Volume-8 Issue-6S3, April 2019

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Volume-8 Issue-6S3, April 2019, ISSN: 2278-3075 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering and Sciences Publication

Gender-Responsive Dehusking Machine: Utility Model
Analiza B. Calles1, Jamcee B.Aguilar2

Main Crops and Goat Production Decision Support System Using Climatic Parameter Predictors
Myelinda A. Baldelovar1, Maria Visitacion Gumabay2, Jesus Pizarro3

Health Application for Women using Decision Tree-Based Classifier
Chona B. Sabinay1, Maria Visitacion N. Gumabay2

The Effect of Blade Thickness and Number of Blade to Crossflow Wind Turbine Performance using 2D CFD Simulation
Fauzi Wikantyoso1, Dini Oktavitasari2, Dominicus Danardono Dwi Prija Tjahjana3, Syamsul Hadi4, Bambang Pramujati5

Development of Machine Learning Models using Study Behavior Predictors of Students’ Academic Performance Through Moodle
Edmund D. Evangelista

Interactive Learning System in Mathematics for Day Care Center
Frescian C. Ruiz

Knowledge Sharing Networks on Outcomes-Based Education: the Case of a Philippine Private University
Gerby R. Muya1, Janet Calupitan2

Multi-Platform E-Locator for Disaster Risk Reduction and Management System for the Vulnerable Population of Biliran Province
Homer Ricacho Ampong

Exploratory Factor-Item Analytic Approach for Construction Project Cost Overrun using Oblique Promax Rotation for Predictors Determination
Jay T. Cabuñas1, Dante L. Silva2

Dyeing Fabrics using Indigenous Materials
Renaldo G. Manipon

E-Assessment Application using A Decision-Tree in Predicting Teachers’ Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Competency Level
Reymon M. Santiañez1, Maria Visitacion Nepomuceno Gumabay2, Jesus Bartolome Pizarro3

Relationship Model of Technostress and Ergonomics Risk Factors in Call Center Industry
Ryan Jeffrey P. Curbano

Performance of the Frontline Employees of the Sucs in Region Ii
Jenalyn C. Andres

Feasibility of Replication and Optimization of Nature’s Design Shapes in Civil Engineering Structures to Enhance Performance and Efficiency: A review
Yap Kian Lim1, Anwar Mohammed Parvez2, Jayaprakash Jaganathan3, Wael Elleithy4, Lau Teck Leong5, Yeong Tuck Wai6

Subgroup Analysis Based on Domain Sensitive Recommendation
J S V R S Sastry1, B Narsimha2

Investigation of the Flowfield At Sonic and Supersonic Mach Numbers with Sudden Expansion
Ambareen Khan1, Nurul Musfirah Mazlan2, Mohd Azmi Ismail3

Thresholded and Morphological Operations Based Brain Image Segmentation
S.Naganandhini1, P.Shanmugavadivu2

Experimental Study on use of Cold Formed Steel Sections as Truss Members
Padmanaban R1, Suresh babu S2

Signature Verification System using Different Algorithms
S. Priya1, A.K.R.N.Supreeth2, K. Somesh3, A. Hruday Kumar4

Fire Alarm System Using IOT
R. Angeline1, Adithya S2, Abishek Narayanan3

Comparison of Seismic Analysis of a Residential Composite and Rcc Structures
T.G.N.C.Vamsi Krishna1, S.V.Surendhar2, M. Shiva Rama Krishna3

Patient Monitoring and Control System using Internet of Thing
V. Vikram Gnanaraj1, P.Ranjana2, P. Thenmozhi3

Experimental Investigation on the Flexural Behaviour of Cold Formed Corrugated Steel Channel Sections
Sureshbabu S1, SenthilSelvan S2

A Comprehensive Review of Damping of Low Frequency Oscillations in Power Systems
Soumyadeep Maity1, R.Ramya2

Comparative Study of the Seismic Performance of Rcc Building with Ribbed Slab and Grid Slab
Atif Zakaria1, M. Shiva Rama Krishna2, S.V.Surendhar3

A Comparative Study on Seismic Analysis and Design of Structural Lightweight and Normal Weight Concrete High Rise Building
Mirza Mahaboob Baig1, C Mahalingam2, Yalavarty Nithin3

Safety Measures Against Women Violence in India using Sentimental Analysis
S. Ramamoorthy1, R. Poorvadevi2

A Critical Approach for Energy Conservation in Irrigation Systems by Optimal Sizing of Pumps
Basanagouda F Ronad1, Suresh H Janagmshetti2

Design of Efficient Single Precision Floating Point Multiplier using Urdhva Triyagbhyam Sutra of Vedic Mathematics
Sai Venkatramana Prasada G S1, G Seshikala2, Niranjana S3

A Comparision Analyis of 2X1 Series Feed Array Antenna for Satellite Applications
Devi Perla1, Rajya Lakshmi Valluri2, Harish Chunduri3, T.D.V.Gayathri4

Identification and Prioritize Improvement of Accident-Prone Locations Between Srikakulam to Chilakapalem Junction- A Case Study
K.S.B. Prasad1, K. Gayatri2

Performance Analysis of a 15-Level Cascaded Multilevel Inverter
K.C. Ramya1, S. Sheeba Rani2, K. Vinoth Kumar3, S. Sivaranjani4, S.R. Boselin Prabhu5

Comparing Radiation Characteristics of Fractal Arrays with Random and Periodic Arrays
N. Kalpana1, D. Rajitha2, K. Suresh3, M. Ramesh Patnaik4, T. Durga Prasad5

Automatic Quantification of Epicardial and Thoracic Adipose Tissue from Cardiac CT Scan Images
Sangeetha M1, Batri K2

A Smart Navguide System for Visually Impaired
Kiran Rakshana R1, Chitra C2

Analysis on Inclusive Power Bank for Smart Home System
N.V.Andrews1, K. Ribana2

A Low Power and High Reliability Magnetic Full Adder Circuit Design Based on Separated Pre-Charge Sensing Amplifier
K.Sudhakar1, S.Arunprathap2

Protein Function Prediction Model Using Multilabel Classification Algorithm
E.Balraj1, S.Priyanka2, B.Preethi3

An Intelligent System for Agriculture Using Pattern Recognition and Data Mining Algorithms
Ramesh.L1, E.Dinesh2

Analysis of Onage-Related Macular Degeneration
T Abirami1, K. Sheik Davood2

Are the Nutritional Needs of the South Indian Tribal Population met?
Charles Pon Ruban1, Mini Joseph2, Manjunath K3, Nihal Thomas4, John J5, Jasmine Prasad6

An Enhanced and Scrutinized, Secure Framework for Health Monitoring using IoT
R. Sujatha M.E1, A. Ramanan2, M. Logesh3

Predicting the Popularity of Trending Videos in Youtube Using Sentimental Analysis
G. Mohana Prabha1, B. Madhumitha2, R. P. Ramya3

Similarity Identification of an Image using Various Filtering Techniques
K. Sheidkavood1, M. Ponni Bala2

Affordable Transmissions in Wlan’s Using Mco Protocol
Nithya A1, Pradeep S2

Context Based Image Matching and Recognition
Ribana K1, Manikandan M2

Human Body Posture Recognition Using Artificial Neural Networks
Manu Bali1, Devendran V2

Feasibility Study of Replacement of Hybrid Renewable Energy – A Case Study
Motupalli Priyanka1, Niranchana R2, S Selvakumar3, Nithya Venkatesan4

Analysis of DDoS Attacks in Heterogeneous VoIP Networks: A Survey
Amita Chauhan1, Nitish Mahajan2, Harish Kumar3, Sakshi Kaushal4

Design & Optimization of CNTFET based Low Power Schmitt Trigger using MTCMOS Technique
Yogesh Giri Goswami1, Nikhil Saxena2

Aerodynamic Performance Enhancement of a Generic Sedan Model
Abhishek Saha1, Sai Kiran Reddy2, Srinivas G3

Stegware Destruction Using Showering Methods
Saurabh Choudhury1, Amritha P.P2, M. Sethumadhavan3

Scientific Applications of Forensic Science for Detection of Criminals & Different Diseases using Optical Biosensor
Sowmya Padukone.G1, Uma Devi.H2

Hybrid of Naive Bayes and Gaussian Naive Bayes for Classification: A Map Reduce Approach
Shikha Agarwal1, Balmukumd Jha2, Tisu Kumar3, Manish Kumar4, Prabhat Ranjan5

Compact Spiral Shape Microstrip Patch Antenna for LTE Applications with Defected Ground Structure
M.Lakshmu Naidu1, B.Rama Rao2, C. DharmaRaj3

Application of Asynchronous DE with Trigonometric Mutation in Engineering Design Problems
Vaishali1, Deepak Panwar2, D.P Sharma3, Ashwani Kumar Yadav4

Design and Analysis of (2×1) and (4×1) Multiplexer Circuit in Quantum dot Cellular Automata Approach
Aishwarya Tambe1, Snehal Bhakre2, Sankit Kassa3

A Model for Empirical Earthquake Prediction and Analysis in a Data Intensive Environment
Faraz Ahmad1, Om Ashish Mishra2, Shivam Bhagwani3, Jabanjalin Hilda J4

Investigation of Junction-less Double Gate MOSFET With High-k Gate-oxide and Metal Gate Layers
Ambika1, Gaurav Dhiman2

Performance Evaluation of Epidemic Routing Protocol for Delay Tolerant Network Based on Node Movement Model
Shaurya Gupta1, Ramesh Chandra Poonia2, Xiao-Zhi Gao3

Enhancing Visibility of Low-Light Images using Deep Learning Techniques
M. Praveena1, V.Pavan Kumar2, R. Asha Deepika3, Ch. Sai Raghavendhar4, J. Rahul Sai Reddy5

A Novel Low Power MUX based Dynamic Barrel Shifter using Footed Diode Domino Logic
Bharathesh Patel N1, Manju Devi2

Comprehensive Study on Advanced Network Based Machine Learning Models for Sentiment Analysis
B.Tulasi Kumari1, D. Rajeswara Rao2

Resemblance the Outcomes with Distinctive Algorithms for Ranking CSP
M.N.V Kiranbabu1, K.V.V Satyanarayana2

Validation of SIS Framework using ASP/JSP Based Information System
D. Naga Malleswari1, K.Subrahmanyam2

Anti – Reverse Engineering Techniques Employed by Malware
R. Haritha Priya1, K. Bhagavan2

Accurate and Fast Diagnosis of Heart Disease using Hybrid Differential Neural Network Algorithm
O. Bhaskaru1, M. Sree Devi2

Biometric Security for Cloud Data using Fingerprint and Palm Print
S.Sahithi1, A.Anirudh2, B.Swaroop3, K.Ruth Ramya4

Comparison of Second Order Sliding Mode Control Strategies for Coupled Tank System
B. Amarendra Reddy1, P. Vamsi Krishna2

Fovea Localization in Digital Retinal Images
M R N Tagore1, K.Giri Babu2, M.Pardha Saradhi3, P.Ammi Reddy4

Transaction Reduction based Approach for Mining Frequent Itemsets
M Vasavi1, M M Naidu2

Smart Home using Internet of Things (IoT)
R. Chittibabu1, K. Kranthi Kumar2, K.Vikas3, G Mahesh Reddy4

Solution of Non-Convex Power Scheduling Problem using Grey Wolf Optimization Algorithm
P. Shanmugapriya1, C. Venkatesh Kumar2, M. Ramesh Babu3, S.D. Adlin Jenifa4

A Simple Detection and Escaping Mechanism from Social Network Attacks
A.Praveena1, R.N.Devandra Kumar2, Sreeja.B.P3

Effective Text Data Extraction using Hierarchical Clustering Technique
D. Saravanan

The Knowledge, Understanding and Awareness of Loei People from Media Exposure about ASEAN Economic Community (AEC)
Prayut Wannaudom

An Instructional Model of ASEAN Cross Cultural Learning of CLMV Students in Mahachulalongkornrajavidyalaya University
Phra Rajvaramethi Inkrungkao1, Lampong Klomkul2

Origins of Recharge of the Grombalia Groundwater
Rym Mhamdi1, Mohamed Mechergui2

An Instructional Model of ASEAN Cross Cultural Learning of CLMV Students in Mahachulalongkornrajavidyalaya University
Phra Rajvaramethi Inkrungkao1, Lampong Klomkul2

Enhancing Security to the Micro Service (MS) Architecture by Implementing Authentication and Authorization (AA) Service using Docker and Kubernetes
Sunil Bhutada1, Kanuga Karuna Jyothi2

Use of Machine Learning for an Automated Approach to Human Capabilities Screening
Sunil Bhutada1, Saylee Morey2

An Efficient System for Secret Information Sharing Through SPIHT Coding and Zigzag Scanning
Yelisela Rajesh1, Guruprakash.CD2

Design of IoT Based Real Time Energy Metering System
S. Sheeba Rani1, K.C. Ramya2, V. Gomathy3, G. Radhakrishnan4, S.R. Boselin Prabhu5

Contributory Broadcast Encryption Using Group Key Agreement
B.Thimma Reddy1, S. Raghunath Reddy2, Y. R. Janardhan Reddy3

Analysis of Brute-Force Attack in UES over DES
P. Sri Ram Chandra1, G.Venkateswara Rao2, M. S. Chakravarthy3, T .V. Prasad4

Diabetes Treatment Pattern Identification Through Layered Tri-Skip-Gram Approach
P.Vasudha Rani1, K.Sandhya Rani2

Ada Boost Ensemble Classifier for Identification of Somatic Mutations
Anuradha Chokka1, K Sandhya Rani2

Network Blocking Probability Based Resource Allocation for Spectrum Fragmentation in Space-Division-Multiplexing-Based Elastic Optical Networks
Boda Tejaswar Naidu1, J.Venkata Lakshmi2

Joint Spectrum and Energy Efficiency in Device to Device Communication Enabled Wireless Networks
Ganta Hemachandra Sekhar1, S.Saidarao2

A Robust Optimization for Vegetable Identification and Detection using Image Processing
V.Surendra Reddy1, T.Rajyalakshmi2

Tenacious Key- Hazard Pliable Survey for Immune Pother Entrepot
Vangati Manoj Kumar1, M.Naresh2

Power Drop Reduction of LFSR Based Low Power Test Pattern Generator for Low Power Bist
Golla Manikanta1, G.Lakshmareddy2

A New Optimization for Artifacts and Occultation Minimizingin Obstruction-Free Photography
V.SurendraReddy1, T.Rajyalakshmi2

Analytical Behaviour on External Beam Column Joint Using Steel Mesh
S.Ebenezer1, E.Arunraj2, G.Hemalatha3

Bi-Wheel Rescue Robot with sEMG Powered Robotic Gripper Over IOT Framework in Emergency and Rescue Operations
P. Shiva Subhashini1, N. Bhoopal2, Pandurang S. Mirajkar3, G. Govardhana Chary4

Experimental Investigation of Straight Shape Thermosyphon Filled with R410A Refrigerant
Rajeanderan Revichandran1, A.K.M. Mohiuddin2

Modelling of a Three-Shaft High-Bypass-Ratio Engine Performance and Emission Prediction Using Hydrogen Fuels
M.Z. Wan Yahya1, M.H. Azami2, Mark Savill3, Yi-Guang Li4, S. A. Khan5, Mahammad Salman Warimani6

Active Control of Base Pressure using Micro Jets for Area Ratio of 7.56
Fharukh Ahmed G M1, Sher Afghan Khan2

Hydrocarbons as Alternative Refrigerants in Domestic Refrigerators
Parashurama S1, C. Ahamed Saleel2, Govindegowda M. S3, S. A. Khan4

Digital Image Processing on Image Sequences by Analyzing with Image Enhancing Algorithms
B.Hanumantha Rao1, R. Sivarama Prasad2

Tax Control System of Transfer Pricing With the Beps Plan
Aidar M. Tufetulov1, Fatih Sh. Nugayev2, Andrey S. Zayats3

Device for Oil Wastes Recycling
Andreyev V.V1, Duntsev A.V2, Tarasova N.P3, Orekhova YE.YE4, Utyatnikov A.YE5

Automotive Lighting System Simulator
Arnelo D. Naelga1, Lad H. Labrada2

Phenological Computer Program Development in Mangyshlak Experimental Botanical Garden
Imanbayeva A.A1, Belozerov I.F2

Computer Simulation of Retrofit Led Lamps
Bayneva Irina I

Dynamic Development as the Way of Entrepreneurship Efficiency Increase
Ekaterina G. Shumik1, Marina N. Arnaut2, Ksenia V. Smitskikh3

Modification Method of Drought Vulnerability at Wonogiri District, Central Java, Indonesia
I.B. Pramono1, Endang Savitri2

Inorganic Carbon Sequestration in Tropical Karst Area (Case Study in Biduk-Biduk Karst Area, Kalimantan)
Danardono1, EKO Haryono2, M. Widyastuti3, M. Iqbal Taufiqurrahman Sunariya4

Effectiveness and Efficiency of Urban Environmental Programs
M Iqbal Taufiqurrahman Sunariya1, Agam Marsoyo2, Bakti Setiawan3, Danardono4

Assessment of Uav-Based Photogrammetry in Lahar Valleys to Estimate Boulder Potential Hazards – Field Experiment at Unzen Volcano (Japan)
Miki Sakamoto1, Christopher Gome2

Mathematical Modeling of Enzymatic Urea Hydrolysis
D.V. Dolgopolov1, E.V. Milovanovich E.V2, M.A Dmitrienko3, A.I. Ginak4, E.B. Aronova5, J.V. Thanchenko6

Modeling and Analyzing of UV Channels Characteristics in Various Configuration of Transmitters and Receivers for Building Manet
Igor S. Konstantinov1, G. S. Vasyliev2, Oleg R. Kyzichkin3, D. I. Surzhik4, I. A. Kyrilov5, Sergey A. Lazarev6

Methodological and Practical Aspects of Developing the Unit Objects Pools in System-Object Models
Zhikharev A.G1, Matorin S.I2, Buzov. A.A3, Kuznetsov A.V4, Chekanov N.A5

Using Fuzzy Logic Methods for Predicting Difficulties of the Hybrid Learning System Users
I.f. Astaсhova1, E.I. Kiseleva2

Multivariate Statistical Process Control by Individual Observations
V N Klyachkin1, I N Karpunina2

The Modeling of a High-Project Object State Existing in the Conditions of a Developing Market
I.Z. Mustaev1, E.A. Semivelichenko2, V.YU. Ivanov3, N.K. Maksimova4, T.I. Mustaev5

Multi-Criterial Evaluation Bazed on Hierarchical Information Modeling of Innovation Projects in the Healthcare
Nesterova E.V1, Lomazov V.A2, Shapovalova I.S3, Nesterov V.G4, Lomazova V.I5, Igrunova S.V6

The Conception of an Intelligent System Formation with the Choice of Methods and Tools for Data Analysis for Information Processing
A.V. Koskin1, A.A. Mitin2, A.V. Artemov3

Model of the Task Formal Description for the Programming Skills Evaluation in the System of Distance Learning Programming
A.YU. Uzharinskiy1, A.V. Koskin2, N.F. Nasyrov3

Approaches to the Security Analysis of Authentication and Authorization Protocols in Distributed Systems
Igor S. Konstantinov1, Sergej A. Lazarev2, Vladimir E. Kiselev3, Alexander V. Demidov4

A Way to Ensure the Reliability of Information Portals of Regional Executive Authorities
RytovM.Yu1, Eremenko V.T2, Dvilyanskiy A. A3, Gorlov А.Р4, Tretyakov O. V5, Gulak M. L6

Substantiation of the Choice of the Optimal Variant of Measures for Organizing and Ensuring the Protection of Critical Information Infrastructure Facilities When Exposed to Destructive Electromagnetic Radiation Based on Itoss Technology
Dvilyanskiy A. A1, Eremenko V.T2, Averchenkov V. I3, Averchenkov А.V4, Lozbinev F. Yu5, Rytov M.YU.6

Problem-Solving Methods of Reliability Optimization of Regional Structures of Socio-Economic Systems
Mishin D.S1, Еremenko V.T2, Lobanova V.A3, Rytov M.Y4, Dvilyanskiy A.A5, Tretyakov O.V6

Automated Installation for Studying Electrochromic Characteristics of Materials in Real Time with Remote Control Functions
E.V. Sokhovich1, M.M. Sychov2, S.V. Myakin3, V.I. Khalimon4, O.V. Prostitenko5

Development of Methods and Program Systems for Remote Educational and Research Real Time Complexes with Visualization of Experiment Design, Control and Monitoring
V.I. Khalimon1, O.V. Prostitenko2

Conceptual Model of Assessing the Effect of Business System as a Result of Implementation of it Projects on it Services Creation and Application
G.A. Mamaeva1, V.N. Chepikova2

Non-Destructive Technologies used for Mango Quality Assessment
Ivane Ann P. Banlawe1, Jennifer Dela Cruz2

Advanced Rail Clamping PWM Techniques based Three Level VSI fed DTC Induction Motor Drive for THD and Common Mode Voltage Reduction
C. Harinatha Reddy1, K. SriGowri2, T. Brahmananda Reddy3, A.Pradeep Kumar Yadav4

Numerical Analysis of the Influence of Vertical Fin Addition to the Performance of Modified Bach type Vertical Axis Wind Turbine
Dominicus Danardono Dwi Prija Tjahjana1, Satrio Tri Jayanto2, Sukmaji Indro Cahyono3, Bambang Pramujati4

Application of Discrete Event Simulation Towards Production Improvement
Sachin N K1, B S Shivakumara2, V Sridhar3

Selection Criteria of Measurement Matrix for Compressive Sensing Based Medical Image Reconstruction
Ketki C. Pathak1, Jignesh Sarvaiya2, Anand D Darji3, Pooja Panchal4

Preparation And Tribological Properties of New Bisimidazolium Ionic Liquids
M.V. Varalakshmi

Wave Transmission of Tandem Breakwater with Various Angles of Wave Attack
Nur Aini Mohd Arish1, Othman A. Karim2, Wan Hanna Melini Wan Mohtar3

Decision Support Infographics System for Disaster Risk Reduction and Management
Reynold G. Bustillo1, Maria Visitatcion Gumabay2

Qos Enhancement using Coginitive Method in Manet with Various Conditions
Resmi G Nair1, Kumar Narayanan2

Comparison of Classifier Strength for Detection of Retinal Hemorrhages
Sreeja K.A1, S.S. Kumar2

ICAFD: An Intelligent Computer Aided Fire Detection System for Surveillance Monitoring Systems
R.Raj Bharath1, G. Tholkappia Arasu2

An Experimental Study on Partial Replacement of Cement by Various Percentages of Phosphogypsm in Cement Concrete
R.Swami Ranga Reddy

Analysis of Various Routing Protocol Based on Quality of Services for Manet and Vanet
Sangeetha Y1, Kumar Narayana2

Classification of DDOS Attacks in VANETs based on Distributive Collaborative Framework
Pavan Kumar B V S P1, S.S.V.N. Sarma2, C. Lokanatha Reddy3

A Correlative Analysis of SOM and FCM Classifier for Brain Tumour Detection
Suchita Goswami1, Archana Tiwari2, Vivek Pali3, Ankita Tripathi4

Effect of Neck-Shaft Angle on the Stress Response of Femur Bone
Sridhar Adibhatla1, Satya Devi. A2, N.V. Swamy Naidu3

Enzymatic Treatment of Tannery Effluents using Tanin Acyl Hydrolase and Mangifera Indica Biomass
M.K Marichelvam1, Rodrigues Anderson2, K. Maheswaran3, Roy Franck Darius4

Production of Bio-Oil using Renewable Bio Mass
M. Shireesha1, M. Surya2, Ahad3, Prem Kumar .M4, Naresh Sureshkumar.L5, P. Kartheek Rao6

Pedestrian Gap Acceptance Behaviour at Uncontrolled Intersections for an Urban Corridor Vijayawada City
M.Balakrishna1, T.Nagireddy2, Siril Kumar3, Malathi Narra4

Visible Spectroscopy Analysis of fat Content in Milk using LabVIEW
M Sujatha1, P. Nagarjuna2, A. Bala Sai Ram3, A. Hemanth Venkata Sai4, K. Tarun5, Sk Hasane Ahammad6

VM Consolidation or Placement using Utilization Prediction Model and Scheduling Algorithms
Surya Teja Marella1, Sai Pedavalli2, T Brahma Reddy3, A Rama Krishna4, Sk. Hasane Ahammad5

Design and Fabrication of Water Car using Experimental and FEA Technique
Bilal Mapkar1, Abu Talib2, Aaqib Shariff3, Abdullah Marwan4, Mohammed Sajid Khan5, Yassar Qureshi6, Jatin Mendiratta7, Sampath Suranjan8, Rajiv Selvam9, Chitrai Pon Selvan10

Design and Fabrication of Airborne Wind Turbine Using Analytical & Fea Technique
Apurva Potdar1, Mohammed Ahmedullah Khan2, Mohamed Khalid3, Mohammed Rifhan4, Sandeep Joshi5, Sampath S S6, Veerakumar M7, Chitrai Pon Selvan8

Experimental Design and Illustration of Narrow Band Compact Microwave Notch Filter using EBG Structure
M. Naga Venkatesh1, Manish Mandhe2, B Naresh Kumar3, k ch Sri Kavya4

Energy Efficient Utilization of Computational Resources by Predicting CPU Idle Time
Ramesh T1, R M Suresh2

Analysis and Optimization of timing paths in MTCMOS based Change-Sensing Flip Flop for SoC Design
Bhargavi N.S1, Shylashree N2