Volume-8 Issue-11S, September 2019

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Volume-8 Issue-11S, September 2019, ISSN: 2278-3075 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering & Sciences Publication

Research on Gamma Ray Detections using Fiber Optic Radiation Sensors
P. Nivedha1, R. Kumar2, Dhanalakshmi Samiappan3

Three Dimensional Capacitive Control System using Arduino Uno
Nishant Mathew Surathu1, T.J. Nagalaksmi2

A 1000 Mhz Low Power and High Speed 8-Bit Flash ADC Architecture using 90nm Cmos Technology
Deepa Jose1, Tamilselvi. S2, P. Nirmal Kumar3

Smart Cardiac Monitoring and Assisting System
R. Kavitha Sudha1, S. Siddharth2, K. Hari Keerthana3, Radhika Baskar4, Sivani. P.5

Designing of Hybrid Automatic Solar Charging System with Power Controller for Switching Power Utilization
S. Ramkumar1, Vivekananda Reddy Vintha2, M. Rathi3, N. Padmaja4

Social Media Sentimental Research using Machine Learning Techniques
G. Manoj Naidu1, Bhuvaneswari Balachander2

Real Time Object Detection and Text Extraction
Sunil L.1, M. Reji2

A Wireless Sensor System for Identifying Bed Exits for Hospitalized Older People
Sunil Kudupudi1, J. Mohana2

A Composite Deep Learning Access for Leaf Species Classification
Yashvardhan Singh Rautela1, Kanu Garg2, Harshit Singh Chhabra3, Rahul Nijhawan4

An Integrated Deep Learning Framework of Tomato Leaf Disease Detection
Jiten Khurana1, Anurag Sharma2, Harshit Singh Chhabra3, Rahul Nijhawan4

Research of Novel Web Page Classifiers and Feature Selection Methods
S. Markkandeyan1, P. Kalyanasundaram2, U. Muthaiah3

A Access Traffic Sign Detection Tracking and Recognition System for Video Frames using KNN Algorithms
D. Siva Reddy1, Christeena Joseph2

The Smart Attendance Monitoring System
M. Sasi Chandra1, Radhika Baskar2

Detection of Parkinson Diseases With More Accuracy using Machine Learning Technique
P. Sai Dinkar1, M.K. Mariam Bee2

Ingredient Scanner using Visa Tool
S. Lakshmi Harish1, Dhanasekaran2, Radhika Baskar3

Dehazing using Fast Guided Image Filtering
P. Swetha1, K. Vidhya2

Performance Evaluation of Best Path Selection using Multi Hop Decode and Forward Cooperative System
M. Bhaskara1, Christeena Joseph2

A New Model Based Design of SDR for Reducing Error Transmission
S. Hari Krishnan1, K. Vidhya2

Query-Adaptive Small Object Search using Object Proposal and Shape-Aware Descriptor
M. Venkatesh1, Christeenajoseph2

A Supervised Classification Techniques to Optimize Error Evaluation and Space Complexity
M. Santhiya1, M. Shobana2, R. Jegatha3

Design and Accomplishment of Fir Filters for High Accuracy Reconfigurable Applications
T. Annamani1, B. Kishore Babu2

Synthesis, Structural and Mechanical Properties of Electroplated Nifemo Nanocrystalline Thin Films
R. Kannan1, M. Selvambikai2, E. Selva Kumar3, S. Venkateshwaran4

Balanced Constrained Partitioning of Distinct Objects
Joseph Varghese Kureethara1, Jayanta Biswas2, Debabrata Samanta3, Naived George Eapen4

Design and Implementation of Smart Home using Cisco Packet Tracer Simulator 7.2
Pitcheri Praveen Kumar1, Murali Krishna2, MR Ramprakash3

Mechanism of Investment Maintenance for the Sustainable Development of the Agraricultural Sphere
Reznik N.P1, DemyanYa.Yu2, Tokar Ya.I3, Sandeep Kumar Gupta4, Anatoliy D. Ostapchuk5

A Smart Locker
D. Aswini1, S. Nandakumar2

Conceptual Design and Hydrodynamic Research on Unmanned Aquatic Vehicle
V Praveen Kumar1, S Kishor Kumar2, K R Sankaresh Pandian3, E Ashraf4, K Thanga Tamil Selvan5, Vijayanandh R6

Eye for Blind
Latha L1, Prrithivi R2, Varnessha V3, Priyadharshini B4

Research on Performance and Emission of Ic Engine using Porous Medium Cylinder Head
S. Prabhu1, T. Suresh2, B. Prabhu3, S. Ramanathan4, F. Justin Dhiraviam5

Research and Finding Technical Enablers using Ism for Industry 4.0 in Indian Agricultural Industries
Balasubramanian. S1, Hari Sankar. R2

Requirements of ERP Vendors using Hybrid Hierarchy Process with Artificial Neural Network (Hahp-Ann) Method
S. Hameed Ibrahim1, S. Seetha Raman2, M. Gowtham3

Automated Pay and Use Browsing and Printing Machine
P. Parameswari1, S. Thangavel2, E.B. Priyanka3

Collision Warning System using Rfid in Automotives
P. Parameswari1, E.B. Priyanka2, S.Thangavel3

Sentiment Research on Student Feedback to Improve Experiences in Blended Learning Environments
R. K. Kavitha

Constructing Model for Forecasting the Production using the Classification Technique in Data Mining for the District of Tamil Nadu
M.C.S. Geetha

Achromatic Colouring of the Central Graph of Some Specialgraphs
K.P. Thilagavathy1, A. Santha2, G.S. Nandakumar3

A Design of the Design & Development of Safety Features in Stationary & Mobile Robots in the Industrial Sector
Rajesh Maharudra Patil

Research on Underpricing Concept of IPO (Initial Public Offering) in Indian Stock Market
Ajay Yadav1, Sweta Goel2

Preparation and Characterization of Eco-Friendly Ash Salts for Goat Skins Preservation
Franco John Unango1, Ramesh Duraisamy2, Karthikeyan M. Ramasamy3

An Efficient Aviation Model for Air Transport Regulation using Nosql
Lydia J Ganansigamani1, Cynthia Jayapal2, H. Parveen Sultana3, Monisha K4

Dual Sliding Mode with PI Controller Based Switched Reluctance Motor Drive
Lahari Lakki1, Venu Madhav Gopala2

A Robust Multimodal Biometric System VIA Multiple Svms
Komal1, Chander Kant2

K-Means Clustering – An Access to Overcome Uncertainty in Data Clustering of Distributed Networks
P.V. Ashwathy Devraj1, S. Manju2, D. Pavithra3, M. Nithya4

Gender Digital Divide – Examining the Reality
Puja Banerjee

Social Infrastructure Needs: Financing Through Digital Platform
Shruti Sharma1, Adya Sharma2

Bacterial Concrete- A Sustainable Solution for Concrete Maintenance
Shubham Ajay Puranik1, Siddharth Jain2, G. Sritam3, Sayali Sandbhor4

Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Market Sustainable Growth in Indian Scenario, Needs and Suggestions
Avadhoot Dixit

Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge – An Infrastructural Marvel but?
Pooja Gupta1, Ravi Kumar2, Kritika Narayan3, Karan Champaneri4

Exploring the Factors That Lead to a Positive Behavior in Indian Consumers Purchasing a Sustainable-Fuel Efficient Two Wheeler
Ruby Chanda1, Vanishree Pabalkar2, Tushar Mishra3

Waste Management Strategies for Mini Metro Cities
Ajay Bhave1, Niharika Thakkar2

Importance of Social Responsibility: An Employee Standpoint
Naval Lawande

Connecting Governments’ Accessibility Policy to Its Visually Challenged Stakeholders for An All-Inclusive Smart Infrastructure
Neha Patvardhan1, Smita Santoki2

Nanotechnology Innovations in Construction Industry and Environmental Sustainability
Ujwal Prabhakar Nandekar1, Rupal Rautdesai2

Is India Financing Urban Transport in the Right Direction?
Aanchal Airy1, Gargi Patil2

Integrating National Social Missions and Infrastructure Development in the Indian Context: A New Direction for CSR Expenditure
Prakash Rao1, Viraja Bhat2, Jeevan Nagarkar3

Seismic Vulnerability Assessment of a Reinforced Concrete Building Located in India
Prasanth S1, Goutam Ghosh2

Energy Planning and Modelling for Gadhinglaj Block using Leap
Nishigandha D. Patil1, Ravindra Teli2, Ravi Teja3, Rahul Hiremath4

Bamboo Bonding in Concrete: A Critical Research
Abhishek Dixit1, Vishal Puri2

An Empirical Access of Academicians as Building Blocks for Youth to Lead Quality Life
Jaya Surjani1, Rahul Hiremath2, K. Rajagopal3

A Consumer Complaints and Grievances Redressal System in Indian Telecom Sector
Mugdha Mujumdar1, Sandeep Prabhu2, Giri Hallur3

An Event Access on the Nascent Municipal Bond Market in India, Under a Seven-I Framework
Pali Gaur1, Sundar Ram Korivi2

Factors of Service Quality and Service-Recovery Quality of Online Retailers
Sandeep Prabhu

Industrial Health and Safety of the Workers in Textiles
Sheelratan S. Bansode1, Rahul B. Hiremath2

From Conflict Styles to Behaviours – A Research of Team Relationship Conflict, and Research Agenda For Indian Infrastructure Projects
Udayan Dasgupta

Sustainable Postural Research for Women Workers From Power-Loom Industry Solapur City, Maharashtra, India
Somnath Kolgiri1, Rahul Hiremath2

Mapping Intermodal Transportation Through Bibliometrics
Sanjeev Kadam1, Prabir Kumar Bandyopadhyay2

Models of Financing Sanitation Infrastructure Initiatives in India: Challenges and Opportunities
Sushant Malik1, Nisha Bharti2

Socio-Economic Impact Research of Foundry Industry By using Neural Network
Ranjitsinh A. Deshmukh1, Rahul Hiremath2, Gurudas Nulkar3

Financial Impediments to Road Infrastructure Development in India
Gunturu Sai Avinash1, Jaskiran Arora2

Systematic Literature Research of the Current Implementation of Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) in the Construction Industry
Hamlet Reynoso Vanderhorst1, Subashini Suresh2, Renukappa Suresh3

Envelop Insulation for Energy Efficient Smart Buildings in India
Jaya Goyal1, Shankar S. Mantha2, Vikas M. Phalle3

Knowledge Management for Rural Industries using Cloud Computing
Narendra S. Katikar1, Rahul B. Hiremath2, Rakesh Yadav3

Sustainability and Impact of Lean Six Sigma Practices: Learnings From Some KPO/BPO Organizations
Naresh Motiani1, Abhay Kulkarni2

Sustainable Rammed Earth Structure: A Structurally Integral, Cost-Effective and Eco-Friendly Alternative to Conventional Construction Material
Pavan Totla1, Maurya Sadwilkar2, Samidha More3, Blessy Kallada4, Bhalchandra Deshmukh5, Akshata Puranik6

Robo-Advisors to Predict Switching of Jobs using Space in Handwriting Image
Sudiksha Chakraborty1, Jyoti Majumder2

Biomimetics and Sustainability
Sheelratan S. Bansode1, Pritish G. Chitte2, Sachin S. Rathod3, G. R. Hiremath4, Ravi Teja5, Rakesh Yadav6

Business Process Management and Outsourcing
Jamila Niazi1, Shantanu Prasad2

Industry 4.0 : India’s Defence Industry Needs Smart Manufacturing
Pawan Anand1, Asha Nagendra2

Factors Behind Growth for India and China- A Access for the Period of 1981-2017
Amit Chatterjee1, Devi Prasad Dash2, Ramesh Chandra Das3, Subhasis Sen4

Transport Pollution: A Research of the Nigerian Transport Sector
Odogun A.1, Georgakis P.2

Building Green Infrastructure Across University Campuses: A Research
Jaideep Motwani1, Nikhat Afshan2, Pradeep Charath3

Sustainopreneurship and Its’ Role in Sustainable Fashion Brands of India
Divyansha Kumar1, Anubha Vashisht2

Rationalizing Urban Transportation using Smart Card Data
Angshuman Baruah1, Lalitha Sannidhi2

Diversity in Indian Infrastructure Organizations and the Maze of Empowerment
Deepika Pandita1, Hemendra Shribatho2, Sampurna Ray3

SAL – A Lightweight Symmetric Cipher for Internet-of-Things
Hemraj Shobharam Lamkuche1, Dhanya Pramod2, Vandana Onker3, Shobharam Katiya4, Geeta Lamkuche5, Gurudevi Hiremath6

CO2 Emission – the Leading Environmental Threat to India
Kadalarasane. T.1, Tripura Sundari. C.U.2

Energy Efficient Smart Home Automation Adoption- A Research
K. Rajagopal1, Vaishali Mahajan2, Subhasis Sen3, Shishir Divkar4

Car Sharing Versus Car Ownership: An Exploratory Examination in India
Aditi Naidu1, K. Rajagopal2, Manish Sinha3, Vaishali Mahajan4

Effects on Consumer Behavior Due to Post Purchase Regret Associated with Online Shopping
K. Rajagopal1, Vaishali Mahajan2, Pankaj Sharma3, Akshay Udas4

Applications of Blockchain Technology in Smart City Development: A Research
Sonali Karale1, Vishal Ranaware2

Classification of Travelers for the Recommendation of Suitable Integrated Multimodal Services
Reuben Joshua S. Kaura1, Panos Georgakis2

Transit Oriented Development Around Upcoming Metro Stations in Pune and It’s Effect on Livability
Vrinda Panse1, Chetan Panse2

Becoming an Employer of Choice in the Infrastructure and Construction Sector
Sohan Mohanty

Visualization of Chemical Space using Kernel Based Principal Component Research
B. Firdaus Begam1, J. Rajeswari2

Seasonal Variation in Encounter Rate of Avian Community at Tranquebar Area, Nagapattinam District, Tamil Nadu, India
R. Praveen Kumar1, G. Thomas Nithiyanandam2

Arduino Based Underground Cable Fault Detector
G. Sasidhar Achari1, Mohana2

Challenges of Agriculturists in Coconut Cultivation of Meenakshipuram Village, Chittur Taluk, Kerala
K. Veerakumar

WoT-UAF: User Authorization Framework of the Web of Things
Kaptan Singh1, Deepak Singh Tomar2

Symmetric Transparent Online Bist and Repair of Memories
L. Haribhanu Priya1, Prasad Janga2, K. Niranjan Reddy3

Novel Pipelined Scalable Systolic Multiplier Based on Irreducible All-One Polynomials
S. Srinivas1, E. John Alex2, Prasad Janga3

Online Retrieval and Indexing of Images using Multi Feature Vectors
Yatin Kumar Agarwal1, Dilkeshwar Pandey2, Manoj Singhal3

Patron Attitudes Towards Modern Banking Services and Innovation in Virudhunagar District
J Srinivasan1, R Deepika2, M Selva Kumar3

An Enhanced K-Means Clustering Based on K-SVD_DWT Algorithm for Image Segmentation
M. Banu Priya1, S. Jayasankari2

Qos and Load Balancing in Cloud Computing-an Access for Performance Enhancement using Agent Based Software
Geeta1, Santosh Gupta2, Shiva Prakash3

Neighbor Embedding Feature Selected Light Gradient Boosting Classification for Breast Cancer Detection with Gene Expression Data
S.Rajasekaran1, S.Sathyabama2

A Constant Power Generation of Solar Photo Voltaic Systems using Mppt with Fuzzy Logic Controler
Pasala Gopi1, P.Suresh Babu2, V.Subhashini3

Channel Estimation for Mimo-Ofdm Systems of Joint Angle-of-Departure (AOD) or Angle-of-Arrival (AOA)
S. Kiranmayi1, K. Krishna Murthy2

Research on Personalized and Secured E-Learning Systems using Data Mining Technique
G.Babu1, C. Thirumal Azhagan2

Start-Up to Stardom: An Access of the Growth of E-Ticketing Firm ‘Book My Show’
Rajalakshmi Vel1, P.C. Lakshmi Narayanan2

Digital and Cashless Economy on Msmes -A Special Reference with Peenya Industrial Area, Bengaluru
K. Uma Maheswari1, T. Danalakshmi2

A Research on Impact of Social Media on College Students in Chennai District
Elantheraiyan. P1, S. Shankarkumar2

Informatization and Informalization of Gender and Workforce, the Paradoxes of India’s Growth and Development
M U Farooque1, Sindhu Krishnan2, Zeenat Perween3

A Research on the Effectiveness of Aerospace Quality Management System (Aqms) in the Aerospace Organisations in Bangalore
Gopikrishnan Nair TK1, R. Gayatri2

CSR in the Digital ERA – a Access on the CSR Communication of Companies and Identification of Services for CSR
Janani .V1, S.Gayathri2

Stochastic Model of Three Products Inventory System Assuming Seasonal Demand Following Exponential Distribution
D. Kanagajothi1, S. Srinivasaragavan2

A Contemporaneous Sample on the Consumer Brand Preferences for Air Conditioners in West Chennai
Kabirdoss Devi1, A. Anupama Juliet2, Mohamed Rafic3

7students’ Awareness and Perception About Genetically Modified Food
D. Lalitha1, J. Priya2, A.V. Jisha Kumari3

An Empirical Research on HR and Organizational Behaviour Intervention to Sustain B2b Business Relationship in Cross
Boarders N. Madhumithaa1, K.K. Sree Devi2

Movie Promotional Strategies in Tamil Film Industry-the Contemporary Access
Mahesh.V. J1, Gigi.G.S2, P.Uma Rani3

The Customer Expectation and Satisfaction on Online Food Order From Restaurant in Chennai
P. Maheswari1, Sindhu Krishnan2, S. Sonia3

Impact and Uses of Whatsapp Among College Students
K. Meenakshi1, T. Anitha2, K. Lakshmi3

Awareness and Usage of Online Research Facilities by Faculty Members
K. Meenakshi1, H. S Rupa2, H. S. Dhanalakshmi3

A Reseach on Fundamental Access of Selected Automobile Companies in India
Akansha Nagpal1, Himanshu Chandok2, Meghna Chhabra3

Research on Relationship Between Buyer Behaviour and Customer Delight Towards FMCG Environment Friendly Products
A. Vinoth1, K. Ramprabha2

Green Human Resource Management: a Access Device to Evade Exhaustion of Natural Resources
P. Praveen Kumar1, K. C. Raja Shree2

“An Empirical Research on Student’s Usage of Social Networking Towards Professional Grooming with Reference to Ramapuram at Thiruvallur District”
S. Purushothaman1, R.K. Sugashini2

Southern Rail Passengers Perception on Ticketcharges (Study with References to Coimbatore and Palakkad Junctions)
Remya Cheriyan1, Ramasethu Adithya Krishna2

India two Wheelers Go Electric-Setting Stage for the E-Revolution
S. Seethalakshmi1, K. Shyamala2

Digital Anthropology in Work Life Rhythm
Sriram S1, G. Rajini2

Social Media as the Next Trend in Social Business Marketing Social Media as the Next Trend in Solar Business Marketing
Vardhini V1, P. Raja2, Kabirdoss Devi3

Implementation of Affective Knowledge for any Geo Location Based on Emotional Intelligence using GPS
B. Asraf Yasmin1, R. Latha2, R. Manikandan3

Impact on Social Networking Sites Among the Women Undergraduate Students
Keepthy K1, D. Shalini2

A Research on Factors of Forex Procedures in Private Bank
William Robert P1, R. Monisha2

Perception About Cyber Crimes Among Students in Arts and Science Colleges in Chennai
S. Subbulakshmi1, V. Jayanthi2, T. Devi Kamatchi3

Impact of Social Media on Youth
P. Uma Rani1, Padmalosani2

A Access on Consumer Satisfaction of Hero Two Wheeler Bike
SP. Karuppiah1, Surenthran David P2

Design and Development of Mirnov Coil Sensor for Eddy Currents Experiment on Toroidal Vessel
Kanikdeep T. Singh1, Himanshu K Patel2, R. Gangradey3

A Multilevel Solar Inverter Through Dispensed Maximum Power Point Tracking
D. Rajani Kumar1, K. Sumalatha2

An Implementation of Repetitive Scheduling Method in Bus Transportation Schedule
Wistiani Astuti1, Nia Kurniati2, Dirgahayu Lantara3

Scheduling Maintenance of Cooling System based on Risk Priority Number (RPN) using Adaptive Neural Network
Bustani1, Rusdiansyah2, Mohammad Zainuddin3, Supriadi4

Prediction of Diesel Fired Power Plant Feeder Performance using First Order Fuzzy Time Series
Mohammad Zainuddin1, Arbain2, Bustani3, Verra Aullia4

An Efficient Proof-of-Work Mechanism for Computational Feasibility in Blockchain
Madhu Babu Janjanam1, Siva Prasad Pinnamaneni2, Prashant Atmakuri3

CSHM Multiplier and Radix-256 Algorithm using Fir Filter Design
Anusha B1, B.Annapurna2, Arulananth T S3, T.Nagarjuna4

An Improved Stream Processing Access
T.Swathi1, N.Kasiviswanath2, M.Padma3

Impact of Violent Virtual Gaming on the Mental Standing of Youth
Bharath Yuvaraj R1, Jayaprakash D2

A New Proposed Peak-to-Average Power Reduction Parameter to Evaluate SLM and PTS as MIMO-OFDM PAPR Reduction Schemes
Jankala Chandrasekhar1, M.Santhi Kumar2

A Story Systematic Methodical Facts Ownership Examine Agreement in Threat Storage
P Anitha Patel1, D.Rammohanreddy2

An Effective Research on Data Mining Techniques for Intrusion Detection & Learning Classes
Venkateswara Rao Ch1, G. Siva Nageswara Rao2

Block Chain Technology Progress and Challenges in Capital Markets
U. Padmavathi

Concealment Stability Based Path Clout Expedient In Brume-Based Utility
Sangu Raja Reddy1, M.Naresh2

Design of Higher Order Delta Segma Modulator for ADC and CMOS Sensors
J. Pushpalatha1, G.Neelima2

Design of Multi Bit Finite Field Multipler using Xor and Arry Networks
Shashikala Patil1, Rsvs Aravind2

Discrete Multi-Tone (DMT) Modulation Based Multiple Access Resource Allocation for Visible Light Communication
Dasari Subba Rao1, N.S.Maruti Sarma2

Finding Grade Fake and Virus Identifying in Play Store
Gunnam Bindu Madhavi1, A. Purnima2

Recognize Flexible Malevolent Web pages in Real Time
Bhargav Kakani1, Surendra Reddy2

An Automated Security System for Smart Home using Android Application and Arduino
Santhosh Kumar Behera1, M.N. Mohanty2, Chinmoya Akash Pradhan3

Shiny Gross Defended Reports Distribution Pattern for Mobile Smog Calculation
Yerva Sirisha1, D. Rammohan Reddy2

Unharmed Data Deduplication with Potent Claim Upstairs in Nebula Argosy
Musuluri Abhishek1, Surendra Reddy2

Boost Converter based on Photovoltaic Energy System
Priyabrata Pattanaik

Requirements Elicitation and Access: A Research
Gopichand Merugu

Dual Axis Tracker for Photovoltaic Panel
Priyabrata Pattanaik

Small Scaled Autonomous Vehicle
Saumendra Kumar Mohanty1, Badri Narayan Sahoo2

Using Color and Texture Feature Extraction Technique to Retrieve Image
Santanu Kumar Sahoo1, Asit Kumar Subudhi2

Structure of a Smart Grass Cutter Based on Solar Power
Shakti Prakash Jena1, Saroj Kumar Acharya2, Shashi Kant Behera3

Performance Access of Critical Characteristics of stand alone Induction Generator
Tapas Kumar Mohapatra1, Binod Sahu2

Power Quality Inquiry for Grid Connected Solar Inverter
Tapas Kumar Mohapatra1, Sujit Kumar Dash2

RFID Technology Based Library Management System
Sarmistha Satrusallya1, Aneesh Wunnava2

Automatic Street Light Control System
Badri Narayan Sahoo1, Jeeban Jyoti Mahakud2, Priyabrata Pattanaik3

Supervision and Control of Substation by using GSM Module and Microcontroller
Bagyalaxmi Behera1, Mihir Narayan Mohanty2

Designing and Implementing FPGA for AES
Mihir Narayan Mohanty

IOT Based Fire Detection Robot
Satya Ranjan Das1, Santosh Kumar Behera2, Mihir Narayan Mohanty3

Social Media as the Next Trend in Social Business Marketing Social Media as the Next Trend in Solar Business Marketing
J.J. Mahakud1, B.N. Sahoo2, P. Pattanaik3

Implementing RFID for Detecting Vehicular Pollution and Status Monitoring
Nirlipta Kar1, Priyabrata Pattanaik2, S.K. Kamilla3

Implementation of Montgomery Multiplier using Scalable Architecture
Satya Ranjan Das1, Badri Narayan Sahoo2

Social Media as the Next Trend in Social Business Marketing Social Media as the Next Trend in Solar Business Marketing
Gopichand Merugu1, I.Krishnaveni2

Performance Access of Various Ann Layers in Cognitive Radio Network
Pravin Akula1, S N Lakshmipathiraju2

Engineering Design Optimization by Dynamic Cluster based Framework using Mixture Surrogates
Shailesh Sharad Kadre1, Vipin Kumar Tripathi2

An Experimental Access of Spiral Plate Heat Exchange Technique in Immiscible Liquid Mixtures
Bhanu Pratap Pulla1, G .R .Selokar2

Smart Sensors and Arm Based Drainage Monitoring System
Arulananth T S1, Ramya Laxmi G2, Renuka K3, Karthik K4

Research of High Speed and Energy Efficient Visual Cryptography Techniques
V.Arun1, Rajashekhar C Biradar2, V. Mahendra3

(Cr/TiAlCrN/TiAlN/AlSiN/AlSiO) Multi Layer Solar Selective Coatings for Concentrated Solar Power Plant
A. Sandeep1, Sivakumar Ellappan2

Media as a Social Need
Kirti Sanjay Dorchester1, Apurv Chandel2

Securing Healthcare Information in Cloud
S. Aarif Ahamed1, V. Ashok Kumar2

Air Quality Index Prediction using Meteorological Data using Featured Based Weighted Xgboost
Nandigala Venkat Anurag1, Yagnavalk Burra2, S.Sharanya3, Gireeshan MG4

Blockchain-based Smart Waste Management System
Satvik Shrivastava1, Ankush Tripathi2, R. Yamini3

Algorithm for Brain Tumor Detection
K.Govinda, Dhruv Tiwari1, Sachin Mathur2, Somula Ramasubbareddy3

A Classical Method for Health Monitoring on IoT: From Architecture, Security & Application
Adarsh T K1, K P Vijayakumar2

Encryption Techniques to Ensure Data Confidentiality in Cloud
V. Reena Catherine1, A. Shajin Nargunam2

Forecasting of Air Passengers using ARIMA Modeling
Sakshi Sharma1, A.Jackulin Mahariba2

Implementation of Dynamic Artificial Intelligence in Game Development
Rohit Nair.S1, Manav Varma2, Yamini.R3

Multi Layer Feed Forward Neural Network Knowledge Base to Future Stock Market Prediction
G. Sundar1, K. Satyanarayana2

A Novel Method of an Online Opinion Mininge Motions by Comparing Various Mobile Gadgets
K. Gurumoorthy1, P.Suresh2

Hand Gesture Recognition for Emoji and Text Prediction
Usha Kiruthika1, Mayank Mohan2, Neil Abraham3

Sentiment Identification using Movie Reviews
Devika Sharma1, Rajesh Babu2

Improved Intrusion Detection System with Optimization Enabled Deep Neural Networks
Shijoe Jose1, D. Malathi2, Dorathi Jayaseeli3

User Data Driven Recommendation for Location
Harini. M1, Bala Krishna2, Sanjay Bhargav3

sEMG based Classification of Hand Gestures using EMD Algorithm and its Application on Control System
Rahul Bhadra Bajracharya1, Sujan Bhusal2, S. Jagadeesan3

CNN based Image Classification Model
Annapurani. K1, Divya Ravilla2

Load Balancing in Cloud Computing using Modified Throtled Algorithm
Nagadevi. S1, Uma Maheswara Reddy. P2, Rama Krishna Reddy. V3

Influenza Prediction
Akshay George Koshy1, Yuvaana Sundarakrishnan2, K. P. Vijayakumar3

Prioritizing Urgent Messages on Instant Messaging Platforms
Harshaa Vardhan R1, Mulugu Srinivas Shashank2, Saad Yunus Sait3

Face Recognition Door Unlock System
Vijayalakshmi. M1, Krishna Vamsi Thulluri2, Charan Sai Kanchana3

Smart Home Automation using Arduino Integrated with Bluetooth and GSM
Akash Sood1, Ronak Fofaliya2, Rajesh Babu Chandran3

Map Reduce, Pig and Hive on Climatic Condition
K. Govinda1, A. Shubham Nair2, Somula Ramasubbareddy3

Design of Online Healthcare Systems
A.Suresh Kumar1, S.Fabiyola Kavitha2

Genetic Evolutionary Learning Fitness Function (GELFF) for Feature Diagnosis to Software Fault Prediction
P. Patchaiammal1, R. Thirumalaiselvi2

Privacy Protection in Smart Grid using Blind Signature Method
K. Govinda1, Abhigyan Singh2, Somula Ramasubbareddy3

Secure Online Election System
Sneha Subramanian1, Saketh Kamatham2

Fake News and Rumour Detection on Social Media
M.Uma Devi1, Harsh Tyagi2, Alokit Jindal3

Conflation Methods in Stemming Algorithm
Jennifer .P1, A. Muthukumaravel2

The Effectiveness of Recommendation Engine Based on Consumer’s Purchase Behaviour
D. Lakshmanan1, S. Rabiyathul Basariya2

Impact of Cross Training on Employee Skill Development and Career Growth using Prediction Monitoring System
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Cross-Validation and Blind Feature Analysis of 25 Percent Embedding on JPEG Image Format using SVM
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Online Promotion as a Coping Strategy for Career Plateau
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A Secure Communication using Smart Mobile and Cloud Process
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Detection of Blackhole Attacks in Wireless Sensor Networks
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Sentiment on Twitter Data Set using Recurrent Neural Network – Long Short Term Memory
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Sentiment Analysis of Movie using Artificial Neural Network
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Design and Development of Machine Learning Algorithm for Forecasting Crime Rate
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Smart Waste Management System
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Website Reputation System
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Metaclassifiers for Predicting the Robotic Navigational Performance
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Blind Steganalysis for JPEG Images using SVM and SVM-PSO Classifiers
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Coral Reef Image Classifications with Hybrid Methods
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Design of Routing Protocolsin IoT
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Reducing Cloud Data Breaches and Improving Data Security using Honey Encryption Algorithm
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Deep Regressor: Cross Subject Academic Performance Prediction System for University Level Students
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Reduction based Histogram Equalization Technique for Image Enhancement
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Dominant Lexicon Based Bi-LSTM for Emotion Prediction on a Text
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Artificial Intelligence – State of Art Convolution Neural Network Architectures in a Nutshell
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Named Data Networking (NDN), Internet Architecture Design and Security Attacks
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Predicting a Model of Decision Making in All the Systems
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Drone-Aid: An Aerial Medical Assistance
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Logics and Illogic’s in Information Security Flow on Process Development Environment
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An Augmented Reality Multimedia (ARM): A Dynamic Multimedia Encyclopedia on Mobile
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An Intangible Information Security Frame Work Against Attacks in Business Environment
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Load Balancing in Distributed File Systems
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Numerical Examination on the Effect of Internal Fluid Presssure on the Hydrodynamic Response of a Marine Riser