Volume-3 Issue-3, August 2013

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Volume-3 Issue-3, August 2013, ISSN: 2278-3075 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering and Sciences Publication (BEIESP)

Arbiter Design using Verilog for Switching to Communicate in Between Multiple Resources
Tarun Kumar Gauttam1, Rekha Agrawal2, Sandhya Sharma3

Feasibility of Implementing Water Tank as Passive Tuned Mass Damper
Tejashri S. Gulve1, Pranesh Murna2

Influence of Acoustic Excitation on Effluent Concentration of Zinc from Clayey Soils
Aneel Kumar Hindu1, Jiro Takemura2, Agha Faisal Habib Pathan3

High Speed and Gate at 22nm Metal Gate Strained Silicon Technology
Shobha Sharma1, Ashwani Kumar2, Nupur Prakash3, B.V.R. Reddy4

A Study of Power Quality in Grid Interconnection with DFIG
Shilpi1, Swati Sharma2, Vikas Vats3

Target Detection and Tracking in High-Resolution Aerial Images using Contour-Based Spatial Model and Correlation Tracker
G. Kishore1, P. Srinivasulu2

A Novel Domino Logic for Arithmetic Circuits
N. Srinivasa Gupta1, M. Satyanarayana2

Strained Silicon High-K Metal Gate 22nm CMOS High Speed OR Gate
Shobha Sharma

The 8051 Micro-Controller 32 bit Multiplication using Assembly Language
Mitali K. Dhrangadhria1, Kuldeep B. Shukla2, Hetal N. Rao3

Optimization of Electrical and Non Electrical Factors in EDM for Machining Die Steel using Copper Electrode by Adopting Taguchi Technique
Ajeet Bergaley1, Narendra Sharma2

E-Generics: a Mobile Application
Rosaly B. Alday1, Marita Anne T. Gamboa2, Vincent R. Buensalida3

Comparison of Bit Error Rate and Signal to Noise Ratio for Multi-User MIMO Wireless Applications
Battu Deepa1, P.Sudhakara Reddy2

Experimental Investigation of Tool Geometry on Mechanical Properties of Friction Stir Welding of AA6061
Puneet Rohilla1, Narinder Kumar2

Smart Biogas Plant
Sunil M.P1, Ashik Narayan2, Vidyasagar Bhat3, Vinay S4

A Study of Effect of Shear Connector in Composite Beam in Combined Bending and Shear by ANSYS
P.S. Patil1, M. G. Shaikh2

Steganography using RSA Algorithm
Jatinder Kaur1, Ira Gabba2

Modern Trends in Construction
Naveen Hooda1, Parveen Singh2, Bhupinder Singh3, Vivek Verma4, Sandeep Dhiman5

An Experimental Investigation on Structural Behaviour of Beam Column Joint
Naveen Hooda1, Jyoti Narwal2, Bhupinder Singh3, Vivek Verma4, Parveen Singh5

Hardware Implementation of ZUC Stream Cipher
Praneet. R. Shah1, Naganath. B. Hulle2

Watershed Management-a Case Study of Satara Tanda Village
Parag R. Thakare1, Raj A. Jadhav2, Hastimal S. Kumawat3

Comparison of the Design of Water Treatment Plant by Manual and by Software Method
S. P. Sharma1, S. D. Kolte2, N. S. Marape3, S. D. Darshanwad4, S. K. Dongare5, H. S. Kumawat6

ANN Approach Based on Back Propagation Network and Probabilistic Neural Network to Classify Brain Cancer
Shweta Jain1, Shubha Mishra2

Mode Choice Modelling for Work Trips in Calicut City
Tushara T.1, Rajalakshmi P.2, Bino I. Koshy3

Reinforcement-Clustering Technique based on POPTVR FNN for Pattern Classification
A. Mohan1, V. Uday Kumar2, B. Sateesh3

Design and Implementation of Arithmetic Coder Used in SPIHT
K. Harika1, K. V. Ramana Reddy2

A New Set Partitioning in Hierarchical (SPIHT) Algorithm and Analysis with Wavelet Filters
Vidhi Dubey1, Rahul Dubey2

A Paper on System Stability (First Order and Second Order) using PID Controller
Kshitiz Agarwal

Comparison of ABC and Ant Colony Algorithm Based Fuzzy Controller for an Inverted Pendulum
Anita Khosla1, Leena G. M2, K. Soni3

Alternative Way in Reducing Car Cabin Temperature using Portable Car Cooling System (Car-Cool)
M.F. Basar1, M. Musa2, M.Y. Faizal3, N.H.A. Razik4

A Class of Triple Error Correcting Bch Likes Codes
O. P. Vinocha1, Ajay Kumar2

Design of ECG Sensor Interface for Biosignal Extraction
Johevajile Mazima1, Michael Kisangiri2, Dina Machuve3

Data Protection in Cloud Computing
Priyank Rajvanshi1, Varun Singh Nagar2, Priyanka Chawla3

Geospatial Technology for Mapping Suitable Sites for Hydro Power Plant
Nagraj S. Patil1, I. T. Shirkol2, S. G. Joshi3

Planning of Integrated Transport System to Namma Metro at Byapanahalli – a Study
S. A Kanalli1, H. S. Satish2, R. Satyamurthy3

Pavement Performance Modeling – a Case Study
Saranya Ullas1, B.G Sreedevi2, Sreelatha T3

A New Technique for enhance Image Protection using Digital Watermarking
Vinay Sahu1, Kamlesh Lahre2

Role of Computer and Automation in Design and Manufacturing for Mechanical and Textile Industries: CAD/CAM
Abhishek Dwivedi1, Avanish Dwivedi2