Concretes: Use of Ceramic Powder as a Partial Replacement of Cement
Amitkumar D. Raval1, Indrajit N. Patel2, Jayeshkumar Pitroda3

Study of Wireless Sensor Network Using LEACH Protocol
Himanshi1, Shruti Vashist2, M.K.Soni3

Trace Metal Concentration in Sediments of Tamirabarani River in Relationships with Physico Chemical Characteristics – A Study Using Gis Application
Chandrasekaran A1, Mukesh M.V2, Anantharaman, P3,Tamilselvi M4, Muthukumarasamy R5, Manivel T6, Rajmohan R7

Design and Simulation of a Circuit to Predict and Compensate Performance Variability in Submicron Circuit
Sripriya.B.R1, Nataraj.K.R2

ASIC Implementation of Switchable Key AES Cryptoprocessor
Divya A.G1, Srividya P2

Haar Wavelet Approach of Iris Texture Extraction for Personal Recognition
S. M. Rajbhoj1, P. B. Mane2

Use of DNA for Computation, Storage and Cryptography of Information
Piyush Saxena1, Amarpal Singh2, Sangeeta Lalwani3

Measuring Semantic Similarity between Words using Page-Count and Pattern Clustering Methods
Prathvi Kumari1, Ravishankar K2

Effective Congestion Indication for Performance Improvement of Random Early Detection
Kiran Chhabra1, Manali Kshirsagar2, A. S. Zadgaonkar3

Technical Challenges in Mixed Service Systems
Lavina Jean Crasta1, H. Harsha Vardhan2

Effect of Pressure Angle on Transmission Efficiency of Helical Gears
Pande A. M1, Kharde Y. R2

Design and Modeling of Modulo Multipliers Using RNS
A.Sivannarayana1, K.Harikishore2

Forecasting Trip Production Based on Residential Land Use Characteristics
Padmini A.K.1, Abdul Malik K.V.2, Leena Samuel Panackel3

Analysis of Trip Attraction Characteristics of Commercial Land Use in Medium Sized Towns in Kerala
Gymmy Joseph Kattor1, Abdul Malik K.V.2, Pretina George3

Design of Efficient and Reliable MAC Protocol for Wireless Technologies
Anju Jain1, Yogesh Chaba2

Growth and Characterization of Pure and Neem Leaves Extract Doped Potassium Dihydrogen Phosphate (KDP) Crystal
R.Kayalvizhi1, G.Meenakshi2

Secure Communication Architecture Based on “BBCMS” Clustering Algorithm for Mobile Adhoc Network (MANET)
Heenavarshney1, Pradeep Kumar2

Computer Simulation of CI Engine for Diesel and Biodiesel Blends
Laukik P. Raut

Typing Speed Analysis of Human for Password Protection (Based on Keystrokes Dynamics)
Swarna Bajaj1, Sumeet Kaur2

The Design and Test of a Private Cloud Storage System, Part II
Zhaorui Wang1, Christopher Fortson2

Overview of Techniques for Improving MAC over Wireless Sensor Networks
Divyata N. Patel1, Jemish V. Maisuria2, Milind S. Shah3

Systems with Negative Fuzzy Parameters
Purnima K. Pandit

A Pair Wise Key Pre-Distribution Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks
Sowmya Lakshmi B S1, Sowmya A N Gowda2

FPGA-Based Implementation of Intelligent Predictor using ANN for Global Solar Irradiation
Shalini M.G1, Punithkumar M.B2, M.B. Anandaraju3

Cloud Computing: A New Foundation Towards Health Care
Saju Mathew

The Design and Test of a Private Cloud Storage System, Part I
Zhaorui Wang

High – Birefringent Nanowire Embedded Photonic Crystal Fiber for Optical Switching
Kanimozhi P1, Manimegalai.A2

A New Technique to Increase the Working Performance of the Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm
Reena Jindal1, Samidha D.Sharma2, Manoj Sharma3

Face Detection with Skin Color Segmentation & Recognition using Genetic Algorithm
Tushar Gajame1, C.L. Chandrakar2

The Spring Framework: an Open Source Java Platform for Developing Robust Java Applications
Dashrath Mane1, Ketaki Chitnis2, Namrata Ojha3

Synchronization of Identical Chaotic Systems Using New State Observers Strategy
Sonia Hammami

An Efficient Secure Communication in WLAN Using DH Method
Islabudeen M1, Sathiya M2

TCP Traffic Based Performance Investigations of DSDV, DSR and AODV Routing Protocols for MANET Using NS2
Payal1, Sudesh Kumar Jakhar2

Feature Extraction for Image Retrieval Using Color Spaces and GLCM
Madhura C1, Dheeraj D2

Comparative Study of the 64-bit and Apple Families of Micro Processors
Nitin Kumar Sharma1, K.P.Yadav2, B.K.Sharma3

Space Time Block Code for High Data Rate Using CD Algebra
Ranjana Kumari1, Rajesh Mehra2

Congestion Control with Explicit Feedback for Time Varying Capacity Media
Sowmya A N Gowda1, Bhaskar Rao N2

Assessment of Groundwater Quality for Irrigation Use and Evaluate the Feasibility Zones through Geospatial Technology in Lower Bhavani Sub Basin, Cauvery River, Tamil Nadu, India
S. Venkateswaran1, S. Vediappan2

Natural Energy Water Pump: Revisit the Water Sling Pump
M.I. Ramli1, M.F. Basar2, N.H.A. Razik3

Resonant Boost Dc-Dc Converter for a High Frequency Operation
Tejaswini. R

Geoelectrical Schlumberger Investigation for Characterizing the Hydrogeological Conditions Using GIS in Kadavanar Sub-basin, Cauvery River, Tamil Nadu, India
S .Venkateswaran1, P. Jayapal2

ICTs and Supply Chain: The Competitiveness of Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (SMEs)
Gabriel Nyame1, Francis Ohene Boateng2, Nana Kwame Gyamfi3, Nana Yaw Asabere4

Run off River Plant: Status and Prospects
Hemant Sharma1, Jasvir Singh2

Training of Artificial Neural Networksin Data Mining
K. Raja Sekhar1, V. Srinivasa Kalyan2, B. Phanindra Kumar3