Volume-9 Issue-2S2, December 2019

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Volume-9 Issue-2S2, December 2019, ISSN: 2278-3075 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering and Sciences Publication (BEIESP)

Strength Development of Pervious Concrete with Various Aggregate/Cement Ratio
Ramesh Babu Chokkalingam1, Lavanya B2

Estimation of Minor Loss Coefficient Associated with Fitting of Venturimeter in a Pipe System
C. Sivapragasam1, A. Kowsiga2, G. Lidwin Joan Jeraldine3

Effect of Different Combinations of Panchagavya on Plant Yield
C. Sivapragasam1, K. Selva Rani2, S.Vanitha3, A. Kowsiga4, G. Lidwin Joan Jeraldine5

Genetic Programming based Modeling Method for Prediction of Phosphate in Water Hyacinth based Wetland System
S. Vanitha1, C. Sivapragasam2, K. Rohini3, A. Malathy4

Suitability of Macrophytes for Wastewater Treatment and Biogas Generation
S. Vanitha1, C. Sivapragasam2

User-friendly Method and Skew Removal in NIRF
T.R. Neelakantan

Hydraulic Advantage of Piano-key Weir Over Ogee Weir
T.R. Neelakantan1, T. Rajeshwaran2, G. N. Renganathan3

Performance Advantages of Labyrinth Weir
T.R. Neelakantan1, D. Vijay2, R. Sasikrishna3, R. Ashokkumar4

A Compact Equipment for Removing Dissolved Iron from Drinking Water
Shaji M Jamal1, Femi K M et al2, T.R Neelakantan3

Structural Performance of Steel Fibre Reinforced Lightweight Concrete Frames Subjected to Lateral Load
Muthukannan M1, Vinod Kumar M2

Effect of Steel Fibers over the Self Compacting Concrete
A. Chithambar Ganesh1, M. Muthukannan2

Effect of Silica fume on Ordinary Portland Cement and Polymer Concrete Made out of M Sand
Premkumar R1, Ramesh Babu Chokkalingam2, M Shanmugasundaram3, S. Rajesh4

Experimental Research on Treatment of Greywater using a Prototype
S. Christopher Gnanaraj1, Ramesh Babu Chokkalingam2, S.K.M. Pothinathan3, R. Rekha4

Strength Attainment of Geopolymer Concrete with GGBS at Ambient Curing
Ganesan Nagalingam1, Ramesh Babu Chokkalingam2, Meyyappan PL3

Assessment of Blast Resistant Structures
Arunkumar K1, Muthukannan M2

Optimized Utilization of Flyash and Cowdung ash in Enhancing the Properties of Self Compacting Concrete
PL. Meyyappan1, B. Jayaprakash2

Treatment of Textile Waste Water using Different Local Absorbents
Muthukannan M1, Arunkumar K2, Maheswari M3

Durability Behaviour of Geopolymer Concrete with Metakaolin and GGBS
Ganesan Nagalingam1, Ramesh Babu Chokkalingam2, Meyyappan PL3

Establishing Relationship of Porosity and Strength of Fibre Reinforced Concrete
PL. Meyyappan1, N. Ganesan2

Optimum Utilization of Locally Available Waste Materials in Enhancing the Properties of Concrete
PL. Meyyappan

Effect of Polypropylene Fibers over GGBS based Geopolymer Concrete Under Ambient Curing
A. Chithambar Ganesh1, M. Muthukannan2

Behaviour of Low Cost Tiles and Bricks Manufactured using Agricultural Wastes
Jagan Sivamani

Water Quality Index of River Thamirabarani at Papanasam (upper&lower dam) Region, Tamilnadu, India
S. Rajesh1, NVN. Nampoothiri2, S. Vanitha3

Performance Evaluation of Phosphorous Removal by Coagulation using Natural Coagulants
S. Rajesh1, P. Saravanan2, S. Pauline3, R. Premkumar4

Biogas Production from Poultry Wastewater using Anaerobic Digester
C. Marimuthu1, S. Vidya2, S. Diwakaran3

An Experimental Examination on Mechanical and Durability Properties of Cement Replacing with Marble Powder
S. Suresh1, J. Revathi2

Modeling of Compressive Strength of Concrete using Gaussian Membership Function
M. Deepak1, M. Balamurali2, P. Vinoth3, J. Jeeva Bharathi4, K. Kapilaravindh5

Contemporary Methods of Construction for Social Deficit in Housing in India
R. Sathish Kumar

Examination of Traffic Congestion and Remedial Measures, Coimbatore City
S.D. Anitha Selvasofia1, G. Prince Arulraj2, V.G. Srisanthi3

An Experimental Examination on Ice Pattern for Casting Process
T Bharath1, J Sarathkumar Sebastin2

Synthesis, Characterization and Testing of Al Alloy Based Hybrid Composite Materials
S. Suresh Kumar1, M. Uthayakumar2, S. Thirumalai Kumaran3, K. Vinoth Babu4

Thermal Characteristics Analysis on Multi-Heat Pipe Induced Heat Exchange
P. Ram Kumar1, M. Sivasubramanian2, P. Rajesh Kanna3, P. Raveendiran4

Metallic Additives Dispersed Polymer Composites for Irradiation Shielding- A Novel Critique
Vignesh Sreekandan Nair1, Jothiraj Palaniappan2, Winowlin Jappes JT3

Comprehensive Report on Materials for Gas Turbine Engine Components
Anushraj B1, Winowlin Jappes J T2, Adam Khan M3, Dillibabu V4, Brintha N C5

Flow Characteristics of Axisymmetric Cavity Rear Wall Divergence Angle in a Scramjet Combustor
Shan M Assis1, S. Jeyakumar2, K. Jayaraman3

Analysis of Air Jet Erosion on Duplex Stainless Steel
Roshan Kuruvila1, S. Thirumalai Kumaran2, M. Adam Khan3

Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment in the Olive Products Manufacturing Industry
R. Manikandan1, S. Rajesh2, Chatush3, P. Sibhin4, Vignesh5, G. Rampranav6

Manufacturing Process of Ductile Pipe using Casting Technique
R. Manikandan1, S. Rajesh2, T. Nikhil Babu3, P. Vaibhav4, P. Pradeep Kannan5

Automatic Drip Irrigation using Solar Energy
Venkumar P1, Sureshkrishna K2, Vignesh N3, Sundaramoorthy K4, Muthu Kumaran E5

Method of Streamlining Thoughts for Physically Challenged People
Venkumar P1, Sethuraman K2

Synthesis and Characterization of Lanthanum Zinc Aluminate.
G. Kalusuraman1, K. Balamurugan2, N. Sankara Subramanian3, I. Siva4

An Experiment on Solid Propellant Combinations; Evaluate the Propellant Properties using Ultrasonic Impulse Measuring System
J. Sarathkumar Sebastin1, Raghu Dev S K2

Theoretical Examination of Laser Propulsion for Aerospace Application
J. Sarathkumar Sebastin

Anaerobic Digestion Creating Renewable Energy-the Ultimate Closed Loop System
J. Sarathkumar Sebastin

Aggrandizement in the Performance of Double Slope Solar Still with the Incorporation of Peltier Effect in Addition to Water Depths
Vivek Natarajan. S1, Vivekanandhan. B2, Armstrong. M3

Straight-forward Synthesis of Sponge-sphere like Cobalt Tungstate: An Efficient Photocatalyst for Dye Degradation
Leeladevi. K1, Vinoth Kumar. J2, Thiruppathi. M3, Nagarajan. E.R4

Facile Fabrication of ZnO Nanofibers Based Photoanode for Cost Effective Metal–Free Organic Dye–Sensitized Solar Cells
P. Rameshkumar1, A. Pandikumar2

Transition Metal Schiff Base Complexes Synthesis, Spectral Examination and used as a Catalyst in the Oxidation of Alcohols and C-C Coupling Reactions
Arunachalam. S1, Selva Kumar. B2, Arunpandian. M3

Electron Deficient π-hole Assisted Colorimetric Probe for Selective Cyanide Recognition.
Kumaresan Murugesan1, Vanthana Jeyasingh2, Sudha Lakshminarayanan3, Selvapalam Narayanan4, Lakshminarayanan Piramuthu5

Recognition of Cyanide by Urea-Based Bipodal Probe
Vanthana Jeyasingh1, Kumaresan Murugesan2, Sudha Lakshminarayanan3, Selvapalam Narayanan4, Lakshminarayanan Piramuthu5

Brilliant Green Decorated Graphene Oxide for the Detection of Cucurbit[7]uril
Ramesh Prakash1, Narayanan Selvapalam2, Govindaraj Usha3, Karuppasamy Karpagalakshmi4, Lakshminarayanan Piramuthu5

Visible Light-Induced Superior Photocatalytic Activity of Ag@Nd2WO6/ZnO Nanocomposite and its Biological Activity
Arunpandian. M1, Selvakumar K2, Nagarajan E. R3, Arunachalam. S4

Design and Fabrication of Novel Sheet-like Iron Vanadate Photocatalyst for the Photoreduction of Chromium
J. Vinoth Kumar1, K. Leeladevi2, M. Arunpandian3, E.R. Nagarajan4

Effect of Prosopis Juliflora on the Soil Fertility in Usilampatti Zone, Tamil Nadu
Sundaravel Balachandran1, Stalindurai Kesavan2, Arunpandi Pandi3

Electrochemical Performance of Graphene blended NiFe2O4 Composite
Narayanan Selvapalam1, Theivasanthi Thirugnanasambandan2, R. Santhiya3, Karuppasamy Karpagalakshmi4, Lakshminarayanan Piramuthu5

Nutritive Analysis of Cicer Arietinum Via Colorimetery
D. Geetha1, M. S. Revathy2, Gangadhara Angajala3, P. Manorama4, L. Sudha5

Variation of Azimuth Angle Distribution of EAS, With Slope of the Detector Array Plane – A Examination by Semi-Montecarlo Simulation
K. Viswanathan

Transition Hausmannite Nanoparticles Embedded on Uniform Carbon Micro Spheres Synthesis for Electrochemical Examination
P. Devendran1, S. Ezhil Arasi2, R. Ranjithkumar3, C. Sambathkumar4, V. Manirathinam5, N.Nallamuthu6, M. Krishna Kumar7, A. Arivarasan8, S. Asath Bahadur9

Optical Examination on Zinc Sulphide Nanoparticles for Photovoltaic Applications
P Sharmili1, M S Revathy2, S Rajesh3, M Muthu Vinayagam4, R Chokkalingam5

Structural and Electrical Properties of Ammonium Thiocyanate Doped Poly Ethylene Oxide / Poly Vinyl Pyrrolidone Blend Polymer Electrolytes
M. Muthuvinayagam1, K. Sundaramahalingam2, D. Vanitha3, M. Vahini4

Structural and Bonding Behavior Analysis of Microwave Sintered ZnO:Co Materials
D. Sivaganesh1, S. Sasikumar2, S. Saravanakumar3, S. Asath Bahadur4

Pure and Silicon Doped Boron Carbide (BC3) Monolayer as Electrode Material for Li and Na-Ion Batteries – A DFT Examination
Suresh Sampathkumar1, Raja Rajeswari Selva Raj2, Selvarengan Paranthaman3

Physico-Chemical and Optical Examination of Water Stored in Copper Vessels
Naidu Dhanpal Jayram1, K. Viswanathan2, Vinothkumar A3, Mugeshkumar S4, Vanitha V5

UV Spectra of Glycolic Acid Derivatives – A Time-Dependant Density Functional Theory Examination
Mahendiraprabu Ganesan1, Selvarengan Paranthaman2

Effect of Redox Additive Electrolyte on the Electrochemical Performance of MnO2 Nanorods for Supercapacitor Application
S. Arunpandiyan1, C. Selvameenakshi2, S. Ezhil Arasi3, P. Devendran4, A. Arivarasan5

Electrical Properties of PVA:PVP:PEG based Blend Polymer Electrolytes
M. Vahini1, M. Muthuvinayagam2, K. Sundaramahalingam3

Effect of Magnetic Field on Iron Oxide Nanoparticles Suspended Magnetorheological Fluid and its Viscous Properties
P Sharmili1, R Chokkalingam2, M Mahendran3, S Rahul Gorky4, T Santhosh5

Benchmarking Density Functionals on First Row Transition Metal Fluorides (ScF−MnF)
Suresh Sampathkumar1, Selvarengan Paranthaman2

Gel Combustion Synthesis and Characterization of ZnO/NiO Nanocomposite for Supercapacitor Application
R. Packiaraj1, K.S. Venkatesh2, P. Devendran3, S. Asath Bahadur4, N. Nallamuthu5

Synthesis and Characterization of MnFe2O4 Nanoparticles and its Electrochemical Performance Evaluated as Anode for Li-ion Battery Applications
K. Gurushankar1, T. Theivashanthi2, M.S. Revathy3, Durgadevi4

Structural and Charge Density Properties of Manganese Sulfide
S.Saravanakumar1, S. Sasikumar2, D. Sivaganesh3, R. Rajajeyaganthan4

Livelihood Security of Women Agricultural Labourers in Erode District of Tamilnadu
G. Ramesh Pandi1, B. Inayath Ahamed2, A. Saravanan3

Industrial Safety and Well-Being of Fireworks Employees in Sivakasi
P. Ramya1, S. Rubhy2

Green Human Resource Management -Significance of Managerial Support for the Successfulness of Ecological Management
M. Suba1, S. B. Inayath Ahamed2

Dry Sliding Wear of Intra-Layer Curaua/Basalt Polyester Composites under Varying PV Conditions
T. Premkumar1, I. Siva2, Sandro C Amico3, J.T Winowlin Jappes4

Optimization of Mould Base Production using Ranked Positional Weighted Method and Single Minute Exchange of Die System
Arun A P1, Dhamotharan S2, Karthikeyan S3, Rajini N4

Analyzing Energy Efficiency Factors of Residential Towers using Fuzzy AHP: A Case from India
S.S. Qarnain1, S. Muthuvel2, S. Bathrinath3

Machinability Examination on Nylon-6 GFRP Composite with Abrasive Water Jet Machining
Rajesh S1, Manivannan J2, Chokkalingam R3

Biochar From Sugarcane Waste in Polymer Matrix Composite
R. SundaraKannan1, V. Arumugaprabu2, G. Poomari Muthukumar3, S. Vigneshwaran4, S.R. Deepan Saravana Kumar5, R. Muneesh Raj.6

Hazard Identification using Risk Assesment for A Tyre Manufacturing Process
Raj Pradeesh T1, Venkumar P2, Saravanamani M3

Oscillating Flows in Circular Pipes
Ashok Kumar B J1, Muthuvel S2

The Welding Processes of Rolled Homogeneous Armour Steel
N. Vimal Kumar1, M. Uthaya Kumar2, S. Thirumalai Kumaran3

The Machinability of Steels by Abrasive Water Jet
S. Rammohan1, S. Thirumalai Kumaran2, M. Uthayakumar3

Design and Fabrication of Ocean Water Pumping and Storage System
S. Muthuvel1, S. Ananthakrishan2, M. Muthukannan3

Solid Particle Erosion of Duplex Stainless Steel with and Without Nichrome Coating
Roshan Kuruvila1, S. Thirumalai Kumaran2, M. Adam Khan3

Finite Element Analysis of Bimetallic Layered Pressure Vessel using Ansys
S. Manikandan1, K. Mayandi2, N. Rajini3, S. Rajesh4

Examination of Surface Roughness on Abrasive Water Jet Machining of Carbon Epoxy Composite
M. Uthayakumar1, S. Vigneshwaran2, K. Shankar3, R. Balasubramani4, R. Venkatesan5

Abrasive Water Jet Machining Performance on Carbon Epoxy Composite
M. Uthayakumar1, S. Vigneshwaran2, M. Adam Khan3, Adam Slota4, S. Jamal Ahmad5

Integrated Supply Chain Automation using Blockchain
Malleshappa T. Bhagawati1, P. Venkumar2, H.R. Patil3, C.M. Javalagi4

The Techniques Employed in Milling of CFRP to Reduce Material Damages
K. M. John1, S. Thirumalai Kumaran2

Erosion Wear Characteristics on Aroma Skin and Biochar Filled Polyester Composites
Manivannan J1, Rajesh S2, Mayandi K3

Right First Time Improvement in Agco Mexico Pdi – Dmaic Method
Sivaram.S1, Chella Ganesh.D2, Adamkhan.M3

Identification of Essential Elements in Maintaining Efficient Boiler System of a Coal Fired Thermal Power Plant
T. Sivageerthi1, S. Bathrinath2, S. Sarvanasankar3

Experimental Examination Over Heat Exchanging Capacity on the Hollow Pipe Incorporated with Corrugated Copper Plate Dividend and Baffles
Armstrong. M1, Sivasubramanian. M2

Footprint of Online Booking in Hotel Industry
K. P. Dayana1, A. Joseph Xavier2, J. Pradeepkandhasamy3

Contactless Detection of Heartbeat and Cardiopulmonary Modeling using Vector Analyzer
M. Raja1, S. Dhanasekaran2, C. Bala Subramanian3

Major Big Data Challenges in Most Industries and Innovative Solutions
Shanmugasundaram Palanimalai1, R. Velusamy2, P. Vijaykumar3

Design and Development of the Novel Technology for the Treatment of Patients with the Acute and Chronic Renal Failure
Sakthivel Sankaran1, Vishnuvarthanan Govindaraj2, M Pallikonda Rajasekaran3, Mohamed Mydeen Mohamed Mansoor4, Javith Rasha Askar5, Abinaya Srinivasan6

Calcium D-Pantothenate as Green Corrosion Inhibitor on Mild Steel in 240 ppm NaCl Solution
Rajajeyaganthan Ramanathan1, Albin Aloysius2, Auxilia Christy3, Noreen Anthony4, Gangadhara Angajala5

Photocatalytic Efficiency of Ho2O3-ED-HPV in Bisphenol-A Removal
K. Selvakumar1, V. Ramani2, K. Thirumalai3, A. Arun4, M. Swaminathan5

Production and Marketing of Bricks in Srivilliputtur
P. Ramakrishnan

Impact of Digital Marketing on Consumer Purchase Decision
K. Ravindran1, V. Sathyamoorthi2

A Gap Analysis on Awareness and Utilization of Social Media Banking – the New Line of Self Service Banking
G. Thamaraiselvi

Customer Satisfaction towards Hyundai Car in Virudhunagar District
S. Karthik1, R. Selvakumar2

Customers’ Attitude towards Shopping at Home
G. Thamaraiselvi

An Examination on Production and Marketing of Cotton in Srivilliputtur Taluk
P. Ramakrishnan

An Empirical Research on the Problems and Prospects Perceived by the Small Scale Entrepreneurs in Salem District
S. B. Inayath Ahamed

Expectation of Online and Offline Shopping and its Impact towards Customer Purchase Intention
Chandrasekar Thangavelu1, Jawahar Rani Kanagasabapathi2

Examining Driving Forces of SHRM Practices Promoting Organisation Effectiveness
V. Sathya Moorthi1, S. B. Inayath Ahamed2

Financial Performance of Regional Rural Banks in Tamilnadu
G. Ramesh Pandi

Consumer’s Perception towards Online Shopping- A Special Reference to Chennai
P. Nagalakshmi

Developing Conceptual Frame work for Building Sustainable Organisation through Organisational Citizenship Behaviour
Ramalakshmi Krishnan1, Anil Chandrasekaran2, Selvarani Mariappan3

Organisational Citizenship Behaviour and Quality of Work Life Balance among Educationalist and Hospital Workers
K. Ramalakshmi1, Selvarani Mariappan2

Cost Control Methods for Efficient HVAC in Office Building
Ar. P. Kalaivani

Tactile Ground Surface Indicator –Installation and Challenges Faced by Visually Impaired Globally
J. Piriya Ram Prabhu1, N. Lakshmi Thilagam2

Sustainable Transportation System
Raxshitha Sasikala1, N. Lakshmi Thilagam2

Smart Cities: A Local Perspective
Vinu Pandyan Lakshmanan1, N. Lakshmi Thilagam2

Fabrication of Motorized Low Speed Double Cone Blender
P. Balamurugan1, S. Deepak Raja2, N. Sesha Sai Baba3, Ajay Pratap Kushwaha4, Md Nasrullah5

Optimisation of AWJM Process Parameters for Machining Granite using PCA Methodology
Lingaraj N1, S K Rajesh Kanna2, P Sivasankar3, Ilayaperumal K4, Akash C5

Experimental Examination of Metal Matrix Composite using EDM
Bharani Kumar. S1, Arul S2, Murugan C3, Sethuramalingam P4, K. Mayandi5

Property Enhancement of Aluminium Based MMCs with Various Reinforcements
Jessy Michla. J.R1, Rajini. N2

Influence of Chemical Treatment on Tensile and Flexural Properties of Sansevieria Cylindrica Polyester Composites
C. Bennet1, N. Rajini2, J.T. Winowlin Jappes3

Examination of Tensile Strength and end Notch Flexure Properties of Unidirectional Basalt Fabric Reinforced Polymer Composites With and Without Addition of Biochar Filler
K. Mayandi1, N. Rajini2, S. Rajesh3, M. Gopal Krishnan4, N. Antony Rooth5

Thermal Conductivity and Flammability Analysis on Coconut Sheath Reinforced Polyester Composites
I. Siva

Vibration Analysis on Luffa Fiber Reinforced Polyester Composites
S. Saravanasankar1, G. Kalusuraman2, I. Siva3

Erosion Wear Performance of Sheep Wool Fibre Reinforced Polyester Composites
Manivannan J1, Rajesh S2, Mayandi K3

Erosion Analysis on Copper Fly-Ash Composite
P. Balamurugan1, M. Uthayakumar2, S. Vigneshwaran3, H. Akilan4, N. Krishnakumar5, Vigneshpandikumar6

Glass Fiber Hybrid and Stacking Sequence Effects on the Properties of Sisal/Polyester Composite
Avinash Shinde1, I. Siva2

Fiber Surface Treatment Effects on Wear and Friction of Luffa/Polyester Composites
S. Saravanasankar1, G. Kalusuraman2, I. Siva3

Inspection of Materials by Laser Based 3D Scanning
Rajesh S1, Kalyan Kumar Reddy N2, Madhu P3, Tarun K4

Experimental Examination of Mechanical Analysis on Pandanus Odorifer Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composites
Jothiraj Palaniappan1, Vignesh S2, Winowlin Jappes J T3

Queuing System in E- Commerce
S. Merlin1, S. Maragathasundari2, D. Senthilkumar3, K.S. Dhanalakshmi4

Queuing System Modeling for Supermarkets
S. Maragathasundari1, R.S. Somasundaram2, P. Karunakaran3, P. Manikandan4

Implementation of Protective Device for Lineman Protection in Real Time Operation
T. Arun Prasath1, Suprabhat Bharti2, B. Pavan Kumar3, A. Harsha Vardhan4

Power Flow Management of Grid Connected Micro-Grid
P Aruna Jeyanthy1, Elstin Prees2, K Saravanakumar3

Improved DE Algorithm for Power System Stabilizer for Damping Low Frequency Oscillations
Sreedivya K.M1, P. Aruna Jeyanthy2, D. Devaraj3

Harmonic Analysis and Control of Grid-Connected Solar PV Inverter under Normal and LVRT Operating Modes
S. Raja Mohamed1, P. Aruna Jeyanthy2, D. Devaraj3

Examination of the Impact of Smart Grid Technologies For Energy Saving Potential on Residential Buildings in India
Nisha.V1, V. Vasudevan2, A. Ramkumar3

A Complete Power Demand Distribution using Renewable Electricity Generation System for India by Incorporating Solar, Wind, Thermal and Biomass Energy Resources
Karunya Rajha G S1, Shilaja C2

An Optimization Strategy for Sustainable Development of Renewable Energy System
Karunya Rajha G S1, Shilaja C2

Solving Transmission Expansion Planning Problem by Enactmenting Differential Examination
Karunya Rajha G S1, Shilaja C2

Amalgamation of Clustering and Meta-heuristic Optimization Techniques for Automated MR Brain Analysis
Senthilkumar Natarajan1, Vishnuvarthanan Govindaraj2, Kannapiran Balasubramanian3, Pallikonda Rajasekaran Murugan4, Arunprasath Thiyagarajan5, Anitha Narayanan6, Deny John Samuvel7

The Strategies for the Production of Biodiesel through Eco-Friendly Microalgal Systems
V. Deepak1, Aswathy Udayan2, Nidhin Sreekumar3

Influence of Dextransucrase of Weissella Cibaria Nitcsk4 on Low Molecular Weight Dextran Yield: a Statistical Approach using Mixed Level Taguchi Design and Artificial Neural Network
Kanimozhi J.1, Sivasubramanian V.2, Ganesh Moorthy I.3, R. Sivashankar4

Degradation of Phospholipids by N, N-Dimethylformamide Induced Liver Toxicity in Male Wistar Rats
Jyothi Kanagaraj1, Vasanthi Nachiappan2, Ghurupreya Ramesh3

Cardioprotective Plant Extracts
Sankarganash Arunachaalam1, Umapriya2, Selvaraj Kunjiappan3

Earthworm, an in Vivo System to Screen Proliferative and Antimitotic Compounds
Kamaraj Rajamanikkam1, Chandran Rajesh2, Ramesh Prakash3, Narayanan Selvapalam4, Karuppaiah Palanichelvam5

Formulation and Examination of Organic Oil and Shampoo from Fish Scales
Ramya Petchimuthu1, Angelin Jenit Franklin2, Maria Agnes Roganzia Sahayaraj3, Abisha
Gopalan4, Mari Selva Sundari Raju5, Vanavil B.6

Association of Alcaligenes Faecalis Strain in Juvenile Earthworms, from Cocoons of Eudrilus Eugeniae
Ganapathy Nadana Raja Vadivu1, S. Sheik Asraf2, Karuppaiah Palanichelvam3

Phenol Transport and Biodegradation Model in an Unsaturated Porous Media from Wastewater Discharge
Naresh K. Sharma1, Berlin M.2

Macroalgae and Activated Sludge Microbes in Treatment of Crepe Cotton Effluent
Muttu Pandian P.1, Matheswaran M.2, Vanitha S.3, Sivapragasam C.4, Naresh K. Sharma5

Computational Aspects of (E)-O-Carbomethoxy Methyl Oxime Ether of 1,3-Dimethyl-2,6-Diphenylpiperidin-4-One
N. Sankara Pandian1, B. Siva Prakash2, M. Thillai Natarajan3, C. Ramalingan4, M. Velayutham Pillai5

ATiO3 (A = Ca, Sr, Ba & BP) Pervoskites in Cubic and Tetragonal Phase using TB-LMTO-ASA Method
K. Stalindurai1, R. Vettumperumal2

Size/Shape Controlled Synthesis of Au/Tio2 Nano-Composites
Pandian Lakshmanan1, Vadivel Saravanan2, Chennan Ramalingan.3

Synthesis, Characterization and Photophysical Analysis of CDS Nanoparticles
Sundaravel Balachandran1, Ponnuchamy Singannan2, Anushiya Thiraviam3

Phytochemical Screening, Spectroscopic Examination and Antimicrobial Evaluation of PHE (Poly Herbal Extract) of Selected Indian Medicinal Herbs
P. Manorama1, Gangadhara Angajala2, Geetha Das3

Synthesis of Nanosized Titanium Dioxide (Tio2) by Sol-Gel Method
S. Ramalingam

Design and Structural Examination of ZnO Nanoparticles
J. Vinoth Kumar1, M. Arunpandian2, E. R. Nagarajan3

Oxidation of Benzoin to Benzil using Lanthanum Oxide
Govindaraj Usha1, Ramesh Prakash2, Narayanan Selvapalam3, Karuppasamy Karpagalakshmi4, Lakshminarayanan Piramuthu5

Ag/Nd2o3-Zno Nanocomposite: Visible Active Efficient Photocatalytic Degradation of Methylene Blue and its Antibacterial Activity
Arunpandian M.1, Selvakumar K.2, Nagarajan E. R.3, Arunachalam S.4

Colorimetric Determination of Amino Acids using Fluorescent Copper Nanoparticle
Ramesh Prakash1, Narayanan Selvapalam2, Govindaraj Usha3, Karuppasamy Karpagalakshmi4, Lakshminarayanan Piramuthu5

Classification of Student Performance Dataset using Machine Learning Algorithms
K. Maheswari1, P. Deepalakshmi2, K. Ponmozhi3

Prediction of Adversary’s TTP using Caldera
Diana Arulkumar1, Kartheeban. K.2

Computer Aided Drug Design for Finding a therapeutics for Dengue Virus Targets
A. Jainul Fathima1, G. Murugaboopathi2

Secured Mobile Cloud Service System Based on Trapdoor
K. Mohana Prabha1, P. Vidhya Saraswathi2

An Improved Frequent Pattern Mining in Sustainable Learning Practice using Generalized Association Rules
R. Revathy1, S. Balamurali2

Reliable Data Delivery in Manet using Adaptive Demand Driven Routing Protocol and Semi Markov Process
M. Maragatharajan1, C. Balasubramanian2, S. P. Balakannan3

Analysis of Programming Tools and Techniques in 3D Printing Technology
N.C. Brintha1, J.T. Winowlin Jappes2, P. Jothiraj3

Hybrid Optimization Driven Technique for Malicious Javascript Detection Based on Deep Learning Classifier
Scaria Alex1, T Dhiliphan Rajkumar2

Inclusion of Pre-Processing and Time Series Algorithms in Map Reduce Environment using Big Data Analytics
P. Nagaraj1, P. Deepalakshmi2

Biometric Attendance for Classrooms – A Real-Time Implementation
Suprakash S1, Balakannan S P2, Sugumar V R3, Manoj Kumar R4, Viswanathan K5

Energy Efficient Fuzzy Cost-Effective Routing for Transmission of Critical Physiological Parameters in Wireless Body Area Network under Emergency Scenarios
V. Navya1, P. Deepalakshmi2

Effectual Resource Allocation using Auction Mechanism in Cloud Computing
R. Ananthakumar1, K. Kartheeban2

Deep Reinforcement Learning Based on Link Prediction Method in Social Network Analysis
T. Manjunath Kumar1, R. Murugeswari2

Accident Prevention and Traffic Pattern Analysis System for Hilly Regions
V. Ramachandran1, R. Ramalakshmi2, K. Mathankumar3

Design of Offline and Online Writer Inference Technique
R. Raja Subramanian1, Ramalakshmi Ramar2

Appropriate Cluster Head Determination Strategy for Extending the Wireless Sensor Network’s (WSN’s) Lifetime
V. Baby Shalini

Classification of Eog Signal using Elman Recurrent Neural Network for Different Age Groups
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Analysis of Attack Scenarios in Trust Authentication Protocols
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A Combined Horizontal Parallel Apriori Algorithm and Adaptive Frequent Pattern Growth Algorithm for Big Data Mining
M. Sornalakshmi1, S. Balamurali2, M. Venkatesulu3

Online Brain Image Repositories for Brain Disease Detection
P. Sriramakrishnan1, T. Kalaiselvi2, S.T. Padmapriya3, S. Ramkumar4, K. Ponmozhi5

SIM Forensics: Extraction and Preparation of Digital Evidence using Sim Xtractor
C. Aanandha Subramanian1, K. Suthendran2, M. Satheesh Kumar3

Sustainable Software Agent Programming
M. Prasath1, B. Perumal2

Open Source Internet of Things Platforms
Senthil Kumaran. S1, Balakannan S. P.2

Application of Feature Weighting for the Intensification of Data Classification
J. Arunadevi1, K. Ganeshamoorthi2, R. Rampriya3

Performance Evaluation of Intrusion Detection System based on LDK, NCA Algorithms and GBC Method
D. Nethra Pingala Suthishni1, Anna Saro Vijendran2

Spam Detection in Online Comments Based on Feature Weight Breakdown
Sherin MariamJohn1, K. Kartheeban2

Assistive Device for Visually Challenged People to Read Books using Lab View
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Existing Fetal ECG Monitoring Methods
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Techniques to Prevent Bedsore in Physically Disabled Patients
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Collagen Based Sponges for Wound Healing
M. Vallimeenal1, L. Pravina2, M. Anisha3, N. Vigneshwari4, M. Sushmitha5, C. Jim Elliot6

Augmenting Cleansing Process for Reducing Occupational Hazards Experienced by Labours Handling Pyrotechnical Chemicals in Firecracker Units
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Robotic Arm for the Easy Mobility of Amputees using EMG Signals
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Detection of Skin Cancer using Optical Method
C. Jim Elliot1, V. Aarthirani2, J. Sivasangari3, V. Umasankari4, P. Sowmiya5

An Automated Map Process Based Improved Fuzzy C-Means Algorithm for Pathological Detection in MR Image
S. Vigneshwaran1, Vishnuvarthanan Govindaraj2, N. Anitha3, M. Pallikonda Rajasekaran4, Yu-dong Zhang5, T. Arunprasath6

Examining the Pathological Portions in MR Brain Slices using Automated Map and Improved Fuzzy K-Means Clustering
S. Vigneshwaran1, Vishnuvarthanan Govindaraj2, N. Anitha3, M. Pallikonda Rajasekaran4, T. Arunprasath5

Blood Flow Separator Design in Passive Lab-on-Chip Device
Sushmitha Maruthu Pandiyan1, Kiruba Sebatiny Sebastin Solomon Kenned2, Jeyasri Thenra3, Vigneswaran Narayanamurthy4, Anisha. M5, Anusha Devi Kannan6

An Electrical Stimulator to Suppress the Nervous Pain in Diabetic Neuropathic Patients
J. Francis Felix Sindhuja1, S. Chitra2, K. Deepthi3, M. Anisha4, R. Madhan Balaji5

Parameterization of BFO Algorithm for the Improved Functionality of MFKM Technique for Better Pathological Identification in Brain MR Image
Anitha Narayanan1, Yudong Zhang2, Pallikonda Rajasekaran Murugan3, Vishnuvarthanan Govindaraj4, Vigneshwaran Senthilvel5, Sakthivel Sankaran6

Development of a Scalable Coding for the Encryption of Images using Min-Max Block Truncation Code
Jeya Bright Pankiraj1, Vishnuvarthanan Govindaraj2, Pallikonda Rajasekaran Murugan3, Arun Prasath Thiyagarajan4

Custom Power Device in Multilevel Inverter for Power Quality Improvement
Geevarghese Mathew Kurian1, P. Aruna Jeyanthy2, D. Devaraj3

Solar Powered Dc Nano-Grid with Multi Agent Control Strategy
Periyasamy Muthuvel

The Role of Calcium Phosphates and Electrospun 3D Scaffolds in Bone Tissue Engineering Scaffolds
V. Yogeshwar Chakrapani1, T. S. Sampath Kumar2

Environmental Condition Monitoring System of Textile Industry for Sustainable Development Goal
Saravanakumar G1, Baalachandar C V2, Mohaideen Abdul Kadhar K3

A Machine Learning-based Online Social Network Analysis for 360-Degree User Profiling
R. Kanniga Devi 

Machine Learning Paradigm towards Content Based Image Retrieval on High Resolution Satellite Images
P.K. Kavitha1, P. Vidhya Saraswathi2

An Intelligent Big Data Analytics System using Enhanced Map Reduce Techniques
S. Dhanasekaran1, B.S. Murugan2, V. Vasudevan3

Segmenting Images like MR Brain, Breast and Scintigraphy Thyroid Gland using Fuzzy C Means Based Morphological Reconstruction Filters
R. Sumathi1, M. Venkatesulu2

Machine Learning for Epidemiological Analysis in the Industrial Area for a Sustainable Life
J. Susymary1, P. Deepalakshmi2

Flow Based Intrusion Detection System for Software Defined Networking using Hybrid Machine Learning Technique
K. Muthamil Sudar1, P. Deepalakshmi2

Blockchain Technology: A Step Towards Sustainable Development
P. Chinnasamy1, P. Deepalakshmi2, V. Praveena3, K. Rajakumari4, P. Hamsagayathri5

Methodize of Block Chain Technology
M. J. Abinash1, V. Vasudevan2

An Artificial Intelligence based Analysis in Legal Domain
V. Vaissnave1, P. Deepalakshmi2

Influence of Claim Management in Construction Industry
Mukilan K.1, Ramesh babu C.2, Muthukannan M.3

Contrastive Analysis on Mechanical Properties of M Sand and River Sand Cement Mortar Bricks With Partial Restoration of Rice Husk Ash
R. Sivasankar1, R. Sutharsan2, G. Gobinath3, T. Thiruvarulselvan.4

Implementation of Lean in Four-Wheel Drive Front Axle Sub Assy Line
T. Premkumar1, K. Shanmugam2, V. Kandeeban3

Amino Acid as Capping Agent for Electrolytic Synthesis of Copper Nanoparticles
Narayanan Selvapalam1, Ramesh Prakash2, M. Sivasubramanian3, Karuppasamy Karpagalakshmi4, Lakshminarayanan Piramuthu5

Construction of Novel Zinc Vanadate Nanostructure: a Promising Visible-Light Active Photocatalyst for the Degradation of Methylene Blue
M. Thiruppathi1, K. Leeladevi2, C. Ramalingan3, E. R. Nagarajan4

Analysis and Optimisation of Disc Brake System for Two-Wheeler Applications
Jaison Mathew Zacharia1, Hari Krishna Shaji2, Jerald James3, Sree Ram H.4

The Low Cost, High Performance Material for Automotive Application
Sangilimuthukumar J1, Winowlin Jappes J T2, Siva I3, Brintha N C4

Development of Protective Industrial Mask for Working in Clensol Environment
Vignesh Sreekandan Nair1, Jothiraj Palaniappan2, Vasanth Prasad3, Winowlin Jappes J T4

Identification of Hazards and Safety Measures in Food Processing Industry
Raj Pradeesh T1, Venkumar P2, Ramapandian A3

AWJM Performance Measurement of Sandwich Composites
Avinash Shinde1, I. Siva2

Behavior of SS-316 in Engine Oil Simulated Environment
Gokul A K1, Gokula Krishnan S2, Adam Khan M3, Anushraj B4, Winowlin Jappes J T5

Energy Management Micro Grid using Hybrid De Algorithm with Genetic Algorithm
Anil Kumar P. G.1, P. Aruna Jeyanthy2, D. Devaraj3

Design and Fabrication of Low Cost Automatic Cleaning Module for Solar PV Systems
Vijayakumar K.1, Santhosh Ram G. P.2, Abubakkar Siddhik M.3, Parameswari A. M.4

Automating the Drug Dosage of Tacrolimus for Liver, Renal Transplant Patients using Neural Network
Nijitha Thomas K.1, Aswathy Wilson2

Sentiment Scoring and Performance Metrics Examination of Various Supervised Classifiers
Sherin Mariam John1, K. Kartheeban2

Overview-Ecological Management Connecting Green Knowledge Management and Organizational Performance
M. Suba1, S. B. Inayath Ahamed2