Volume-9 Issue-2S4, December 2019

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Volume-9 Issue-2S4, December 2019, ISSN: 2278-3075 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering and Sciences Publication (BEIESP)

Assessing of Modern Machinaries used by Large Scale Construction Firms for High Cost Construction Projects
S. Vinoth Kumar1, C. Anish2, S. Venkat Raman3, K. Sathish Kumar4

To Monitor Moore’s Law with Red-Black Trees
Allin Geo Varghese1, K. P. Kaliyamurthie2, G. Michael3

Decoupling Operating Systems from the Producer-Consumer Problem in Semaphores
C. Rajabhushnam1, B Sundar Raj2, Sri Vidhya3

Power Changeover Technologies for Networking and Telecom Power Systems
C. Rajabhushnam1, B Sundar Raj2, Sri Vidhya3

Search Unstructured Data Performance in P2P Networks Based on User Interest Model
K. Shanmugapriya1, I. Mary Linda2, Kavitha G3

Maximization of Two Techniques of Relay Networks using Co-Operative Protocols
K. Shanmugapriya1, D. Jayapriya2, Kavitha G3

Improving on Network Congestion
N.Sivaranjani1, Amudha S2, Mary Linda I3

Improving Security and Safety Issues Data Stored in Cloud
N. Sivaranjani1, Amudha S2, Mary Linda I3

E-Learning: Educational Video Search through Dynamic Video Annotation
N. Sivaranjani1, Amudha S2, Mary Linda I3

The Relationship between IPv6 and Link-Level Acknowledgements
N. Sivaranjani1, Amudha S2, Mary Linda I3

Efficient Use of Rechargeable Sensor Network’s Energy for Transmitting the Data in Optimized Manner
P. Arumugam1, T. Krishna Kumar2

Memory Allocation of Automated VM on a Server in Cloud
S. Pothumani1, C. Anuradha2, S. Sangeetha3

An Optimized Method for Dynamic Super Blocks
S. Pothumani1, C. Anuradha2, SR. Srividhya3

Filtering Concept for Web Learning
G. Michael1, C. Nalini2, C. Geetha3

The Influence of Cyber Informatics as Stable Archetypes on Networking
P. Arumugam1, T. Krishna Kumar2

Secrecy Regulation and Obstruction of Photo Theft on Social Platform
I. Mary Linda1, C. Anuradha2, S. Pothumani3

Feature Extraction for Image Texture Classification
Sidharthraj. R.S1, A. John Paul Praveen2, S. Balaji3

Machine Replication of Human Perusing using Optical Character Recognition with Tesseract
D. Vimala1, P. Nandhini2, R. Elankavi3

Pentagonal Graph for Designing Manufacturing Cellular System
S Thirunavukkarasu

NOx Emission Reduction in Flue Gas of Coal Fired Thermal Power Station and its Control Measures by Secondary Measures
T. P. Meikandaan1, M. Hemapriya2, V. Vidhya3

Development of Flue Gas Desulphurization Reactor for Reducing SOX Emission from Flue Gases Emitted in Thermal Power Plants
T. P. Meikandaan1, M. Hemapriya2, Jagadep Kumar3

Design of Rectangular Weir (Sivakasi Lake)
S. Rajesh1, B. Saritha2, Maria Subashini L3

Implementation of Thin Walled Steel Sections
S. J. Mohan1, S. Thendral2, A. Arunya3, R. Chitra4

Appraisal of SOx Emission from Flue Gas in Thermal Power Station and Dry Sorbent Injection (DSI) Method to Reduce SOx
A. Mani1, Justin Jagadeep Kumar2

Experimental Work on Plain Cement Concrete Partially Replaced with Tannery Sludge
S. Venkatraman1, K. Sathish Kumar2, C. Anish3, A. Mani4

Design of Steel Column
K. Sathish Kumar1, P. Mugilvani2, Anish.C3

Audit on Factors Causing Cost Over Runs in Construction Industry
S. Venkatraman1, Anish.C2, S. Rajesh3, R. Venkatakrishnaiah4

Usage of Modern Applications for E-Recruitment Process in Private Firms
W. Porselvi1, Sumathi Arjunan2, M.M. Shanmuga Priya3

Examination Performance of Students Trained with Modern Learing Tools
M. Sankar1, R. Vasuki2, G. Anadhi3

Introducing Modern Leraning Tools for Developing English Language Among School Students
W. Porselvi1, C. Archana Priya2, S. Baranichelvi3

L-Cordial Labeling for Path Union Graphs of Flywheel of 4 Stroke Single Cylinder Engine
J. Arthy

Training of Skilled and Unskilled Labours for Handling Preliminary Machinaries in Manufacturing Units
W. Porselvi1, B. Venkata Srilatha2, M. Sankar.3

Impact of Information and Communication Tools in Enhancing the Students Perfromance in Exams
M. Sankar1, W. Porselvi2, Sumathy Arjunan3

Internet Protocols for Mananging the Banking Structure Amoung Foreign Banks
W. Porselvi1, N. Mathan Kumar2, S. Mari3

Impact of Technical Training in Modern Gadgets for Professionals
W. Porselvi1, K. Thiyagarajan2, S. Janifer Vinnarasi3

Technological Defects Faced by the High School Students and Setbacks in their Performance
M. Sankar1, S. Barani Chelvi2, B. Venkata Srilatha3

Low Temperature Oil for House Hold Applications Extracted from Simple Hand Driven Screw Pump
W. Porselvi1, R. Vasuki2, G. Anandhi3

Effective Server based Tool for Assesing the Sales Data in an Random Organization
W. Porselvi1, S. Jeni Theresa2, T. Subalatha3

Dominance of Technical Facilities Available in Individuals based Bank than Compared to Corporate based Banks
S. Janifarvinnarasi1, N. Mathankumar2, M. Sankar3

Modern Security Equipments Available in Garment Shops in City
Sumathyarjunan1, W. Porselvi2, S. Janifer Vinnarasi3

Easy Money Back Option using Simple Internet Based E-Filling Form
SumathyArjunan1, M.M. Shanmugapriya2, C. Archanapriya3

Modern Tools for Predicting Exchange Rates for Various Trade Activities
Sumathy Arjunan1, S. Barani Chelvi2, B. Venkata Srilatha3

Technical Setbacks Encountered in Internet Based Travel Booking Applications
Sumathy Arjunan1, S. Barani Chelvi2, B. Venkata Srilatha3

Ill Consequences of Social Media in Intepreting Customers Buying Opinion
C. Archanapriya1, M. Sankar2, K. Thiyagarrajan3

Modern Machinaries for Processing Organic Foods in Developed Cities
S. Janifarvinnarasi1, M.M. Shanmugapriya2, C. Archanapriya3

Online Validation of Mortgage Backed Security System for Easiness of Customers
C. Archanapriya1, S. Mari2, N. Mathankumar3

Re Routing of Links Associated Purchase of Low Cost Products Availabel in Online Shopping Websites
C. Archanapriya1, S. Barani Chelvi2, B. Venakata Srilatha3

Least Prefernce of High Sulfide Content Shampoos for Rural Consumers
D. Venkatrama Raju1, J. Kannan.2

Algorithm for Identifying Commonly Purchased Products
D. Venkatrama Raju1, J. Kannan2

Increase in Economy Rate using Modern Business Tools
D. Venkatrama Raju1, J. Kannan2

Stress Induced in Low Carbon Steel Tubes of Kids Bicycle Upon Impact
D. Venkatrama Raju1, J. Kannan2

Level of Entrepreneurial Success Among Women in the Agribusiness
T. Subhalatha1, S. Mari2, K. Thiyagarajan3

Management Information Systems and Corporate Decision– Making
S. Barani Chelvi1, W. Porselvi2, Sumathi Arjunan3

Managers Role in Redefining Performance Management
M.M. Shanmugapriya1, B. Venkata Srilatha2, Sumathi Arjunan3

Antioxidant Activities of Imino Chromene Derivatives with Even Alkyl tail: Synthesis and Characterisation
Madasamy Kumar1, Veerappan Jeyachandran2, Arumugam Sathamraja3, Pandian Paulraj4

Induction Program for Trouble Shooting Basic Tools in Manufacturing Industries
S. Robin1, G. Santhoshkumar2, R. Velanganni3

E-Perfromance Calculator for Employees in Private Firm
S. Robin1, G. Santhoshkumar2, R. Velanganni3

Employing of Technical Assistants by Means of Micro Finance Factors
Anudevi1, V. Sailaja2, S. Binapani3

Validating and Examination Employees on Daily Basis using Simple Database Management System
Anudevi1, V. Sailaja2, S. Binapani3

Improper Service Assistances for Captial Investements in Rural Areas
Anudevi1, V. Sailaja2, S. Binapani3

Service Oriented Strategies Applicable for Online Food Suppling Applications with Respect to Users
C. Archanapriya1, W. Porselvi2, Sumathy Arjunan3

Improper Technical Guidance Faced by Officials of Insurance Firm
T. Subha Latha1, M. Sankar2, N. Mathan Kumar3

Lack of Proper Technical Gadgets for Authority Personnels in Chennai
G. Anandhi1, T. Subha Latha2, S. Jenifer Vinnarasi3

Modern Mobile App for Assessing the SWOT Report for Buisness Professionals
G. Anandhi1, K. Thiyagarajan2, N. Mathan Kumar3

Technological Implementation for Increasing the Production Effecitivity
M. Shanmugapriya1, S. Mari2, K. Thiyagarajan3

Online based Modernised Recruitment Process for Industries
G. Vinothini1, R. Priya2, S. Jayanthy3

Technologies for Enhancement of Shares in Online Trading
T. Subhalatha1, M. Shanmuga Priya2, C. Archanapriya3

Green and Efficient Synthesis and Characterization of Amino Chromene Derivatives with Add Alkyl Tail
Madasamy Kumar1, Veerappan Jeyachandran2, ArumugamSathamraja3, PandianPaulraj4

Green Synthesis of Zinc based Nanoparticles for Thermal Industry based Applications
Govindaswamy Padmapriya1, Pandian Paulraj2, Ayyar Manikandan3

Plant Extract Assisted Green Synthesis and Structural Studies of Spinel Nial2o4 Nano-Catalysts
Govindaswamy Padmapriya1, Pandian Paulraj2, Ayyar Manikandan3

Single Pot Synthesis, Characterization of Nickel Schiff Base Metal Complex by in-Situ Method
Pandian Paulraj1, Madasamy Kumar2, Arumugam Sathamraja3, Govindaswamy Padmapriya4

Synthesis and Characterization of [Sa(p-anisal-DA)4(H2O)2]by insitu Method
Pandian Paulraj1, Madasamy Kumar2, Arumugam Sathamraja3, Ayyar Manikandan4

Synthesis, Characterizaiton of CuO nano-rod for Supercapacitor Applications
Govindaswamy Padmapriyaa1, Pandian Paulrajb2, Ayyar Manikandanc3

In-Situ Synthesis and Characterization of Schiff base [Zn(Anil-oPD)4] Metal Complex
Pandian Paulraj1, Madasamy Kumar2, Arumugam Sathamraja3, Govindaswamy4, Ayyar Manikandan5

One Pot Synthesis and Characterization of Palladium [Pd(Anil-Tolu)4 (H2O)2 ]by insitu Method
Pandian Paulraj1, Madasamy Kumar2, Arumugam Sathamraja3, Govindaswamy Padmapriya4, Ayyar Manikandan5

Hands on Training for Handling Electrical Equipments Manufacturing Machinaries
S. Jeni Theresa1, N. Mathan Kumar2, C. Archana Priya3

Technical Difficulties Faced in Restoring Pre Handled Machinaries Used for Large Scale Production
S. Jeni Theresa1, S. Janifar Vinnarasi2, R. Vasuki3

Performance Assessing Tool for Validating Bank Employees
S. Jeni Theresa1, N. Mathan Kumar2, C. Archana Priya3

E Facility for Ensuring Periodic Functioning of Public Distrubution System for Rural People
B. VenkataSrilatha1, M.M. Shanmugapriya2, C. ArchanaPriya3

Enhancing Labour Productivity by Introducing Usage of Limited Electrical Gadgets During Working Hours
R. Velanganni1, G. Santhoshkumar2, S. Robin3

Cloud Storage as an Effective Student Information Storage System for Global Access
S. Mari1, K. Thiayagarajan2, S. JaniferVinnarasi3

Machine Cell Designing for Machinaries of Leather Shoes Production Unit
G. Santhoshkumar1, Velanganni2, S. Robin3

Increasing Efficiency Rate of Heavy Duty Machinaries for Varying Intervals of Maintanance Period
G. Santhoshkumar1, Velanganni2, S. Robin3

Effective Engagement of Modern Gadgets in Workplace
G. Santhoshkumar1, Velanganni2, S. Robin3

Automatic Employee Records Tracking and Validating Analytical Tool
G. Santhoshkumar1, Velanganni2, S. Robin3

Scheduling of Periodic Maintainance for Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals Equipments to Ensure Safety Operations
S. Robin1, G. Santhoshkumar2, R. Velanganni3

Assisting Rural Womens for using Basic Electronic Gadgets for Safety Purposes
Anudevi1, V. Sailaja2, S. Binapani3

Employing Women Technical Assistants for Enahncing the Empowerment of Women in Scoiety
Anudevi1, V. Sailaja2, S. Binapani3

Impact of Modernization on the Quality of Food in Food Based Industry
J. Kannan1, D. Venkatrama Raju2, G. Santhosh Kumar3

Safety Precuations and Tools Examination for Employees of Power Plant
K. Thiyagarajan1, S. Jeni Theresa2, T. Subhalatha3

Assessment of Hands on Skills in Operating Electrical Mixer Grinder in Rural and Remotes Villages
J. Kannan1, D. Venkatrama Raju2

Role of Employee in Introducing Modern Technological Tools for Improving the Productivity
K. Thiyagarajan1, M. Shanmugapriya2, C. Archanapriya3

Latest Interative Larning Devices Available in Rural Schools
J. Kannan1, D. Venkatrama Raju2

Initative for Introducing Latest Milk Vending Equipments in Rural Areas
J. Kannan1, D. Venkatrama Raju2

Development of Mobile based Application for Heritage and Piligrimage Sites in India
G. Vinothini1, R. Priya2, S. Jayanthy3

Advances in Quality of Fastrack Watches Upon Introducing Automated Machinaries
J. Kannan1, D. Venkatrama Raju2

Low Cost Modern Equipments Availability for Competiting in Indian Automobile Sector
G. Vinothini1, R. Priya2, S. Jayanthy3

Necessity of Modern Textile Spinning Machinaries for Enhancing Productivity Rate
G. Vinothini1, R. Priya2, S. Jayanthy3

Involvement of Technical Assistants for Teaching Primary Electronic Gadgets uses to Rural People
S. Janifar Vinnarasi1, R.Vasuki2, G. Anandhi3

Customer Expectation for Improvising the Comfortability of Royal Enfield two Wheelers
J. Kannan1, D. Venkatrama Raju2

Response to Technological Modernization of Banking Facilities in Rural India
J. Kannan1, D. Venkatrama Raju2

Effect of Modern Gadgets in Enhancing the Academic Skills of Young Learners
N. Mathankumar1, M. Sankar2, S. Janifer Vinnarasi3

Imapct of Modern Gadgets on School Students
N. Mathankumar1, S. Mari2, K. Thiyagarajan3

Women’s Role in Advertising Brands of Various Electronic Gadgets
N. Mathankumar1, S. Jeni Theresa2, T. Subhalatha3

Ill Consequences of Advertisements Misleading Customers while Purchasing Mobile Gadgets
N. Mathankumar1, W. Porselvi2, Sumathy Arjunan3

Gravity of Technology in Improvising the International Trade and Economic Growth
R. Vasuki1, M. Sankar2, N. Mathan Kumar3

Easiness in Money Transfer Post Implementation of Internet Facilities
R. Vasuki1, M. Sankar2, N. Mathan Kumar3

Preferences of Baby Products Manufactured using Modernised Machinaries in Rural Areas
R. Vasuki1, M. Sankar2, N. Mathan Kumar3

Necessity of Technical Training for Trainees in Industries for Achieving Flawless Production
J. Kannan1, D. Venkatrama Raju2

Intepretation of Employees Intelligence in Handling Machinaries Associated With Manufacturing Units
S. Praveen Kumar

Effectiveness in Following Eco Friendly Production Techniques by Large Scale Industries
A. Ravi Kumar1, S. Praveen Kumar2

Framework for Handling Modern Machinaries in Large Scal Industries
A. Ravi Kumar1, S. Praveen Kumar2

Predicting Solar and Wind Based Computation Using Square Difference Labelling Technique
P. Jagadeeswari

Validating Machining Tools using Square Sum Labeling Technique
K. Manimegalai1, G. Subashini2

Quad Difference Labeling for Mechanical Process Operating at Repetitive Cycles
G. Subashini

Degree Spilliting Analysis for Polynomials Developed for Electrical Systems
P. Jagadeeswari

Considering Square Difference Labelling for Validating Theta Graphs of Dynamic Machinaries
P. Jagadeeswari

Training of Artifical Intelligence for Detection of Scales of Musical Instruments
W. Porselvi1, Sumathi Arjunan2, M. M. Shanmuga Priya3

Corona Graphs for Astronomical Calcualtions using L-Cordial Labeling
J. Arthy

High Voltage using DC-DC Switched Capacitor Converter for PV Application without Transformer
L.Chitra1, Rohan Samuel Jayaseelan2, Rohan Sunil3

Automation of Batch Production in Paint Industry using PLC
L. Chitra1, Siranjeevi. S2, Manikandan. A3, Saravanan. G4

Modular-Multilevel Inverter based on Various Switching Modules for Harmonic Elimination in HVDC
P. Rajasekeran1, L. Chitra2, D. Saranya3, N.P. Gopinath4

Artificial Intelligence and Biomechanics Method for Designing Robosoldier
D. Bubesh Kumar1, Nizamuddin2, Neeraj P.K3, Mohammed Rivas Angillath4

Characteristic Identification Methodology for 2D Sheet Metal Components
Vijayakumar K1, L.Prabhu2, Tony O T3, Akshith M S4, Gokul Kannan5

Experimental Analysis of a Ci Engine with the Effect of Different Injection Pressures using (Nome) Biodiesel
Sangeetha Krishnamoorthi1, L. Prabhu2, Deepak Mohanan3, Harshadev4, Nithin Antony5

Characteristics of Rectangular Section and Double Hat Section
S. Kalyanakumar1, L. Prabhu2, Vineeth. PC3, Abhijeeth MP4, Abhishek G5

Fabrication and Microstructure Examination of Al-Sic Mmcs Via Stir Casting Technique
Sathiyaraj. S1, B. Selvababu2, Maqsood Ahmed3, Baskar Balaji4, Harsha Vardhan5

Preparation and Microstructure Characteristics of Aluminium 6061 Alloy Based Metal Matrix Composite
Sathiyaraj S1, Vijayakumar K2, Adarsh P K3, Aswin N 4, Mohamed Asiq5

Columns with Different Cross Section using ANSYS Work Bench
Prabhu. L1, Aravindan. V2, Amal Joseph3, Edwin Joseph4, Abhijith V R5

CFD for Helical Type Vertical Axis Wind Turbine
L. Prabhu1, Sangeetha Krishnamoorthi2, Md. Shaheen Ansari3, Hari Krishna Aravind4, Jishnu5

Development of Multi-Objective Optimization Model for Electromagnetic Die Forming of Aa5083 Aluminum Alloy Sheet
Prabhu.L1, Sangeetha Krishnamoorthi2, Raja Krishnan3, Thahir .C4, Sreeraj S Menon5

Biomechanical Characteristics of Metal Plate Fixators and Composite Plate Fixators
D. Bubesh Kumar1, P. Kumaran2, David Barnabas3, Akash J4, Jagadeeswaran S5

Coordinate Measuring Machine Retrofit and Technological Upgradation
S. Ashokkumar1, S. Sathiyaraj2, R. Mahesh3, Blesson Achankunju4, Karthik R5, Jean Joseph6

Characteristics of 4-Stroke Single Cylinder Ci Engine using Cotton Seed Oil Blended With Diesel
C. Thiagarajan1, K. SurendraBabu2, Vamsi Shankar. Saiprasanth3, Venkatesh Kumar4

Design and Fabrication of Cost Effective Mould Tool
J. Senthil1, M. Saravanan2, Alby Berchmans3, Bipin Wilson4, Christin Varghese5

Performance and Emissions Characteristics of VCR Engine Fueled with Mixed Biodiesel Blends
G.Antony Casmir Jayaseelan1, A. Anderson2, Mathialagan3, Sheik Ashik4, Srimugeshe5

Embedded Control System for Recent Petrol Engine Control
M. Saravanan1, J. Senthil2, S. Sudhakar3, L. Sathish Kumar4, Ogirala Sowmithri5

Fracture Reduction in Steel Cord Manufacturing Process
L. Prabhu1, M. Natarajan2, C. Thiagarajan3, M. Natarajan4, R. Bharathi5, S. Karthick6

Aerodynamics of Drones with Auxetic Landing Gears During Perching Conditions
Magesh. M1, Jawahar. P.K2

CFD Analysis of Phase Change Materials Integrated with Solar Photovoltaic Modules
L. Chitra1, Ranjith2, Abhijith3, Prathyaman Singh4

Design and Development of Portable Solar Parabolic Cooker with Inorganic PCM Storage
L. Chitra1, S. Prakash2, Anand M3, Jeffin Mathew4, Darwin Varghese5

Design and Fabrication of MEMS Humidity Sensor using Graphene Oxide
L. Chitra

Digitalization of an Automating Batch Production using SCADA in Paint Industry
L. Chitra1, Muzzammil Ahmad2, Glory Mathew3, Ramachandran4

Quasi-Z-Source Inverter using Sliding Mode Controller with Impedance Network
B. Kalaiselvi1, S. Prakash2

Drone Operated Crop Monitoring and Agrochemical Spraying in Agriculture
Gopinath1, Kapildeo Mandal2, Taj Mahammad Ansari3, Ritesh Yadav4

Dynamic Voltage Restorer for Mid Point Compensation using Transformer Less Inverter using Solar PV System
Ezhilarasan G1, Mithunraj A2, Vishnu Priyan V3, Favaz M K4

Hybrid PV and Wind Energy for Grid Connected System using SEPIC Converter
S. Jensie Anita1, Nivedhan2, Rajeshwara Prabu3, Vysagh4

Design and Implementation of Hybrid Solar Wind Energy Tower
S. Jensie Anita1, Jewel Joy C2, March. A S3, Priyanka. B J4

Optimal Operation of Multi-Converter-UPQC for Power Quality Improvement in Distribution
N.P. Gopinath1, M. Mugunthan2, J. Silambarasan3

Power Quality Improvement in Lowest/Lift Converter By Fuzzy Logic Practice
K. Boopathy Kannan1, Akhil Shine Roy2, Kokul. S3, Moideen Abdul Mujeeb4

RFID Based Material Sorting System using Siemens DCS Controller
L. Chitra1, Sunkrutha S2, Prashant Pradhan3

Small Composition-X System of Air Flow & Solar with Novel SWAY Translate to Enhance the SWAY Quality
K.Boopathy1, Aboobacker Nihal2, Anwar P Nazar3, Sarath T4

Toxic Gas Sewage System
D. Saranya1, P. Gokulathilagan2, Amalshaju3, Immanuel. G4

Novel Method of Integrated Solar Panel Cleaner
L. Chitra1, Ranjith R2, Praveen A3, Pragatheeswaran4, Divya Raj5

Modeling of Motors for Electric Vehicles
S. Jensie Anita1, K. Boopathy2

AI based MPPT Controller for Solar PV System
P. Rajasekeran1, G. Ezhilarasan2, Shaheen P. C3, Sahal C. V4, Ganesh. M5

Geometrical Model of Fixed Parts and Movable Parts Projected Shaft Star of SIRM by GA and Conventional Method to Minimize the Pulling Force Fluctuation
P. Rajasekaran1, K. Boopathy2, K. Jayaseelan3, A. Santhosh4, P. Akhilan5, Mohammed Siajid Akaram Abbigeri6

ANN Fed High Gain Luo Converter based Reduced Switch Multilevel Inverter for Single Phase Network Bridged PV Arrangement
S. Prakash1, N. P. Gopinath2, B. Kalaiselvi3

Battery-less Power Conditioning System using Mechanical Fly Wheel
G. Ezhilarasan1, Akhil Sundaram2, Ajil Ahamed3, Muhammed Shanu4

Performance and Emission Characteristics of Diesel Engine with the Biodiesel-Acetylene Addition using Dual Fuel Mode
S. Prakash1, M. Prabhahar2, M. Saravana Kumar3

Analysis on Wavelet Family based Channel Estimation for MIMO-OFDM System
A. Raja1, V. Thulasibai2

Design and Implementation of Ethical Values Created Curriculum Development to Improve Mobile Security
S. Ravichandran1, T. J. Nagalakshmi2

Intrusion Detection System using One Class SVM with and without Feature Selection in Wormhole Attack Detection
T. J. Nagalakshmi1, P. C. Kishore Raja2, S. Pravin Kumar3, V. Veeramanikandan4

Feature Reduction in MANET using Machine Learning Language
T.J. Nagalakshmi1, V. Veeramanikandan2, S. Ravichandran3

AI 3D Printer
T.J. Nagalakshmi1, G. Aravind2, Challa Pradeep3

Detection of Unhealthy Plant Leaves using Image Processing with Arduino
Kirupa Ganapathy1, O. Manikanta Sreevatsa2

Sizing and Location Optimization of DSTATCOM in Radial Distribution System
T. Yuvaraj1, P. Siva Teja2, R. Hariharan3, G. S. Mahesh4

Automatic Classification of Autism using Fusion of EEG and 4D FMRI

Path Loss Failure Analysis of Unknown Wireless Devices using Software Defined Radio (SDR)
N. Nalini1, D. Dhanasekaran2

Disease Identification using Retinal Vessel Segmentation using MATLAB
P Ramani1, Radhika Baskar2, Ajay Swaminathan G3

Educational Data Classification using Data Mining and Kernel Ensemble Classifier
Sheo Kumar

Evolutionary Programming Breakdown
A. Stephen Anto Jegan1, K.P. Kaliyamurthie2

Uncertain Dependance on Modern Tools in Multiplexes for Purchasing Household Commodities
C. Archanapriya1, M.M. Shanmugapriya2, S. Janifer Vinnarasi3

Fabrication of Metallic Filter Filled with Activated Alumina Impregnated with Potassium Permanganate for Removal of SO2 in the Industrial Atmosphere of Manali
A. Mani

Economic Factors Variables of Purchasing Behaviour of Consumers With Reference to Health Drinks
D. Venkatrama Raju1, J. Kannan2, C. Archanapriya3

Rural Customer Satisfaction on E- Banking Services
J. Kannan1, D. Venkatrama Raju2

Decoupling Internet QOS from Spreadsheets in Von Neumann Machines
Allin Geo Varghese1, K.P. Kaliyamurthie2, G. Michael3

Centralized Management for Efficient Control of Network Devices
D.Vimala1, S. Sangeetha2, B. Sundar Raj3