Volume-8 Issue-6S4, April 2019

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Volume-8 Issue-6S4, April 2019, ISSN: 2278-3075 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering and Sciences Publication(BEIESP)

Modified 0-1 Knapsack Problem for Demand Side Management
Siddarth Sankar M J1, Rahul Sharma K2

Mouth Gesture Interface for VLC Media Player
A.Rajaprabu1, A.Geetha2

Effect of Fiber Content and Screw Speed on Mechanical Characterization of Sisal Fiber Reinforced Polypropylene Composites
Somashekar S1, Shanthakumar G C2

Classification Connection of Twitter Data using K-Means Clustering
Rashmi H Patil1, Siddu P Algur2

Experiment on Weight Efficient Support Structure by using Dynamic Opinionto Accommodate a Typical Sensor on Spacecraft
Ghaleppa B1, Akshay Kumar R2, Avula Sai Tharun3, Manjunath B R4, Gourav S5, Narasimha Murthy T S6, Suman M S7

Measurement of Spatial Variation of Rainfall in Cuddalore District using Ilwis
S. Sivaprakasam1, K. Karthikeyan2, N. Nagarajan3, Visalachi4

Experiment on RC Beams Reinforced with Glass Fibre Reinforced Polymer Reinforcements
R.Murugan1, G.Kumaran2

Development of Reading Comprehension System for Kannada Text Documents
Anagha Vembar1, DivyaTantri2, Akshita Saxena3, Abhishek Narayanan4, Jagadish S Kallimani5

Prevention of DDoS attack on Primary Server in Software Defined Networks using Controller by Packet Header Translation
Sanjeetha. R1, Appasaheb Chavan2, K Vinyas Pai3, Avnish Shah4, Anita Kanavalli5

Sole Mate: Safe Path-Finding by Obstacle Detection and Distance Estimation for the Blind
Abhigna. R1, Amith K Shinde2, Ashwin Sundaresh3, Dheeraj. P. R4, P.A.Vijaya5

Research and Optimization of Data Classification using K-means Clustering and Affinity Propagation Technique
P N Varalakshmi K1, Jagadish S Kallimani2

Emission Experiment of Intake air Humidification of a Port Fuel Injected Spark Ignition engine
Karthikeyan. G1, Sankaran. S2

Design, Experiment and Fabrication of Multipurpose Stretcher for Patients
Arunkumar K N1, Charan Kashyap K2, Chirag B C3, Kausthubh R4, Keerthan J5

Medicinal Plants Segmentation using Thresholding and Edge based Techniques
Rajani S1, Veena M.N2

Behaviour of Two Storey RC Frame Subjected to Lateral Load
R. Anu1, S. Thirugnanasambandam2

Flexural Behaviour of Geopolymer Concrete Beams using Recycled Waste Glass as Fine Aggregate
B. Parthiban1, S. Thirugnanasambandam2

Flexural Behaviour of Recycled Waste Glass Fine Aggregate Concrete Beams
B. Parthiban1, S. Thirugnanasambandam2

Experiment of Multispectral Images using Spectral Angle Mapper Algorithm for Land Cover Classification
KeertiKulkarni1, P. A. Vijaya2

Experiment on Torsional Behaviour of Reinforced Concrete Beams
A. Prabaghar1, G. Kumaran2

Forensic Suicidal Inquiry of Depressed Individuals using LSTM and Convolutional Neural Networks
Chandrika Prasad1, Anurag Hakeem2, Rishabh Malhotra3, Shahroz Ahmad Jan4, Urvash Pratap Singh5, Jagdish S. Kallimani6

Improving Durability Properties of Concrete by using Quarry dust and Waste Plastic as Fine Aggregate
B.V.Bahoria1, D.K.Parbat2, Vikrant Vairagade3

A Broadband Metamaterial Absorber
Nikunj Goyal1, Garima Tiwari2

Enhancing the Mechanical Properties of Metal Matrix Composites by Reinforcing Aluminum 6063 with Silicon Carbide and Mica
Shabana1, R.V.Nikhil Santosh2

A Fiction on Image Retrieval in Dermatology
Sudhakar Putheti1, Krishna Prasad Palli2, Mohan Krishna Kotha3

Evaluation of Mechanical Properties and Microstructure of AA3003, AA6082 and AA64430 Aluminum Under Friction Stir
M.Rajasekhar1, G.Anji Babu2, C.Venkata Sai Sekhar3, M.Giresh Naidu4

ECDSA Security Protocol for WSBNs
Ashok Kumar Nanda1, V. Sankiran2, Vindya Gandam3, Lalit Kumar Awasthi4

Numerical Scrutiny on Friction Factor Characteristics for Protruded Channel under Turbulent Cross-Flow Condition
M. K. Sahu1, K. M. Pandey2, S. Chatterjee3

Experimental Researchon Flow and Strength Properties of Blended Fibre Reinforced Self Compacting Concrete
S k.Noor Ibrahim1, S.V.Sathya Narayana2, M.L.N Krishna Sai3

Refrigeration System Performance by Inserting Twisted Strip in Condenser Along With Liquid Suction Heat Exchanger
T. Srinivasa Rao1, K. Dilipkumar2, K. Appa Rao3

Utilization of Fiber Reinforcement Materials in Flexible Pavement Construction
T.Venkateswararao1, R. Ratna Prasad2, D.S.V.Prasad3, D. Auditya Sai Ram4

Entity Resolution for Big Data using Combination of Supervised Meta-Blocking and pay-as-you-go Configuration
Viral A. Parekh1, K. H. Wandra2

Automatic LPG gas Monitoring and Booking Through Android Application
S. Abirami1, T. Priya2, L. RohiniIswarya3, M.Thaila4, S. Priyanka5

IOT Based Anti-Poaching Sensor System for Trees in Forest
Parthiban M1, Dharani M2, Kathiga S3, Keruthika M4

An Shoulder Peak Resistant Pin Security Scheme using Concentrate Haptic Feedback
Kumararaja V1, Sathyapriya R2, Sharmila T3, Sobika S4, Tamilselvi V5

Child Abuse Arrest Technique with Victims using Imageprocessing
Bavanidevi B1, iswarya R2, ishwarya S3, seetha K4

Estimation of Various Scalar Multiplication Algorithms in ECC
Vimal Gaur1, Bineet Singh2, Deepak3, Megha Agrawal4, Nimisha Mishra5

Design, Development and Implementation of an Iot Based Intelligent Ambient Controller for Lvdc Enabled Green Buildings
Drisya K1, Asha T S2

A Pilot Research on the Intention to Engage in Digital Piracy of Movies in Kerala
Devipriya P Leeladharan1, Sony Vijayan2

Integrating the Sam Sensor with the Mars Rover Simulator
Dylan Dsouza1, Joel Miranda2, Jariel Gojar3, Sheldon Karkada4, Sanket Korgaonkar5, Dakshayani G.6

The Impact of Human Element in Shipping Industry
Capt. N. Kumar1, T.Subhashini2

Automated water Distribution System in Metro’s using IOT
K.Suresh Kumar1, K.Subhash2, S.Tamilselvan3, J.Sudhakar4, P.Vignesh5

Flame Text Algorithm for Storing Secure Information in Cloud
M.Parthiban1, S.Akilarasu2, S.Arunkumar3, S.Gopi4

Online Auction using Cloud Computing with Secure Mechanism
P.Anbumani1, V.Arunkumar2, M.Muthukumar3, P.Gowtham4

Transform Android App into Self Defending Tool against Attacks for Women
S. Prabakaran1, M. Arunkumar2, B. Karthikeyan3, R. Ganeshamoorthy4

GPAS – Graphical Password Authentication System for Software Privacy Protection
S.Geetha1, N.Thilagavathi2, A.Nivedha shree3, M.Subalakshmi4

Estimation of Trust Value for Secure Information Sharing on Social Network
P.Krishnamoorthy1, K. Izas Ahmed2, M.Karthik Kumar3, V.P Kishodh4

A Bonesetter Medicinal Services Administrations to Enhance Individuals’ Wellbeing in a Single Touch via Android Application
M. Parthiban1, K.Naveena2, D.Sathyapriya3, P.Vanisri4

Commitment with Reference to Private College Teachers
Aisha Mary Joseph1, Ambily A S2

Differential Diagnosis of Tuberculosis and Pneumonia using Machine Learning
Aiyesha Sadiya1, Anusha V Illur2, Aekhata Nanda3, Eshwar Rao4, Vidyashree K P5, Mansoor Ahmed6

Performance Evaluation of Various Geometries of Shear Wall in Buildings by Equivalent Static Judgment
Richa Gupta1, Alfia Bano2

Influence of Admixtures on Mechanical Properties of Fibre Reinforced Concrete
Pulisai1, G.B.Rameshkumar2

Experimental on the Residential Building of Earthquake Prone Areas using Shake Table Test
Neha Tirkey1, G.B. Ramesh Kumar2

Experimental Research on Properties of High Strength Concrete (FRSCC)
R. Purusothaman1, S. Needhidasan2

Experimental Researchon Properties of High Strength Concrete (Hybrid)
R. Purusothaman1, S. Vidhyalakshmi2

A Researchon Influence of Admixtureson Mechanical Properties of Fibre Reinforced Concrete
Pulisai1, G.B. Ramesh Kumar2

To Research the Advantages and Limitations of AI based App in the Indian context for the Visually Challenged
Smita Santoki1, Neha Patvardhan2

Probabilistic Seismic Hazard Assessment for Amaravathi Region, Andhra Pradesh
K. Srikanth1, S.V. Surendhar2, M. Shiva Rama Krishna3, R. Ramakrishnan4

Seismic Sifting and Design of a Multi-Storeyed Building by Various Materials
C.R Vigneshwar1, S.Needhidashan L2

CFD Numerical Simulation for Intake Flow Field Design and Effects on Combustion and Emissions of DI Diesel Engine
Balaji M1, Hemachandra Reddy K2

Researchon Impact Resistance of Fibre Reinforced Concrete
K. Sai Abhinav1, C.Sreenivasulu2, P.Ukesh Praveen3, K.Salini4

Mechanical Properties of Recycled Coarse Aggregate Concrete by Partial Replacement of Cement with GGBS and Fly Ash
N. Janardhan1, T.Venkaiah2, S.Sameer3

Efficiency of Natural Zeolites in Concrete
K. Narasimhulu1, K. Ganesh Babu2, Pavan Kumar3,Ukesh Praveen4

Assessment of Physico Chemical Parameters of Groundwater Quality Index of Palar Sub Basin using Remote Sensing and GIS
A.Anil1, K. Chandra Sekhar Reddy2, R.Bhavani3

Recognition of Handwritten Characters using Deep Convolutional Neural Network
Jagan Mohan Reddy D1, A Vishnuvardhan Reddy2

Research and Performance of Recognition System of the Human Activity with a Filter Bank of Gabor by Hidden Markov Model
Rajeev Shrivastava

Software Engineering for Smart Healthcare Applications
Neelu Lalband1, D. Kavitha2

Feature Selection for Machine Learning in Big Data
K. Kalpana1, G. Sunil Vijaya Kumar2, K. Madhavi3

A Circumscribed Research of Load Balancing Techniques in Cloud Computing
K. Samunnisa1, G. Sunil Vijaya Kumar2, K. Madhavi3

Modeling and Relative Research of Solar Photovoltaic Array Topologies Under Partial Shading Conditions
V. Bala Raju1, Ch. Chengaiah2

Multi loop Controller Design for Multivariable Processes Employing SISO PI Tuning Rules
G. Vamsi Krishna1, Naregalkar Akshay2

Full Reference-Image Quality Assessment with Global and Local Image Regions for Visual Quality Perception and Optimization
Syed Shanawaz1, G. Amjad Khan2

Researchon Classification Techniques in Data Mining
O.Bhaskaru1, M.Sree Devi2

A Inspection on Sentiment Research of Big Data: Techniques, Open Challenges
L.Sudha Rani1, S.Zahoor-Ul-Huq2, C.Shoba Bindu3

The Role of Linked Building Data (LBD) in Aligning Augmented Reality (AR) with Sustainable Construction.
Kevin Luwemba Mugumya1, Jing Ying Wong2, Andy Chan3, Chun-Chieh Yip4

Neural Network Programming in Python
Primož Podržaj

Graphene-Based Coating for Corrosion Application
Ho Mui Yen1, Luther Chong Yuong Qai2, Khiew Poi Sim3

3-D Wire Cloth Electrode for Higher Throughput DielectrophoreticSeparation of Bacterial Cell
Fadhila Nadzri1, Zurina Zainal Abidin2, Jamil Mohd Salleh3

Effectiveness of Top-Down Construction Method in Malaysia
Jing-Ying Wong1, Chun-Chieh Yip2, Kevin Luwemba Mugumya3, Bing-Hong Tan4, Mohammed Parvez Anwar5

A Green Synthesis of Grpahene Based Composite for Energy Storage Application
Ho Mui Yen1, Jim Lim Hui Kern2, Khiew Poi Sim3, Chiu Wee Siong4

A Thinking-Based Learning Module for Enhancing 21st Century Skills
Nor’ain Mohd Tajudin1, Zamzana Zamzamir2, Ruslina Othman3

A Pre-Test via Partial Least Square Structural Equation Modeling with the Influence of Organisational Structures and Organisational Internal Factors on Construction Risk Management Among Malaysian Construction Industries
Manal Suliman Omer1, A.Q. Adeleke2, Chia Kuang Lee3

Power Generation from Industrial Waste Material using Silhouete
Ch. Santosh kumar1, G. Chandra sekhar2

Recent Development of Automation in Vehicle Manufacturing Industries
Amith A Kulkarni1, Dhanush P2, Chetan B S3, Thamme Gowda C S4, Prashant Kumar Shrivastava5

A Modified Incremental Conductance Algorithm for Partially Shaded PV Array
S.G.Raja1, K.Bharathi2, P.Chandrasekar3

A Research on Employee Involvement in Pharmaceutical Industry in India
D. Rajasekar1, A. Krishna Sudheer2

Measuring Size of an Object using Computer Vision
T. Dhikhi1, Allagada Naga Suhas2, Gosula Ramakanth Reddy3, Kanadam Chandu Vardhan4

Researchon Regenerative and Dynamic Braking Performance in Motor Application
Ramaswami.S1, Sundar.R2

Adversarial Attack on Machine Learning Models
V. Sahaya Sakila1, Sandeep M2, Praveen Hari Krishna N3

An Effective Systemfor Storing Data and Resources using Cloud Computing
R. Nivedha1, S.Arshiya Sulthana2

An Separation of Different Facial Expression Recognition System
Nithin S1, Aravindan M B2, Abhilash Hegde3, Gururaj H L4

ANN Based Controller for Anti-locking Braking System
Kommabathula Prakash Babu

Conference Hall Automation System using Python-Kivy Application
M V Rajesh1, B.Venkateswara Rao2

IOT Based Automated Attendance with Face Recognition System
D. Narendar Singh1, M. Kusuma Sri2, K. Mounika3

Factors Influencing Investment Decision of the Individual Related to Selected Individual Investors in Chennai City

Graphical Password by Image Segmentation
A Balamurali1, M V R Harsha2,V Sai Hitesh3, A Sai Chaitanya4

A Researchon Job Enrichment and Redesigning of Work in Indian Manufacturing Companies
J.Rengamani1, Fabian Andrew James2, R.Srinivasan3, S.Poongavanam4, R.Vettriselvan5

REFLECTA – Artificial Intelligence Based Smart Mirror
Chethan K1, Adnan Ahmed2, Nikhil Ganapathy3, Pragathi N Simha4, Sourabh Kothari5

A Research on Home Automation for Elderly and Physically Challenged People by using IOT
Chaitra N1, Ashwini C S2, Shyma Zaidi3

A Privacy-Preserving Protocol for Verifiable File Search on the Cloud
K Sai Keerthana1, AHarshavardhan2, D Ramesh3

Applications of Public Key Cryptography and Functioning Process
P. Kumaraswamy1, C.V.Guru Rao2, V. Janaki3, Bhandi Bhaskar4

Research on New Network Architecture Through Sd-Wan
Sallauddin Mohmmad1, Dadi Ramesh2, Syed Nawaz Pasha3, Shabana4, Kotha Shankar5

Cost Effective E-Vehicle for Physically Challenged & Aged Peoples
B. Balaji1, R. Suganya2

A Unique Fifteen Level Inverter Topology for Grid Connected Applications
Kalagotla Chenchireddy1, V. Jegathesan2, L. Ashok Kumar3

An Efficient Data Segmentation and Replication Technique for Cloud using Fruit Fly Optimized Centrality Measures
S.Periyanatchi1, K.Chitra2

Personify Educational Assistance Application for Special Children using Deep Learning
S. Sankara Gomathi1, A. Amutha2, M. Jayapraksan3

An Inventory Model based on Manufacturer-Direct Business Model with the help of E-Commerce Trading Strategies
I. Antonitte Vinoline1, W. Ritha2, J. Merline Vinotha3, Nivetha Martin4

Derma Net: An Automated Skin Lesion Analyzer Using CNN with Adaptive Learning
Santhi H1, Gopichand G2, K.Pavan Koushik3, A.Nithin Krishna4, D. Sai Tharun5

Compressional of LLCL Filter and LCL Filter using Single-Phase Multi-Cell AC-DC Converter
R. Suganya1, B. Balaji2

Design of Underwater Acoustic Channel Model for OFDM Communication System
Naveen H1, Chetan H2, Sudatta Mohanty3, Sangmesh Melinmani4, Sreerama Reddy G M5

Necessity of Machine Learning and Data Visualization Principles in Marketing Investment Management
Akshay Sreekant1, Senthilnathan P2, Gopichand G3, Manoov Rajapandy4, Naresh Kannan5

Ambient Assisted Living: A Research on Human Activity Recognition and Vital Health Sign Monitoring using Deep Learning Approaches
Manoj T1, Thyagaraju G S2

Subtract Divisor Cordial Labeling
J.T. Gondalia1, A.H. Rokad2

Researchon Concrete Box Girder (Single & Double Cells) Bridges using Finite Element Method
D.V.S. K Chaitanya

Soil Stabilization using Geosynthetic Material (Steel Fibres)
D.V.S. K Chaitanya1, P. Neeharika2

IoT Based Human Intrusion Detection System using Lab View
Kalathiripi Rambabu1, V. Haritha2, S. Nikhil Srinivas3, P. Sanjana Reddy4

Image Forgery Detection by using Machine Learning
J.Malathi1, B.Narasimha Swamy2, Ramgopal Musunuri3

Impact of Visual Merchandising on Sales in Retil Store
Rajesh C. Jampla1, P. Adi Lakshmi2, M. Dhaurya Naik3

Insurance Claim Analysis Using Machine Learning Algorithms
Rama Devi Burri1, Ram Burri2, Ramesh Reddy Bojja3, Srinivasa Rao Buruga4

A Modified Trimmed Median Filter Technique for Noise Removal in an Image
Bhaskara Rao Jana1, Beatrice Seventline.J2

A Wideband Circular Polarized Antenna using Coplanar Waveguide
Mohammad Imroz Khan1, Telagathoti Pitchaiah2

Designing of Sleep Quality Meter
Suneetha Uppala1, K.Gotuhami2

Optical Properties of Chromium Nano Coated Films
D.Lakshmi1, K.Gouthami2

Simulation of Signal Processing Scheme for Fiber Optic Rotationary Sensor
G. Siva Sravani1, K.Gouthami2, K. Sai Mounika3, J.Chandra Sekhar4

Prologue to Linear Algebra
Y.Saroja1, P.Shirisha2, K.Kiran Kumar3

Handling Optimization Problem, and the Scope of Varied Artificial Bee Colony (ABC) Algorithms: A Contemporary Research
M Rao Batchanaboyina1, Naga Raju Devarakonda2

Design of Microstrip Patch Antenna on Cylindrical Surface
V Santosh Kumar1, C Dharmaraj2

Predictive Analytics in Stock Markets with Special Reference to BSE Sensex
Rajesh C Jampala1, Prasanna Kumar Goda2, Srinivasa Rao Dokku3

Women Aegis Band with Front Line Following Structure using Pulse Acquisition
P. V. Rama Raju1, G. Naga Raju2, B. Tapaswi3, P.Akhil Kumar4, Y.Nikhil5, V.Ramachandra Rao6,V.Vindhya7

Wirelessroboticarm Vehicle
P. V. Rama Raju1, G. Naga Raju2, K. Venkat Vinay3, M. Anil Kumar4, K. Naga Manju5, K. Manoj6

An Experimental Researchon Outsourced Data Science for File Seeking
S. Pavan Kumar Reddy1, Sateesh Nagavarapu2

Design and Implementation of High Performance and Low Power Mixed Logic Line Decoders
Chandra Sekhar Savalam1, Korapati Prasanti2, A.S.Haranath3

Electronic-Nose System for Classification of Fruits and Freshness Measurement using K-NN Algorithm
S.Kalpana1, A.Lakshmi Baghyam2

Indian Handloom Sector – A Glimpse
Gunti Amaravathi1, K. Bhavana Raj2

Application of Fuzzy K-Means (FKM) Algorithms in Identifying Better Clusters of Few Drugs from Drugbank Database
Naga Madhavi Latha Kakarla1, G.Rama Mohan Babu2

Rainfall Prediction using Bpnn
M Krishna1, S Mohanbabu Chowdary2, Bandlamudi S B P Rani3, Sanjeevi P4

Automation and Safety Measurements At Railroad Intersection using Iot
P. V. Rama Raju1, G. Naga Raju2, J. Ravi Teja3, G. Hemanth Prakash4, J. Mouni Priyanka5

Traffic Controller Based on Density with RF Remote Override
P V Ramaraju1, G. Nagaraju2, V.N.Ganeswarreddy3, V.Sai Kanna4, B.Sashank5

Cluster Matching for Discrete Data with Multiple Domains with out Alignment of Information
C h. Ravisheker1, P.Saidulu2, N.Pavan3,Tejender Singh4

EEG Signal Analysis for Identification of Epilepsy Using Machine Learning Classification Approaches
Sk. Ebraheem Khaleelulla1, Dr. P. Rajesh Kumar2

Deep Learning Framework to Detect the False Analysis of a Product given by Robots and Malicious Users
Sunil Bhutada1, V.V.S.S.S. Balaram2, Challa Akshara Sree3

Securing IOT Network through Quantum Key Distribution
S.Krithika1, T.Kesavmurthy2

Technical Considerations Influencing Purchase Decisions in the B2B Environment
A. R. Chitra1, B. Neeraja2, KannigaPrashanth3

A Research on Psychological Well Being and Job Performance of Employees in Msme in Coimbatore District
B. Shanmugam1, R. Ganapathi2

Impact of Banc Assurance on Customers in Purchasing Insurance Policies with Special Reference to Kurnool District of Andhra Pradesh
T. Narayana Reddy1, K. Pushpa Latha2

Fabrication of Compact Heat Exchanger with Composite Alloys
Barmavatu Praveen1, S.Chakradhar Goud2

Active and Reactive Powr Control of Dcig Wind Power System using Evolutionary Algorithm Based Fraction Order Controllers.
M.Vasavi Uma Maheswari1, P.V.Ramana Rao2

Smart Car Automated System to Assist the Driverin Detecting the Problem and Providing the Solution
S.Veena1, K.Ramyadevi2, K.Elavarasi3, M.Preetha4

Grade Card Model using Fuzzy Logic

Security and Safety in Amazon EC2 Service – A Research on EC2 Service AMIs
K. Ravi Chythanya1, G. Sunil2, K. Sudheer Kumar3, Seena Naik Korra4, A. Harshavardhan5

A Research Optimization of CMOS Analog Circuits using Modified Particle Swarm Algorithm
E.Srinivas1, M. Sandhya2, M.Venkat Sai3

Performance Evaluation of Ternary Blended Sugarcane Bagasse Ash Concrete using RCP Test
T. Santhosh Kumar1, KVGD Balaji2, Chitti Babu Kapuganti3, S Eswar Rao4

The Role of Strategic Talent Management (STM) to Enhance Jobs Performances in Oil & Gas Companies in the UAE: A Conceptual Framework
Ibraheem Hasan Thani Al Hammadi1, Safiah Sidek2, Samer Ali Al-shami3

Knowledge Management and Organizational Performance: A Research On Systematic Literature
Mubarak al Rashdi1, Suriati Binti Akmal2, Samer Ali Al-shami3

Factors Affecting Students Continue Intention to Use MOOCs, Benefits and Drawbacks. A Research Paper from the UAE Context
Palanati Durga Prasad1, K.V.N.Sunitha2, B. Padmaja Rani3

The Determinants of Information Technology Towards Innovation Performance in Iraqi SMEs
A. Hayder1, Samer Ali Al-shami2, W. Raad3, Nurulizwa Rashid4, Z. Jasim5

Social Network Sites and Innovation Capabilities in the UAE Hotel Industry. Reliability and Normality Test
Abdulhadi Al-Hammadi1, Samer Ali Al-shami2, safiahsidek3, Abdulla Al-hammadi4

Determinant Factors for Commercialising Research Products in Malaysian Public Universities
Norain Ismail1, Safiah Sidek2

Halal Tourism Destination in UAE: The Opportunities, Threats and Future Research
Abdulla Al-hammadi1, Samer Ali Al-shami2, Abdulhadi Al-Hammadi3, Nuruliza Rashid4

Role of Customer Brand Loyalty with Reference to Big Bazaar-An Empirical Research
R S Ch Murthy Chodisetty1, Siddhani Reddy2

Impact of Institutional Indicators Influence on FDI Flows with Reference to BRICS Countries- An Empirical Research
R S Ch Murthy Chodisetty1, L Deepshika Reddy2

“A Researchon Consumer Preferences Towards Pantanjali Products”
A.Sandhya Rani

Financial Performance of Select Public and Private Sector Banks in India by using “Camel Model”

Child Safety Seat Cooling System
R. Revathi1, G. Renuka2

Driver Drowsiness Detection System for Vehicle Safety
A. Subbarao1, K. Sahithya2

Data Acquisition of Green House Gases and Energy Monitoring System using GSM Technology
Sridevi Chitti1, L.Samyu ktha2

Impact of Global Economic Factors on FDI Flows in to India-An Empirical Research
R S Ch Murthy Chodisetty1, L Deepshika Reddy2

Secured Vehicle Safety System Using GSM Technology
A.Swapna1, J.T Arun Kumar2

Power Consumption Optimization and Home Automaton using Smart Sensor Networks
Veera manenisharath kumar1, P.Anuradha2

Research on Physical and Engineering Properties of Unstabilised Soil
Alina Elizabeth Suresh1, P. D. Arumairaj2, K. Sundarayamini3

Assessment of Water Quality and Parameters Leading to Eutrophication in an Urban Water Body
R.V. Dhivya Shree1, J. Brema2

A Research Algorithm to Sentence the Lots for Costly or Destructive Products in Mixed Quality Characteristics
K. Rebecca Jebaseeli Edna1, V. Jemmy Joyce2

Partial Replacement of Biomedical Waste ASH in Concrete
Sathvik S1, Suchith. S2, Edwin. A3, Jemimahcarmicheal. M4, Sheela. V5

Experimental and Finite Element Research of Laterally Loaded Pile
Edwin. A1, Satish Pranav. D2, Murugan Ganesh3

Parametric Researchon Cost of Concrete Designed As Per 10262:2009
Prince Arulraj1, Felix K Regi2, Philo Mariya3, Merin K Varghese4, Abel Antony johns5

Researchon Flexural Behaviourof Composite Beams
S. Gowtham1, R. Mercy Shanthi2, M. Jemimahcarmichael3

Researchof Water Quality and its Chemical Parameters by Titration Method and Instrumenal Method
S Janaki Raman1, Samuel Abraham2, D. Jayalin3, Antony godwin4

Bioremediation of Chromium Contaminated and Harbor Dredged Soil
K. Jimreeves Donald1, P. D. Arumairaj2, Jeya Priya J3

Model Researchon Oblique Load Carrying Capacity of Batter Pile Groups
V.Naveen1, P. D. Arumairaj2, S. Janaki Raman3

Strength Evaluation of Sustainable Concrete with Partial Replacement of Cement by Combination of Banana Leaf Powder and Cattle Bone Powder
Ramya M1, Mercy Shanthi R2, Suji D3

Effects of Rubber Crumbs, Plastic Powder and Paper Sludge on Swelling Behaviourof Expansive Soil
S. Janaki Raman1, Santhosh G2, Andrew Hutson T3, Surya A4, Vijay Antony Raj S5

Assessment of Soil Erosion in Siruvani Watersheds based on USLE and Hypsometric Curve Methods
A.Tamilarasan1, J. Brema2

A Research on Direct Participation of Staff in Glass Industry in India
D. Rajasekar1, A. Krishna Sudheer2

A Research on Deep Learning Advance for Landslide Classification using Convolutional Neural Networks
Jaishankar Bhatt1, Akash Gangwar2, Rahul Nijhawan3, Durgaprasad Gangodkar4

An Optimized Feature Regularization in Boosted Decision Tree
Ravi Chandran1, Krishna Mohanta2, C. Nalini3

Kinematics, Structural Analysis and Control of 3-PPSS Parallel Manipulator
Sooraj Sukumar K1, Mervin Joe Thomas2, Sudheer A.P3, Joy M.L4

Kinematic, Workspace and Static Analysis of a Upper Body Humanoid Robot
Shifa Sulaiman1, A P Sudheer2

Assessment of Road Safety Audit of NH-69, Karnataka State, India
Jayaprakash M C1, Shreyas K S2, Vikram M C3, Manasa Nair4

Fault Tolerant Dynamic Task Offloading with Cloudlets in Mobile Cloud Computing
D. Shobha Rani1, M. Pounambal2

A Research on VANET: Various Broadcasting and Clustering Techniques
D. Kalaivani1, Rajkumar S2

Research of Task Management and Resource Allocation in Cloud Computing
Prasad Devarasetty1, Ch. Satyananda Reddy2

Research on Security Architecture in Mobile Cloud Computing to Prevent Adaptive Anomaly Attacks
SMP Qubeb1, Ilango Paramasivam2

Research of Fake News Spreading Through Whatsapp
Pooja Khurana1, Deepak Kumar2, Sanjeev Kumar3

DTH Service Trade Satisfaction Analysis using Data Mining Techniques
Suchismita Mishra1, Apurva Vashist2

Child Security Enhancement System using Raspberry Pi and Amazon Elasticsearch Service
Anjo A N J1, Vinay M2

GIS and AHP Based Site Suitability for Sewage Treatment Plant in Sultanpur District, India
Ruchin Agrawal1, Amitabh Kumar Srivastava2, Anjani Kumar Nigam3

Design and Implementation of Smart Electric Bike Eco-Friendly
Sunikshita Katoch1, Rahul2, Ranjit Kumar Bindal3

Multiple DG Placement in Radial Bus System using Weight Adaptive Swarm Intelligence to Improve Voltage Profile
Nitin Khajuria1, Satyanand Vishwakarma2, Rohit Kumar3

Word N-Gram Based Advice for Word Sense Disambiguation in Telugu Natural Language Processing
Ratan Singh Solanki

Mobile Technology System Ffor Health Intervention (M-Health)
Aadeesh Jain1, Shruti Sabherwal2, Deepankar Mathur3, Meenakshi Sood4

Evaluating the Impact of GST on the Growth of Manufacturers, Distributors, Retailers, Freelancers, Startups Etcetera Differently in the IT sector -An Empirical Research
Arun Gautam1, Gaurav Lodha2, M L Vadera3

An Optimized Feature Regularization in Boosted Decision Tree
Ravichandran1, Krishna Mohanta2, C.Nalini3

Extractive Text Summarization using Deep Natural Language Fuzzy Processing
Neelima G1, Veeramanickam M.R.M2, Sergey Gorbachev3, Sandip A. Kale4

Research on Two Stage and Folded Cascode Bulk Driven OTA in 0.18um CMOS Process
N. Sharath Babu1, G. Sreenivasa Raju2, Amrita Sajja3

A Research of Embroidery Industry in Medieval Bengal (13th -17th Century)
Abdul Motleb Shaikh

System for Identifying and Correcting Invalid Words in the Devanagari Script for Text to Speech Engine
Damodar Magdum1, Maloji Suman2

Commonly Used Algorithms in Data Science along with Internal Logics and Implementations through R Programming
T.Srikanth1, Sateesh Nagavarapu2, K.Umapavan kumar3, Narahari D4

Detection of Dyslexia using Eye Tracking Measures
Masooda Modak1, Ketan Ghotane2, Siddhanth V3, Nachiket Kelkar4, Aravind Iyer5, Prachi G6

Role of Smart Communication Technologies for Smart Retailing
Joshi Sujata1, Parashar Mukul2, Kaur Hasandeep3

Qualitative Research of First Order Linear Difference Equations
S. Sindhuja1, J. Daphy Louis Lovenia2, A.P. Lavanya3, Gomathi Jawahar4

Rehology and Durability of Cement Mortar by using Viscosity Modifying Admixtures
M.Direka1, R.Yuvanesh Kumar2, K.Vinobalaji3

Experiment on Concrete Containing with Activated Carbon and Nano-Fly ash, Nano Metakaolin
Sai Dinakar Swaroop M1, Prince Arul Raj G2

Experiment of Partial Replacement of Egg Shell Powder and Coconut Fibre in Concrete
Sathvik S1, Edwin. A2, Anmol Basnett3, Prerna Sharma4, Jemimah carmicheal5

Experimental Research on Durability Properties of High Volume Fly Ash Concrete with Polypropylene Fibre
D. Jayalin1, N.Vellingiri2, S.Janaki Raman3

Experimental Behaviour of Seawater Concrete with Copper Slag
P. Madona Kaviarasi1, S. Sivakumar2

Use of Reclaimed Rubber Cell in Highway Pavement: An Experimental Research
B. Manjula Devi1, H.S. Chore2

Experiment on Concrete with Partial Replacement of Sand with Alternate Green Materials
T.M. Menaka1, P. D Arumairaj2, Antony Godwin3, M.Yuvaraj4

Research on Laterally Restrained Built Up Steel Beam Under Dynamic Response
Sangeetha K1, Vimala S2

Compatible Mappings of Type (γ) and (δ)
J. Jeyachristy Priskillal1, G. Sheeba Merlin2

Generalization of Singh’s Common Fixed Point Theorem
J.Jeyachristy Priskillal1, G.Sheeba Merlin2

Asessment of Soil Erosion in Siruvani Watersheds Based on USLE and Hypsometric Curve Method
A.Tamilarasan1, J. Brema2

Impacts of Demonetization in the Indian State Arunachal Pradesh: A Political Gimmick or Robust Policy
Sandeep Kumar Gupta1, Serdar Vural Uygun2, Sandeep Sharma3, Santosh Kumar Yadav4, Laodiceia Amorim5, Weersma Svetalana Ilinich6

Performance Evaluation of Small Wind Turbine Diffusers with Different Diameters
Sandip A. Kale1, Rushikesh V. Godse2, Haribhau G. Phakatkar3

Smart Antenna Systems in Agricultural Application
T. Rajashekar Reddy1, G. Shekar2, Santhosh Kumar Allemki3, Giriraj Kumar Prajapati4

Potential and Scope of Additive Manufacturing in Aerospace Industry with Reference to India
Vetrivel1, P. Varun Teja2, R. Sivaprakash3, V. Vinay Krishnan4, Vasanth5

Prediction of Defects Returning Back to Test Engineers in Data Center Stability Testing using Machine Learning Techniques
Manikandan Ramanathan1, Kumar Narayanan2

Research on Trust Computing for Cloud Service Providers
V. Punithavalli1, P. Sheela Gowr2, M. Latha3

Research on Various Tools in Big Data
R.S. Karthiga1, Senthil Kumar Janahan2, U.V. Anbazhagu3 

Performance of FRC Produced with Mineral Admixtures and Waste Plastic Fibers Under Sulfate Attack
Sadat Ali Khan1, Zaheer Ahmed2, Afiya A3

Literary Narratives as a Tool for the Conservation of Indian Cultural Landscapes
Neeraja Jayan

Authentication Mechanisms for Preventing Cyber Crime and Providing Security in Cloud
Chaitra K.M1, Soniya Tiwari2, Pooja Bhardwaj3, Tanvi Sharma4

Spatial Metabolism of Urban Densities: Integument of Bangalore, India
Shubhi S1, Santhanam Kumar2

An Efficient Application Model of Smart Ambulance Support (108) Services
Sareen Fathima1, Suzaifa2, Abdo H Guroob3, Mustafa Basthikodi4

Decision Tree: A Machine Learning for Intrusion Detection
Shilpashree. S1, S. C. Lingareddy2, Nayana G Bhat3, Sunil Kumar G4

The Experimental Research of Drying Kinetics of Nagpur Orange Fruit (Citrus Sinesis- L) by Hot Air Electrical Dryer
Prashant M.Rewatkar1, M.Basvaraj2, V.B.Huddar3

Influence of Control Mechanism on the Flow field of Duct at Mach 1.2 for Area Ratio 2.56
S. A. Khan1, Abdul Aabid2, Zakir Ilahi Chaudhary3

Application of Machine Learning with Impedance Based Techniques for Structural Health Monitoring of Civil Infrastructure
Zaheer Ahmed1, Jaffar Syed Mohamed Ali2, Mohammed Rafeeq3, Meftah Hrairi4

Performance of BER with Different Diversity Techniques for Millimeter-Wave Communication System
Nagma Parveen1, Rafiqul Islam2, Khaizuran Abdullah3, Rounakul Islam Boby4

University Towns: Emerging Sector in India
Kala Choyimanikandiyil

Fuzzy Shannon Entropy for Face Recognition
Abdullah Gubbi1, Mohammad Fazle Azeem2, Mohammed Rafeeq3, Shoaib Kamal4

Secure Auditing and Intelligent Compression in Cloud
Suzaifa1, Sareen Fathima2, Fathimath Kousar3, Mustafa Basthikodi4

An Research on the Effectiveness of the Different Algorithms and the Scheduling in Improving the Performance of Cloud Computing by using Cloud Analyst Simulator
Abdo H Guroob1, Arpana Shetty2, Manjaiah D. H.3

Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) Bottles Waste as Fine Aggregate in Concrete
Altamashuddin khan Nadimalla1, Siti Aliyyah Binti Masjuki2, Asmahani Binti Saad3, Kamsiah Binti Mohd Ismail4, Maisarah Bt Ali5

Critical Assessment of Smart City Mission – A Research of Gwalior Smart City Proposals
Mohd. Nasir1, Mohammad Salman2, Fahad Ahmad3, Tahir Abdul Rahman Siddiquee4

Smart Glove for Hearing-Impaired
Abhilasha C Chougule1, Sanjeev S Sannakki2, Vijay S Rajpurohit3

Sustainable Energy for Drying of Cashew Kernels – Experimental Research
Vivekanand B Huddar1, Sudershan B Gadwal2, M Basavaraj3

Delay and Lifetime Issues for Wireless Sensor Networks
Girish. R. Deshpande1, Shrinivas. R. Dhotre2, Parutagouda. S. Khangoudar3, Sudhindra. K. Madi4, Mohammad Asif Raibag5

Anchoring Sustainable Urbanism as Future of cities
Ar. Sangeeta S.1, Ar. Sreesha S. Bhat2

Adaptive Exploration-based Whale Optimization for Image Segmentation Based on Variable Parametric Error
M. Jogendra Kumar1, G.V.S Raj Kumar2, K. Naveen Kumar3, Y. Srinivas4

Efficiency of Bartlett and Levenes Tests for Testing Homogeneity of Variance Under Varying Number of Replicates and Groups in One – Way ANOVA
B. Odoi1, S. Samita2, S. Al-Hassan3, S. Twumasi-Ankrah4

Molecular Modeling and Opioid Receptor Binding Affinity of New Substituted Morphine Derivatives
Mohammed Oday Ezzat1, Basma M. Abd Razik2

A Research on Link Mining Tasks
Zaved Akhtar1, Ravindra Kumar2, Umesh Chandra Jaiswal3, Davesh Kumar Sharma4

A Secure Cloud Computing Based Framework for Big Data Information Management of Smart Grid
R. Nivedha1, S. Arshiya Sulthana2

Optimization of Tasks using Scheduling Algorithms in Cloud Computing
G. Sumathi1, S.Rajesh2

Minimum Quantity Lubrication While using Nano Crystalline Graphite Powder as Lubricant in Surface Grinding
M. Raja Sekhara Rao1, N.V.Jaswanth2, V. S. Parameswara Rao3

Fuzzy Logic Based Trajectory Tracking Controller
S. Ravi Kumar1, R.P Das2, A. Sampath Dakshina Murthy3, K. Sunil kumar4

Implementation of Modified Harris Corner Detector Algorithm -Including Free Parameters Based on FPGA
Chandaka Shravani1, Rudra Pratap Das2

Arduino Based Color Sorting Machine using TCS3200 Color Sensor
Ch.Shravani1, G. Indira2, V. Appalaraju3

Enhancing Security Features for IoT Devices by Integration with Block Chain Technology
B.Venkatesh1, Ch. Srinivasa Reddy2, Ch.V.Bhargavi3

Conglomerating First Order, Descriptive and Modal Logics into Semantic Web – A Research
Neha Jain1, Ajeet K. Jain2, PVRD Prasad Rao3, K.Venkatesh Sharma4

Classifying Diabetic Retinopathy using Deep Learning Architecture
T. Sajana1, K. Sai Krishna2, G. Dinakar3, H. Rajdeep4

Prevention of Data Theft Attacks in Infrastructure as a service Cloud through Trusted Computing
Gogineni Krishna Chaitanya1, Amarendra K2, Shaik Aslam3, Uppuluri Lakshmi Soundharya4, Vailipalli Saikushwanth5

Evaluation of Physical and Climatic Characteristics of Agricultural Monitoring Purposes: A Model Research on Ananthapur District
Ramapadmaja1, T. Umamahaswara Rao2

Sustainable Development of the Marine Leisure Industry Along the Indian Coastline
Madhumita Kothari1, S. Poongavanam2

Effective Role of Bimstec in the Governance of the Bay of Bengal
Madhumita Kothari1, S.Poongavanam2

How Changes in Exports, Remittances and Fdi and Their Impacts on Reserves After Currency Floating. (Research on: Turkey)
Doaa Wafik Nada1, Assem Tharwat2

1.5mW,14.68V/µS-Low Power and High Speed Comparator Design for ADC Applications
Shashidhar K1, Chaithanya Mannepalli2, Sreenivasa Rao Ijjada3

A 2.2 V-Voltage Reference Circuit Design with TC of 35.49 ppm/oC for low power DAC Applications
Chaithanya Mannepalli1, Sreenivasa Rao Ijjada2, Rajesh Kumar Srivastava3

Identity Based Encryption and Identity Based Signature Scheme: A Research on Security Schemes
Maitri Patel1, Rajan Patel2

Quality Improvement in XY Process at ABC Corporation
Ryan Jeffrey P. Curbano1, Maritess D. Manlongat2, Arlene D. Castor Engr. Ma. Elena De Chavez3, Janwill Cyril G. Caiga4, Evangeline P. Consigo5, Jasmin V. Malibiran6

A Research on Energy Efficient Cluster Routing for the Wireless Sensor Networks
Ch. Rambabu1, V.V.K.D.V. Prasad2, K. Satya Prasad3

Opportunistic Offloading Scheme in Heterogeneous Vehicular Network
Mahmoud Alawi1, Elankovan Sundararajan2, Abdullah Mohd Zin3, Raed Alsaqour4, Mahamod Ismail5

Detection of Malignant Tissue using Metal Dielectric Interface Based Plasmonic Biosensor
Nandhini V L1, Sandip Kumar Roy2, K. Suresh Babu3

Cascaded Biometric System Based on Fingerprint and Retina for User Identity Recognition
T.S. Sasikala1, K. Siva Sankar2

Denosing CT/MRI Images Restoration using Radial Basis Function Neural Network
B.Baron Sam1, A. Lenin Fred2

Air Pollution Monitoring and Prediction using Multi View Hybrid Model
A.Sivasangari1, P.Ajitha2, K.Indira3

Ontology Based Web Page Recommendation System
A. Sivasangari1, S. Poonguzhali2, Immanuel Rajkumar3

Research on the Machine Learning Algorithms on Heart Condition Predictions
Geetha M1, Ganesan R2, Tallam Tharun Sai3

Environmental Ethics: Anthropocentric Chauvinism as Seen in Western Ethical Theories
Rajesh K1, Rajasekaran V2

The Concept of “Vocalese” in the Class of FLE
Cynthia George

The Pivotal Part of Global Direct Investment – A Research Pre & Post Liberalization Era
R S Ch Murthy Chodisetty1, B Harshini Reddy2

Design and Development of Mirnov Coil Sensor for Eddy Currents Experiment on Toroidal Vessel
Kanikdeep T. Singh1, Himanshu K Patel2, R. Gangradey3

Primeradicals in Ternary Semi Groups
Seetha Mani P1, SaralaY2, Jaya Lalitha G3

An ADHOC Based Wireless Network System

Robot Assisted Brain Wave Sensor Network in Smart Home Environment For Elderly Persons
A. Harikrishna1, K.V. Sambasiva Rao2, S. Raviteja3, S. Alekhya4

Vague Seperation and Connectedness
V. Amarendra Babu1, R. Ramya Swetha2, T. Anitha3

On Secured Blockchain Technology For K-Nearest Neighbors Algorithm
R. Vasantha1, R. Satya Prasad2

Research Methods Made Simple
Bhagyashree Deshpande1, Anuradha Girme2

Right of Aged Persons to Live with Dignity: A Socio-Legal Perspective
Ujwala Bendale1, Vidya Dhere2

Cybersquatting: Threat to Domain Name
Sukrut Deo1, Sapna Deo2

Impact of Smart City on Social Relations
Vidya Dhere1, Ujwala Bendale2

Exploring Fusion Techniques for Satellite Image
Neha Ahlawat

Handwritten Character Recognition using Neural Network and Tensor Flow
Megha Agarwal1, Shalika2, Vinam Tomar3, Priyanka Gupta4

A Prototype Design for a Framework to Analyse the Traffic Flow in Darknet
K. Sowjanya Naidu1, L.S.Chakravarthy2

Research On Enterprise Public and Private Cloud Service
Prakash Gopalakrishnan1, B. Uma Maheswari2

Crimes Against Women in India using Regression
R. Devakunchari1, Bhowmick S2, Bhutada S P3, Shishodia Y4

Random Forest Advice for Water Quality Prediction in the Regions of Kadapa District
S.V.S. Ganga Devi

A Research on Controlling Topology of Wireless Sensor Networks Against Node Based Attacks
M. Hari Kishan Rao1, M.Pushpalatha2

A Research on Fruit Maturity Detection Techniques
M. Surya Kiran1, G. Niranjana2

A Scalable and Distributed Mechanism for DNA Databases by Aggregate Queries
H Santhi1, Gayathri P2, Gopichand G3, Venkata Vinod Kumar N4, Sailaja G5

Research on Fuzzy Three Stage Tandem Queues
W. Ritha1, J. Merline Vinotha2, I. Antonitte Vinoline3, Nivetha Martin4

Education and Employment are at two Poles- A Research using Fuzzy Cognitive Linguistic Multimaps
Nivetha Martin1, W. Ritha2, J. Merline Vinotha3, I. Antonitte Vinoline4

An Inventory Model based on Manufacturer-Direct Business Model with the help of E-Commerce Trading
I. Antonitte Vinoline1, W. Ritha2, J. Merline Vinotha3, Nivetha Martin4

A Research on Investment Behavior of Corporate and Individual Investors from Southern India
Ashish Dewan1, R Gayatri2, Rishi Dewan3

Attributes Weight Determination in Magdm Problems using Some Numerical Method Techniques
Akila S1, John Robinson P2

Holistic Research of Software Testing and Challenges
Kiran Jammalamadaka1, Nikhat Parveen2

PID Controller Design for TITO Processes Based on IMC and Smith Predictor Configuration
M Jagjeevanrao1, R Kiranmayi2

Research of Conventional and Observer Based Controller for Three Tank Interacting System
Shangkavi G1, Prabhakaran2

A Heuristic Research of the Designing and Evaluation of Energy Efficiency using Dynamic VM Consolidation in Green Cloud Data Centres
Sajitha.A.V1, A.C.Subhajini2

Classification of Diabetes Mellitus using Soft Computing and Machine Learning Techniques
M. S. Roobini1, M. Lakshmi2

Research on Virtual Servers Based Distributed Database System
Sonali Vyas

Low Power and Area Efficient Full Adder using GDI and 2T XNOR
Radhika P1, Aswathi Gopan2

Cluster Interfaced Objective Function for Decision Tree Classifiers for Mining Data with Uncertainty
S. Chidambaranathan

N-Way Segment Hashing for Scalable Subspace Clustering Accession in Big Data
T. Gayathri1, D. Lalitha Bhaskari2

Research on Achieving Data Security with the Cloud Computing Adoption Framework
R. Adhi Lakshmi1, P. Priyadharshini2, R. Bhaskaran3

A Research on Security, Privacy Issues and Privacy Preserving Techniques – Big Data
G. Rama Devi1, Y. Rajesh Babu2

Enhancing Reusability and Measuring Performance Merits of Software Component using Data Mining
G. Maheswari1, K. Chitra2

Detection of Collinearity Effects on Explanatory Variables and Error Terms in Multiple Regressions
Alhassan Umar Ahmad1, U.V. Balakrishnan2, Prem Shankar Jha3

A Comprehensive Research on Video Imaging Techniques
Farooq Sunar Mahammad1, Karthik Balasubramanian2, T. Sudhakar Babu3, V. Madhu iswanatham4

An Research to Enhance the Old Manuscript Resolution using Deep Learning Mechanism
Syed Nawaz Pasha1, D. Ramesh2, D. Kodhandaraman3, M D. Salauddin4