Volume-8 Issue-8S3, June 2019

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Volume-8 Issue-8S3, June 2019, ISSN: 2278-3075 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering & Sciences Publication

Reaug an Implemented Augmented Reality enabled Scanner for Restaurants
Divakar Harekal1, Veena G.S2., Ankit Goyal3, Rahul Sinha4

Face-Iris Multimodal Biometric System using Feedforward Backpropagation Neural Network
Deepali Singhal1, Amit Doegar2

Retinal Blood Vessel Segmentation using Ant Colony System
D. Ratnagiri1, G. Murali2

Sparse Representations of Blind Image Deblurring with Motion
D. Bhavya Varma1, P. Varaprasada Rao2

Spam Detection in Social Networking Sites using Artificial Intelligence Technique
Amit Pratap Singh1, Maitreyee Dutta2

Use of Energy Replenishment Model to Find Optimum Radio Propagation Model in Wireless Sensor Networks
Mohit Angurala1, Manju Bala2, Sukhvinder Singh Bamber3

Adaptive Range Control Scheme to Improve QoS for WSNs
Vivek Deshpande1, Vladimir Poulkov2, Dattatray Waghole3

Image Fusion using Eigen Features and Stationary Wavelet Transform
S. B. G. Tilak Babu1, K. H. K. Prasad2, Jyothirmai Gandeti3, Devi Bhavani Kadali4, V.Satyanarayana5, K. Pavani6

Secured AODV to Prevent Single and Collaborative Black Hole Attack in MANETs
Charu Wahi

Total Factor Productivity in Manufacturing Sector of Bihar: With a Special Reference to tobacco Industry
Ruchi Singh

Bluetooth Automatic Attendance Management using Android Application
Rudra Malali1, Naman Jangid2, Pranjali Satish Deshmukh3, Halgaonkar Prasad S.4

CFD Simulation of In Cylinder Gases of Multi-cylinder Diesel Engine for Estimation of Liner Temperature from Gas Side
N. B. Totla1, C. L. Prabhune2, N. K. Sane3

Automating Security Vulnerabilities using Scanning and Exploiting
Ranjana Jadhav1, Shubhangi Ovhal2, Priyanka Mutyal3, Aishwarya Damale4, Sriya Nagannawar5

Available Transfer Capability (ATC) based Nodal Pricing
V. G. Umale1, S. Wadhankar2, A. A. Deosant3, M. Ahmed4

An Experimental Research in Sustainability Analysis in Industries based on Lean Green and Six Sigma using AHP and Fuzzy AHP
Neha Verma1, Vinay Sharma2

An Experimental Analysis on Opinion Mining Feature Identification for Product Analysis
Jawahar Gawade1, Latha Parthiban2

Customer Purview of Cashless Payment System in the Digital Economy of India
G. Ilankumaran1, V. Darling Selvi2

Predicting Financial Distress of Bhutan Telecom Limited
N. Suresh1, T. Antony Alphonnse Ligori2, Shad Ahmad Khan3, Prabha Thoudam4

By Appearance and/or by Amount: The Impact of Presence and Size of Audit Committees on Real Earnings Management in Bangladesh
Nitai Chandra Debnath1, B. C. M. Patnaik2, Ipseeta Satpathy3

An Experimental Analysis of Various Data Mining Techniques for Software Bug Classification
Raj Kumar1, Sanjay Singla2, Raj Kumar Yadav3, Dharminder Kumar4

Preprocessing for Parts of Speech (POS) Tagging in Dogri Language
Shivangi Dutta1, Bhavna Arora2

Experimental Analysis of Recommendation System in e-Commerce
Neha Verma1, Devanand2, Bhavna Arora3

An Experimental Analysis of Meta Heuristic Techniques on Unimodal and Multimodal Functions
Anju Bala1, Priti2

Off-Line Persian Signature Verification: An Empirical Evaluation
Kamlesh Kumari1, Sanjeev Rana2

Reducing Maintenance Efforts of Developers by Prioritizing Different Code Smells
Randeep Singh1, Dr. Amit Bindal2, Dr. Ashok Kumar3

Multilevel Cloud Security Policy (MCSP) for Cloud-Based Environments
Priya Oberoi1, Sumit Mittal2, Rajneesh Kumar Gujral3

SWOT Analysis of e-Marketing for e-Business
Kelly Steer1, Lalit Garg2, Vijay Prakash3, Vipul Gupta4

A Systematic Analysis of Literature on Dwell-Free Eye-Driven Typing
Bernine Caruana1, Luke Theuma2, Lalit Garg3

An Improved Classification Model for Wide Area Networks with Low Speed Links
Kate Takyi1, Amandeep Bagga2

Squeeze Pack and Transfer Algorithm: A new over the top Compression Application for Seamless data Transfer over Wireless Network
Amandeep Bagga1, Shiv Preet2

Proposing Classification Technique for Plant Disease Detection in Image Processin
Manish Jha1, Tarun Gulati2, Vikas Mittal3

Implementation of SMC Control Action with Pi Sliding Surface for Non Linear Plant Along with Changing Set Point
Bharat Kumar Shamrao Patil1, Laxman M. Waghmare2, M. D. Uplane3

An Experimental Analysis on the Corporate Identity of Institutes of Higher Learning in the Malaysian East Coast Region Vis-À-Vis Market Conditions in Empowering Self-Sustainability
Nor Hafizah Abdullah1, Mohammad Rezal Hamzah2, Suffian HadiAyub3, Sharipah Nur Mursalina Syed Azmy4, Zanirah Wahab5, Hishamuddin Salim6, Wan Abdul Hayyi Wan Omar7

An Experimental Analysis of the Royal Project on Highland
Niracharapa Tongdhamachart1, Loni Berry2

Managing University-Community Engagement (UCE): The Case of UUM
Fathiyyah Abu Bakar1, Zakiyah Sharif2, Zaimah Abdullah3

The Information Processing on Persuasion Towards Young Consumer Decision Making In Music Television Advertising: Experts View
Syazwani Mahsal Khan1, Norsiah Abdul Hamid2, Sabrina Mohd Rashid3

Cybersecurity and Digital Economy in Malaysia: Trusted Law for Customer and Enterprise Protection
Bakri Mat1, Siti Darwinda Mohamed Pero2, Ratnaria Wahid3, Babayo Sule4

Implication of National Culture in Firms‟ Innovative Capabilities From Malaysian Perspective
Siti Farhanah Hasnan1, Razamin Ramli2, Mohd Noor Abdul Hamid3, Maznah Mat Kasim4

An Experimental Analysis of the Role of Stakeholders in the Cocoa Commodity Supply Chain in West Sulawesi, Indonesia
Muhammad Asir1, Rahim Darma2, Muhammad Arsyad3, Mahyuddin4

Adaptive Keypoint Selection for Detection of Tampering in Images and Videos
Sonal Patil1, K. N. Jariwala2

Analyzing Techniques for Tweet Stream Processing for Different Applications
Ashwini Gedekar1, Ashwini Zadgaonkar2

Improving Feature Selection Capabilities in Skin Disease Detection System
Vedanti Chintawar1, Jignyasa Sanghavi2

An Experimental Analysis of Churn Prediction Techniques on Real Time Datasets
Suraj Saklani1, Shubhangi Neware2

Face Detection by using Computer Vision and IoT for Security Application.
Vinay Yogendra Mishra1, Ramchand Hablani2

Techniques for Outfit Composition for Fashion Trend Analysis
Palash tiwari1, Ramchand Hablani2

An Experimental Analysis of Various Algorithms for Classification in Educational Data Mining with the help of LMS
Devika Radhakrishnan1, Shubhangi Neware2

Improving Obsolescence Detection Accuracy using Recurrent Neural Networks
Manasvi Gurnaney1, Shubhangi Neware2

Improving the Efficiency of Forest Cover Forecasting using ANFIS
Sony Ahuja11, Aarti Karandikar2

Improving the Performance of P2P Routing using Adaptive Machine Learning
Amruta Deshmukh1, M. A. Pund2

N-Gram based Smart Living Machines (SLM) on IOT Platform
Rina Damdoo

An Experimental Analysis of Solar PV System under Shaded Condition using P&O Method
Ruchita S. Chaudhari1, Ravindra M. Moharil2

Estimation of Available Transfer Capability For Bilateral Trading Transactions
Poonam Shende1, B. Y. Bagde2, B. S. Umre3

Experimental Analysis of two Encryption Schemes for Security of Video Streaming
Rajashree Mandavgane1, Narendra Bawane2

An Experimental Analysis on Selfish Node Detection Measures and Methods
Sumiti1, Sumit Mittal2

Research Problems in Block Cipher Cryptanalysis: An Experimental Analysis
Amandeep1, G. Geetha2

Modified Ant System Solving TSP Problem
Renu Jangra1, Ramesh Kait2

Performance Analysis of POX, Open vSwitch and Open Day Light SDN Controllers on Cloud
Neeraj Chauhan1, Manu Sood2

An Experimental Analysis of Feature Based Blind Steganalysis Techniques
Swagota Bera1, Monisha Sharma2, Bikesh Singh3

A Malicious Attacks and Defense Techniques on Android-Based Smartphone Platform
MA Rahim Khan1, RC Tripathi2, Ajit Kumar3

Building of the Knowledge Base for the Elaboration of Processes of Food Raw Materials and Food Product Transportation by Means of Tractors and Road Vehicles
Shegelman Ilia Romanovich1, Galaktionov Oleg Nikolaevich2, Kuznetsov Alexey Vladimirovich3, Vasilev Aleksey Sergeevich4, Sukhanov Yury Vladimirovich5

Determination of Anisotropy Value by Compliance Parameter for Titanium Alloy OT4-1
Mikhail V. Grachev

Compact Adsorption Cooling System: An Evaluatio
Jaspalsinh B Dabhi1, Ajitkumar N Shukla2, Sukanta Kumar Dash3

Highly Efficient Phytoradiator Development for Plant Photoculture Based on Combined Spectrum
Alexandr E. Kurshev1, Sergey D. Bogatyrev2, Olga E. Zheleznikova3, Lyudmila V. Sinitsyna4

Systematic Patent-Information Search as a Basis for Synthesis of New Objects of Intellectual Property: Methodology and Findings
Shegelman I. R.1, Shtykov A. S.2, Vasilev A. S.3, Galaktionov O. N.4, Kuznetsov A. V.5, Sukhanov Y. V.6

Technological Features of Irrigation and Assessment Indicators of Multibasic Irrigation Machines Running Systems Efficiency (on the Example of IM Kuban-LK1)
Anatoly I. Ryazantsev1, Alexey O. Antipov2, Alexey I. Smirnov3, Evgeny Yu. Evseev4, Andrey A. Akhtyamov5, Georgy K. Rembalovich6

Multi-Modal Summarization of Read, Watch, Listen for Text and Multimedia Content
P Subhash1, Ram Mohan S A2

Re-Powering Technique to Compare its Suitability with On-Demand Distance Vector Routing Protocols
Mohit Angurala1, Manju Bala2, Sukhvinder Singh Bamber3

An Experimental Analysis of MVDR and MUSIC Algorithm
Vinod Kumar1, Sanjeev Kumar Dhull2

Optimizing Task Scheduling for HPC using Software Defined Network
Vidya Chitre1, Deven Shah2

Experimental and Anova Analysis of Adsorption Cooling System
Jaspalsinh .B Dabhi1, Ajitkumar N. Shukla2, Sukanta Kumar Dash3

Fuzzy-Filtered Neural Network for Rice Disease Diagnosis using Image Analysis
Toran Verma1, Sipi Dubey2

Solution of Intuitionistic Fuzzy Matrix Games Using Centroid Method

An Experimental Analysis on Reading historical narrative as literary Artefact: a Metahistorical Analysis of Manu s. Pillai‟s Rebel Sultans
Reshmy Raj1, Sreenath Muraleedharan K.2

Privacy Preservation in Cloud Computing: An Experimental Analysi
Smita Sharma1, Sanjay Tyagi2

Test Case Ranking with Rate of Fault Finding
Amruta Magdum1, S. D. Joshi2, A. K. Kadam3, Aditya Sarda4

A New Pattern Matching Technique for Web Personalization based on Weighted Association Mining
Prachi Pandey1, Zaved Akhtar2, Indradeep Verma3, Ramveer Singh4

Water Quality Assessment of Six Water Bodies of River Godavari using WAWQI and NSFWQI
G. Sri Bala1, G.V.R. Srinivasa Rao2, P.A.R.K. Raju3, M. Jagapathi Raju4

Developing Engineering Curriculum: The Lean Way
Sunny Nanade1, Sachin Lal2

An Experimental Technique on Features Extraction for Product Feedback using Opinion Mining
Jawahar Gawade1, Latha Parthiban2

An Efficient Deadline Based VM Optimization Technique
Monika1, Pardeep Kumar2, Sanjay Tyagi3

Efficient Encoding Scheme in Genetic Algorithm for Requirement Optimization
Rajesh Kumar1, Rakesh Kumar2

An Optimized Technique to Manage Energy Depletion in Routing Protocol for Low-Power and Lossy Networks (RPL)
Sakshi Aneja1, Sumit Mittal2, Dhirendra Sharma3

Automatic Land Cover Classification Using Learning Techniques with Dynamic Features
Gurwinder Singh1, Ganesh Kumar Sethi2

An Experimental Technique on Potential Issues and Prospective Solution for Preserving Privacy in Big data
Pooja Choudhary1, Kanwal Garg2

ITMR: An Experiment to ACO based Multipath Routing
Shalini Aggarwal1, Pardeep Kumar2, Shuchita Upadhyaya3

An Experimental Analysis of Software Requirement Traceability and Enhancement of Quality of Traceability Process using Quality Assurance Interface
Ankur Aggarwal1, Rajwinder Kaur2

An Experimental on Top-k High Utility Itemset Mining By Efficient Algorithm Tkowithtku.
Ashwini Kurhade1, J. Naveenkumar2, A. K. Kadam3

An Experimental Technique for Efficient Selection of Test Case Prioritization Methods
Pritee Hulule1, S. D. Joshi2, A. K. Kadam3, Aditya Sarda4

An Experimental Technique on Fake News Detection in Online Social Media
Mahamat Adam Boukhari1, Milind Gayakwad2

An new Technique to Develop Secure Data Distribution System Using Min Hash Algorithm
Akshay S. Gaikwad1, J. Naveenkumar2

Augmented Reality: Technology Merging Computer Vision and Image Processing by Experimental Techniques
Vaishnavi J. Deshpande1, Jignyasa Sanghavi2

Revisiting Trust Based Security Techniques in Wireless Network
Ritika Vishwakarma1, Praful Pardhi2

An Experimental Technique on Text Normalization and its Role in Speech Synthesis
Pooja Manisha Rahate1, Manoj Chandak2

Opinion Words and Opinion Techniques for Ecommerce
Komal Urkude1, Jignyasa Sanghavi2

Analyzing Techniques for Fraud Detection in Financial Transactions
Rohan Bhimnrao Rangari1, Manoj B. Chandak2

Potential Issues and Prospective Solution for Sentiment Techniques
Arpita1, Pardeep Kumar2, Kanwal Garg3

Mitigation of Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Attacks over Software Defined Networks (SDN) using Machine Learning and Deep Learning Techniques
Ancy Sherin Jose1, Latha R Nair2, Varghese Paul3

Cloud Forensic Frameworks based on Machine Learning Techniques
Nandita Goyal1, Kanika Gupta2, Munesh Chandra Trivedi3

Examining the impact of MnO2 and CeO2 on Mechanical Properties, Degradability, and the Microstructure of Zirconia
R. Dinesh1, S. Meenaloshini2, G. Mohsen3, U. Sankar4

An Analysis on Consumer Behaviour on Patanjali Products (with reference to west Godavari district, A.P)
K. K. Choudary1, K. V. Sridhar2, V. Sandeep3, N. Satsish4

Termination Simpliciter, a Dismissal Without Just Cause and Excuse? An Analysis of Omar bin Othman v Kulim Advanced Technologies Sdn Bhd (previously known as KTPC Technologies Sdn Bhd) [2019] 1 MLJ 625 (CA)
Ashgar Ali Ali Mohamed1, Mohammad Naqib Ishan Jan2, Farheen Baig Sardar Baig3, Muhamad Hassan Ahmad4

Madrasas and Recruitment of Child Soldiers: The Scenario in Afghanistan
Ghulam Mohammad Qanet1, Mohammad Naqib Ishan Jan2

English Language Teaching – Evolution from Traditional Classroom Teaching to Use of Technology in Classrooms
Carina Miriam John

Quality Management in Automotive Manufacturing & Service Sector
Nilmani Sahu1, K Sridhar2, Dinesh Dubey3

Agency Problems and Corporate Governance Mechanisms in Indian Companies
Shaifali1, Raj Kumar Mittal2

Examination of Adulteration of Edible Oils at the Wavelength of 660nm using a U–Shaped Sensing Element Based Extrinsic Fiber Optic Sensor
S. Srinivasulu1, S. Venkateswara Rao2