Volume-8 Issue-11S2, September 2019

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Volume-8 Issue-11S2, September 2019, ISSN: 2278-3075 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering and Sciences Publication (BEIESP)

Fetus Electrocardiogram by using Neuro-Fuzzy Systems and Remote Sensing through OFDM
Pradeep Kumar1, A. Shiva Prasad2

Research and Design of Rectangular Slot Microstrip Patch Antenna with Stripline Feeding
Prasad Janga

NS2 Based Simulation Tool for Performance Evaluation of TCP Traffic in Different Networks
Kumaraswamy Gajula1, Prasad Janga2

Transistor Sizing of CMOS VLSI Circuits in Deep Submicron Technology
M. Venkata Ramanaiah1, Sudhakar Alluri2, B. Rajendra Naik3, N.S.S. Reddy4

CT Liver Image Enhancement using Spatial Filters
Munipraveena Rela

Channel Estimation using Modified Extended Kalman Filter Based Algorithm for Fading Channels
G. Rajender1, T. Anil Kumar2, K. Srinivasa Rao3

A New Energy Efficient Clustering Protocol for Life Timemaximization in Wsns
Sribindu Sattu1, Kumaraswamy Gajula2, Ranjan Kumar Singh3

Design of Intelligent Embedded System using Raspberry PI and Arduino for Industrial Maintenance
G. Sudhakar Reddy1, V. Soma Laxmi2

Implementation of a Shift Register using Pulsed Latch
T. Santosh Kumar1, T. Anil Kumar2

Chirp Signal Generator Based on Direct Digitalsynthesizer (Dds) for A Radar At 300 Ghz
Nagaraja Kumar Pateti1, Navitha Pateti2

Fundamentals and Challenges of Massive MIMO for 5G
Krishna Patteti1, Anil Kumar Tipparti2, Soma Umamaheshwar3

Performance Evaluation of Energy Efficient Distance Based LEACH Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks
Malothu Amru1, R P Singh2, S Pothalaiah3

Mitigation of Flickering in DFIG Based Wind Turbines using Individual Pitch Control
M Vijay Karthik1, Priyanka Chaudhary2, A Srinivasula Reddy3

Artificial Intelligence Based Discrimination of Transformer Inrush and External Fault Currents
M Vijay Karthik1, Priyanka Chaudhary2, A Srinivasula Reddy3

Research Method of Data Deduplication Backup System
V. Sathiya Suntharam1, Sheo Kumar2, Chandu Ravi Kumar3

Resolution of Multi-Party Security Clashes in Social Networking
V. Sathiya Suntharam1, Ravi Kumar Chandu2, S. Anitha3

An Effective Data Access Method for Public Cloud Data Storage
M. Laxmaiah1, Teja2, M. Narendra3

Machine Learning Applications on Agricultural
M. Nagageetha1, Nagaraja Kumar Pateti2

Bluetooth Control Cleaning Robot using Arduino
Mohd. Shahbaz Khan1, Nagageetha2, M. Gurunadha Babu3

Image Restoration by Linear Regression for Gaussian Noise Removal from Natural Images
D Khalandar Basha1, T Venkateswarlu2

Improved Privacy Protecting in Distributed Grid Data Resource using Multiplicative Perturbation Based on Frequent Decision Classifier
Praveen Kumar. G1, S K Mohan Rao2, B.V. Swathi3

Augmented Reality on Sudoku Puzzle using Computer Vision and Deep Learning
Azhar Talha Syed1, Suresh Merugu2

Design a High Speed Multiplier using Two Phase PPA
Gajula Lakshminarayana1, Moparthy Gurunadha Babu2, Anupama A. Deshpande3

Secure and Efficient Routing Protocol (E-ARAN) for Ad-Hoc Network
M. Gurunadhababu1, G. Archanadevi2, Mahendra P. Sharma3

Fredkin Gates Based Testable Reversible Shift Registers
E John Alex1, A. Phani Kumar2

TMQI and Structural Fidelity for Tone Mapped Images
N. Neelima1, K Niranjan Reddy2, A Shivaprasad3, D. Prasanth Varma4

Various Recommender Systems and Their usage in the Domains of Mobile Based and Online Applications
Ushike Sudhakar Reddy1, K. Uma Pavan Kumar2, B. Priyanka3

Low Power Sub Threshold QDI Kogge Stone Adder using Sense Amplifier Lector based Half Buffer Cell Templates
G Srikanth1, Bhanu Murthy Bhaskar2

The Research of 3D Modeling between Visual & Creativity
Dahlan Abdul Ghani1, Muhammad Naim Bin Supian2, Luqman Zulhilmi Bin Abdul ‘Alim3

Virus Combat: Promoting Awareness on Viruses Through Video Game
Dahlan Abdul Ghani1, Rafiqi Izani Faiz bin Redzuan2

Slipped Disc: Developing M-Health Apps to Promote Awareness among Malaysian Society
Dahlan Bin Abdul Ghani1, Muhammad Farhan Abd Jalil2, Luqman Zulhilmi Bin Abdul ‘Alim3

Isao Takahata : Inspiring Visual Styles of Japanese Film & Anime Aesthetics
Dahlan Bin Abdul Ghani1, Nur Athirah Bt. Ahmad Azizi2, Luqman Zulhilmi Bin Abdul ‘Alim3

Fusion Art Style of Malaysian & Japanese Anime
Dahlan Abdul Ghani1, Nor Masliza Binti Md Azahar2

Mental Health: Promoting Awareness Through 3D Animated Short Film
Dahlan Abdul Ghani1, Nur Adila Binti Muhd Affendy2

The Important of Great Storytelling in Malaysia Animation Industries
Muhammad Nurakram Bin Mohammed Ghazali1, Dahlan Abdul Ghani2

Body Language: Symbiosis Between Art, Culture and Animated World
Dahlan Abd Ghani1, Syed Hassan Bin Syed Omar2

Character Archetypes: Aesthetic Values in Character Design in Malaysia `s Animated Films
Dahlan Abdul Ghani1, Asyraf Zaki bin Mohd Sobri2

Safety of Frozen Shrimp Imported through Entry Points in Selangor, Malaysia
Jeyaletchumi P1, Hekambaram M2, Azhar A3, Param J.S.P.S4, Ghani A.A.S5, Harliani R6, Rafidah I7

The Effects of Services Marketing Mix Elements on Brand Equity and Customer Response of Tourists Hotels in the East Coast of Sri Lanka
Mohamed Ismail Mujahid Hilal

Mobile Malware Detection using Anomaly Based Machine Learning Classifier Techniques
A. Hemalatha1, Selvabrunda2

Prediction of Climate Risk Management in Infrastructure Projects
Senthil. J1, M.Muthukannan2, S H Robin Sham3

The Relationship of Interest Rate, Exchange Rate, GDP and FDI with Respect to Chinese Economy
K. Vidhya1, S.B. Inayath Ahamed2

Estimating Markov Transition Probabilities Between Health States in the Social Security Malaysia (SOCSO) Dataset
Shamshimah Samsuddin1, Noriszura Ismail2

SAMR as a Framework for Modeling of Academic Information System in Higher Education Institution toward Education 3.0
Hadi Prasetyo Utomo1, Abdul Talib Bon2, Mokhamad Hendayun3

A Framework of Next Generation Adaptive CNC Controller
Muhammad Azri Othman1, Mohamad Minhat2, Zamberi Jamaludin3

Z-number CCR using Trapezoidal Fuzzy Numbers
Irdayu Ibrahim1, Noraida Abdul Ghani2, Norazura Ahmad3, Nurulhuda Ramli4

Adaptive Steganography using 3D Color Texture Feature
P. Pavan Kumar1, L.Suneel2, Nagaraja Kumar Pateti3, A.M. Srinivasacharyulu4

A Research on Nonperforming Assets of Banks in India
R.S.N. Sharma

Smart Automation Technique to Collect Dry and Wet Waste using IoT Module: to Achieve our ‘SBM’ Mission
C. Jenifa Latha1, Ramanarayan Sankriti2, M. Chandra Sekhar3

A Smart Shopping System for Visually Impaired
V. Lobo1, R. Prabhu2, Polu Bal Kumar Reddy3

Transforming Lead-Free Fuel: Filter Less Filtration Process by using Ultrasonic Waves
R. Srivel1, Ramanarayan Sankriti2, P. Nandha Kumar3

Classification Models and Hybrid Feature Selection Method to Improve Crop Performance
U. Muthaiah1, S. Markkandeyan2, Y. Seetha3

Relationship Between Group Process Variables and Group Performance in the IT Sector
Vishnupriya. D1, Samudhra Rajakumar. C2

Consumer Preference and Satisfaction with Reference to Women Apparels at Max Store
A. Sandhya Rani1, Budampati. V. S. Sowmya2

A Research on Automation Diagonsis of Pattern Recognition in Stained HEP-2 Cells
C C Manju1, M. Victor Jose2

Intensive Energy Aware Mobile Computational Offloading using Machine Learning Strategies
J Amar Pratap Singh1, Anoop S2

Optimized Fuzzy based Malicious Node Detection on Routing and Certificate Authority based Secure Communication in Wireless Ad-HOC Network
K. Rajkumar1, M. K. Jeyakumar2

A Research on Breast Cancer Prediction using Data Mining Techniques
R. Preetha1, S. Vinila JinnyT2

Modular Fusion Solid State Pulsed Power Generator with Reduced Ripple Content
V. Tamilselvan1, S. Siva Subramanian2

An Efficient Upgradation of STATCOM to PV-STATCOM and Result Estimation using SIMULINK
A. Clement Raj1, Ararso Taye Waktola2

Customers’ Perception and the Role of Demographic Characteristics in Online Bank Marketing Strategies
T.S. Uma Rani1, Easwaramoorthy Rangaswamy2, N. Panchanatham3

Influence of Critical Parameters on Temperature and Velocity for Convective Flow of a Viscous Fluid Through Porous Medium
E. Raghunandana Sai1, Ch. V. Ramana Murthy2

An Architecture Improvement of Electronic Braille Quran Based on Raspberry Pi
Ahmad Syahrin Bin Shahriman1, Shaharil bin Mad Saad2, Zair Asrar Bin Ahmad3, Mohamed Bin Hussein4, Mohd Azuwan Bin Mat Dzahir5, Mohd Azwarie Bin Mat Dzahir6

Effect of Diet Counseling on Anthropometric Indices and Dietary Intake of the Head and Neck Cancer Patients Undergoing Chemo-Radiotherapy
Debjani Sarkar1, Pallavi Shettigar2, HY Prahlad3

The Effects of Seasonal Thermal Loads at Expansion Joints Locations in Arabic Area Buildings
Ikhlass Sydnaoui1, Roslli Bin Noor Mohamed2, Mariyana Aida Binti Ab. Kadi3

Named Entity Recognition using Conditional Random Field for Kannada Language
Bhuvaneshwari C Melinamath

A Research on the Moderating Effect of Company Demographics on the Relationship between Business Combination and Current Ratio using Structural Equation Model: A Test of Agency and Transaction Theories
Rodiel C. Ferrer

Design and Development of Safety Features in Stationary & Mobile Robots in the Industrial Sector
Rajesh Maharudra Patil

An Insight on Machine Learning Algorithms and its Applications
R. P. Ram Kumar1, Sanjeeva Polepaka2, Lazarus S F3, Dasari Vamsi Krishna4

Forming Interrogation of Rolling Process using Rollers
D. Muruganandam1, J. Jayapriya2, B. Ramesh3, S. Suraj4

Competencies, Skills and Training Needs of Hospitality Firm Employees in Oman towards Promotion: An Inquiry
Roland Getaruelas

Quality Based Analysis of Clustering Algorithms using Diabetes Data for the Prediction of Disease
K. Saravananathan1, T. Velmurugan2

Corporate Governance and Firm Performance in India: An Empirical Research
T. Sita Ramaiah1, N. Akbar Jan2, Radha Mohan Chebolu3, Thangaraja Arumugam4, A.K. Subramani5

Linear and Non-Linear Companding Transformation Reducing PAPR in OFDM Signals
Sadu Venkata Naresh1, P. V. Naganjaneyulu2, P. Nageswara Rao3

Finding Clog Models for the Urban Traffic Blocking & Assessment of Corridors
Awari Mahesh Babu

To Examine the Effect of Inventory Dependent Demand and Time Dependent Holding Cost on Inventory
Pankaj S. Ardak1, Atul B. Borade2

Computational Solution of Two- Point Boundary Value Problem by Quadrature Method in Terms of Liouville-Green Transformation
Ch. Baby Rani1, J. Venkata Brahman2, K. Sharath Babu3

BJP Vs Opposition Parties on Twitter: Social Media Strategies for Political Mobilisation During 2018 Karnataka and Telangana Assembly Elections
Sanjeev Ratna Singh

Financial Inclusion, Awareness, and Understanding of Financial Products among People Selected Gewogs (Blocks) of Bhutan
Purna Prasad Sharma1, Shad Ahmad Khan2, Prabha Thoudam3

Nationalized Banks and Long Term Lending Behaviour to Agriculture Sector in India
Bibhu Prasad Sahoo1, Karman Kaur2

Impact of Public Intervention on Poor in Odisha: Special Focus on Pradhan Mantri Jan-Dhan Yojana
Namita Swain1, Ajay Jain2

Transforming Classroom Learning through Artificial Intelligence
Mitu Mandal1, Rajesh Kumar Shastri2

Energy Efficient Resource Allocation using Improved BSP Technique in Cloud Environment
M.J. Abinash1, V. Vasudevan2

A Hybrid Clustering Data Mining Technique (HCDMT) for Predicting SLE
A. Malarvizhi1, S. Ravichandran2

An Experimental Evaluation on the Awareness of “Pradhan Mantri Jan Aryogya Yojna – Ayushmaan Bharat” (PMJAY-AB) Scheme among Residents of Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh
Vipin Jain1, Vivek D. Singh2, Khushboo3

Deep Network for Content and Context Based Image Retrieval System
Arpana Mahajan1, Sanjay Chaudhary2

Familiarizing Students with Peer Assessment and Feedback Methods
Deler Singh1, Gurvinder Kaur2

Numerical Simulation o Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger using Ansys Fluent
Kamala Priya B1, B Udaya Lakshmi2, A Hari Krishna3

Diffussion of Thermo Effects on Unsteady Flow through Porous Medium
K. RamaPrasasd1 ,Ch. Baby Rani2

Recovering Evidentiary E-mail for Non-Repudiation Forensics
Lokendra Kumar Tiwari1, Saurabh Mishra2, Shefalika Ghosh Samaddar3