Volume-8 Issue-9S2, July 2019

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Volume-8 Issue-9S2, July 2019, ISSN: 2278-3075 (Online) Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering & Sciences Publication (BEIESP)

Automatic Speed-Limit Sign Detection and Recognition for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems
Anusha  Akula1, Renuka Devi S. M2

Real Time Rasperi Pi Facial Emotion Recognition using Pca Improved
Burgoji Santhosh Kumar1, Sudhir Kumar Sharma2, K Haripal Reddy3

Techniques for Sigma Delta ADC Design using CMOS Technology for CODEC
B. Hemalatha1, Ajay Kumar Dadoria2, Harishankar Srivastava3

A Research on Trading of Sensex Stocks by using RSI
Sajjan Choudhuri

Wind – Hydro Coordination for Enhanced Worth of Wind Power and Potentials in Karnataka State of India
Shravankumar Nayak1, D.R Joshi2

Iot Based Smart Wallet Security and Fake Currency Detection System
P. Vijayakumar1, Saravanan G2, Adithya Narayan3, Deepak B4, Ragul S5, Tamilselvi6, Rajashree. R7, T. Poongkuzhali8, Xiao-Zhi Gao9

A Research on impact of Blockchain in Healthcare
Padmavathi. U1, Narendran Rajagopalan2

Role of Augmented Reality Applications for Smart City Planning
Jha Suchita1, Joshi Sujata2

Fuzzy Logic Based Voice Recognition as per Their Gender and Age Group
J. Rajaram

Evaluation of Conventional methods for the Detection of Lesions in Diabetic Retinopathy Images: A Research
R. Ravindraiah1, S. Chandra Mohan Reddy2

Detection of Dyslexia using Eye Tracking Measures
Masooda Modak1, Ketan Ghotane2, Siddhanth V,3 Nachiket Kelkar4, Aravind Iyer5, Prachi G6

Qualitative Detection of Nitro-Aromatic Explosives using Supervised Learning Access
Dipali Ramdasi1, Rohini Mudhalwadkar2

The Inspection on Obstructive Sleep Apnea Severity Detection using a Deep Learning Access
N. Juber Rahman1 , P. Nithya2

An Experimental Research on Partial Replacement of Coarse Aggregate with Recycled Aggregate And Fine Aggregate with Granite Powder
Ponnana Ramprasad1, Allu Manikanta2

IFLCH: Intuitionistic Fuzzy Logic based Cluster Head Selection in Wireless Sensor Networks
A. Krishnakumar1, D. Saraswathi2

Research on Stress-Strength Model under Random Repeated Cycles
T. Sumathi Uma Maheswari1, M. Tirumala Devi2

Research on Face Expression Recognition
S. Nithya Roopa

Car Analyzer
Sathya D 1, Jagadeesan D2, Sriram R3

Multiversion Concurrency Control With The Precedence Graph Generation Algorithm
Prateek Vikram1, Salman Abdul Moiz2, G R Anil3

Strength Behaviour of M25 Grade Concrete Mixed with Two Natural Fibers in Both Curing and Without Curing Condition
S. Ramlal1, Pravesh Jha2

The Influence of Human Aspect of Accommodation and Destination on Tourist Satisfaction
Pantas H. Silaban1, Arsen Pasaribu2, Andri D. K. Silalahi3

Revisit to Policy Formulation for Climate-Smart Agriculture in India
Bibhu Kaibalya manik

Relationships Between Human Attributes and Sources of Information for Seeking Halal Food Information: A Pilot Research on Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Firas Saleh Omari1, Norhidayah Azman2, Roesnita Ismail3

Effect of E-Service Quality on Repurchase Intention: Testing the Role of E-Satisfaction as Mediator Variable
Veronika Trivia Lestari1, Jeanne Ellyawati2

Improving the Restructuring of Distressed Assets Through Securitization on Emerging Markets
Olga Em

A Web-based Application for Residential and Non-Residential Centers and Institutions of DSWD (Department of Social Welfare and Development) Region III Records Management and Incident Reporting
Rene D. Laguna

Local Government Institutions and Environment Management in South Asia: A Research on India and Bhutan
VC Shushant Parashar1, Shalini Saxena2, Meenakshi3

Moral Hazard on Public Health Insurance: Evidence from BPJS in Indonesia
Rogatianus Maryatmo1, Jeanne Ellyawati2

Are Data Collection Tools for TPACK Suitable?
Serkan Dincer

Enhanced Weighted Round Robin Load Balancing Algorithm in Cloud Computing
Shivangi Mayur1, Nidhi Chaudhary2

M 3HP: An Efficient Secured Data Transmission using the Human Password Generation Solution
Amarnath J L1, Pritam Gajakumar Shah2

Implementation and Evaluation of User Activity System as a Web Service
Mukesh Rawat1, Suryoday Smann2

Progressing Biometric Security Concern with Blowfish Algorithm
R. Sridevi1, S. Selvi2

Identification of Models-Decision Tree and Random Forest Classifier using Rattle on Diabetes Disease
Aparna Chauhan1, Ankur Garg2

Evaluation of Parallel System using Process Algebra
Ankur Mittal1,  Abhilash2, R. P. Mahapatra3

An Efficient Type 4 Clone Detection Technique for Software Testing
Shikha Golyan1, Rohit Aggarwal2

Data Acquisition From Mobile Phone using Mobiledit
Mayuri Goel1, Vimal Kumar2

Manufacturing Defect Detection in Ceiling Fans using Image processing
Vaishali Malik1, Pradeep Pant2

Predictive Research For Mental Health Disease
Shaifali Chauhan1, Ankur Garg2

Adapting Best Path for Mobile Robot By Predicting Obstacle Size
Ramesh Dadi1, Sallauddin MD2, Syed Nawaz Pasha3, A. Harshavardhan4, P.Kumarawamy5

Performance Research on different Machine Learning Algorithms for Detection of Sleepy Spindles from EEG signals
HemaLatha Goli1, Ch. Aparna2

Utilization of Waste Materials for the Strengthening of Pavement Subgrade-A Research
A.Vijayakumar1, S. Naveen Kumar2, P. Abhinayasai Tejareddy3

Role of Smart Communication Technologies for Smart Retailing
Joshi Sujata1, Parashar Mukul2, Kaur Hasandeep3

To the Question of the Influence of the Intensity of Active Centers on the Surface of Mineral Fillers on the Properties of Fine-Grained Concrete
Anvar Ishanovich Adylkhodzhaev1, Makhamataliev Irkin Muminovich2, Kadyrov Ilkhom Abdullaevich3, Shaumarov Said Sanatovich4, Ruzmetov Fazliddin Sharifboevich5

Methods of Forecasting and Occurrence of Traumatic Damages i Sport
Sulaymanov Sunnatulla Sulaymonovich1, Mudarisova Rayxon Hodjaevna2, Narziev Shovkiddin Murtazaevich3, Valieva Zaynab Omonbaevna4, Tursunova Nigora Anvarovna5

Dried Melon Production Line
Iskandarov Zafar1, Saidkhujaeva Nafisa2, Irmuxamedova Ludmila3

Research on Facilities of Power Supply of Small Power Capability Consumers of Bukhara Region by using Wind and Solar Energy
Sadullayev Nasillo Nematovich1, Safarov Alisher Bekmurodovich2, Nematov Shuhrat Nasilloyevich3, Mamedov Rasul Akif-ogli4

Research on the Carbonization Process of Potassium Chloride Solutions in the Presence of Diethylamine
Bobokulov Akbar Nosirovich1, Erkaev Aktam Ulashevich2, Kucharov Bakhrom Khayrievich3, Toirov Zakir Kalandarovich4

A Research on Logistics Business
K.Viswanathan1, S.Poongavanam2

A Research on Shipping Lines in Global Market
R.Srinivasan1, S.Poongavanam2, R.Vettriselvan, J.Rengamani3, Fabian Andrew James4

Water Quality Evaluation in Term of WQI River Tungabhadra, Karnataka, India.
S. Ranjith1, Anand. V. Shivapur2, P. Shiva Keshava Kumar3, Chandrashekarayya. G. Hiremath4, Santhosh Dhungana5

A Research on Future Aspirations of Adolescents
C. Manoharan1, R.Vettriselvan2, R.Divyaranjani3

A Testbed Design of Spectrum Management in Cognitive Radio Network using NI USRP and LabVIEW
Vinod H. Patil1, Shruti Oza2, Vishal Sharma3, Asritha siripurapu4, Tejaswini Patil5

Fault Diagnosis of Transmission Line using Feed Forward Neural Network
Aditya Biswas1, D. Malathi2

How Organizational and Trainee Characteristics Influence the Training Program of Employees in Djibouti Port
Saleh Moumine Abdi1, M.Bina Celine Dorathy2

Port Integration for Enhancing Competitive Advantage
M. Bina Celine Dorathy

Research on Mechanism and Challenges in Meta Search Engines
Jyoti Mor1, Naresh Kumar2, Dinesh Rai3

Linkage Between Traditional Architectural Elements Representing Regionalism and Achieving Salutogenesis
Ishita Mouri Rahman

Adaptive Compressive Sensing-Based Channel Estimation for 5G Massive MIMO Systems
Ravikanth Sivangi1, Devineni Sri Phani Kishore2

Cytotoxic and Gene Expression Research on Kras Gene in Lung Cancer Cell Line of A549 Treated with Tinospora Coridifolia Extract
T. Jayalakshmi1, R. Priya2, M. Harish3

Prediction and Calculation of Physiochemical Properties using Structural Bioinformatics and Asap Tools
Jayalakshmi.T1, A. Manikandan2, K. N.Vardhan3

Design of Drug Molecule Based Structure for Smad 3 Protein and Its Insilico Research of Leukemia Utilizing Bioinformatics Software
A. Manikandan1, T. Jayalakshmi2, P. B. Ramesh Babu3

Monitoring and Search of Coma Patients using Variable Motion Sensor System
R. Kishore Kanna1, N.Subhalakhsmi2, V. Gomathy3, R.Vasuki4

Comprehensive Learning on Characteristics, Applications, Issues and Limitations of Manets
S. John Justin Thangaraj1, Rengarajan A2, Selvanayaki S3

A Research on Privacy Preserving for Data I Storage in Cloud Center
K. Kavitha1, M. Punithavalli2

A Access in Treatment of Type Ii Diabetes using Combinational Herbal Compounds
R. Priya1, E. Sugitha2, Vasundra3

Production of Industrial Organic Acid From Cassava using Fungi
S. Anbuselvi1, L. Jeyanthi Rebecca2

Research on Diabetes by Respiration Patterns Access
R. Kishore Kanna1, S. Geetha2, T. Manoj Prasath3, F. Emerson Solomon4

Sensor Based Rehabilitation Tool for Epilepsy Patients
T. Manoj Prasath1, Prasath Alias Surendhar2, R. Kishore Kanna3, Vasukidevi Ramachandran4

Technical Access in Blood Glucose Detection using ANN
F. Emerson Solomon1, R. Kishore Kanna2, Vasukidevi Ramachandran3, S. Geetha4

Development in Nimbus Mattress
T. Manoj Prasath1, R. Kishore Kanna2, R. Vasuki3

Technical Research on Skin Deficiencies using Medical Image Processing Applications
R. Kishore Kanna1, Prasath Alias Surendher2, T. Manoj Prasath3, F. Emerson Solomon4

A PV Module Integrated Converter for Enhanced Perfomance in Standalone and DC Microgrid Applications
M. Padma Lalitha1, Pasala Gopi2, K. Omkar3

Assessment of SF6 and N2 Gas Mixtures as a Dielectric Medium in a Gas Insulated Busduct
Giri Prasad. A1, Poonam Upadhyay2, M Surya kalavathi3, Meghana. P4

Causal Model of Customer Intention to using Anti-Aging Business in Thailand
Intayos1, Hutsayaporn2, Netpradit3, Napawan4, Samutachak5, Bhubate6

Design and Implementation of Modernised Dental Chair using Voice Recognition Control Circuit
R. Puviarasi1, A. Greeshma2

Identification of Malicious Nodes & Paths to Reduce Packet Loss in Mobile ADHOC Network with NS2 Simulator
P. Haritha1, R. Puviarasi2

Research and Design Voice Control Camera using Raspberry PI
V. Janani1, R. Puviarasi2, Mritha Ramalingam3, S. R. Boselin  Prabhu4

An Experimental Research on GPS Based Boundary Intruding Boat Monitoring System
R. Puviarasi1, M. Mageshwaran2, Mritha Ramalingam3, S. R. Boselin Prabhu4

System for Identifying and Correcting Invalid Words in the Devanagari Script for Text to Speech Engine
Damodar Magdum1, Maloji Suman2

LoPT : LoRa Penetration Testing Tool
Smile Manuel J1, Anatha Narayanan V2, Sethumadhavan M3

Critical Connection of Blockchain Development Platforms
Anshul Vyas1, Leena Nadkar2, Seema Shah3

Direct-Cloud, Multi-Cloud, and Connected-Cloud – Terminologies Make a Move in Cloud Computing
Deivanai Gurusamy1, Tucha Kedir Elemo2

A Research on Pre-Monsoon and Post-Monsoon Physico-Chemical Parameters of Groundwater of Velliangadu Village, Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, India
K. Karthik1, R. Mayildurai2, S. Karthikeyan3

Optimisation of Process Parameters in Kenaf/Polypropylene Composites in Connection Moulding
R.Varadaraju1, J.Srinivasan2

Research on The Impact of Childhood Coping Strategies in Academics and Adolescence Lives of Students using Data Mining
S. Vallikala1, V. Geetha2, V. Jalaja Jayalakshmi3

Control of Nao Robot Arm using Myo Armband
Ramkumar A1, Akhil Krishna U2, Madhan M S3, Prajit K K4

A Research on Failure Mode and Effect Inquiry on Tea Leaves Processing – Leaf Shredder Machine
Bhaskar S1, David Anson V2

Research on Effects of Obstacles on Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow in Backward Facing Step Flow
S. Ramanathan1, S. Prabhu2, R. S. Mohankumar3, T. Suresh4

Determination of Natural Frequencies of Spur Gear in Portal Axle Gearbox
Devan P D1, V. R. Muruganantham2

Productivity Improvement using Lean Concept in Automotive Welding Fixture Manufacturing Industry
Karikalan R1, Sreeharan B N2, Akilan S3, Rallish Rahuman Khan J4

Asynchronous Learning of Personal Assistant from User Histories Stored in Cloud
Sumathi. V. P1, Vidyasagr V2, Vanitha.V3

Http Rule Base Intrusion Detection and Prevention System
D. Sathya1, S. Sangeetha2

A Research on Niw Alloy Coatings on Mild Steel through Electrodeposition Method
R. Kannan1, K. Sankar2, K. Venkatesh3, P. Sathyabalan4

Enhances the Capacity of Load Adjusting by Improved Load Balancing Methodology in P2P Network
S. Govindaraj1, Krishna Mohanta S2, C. Rukumani3

Implementation of Techniques and its Management on Constructional Activities
Madan Kumar L1, Vadiraj Rao N. R.2, Chandana Prasad B. G.3, Rajani A4

Medium Domination Number in Linear Polyacene
S. Venkatesan1, M. Raji2, G. Jayalalitha3

On (1,2)- Blast Domination Number for Some Total Graphs
P. Rajakumari1, K. Ameenal Bibi2

Feature Specific Optimal Random Forest Algorithm for Enhancing Classification Accuracy
T. Ravichandran1, Krishna Mohanta2, C. Nalini3

Efficiency Improvement of CZTSe Solar Cell with Ag Doped Zno/Cds Buffer Layer, using Scaps Simulation Programme
Kajal Mukhopadhyay1, P. Fermi Hilbert Inbaraj2, J. Joseph Prince3

Research on Eco-friendly Alkali Activated Concrete Incorporating Industrial Wastes
Shriram Marathe1, Mithanthaya I R2, Sahithya S. Shetty3

Consumption Patterns for Ready to Eat Foods Items in Phagwara District of Punjab (India)
Ashish Raina1, Dhiraj Pathak2, Varinder Singh Rana3, Gaurav Bathla4

Behaviour of Self Compacting Concrete Columns with Recycled Brick Aggregates
Sivamalar C1, Nalanth N2, Dhanalakshmi K3

Life and Personality of Queen Esther and Rani Lakshmibai: A Research
Crispine Shiny1, D. David Wilson2

Research on Numerical Modelling in Lake Dynamics
E. Thinakaran1, P. D. Arumairaj2

A Research Article on “Geopolymer Concrete”
Shashikant1, Prince Arulraj G2

A Research on Different Filtering Techniques and Neural Networks Methods for Denoising Speech Signals
G. K Rajini1, V. Harikrishnan2, Jasmin Pemeena Priyadarisini M3, S. Balaji4

Leakage Power Consumption of Address Register Interfacing with Different Families of FPGA
Bishwajeet Pandey1, Keshav Kumar2, Shabeer Ahmad3, Amit K Pandit4, Deepa Singh5, D M Akbar Hussain6

Methods and Trends in Information Retrieval in Big Data Genomic Research
Joseph M. De Guia1, Madhavi Deveraj2

Pigeon Presence on PV Modules ARE Largely Random Events
Pierre Eduard Hertzog1, Arthur James Swart2

Power Efficient Frequency Scaled and Thermal-Aware Control Unit Design on FPGA
Keshav Kumar1, Shabeer Ahmad2, Bishwajeet Pandey3, Amit K Pandit4, Deepa Singh5, D M Akbar Hussain6

Big Data Research on the Green Internet of Things in New Smart-Logistics
Tetouani Samir1, Chouar Abdelsamad2, Soulhi Aziz3, Elalami Jamila4

An Architectural Model on Employment Opportunities as Aftercare Program
Neriza V. Bustillo1, Thelma D. Palaoag2, Joseph Kristian Reyes3

A Design Architecture for Developing Agricultural Product Forecasting System Application for Farmers
Joe Marie D. Dormido1, Thelma D. Palaoag2

An Assessment of the Mobile Games Utilization and It’s Effect to One’s Computational Thinking Skills
Jane M. Fernandez1, Thelma D. Palaoag2, Josephine Dela Cruz3

Research on an Iot Based Air Pollution Monitoring System
Vijayakumar Sajjan1, Pramod Sharma2

An Adaptive Multiple Databases for Rough Set Based Record Deduplication
Ravikanth M1, D. Vasumathi2

Predictive Analytics for Obstructive Sleep Apnea Detection
M. V. Vijaya Saradhi1, Kalli Srinivasa Nageswara Prasad2

Treatment of Industrial Wastewater by using Amberlite XAD-1180 in A Fluidized-Bed Reactor
K. Harsha Vardhan1, K. Harsh Vardhan2, B. Sarada3

A Research: Hyperspectral Image Processing Techniques
Kiran Gowda C1, S Usha2, C J Jagadeesha3

Assessment of Ethanol as Fuel Additive to Diesel-Biodiesel Blends on Combustion and Performance Characteristics in CI Engine
K Rajesh1, Ganesh D. B2

An Efficient Noise Separation Technique for Removal of Gaussian and Mixed Noises in Monochrome and Color Images
Satish Kumar Satti1, Suganya Devi K2, Prasenjit Dhar3, P Srinivasan4

Estimation of Power Spectral Density in SVPWM based Induction Motor Drives
V. Ananthalakshmi1,Y. Rama Mohan2, G. Sateesh3, T. Bramhananda Reddy4, A. Pradeep Kumar Yadav5

Joint Deblurring and Denoising of Hyperspectral Images with PCA and Totalvariation
K. E. Sreenivasa Murthy1, R.Sudheer Babu2, Shaik Saheb Basha3

Research on Harmonics and Ripple Content in Vector Control Schemes for Induction Motor
M. Rama Prasad Reddy1, T. Sudhakar Babu2, A. Suresh Kumar3,U. Chaitanya4

Estimating Degradation Factorby Performance Ratio of Rooftop Solar PV Plant
Rajesh Kumar Prakhya1, K.Shashidhar Reddy2, Ch. Lokeshawar Reddy3

Numerical Simulations of a CD Nozzle and the Influence of the Duct Length
Mohammad Nishat Akhtar1, Elmi Abu Bakar2, Abdul Aabid3, Sher Afghan Khan4

Control of CD Nozzle Flow using Microjets at Mach 2.1
Mohammad Nishat Akhtar1, Elmi Abu Bakar2, Abdul Aabid3, Sher Afghan Khan4

Effects of Micro jets on the Flow Field of the Duct with Sudden Expansion
Mohammad Nishat Akhtar1, Elmi Abu Bakar2, Abdul Aabid3, Sher Afghan Khan4

Microstructural Characterization of Calcite Mineral Precipitation in Bacteria Incorporated Concrete
K Satya Sai Trimurty Naidu1, M V Seshagiri Rao2, V Srinivasa Reddy3

Identification and Prioritize Improvement of Accident-Prone Locations Between Srikakulam to Chilakapalem Junction- A Research
K. S. B. Prasad1, K. Gayatri2

Ultimate Capacity of Vertical Pile Subjected to Combination of Vertical and Lateral Load
Asim Goswami1, Soumya Roy2

Trusted Detection of Ransom ware using Machine Learning Algorithms
Shemitha P. A1, Julia Punitha Malar Dhas2

Operating System using CAN Bus on Different Process Circulated Technology with High Speed Prime Marine Engine
R. Sundar1, Stephen Arputharaj2

Neodymium Magnetic Shock Absorber for Two Wheelers Automobiles
B Nandish1, K P Muthanna2, M B Kaveriappa3, P S Biddappa4

Influence of Sisal Fibers on the Properties of Rammed Earth
M Eswar Kumar Yadav1, P R Kishore2, A S Kumar3, A S Swetha Sri4

Intrusion Detection Techniques for Secure Communication in Different Wireless Networks
Japneet Kaur1, Harmeet Singh2

Anti-Glare Headlamp a Safe Option for Better Vision to the Rider
Shrinivas S. Metan1, Abhishek R. Kshirsagar2, Govind N. Samleti3, Vinayak K Patki4

Performance Evaluation of Pox Controller for Software Defined Networks
N. Saritakumar1, Adarsh V Srinivasan2, Elfreda Albert3, S. Subha Rani4

Impact of Hydrocarbon Extraction in Neduvasal: A Psycho- Social Assessment
K. M. Ashifa

Traffic Congestion Monitoring and Management by using IOT
R. Mahender Reddy1, K Nishanth Rao2, S V S Prasad3

PCI Matrix Based Image Reconstruction from Compressively Sensed Data
B. Mounika1, B. Sridhar2, S.V. S. Prasad3

Design of Watchdog Timer for Real Time Applications
S. Shilpa1, Ch. Umashankar2, S V S Prasad3

Streaming Big Data Analytics- Current Status, Challenges and Connection of unbounded data Processing platforms
S K. Wasim Akram1, M. Varalakshmi2, J. Sudeepthi3

Prioritized Property-Value based Data Modelling for Big Data
Sai Jyothi Bolla1, S. Jyothi2, Y. Rajesh3

Home Finance – The Source of Improving Wellness of the Population
Xodjimuhamedova Shokhida Ibragimovna1, Tolipova Dilfuza Nabievna2, Tashkhodzheva Gulnoza Saydamhodzhaevna3, Akramova Nargiza Ahrorovna4, Shafkarov Fakhriddin Xudayberdiyevich5, Bobonarova Kamola O`kamjon qizi6

Dynamics of Microorganisms’ Producent Separation in Nutritional Environment
Zokirova Mashhura1, Fayzieva Dilrabo2, Zokirov Sodikjon3

Face Photo Recognition using Sketch Image for Security System
A. Sivasangari1, S. Poonguzhali2, Immanuel Rajkumar3, Maheshwari4

Lehality Prediction of Highly Disproportionate Data of ICU Deceased using Extreme Learning Machine
A. Vidya1, D. Shanthi2, P. Gokulakrishnan3, K. Manivannan4

Quantification of Epicardial and Thoracic Adipose Tissue using WOA Optimized CNN
N. Sangeetha A. Kathirvel1, P. Indira Priya2, R. Latha3

A Research of Traffic Prediction using Deep Learning Techniques
B. Karthika1, N. Uma Maheswari2, R. Venkatesh3

A Hybrid Fish – Bee Optimization Algorithm For Heart Disease Prediction Using Multiple Kernel SVM Classifier
T. Keerthika1, K. Premalatha2

ANN Based Improved Regenerative Braking System on PV/Battery Powered Electric Vehicles with Single Stage Interaction Converter
S. Jambulingam1, D. M. Mary Synthia Regis Prabha2

Interestingness Calculation for Cricket Summary Generation
Thendra  S1, R. Subhashini2, V. Madhan Karky3

An Efficient Model for Predicting Student Dropout using Data Mining and Machine Learning Techniques
Mercy Paul Selvan1, Nagubadi Navadurga2, Nimmagadda Lakshmi Prasanna3

The Effects of Verbal and Non-Verbal Cues in Multimedia
Abduvakhabova Dilnoza1, Nurmaxamatovna2

Research on Road Traffic Fatal Accidents using Data Mining Techniques
S. P. Godlin Jasil1, K. Sai Preeti2, Shaik Arifa Banu3

Student Future Prediction System Under Filtering Mechanism
L. K. Joshila Grace

Research on Image Connection using Neural Networks
Joshila Grace L. K1, Godlin Jasil S. P2

Social Recommendation Reseach for Building Optimization and Appropriate Social System using Individual Relationship Networks
S. P. Godlin Jasil1, Pradeep Chand .N2, M.Venkatesh3

Attacks in Wirelesssensor Networks – A Research
B. Sathyabama1, Y. Bevish Jinila2

A Research on Application of Human-Robot Interaction using Artifical Intelligence
L. Mary Gladence1, Vakula C. K2, Mercy Paul Selvan3, T. Y. S. Samhita4

Off-line Odia Handwritten Character Recognition: an Axis Constellation Model Based Research
Abhisek Sethy1, Prashanta Kumar Patra2

A Critique on Heart Diseases Predictive Analytics Using Big Data Algorithms
K. Gayathri1, N. Uma Maheswari2, G. Mariammal3

Mammogram Image Retrieval using IPSO Optimized Anfis Classifier
Sonia Jenifer Rayen1, R. Subhashini2

Breaking Down of 51% Double Spend Attack (DSA) in Blockchain Technology
S. Brilly Sangeetha1, S. J. Jereesha Mary2, S. Sebastin Antony Joe3

Flexural Behaviour of HYFRC Beam Reinforced with GFRP Rebar
S. Kamala Kannan

A Research on Development of a Fixed Solar Dryer with a Practical Research
K. Nagendra Babu1, P. Sudheer Kumar2, D. Yamuna3

An Enhanced Performance Measurement in Spread
M. Selvi1, R. Balakrishna2

Spectral Efficiency Enhancement Through Wavelet Transform Filter Bank for Future Mobile Communications
Ch. Gangadhar1, M. d. Habibulla2

Dynamic and Advanced Security for Data Storage in Distributed Environment
Kruthiventy Bhargavi1, D. Veeraiah2

A Novel Similarity Measure to Identify Effective Similar Users in Recommender Systems
Rajeswari Nakka1, G.V.S.N.R.V.Prasad2, R.Kiran Kumar3

Researching CdZnS/ZnS (GT) Quantum Dots in Cathodoluminescent Mode
Majmaa Huda Khalid Hameed1, Sheshin E.P2

Energy Saving for GO Green Environment
B. Neeraja1, Arti Chandani2, N. Tarun Sastry3, J. Saravanan4

Research on Two stage and Folded Cascode Bulk Driven OTA in 0.18um CMOS Process
N. Sharath Babu1, G. Sreenivasa Raju2, Amrita Sajja3

A Cross-Sectional Research on Factors Associated with Depression Among Transgender Women in Bangkok, Thailand
Pankaew Tantirattanakulchai1, Nuchanad Hounnaklang2, Naowarat Kanchanakhan3

PRE-Screening for Elder Abuse in Sanglah General Hospital, Denpasar, Bali
Shakthy Thewi Pillai

Deep Learning Technique for Brain Tumor Detection using Medical Image Fusion
M. Suganya1, R. Sabitha2, J. Aruna Jasmine3

Competitor Identification by Use The Sentiment Classification Based on the User Research
V. Ajay Varma1, T. Ramesh Krishna2, Mercy Paul Selvan3