Volume-8 Issue-10, August 2019

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Volume-8 Issue-10, August 2019, ISSN: 2278-3075 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering and Sciences Publication (BEIESP)

Machining Performance Optimization for Turning of Inconel 825: An integrated Optimization Route Combining Grey Relation Analysis with JAYA and TLBO
Rajiv Kumar Yadav1, Anadh Gandhi2, Kumar Abhishek3, Siba Sankar Mahapatra4, Goutam Nandi5

Hybrid Beam Steerable Phased Array Antenna for Satcom OTM with 16 GHZ Feed Signal
S. V. Devika1, Shaik Khamuruddeen2, N. Manjula3

Effectiveness of Information and Communication Technology in Promoting E-Governance in India
Partha Protim Borthakur1, Dip Jyoti Bhuyan2

IOP Measurement using Contact Tonometer by MEMS Technology
Visvesvaran. C1, Vinesha. P2, Rajarajeshwari. S3, Sowmiya. K4, Athithya Janani. A5

Use of Municipal and Industrial Wastewater in and around Nangal for Construction purposes
Jaswinder Singh1, Tarun Kumar Lohani2

Reconfigurable Multiple Sensing node for the Automation of Agricultural Field
Ningombam Hemarjit Singh1, O.P Roy2

Improved DDoS Attacks detection using Hybrid Statistical Model and sparse representation for Cloud Computing
Bhargavi Goparaju1, Bandla Srinivasrao2

A Novel Text to Speech Technique for Tamil Language using Hidden Markov Models (HMM)
A. Femina Jalin1, J. Jaya Kumari2

Technological Advancement-Based Paradigm Shift: A Focus Shift from Large Screen to Small Screen
Amandeep Singh1, Ashu Jain2, Babita Singla3

Acidic Control of a Chemical Plant Implementing Non Linear Controllers
S. Harivardhagini

Sentiment Trend Analysis of Big Data
Nymphea Saraf Sandhu1, A. K. Upadhyay2, Sanjiv Sharma3

Anti-Theft Locking For Stolen Vehicles and Canny Password Protected Access to Personalized Vehicles
Asmita S. Udagave1, S. S. Sankpal2

Developing an Intelligent Quiz System Based on Genetic Algorithm
Van Kiet Huynh1, Ba Lam To2

Evolution of Chatbots for Smart Assistance
Vishal Aggarwal1, Anjali Jain2, Harsh Khatter3, Kanika Gupta4

Concrete Mix Using Solid Waste Aggregates (Coconut Shell Concrete)
M. Uday Bhaskar1, S. Manasa2, Anith Kumar T.3

Developing Blockchain-Based System for Tracking the Origin of Chicken Products
Thanh Son Huynh1, Luong Anh Tuan Nguyen2

Optimal Fractional Order PID Controller for Centralized and Decentralized Frequency Control in Restructured Power System
S. Jennathu Beevi1, R. Jayashree2

Testing Reliable-AODV for Mobile Ad-hoc Network using test-bed architecture
Mazher Sarfaraz Khan1, Sayyad Ajij D.2

Intelligent Power System Stabilizers using Fuzzy Logic Technique and Sliding Mode Control Strategy
Ngoc-Khoat Nguyen

A New Hybrid Cryptography Technique in Wireless Sensor Network
Alakananda Tripathy1, Sateesh Kumar Pradhan2, Alok Ranjan Tripathy3, Ajit Kumar Nayak4

Wavelet Scalogram for Detection of R-peaks in Noisy ECG Signal
Arunkumar H. M.1, Padmanabha Reddy A.2

An Empirical Software Reliability Growth Model for Identification of True Failures
Jagadeesh Medapati1, Anand Chandulal Jasti2, Ranajikanth TV3

Vulnerabilities, Attacks and their Mitigation: An Implementation on Internet of Things (IoT)
Shamneesh Sharma1, Manoj Manuja2, Keshav Kishore3

Hand Motion-Recognition in an Intelligent Communication Module
Nakul Nagpal1, Arun Mittra2, Pankaj Agrawal3

Cryogenic Hardening of EN 19 Alloy Steel
Karthik Pandiyan.G1, Prabaharan. T2

User Prediction in a Role for Secure Data Sharing Through Cloud
Pattabhi Mary Jyosthna1, Konala Thammi Reddy2

Evaluation and Selection of Supplier in A Supply Chain Management using DEA-TOPSIS Methods Under Intuitionistic Fuzzy Environment
M.V. Madhuri1, N. Ravi Shankar2

A Proposed Method for Prediction of Membranous Nephropathy Disease
K. Padmavathi1, A.V. Senthilkumar2

Brain Tumour Segmentation Based on SFCM using Back Propagation Neural Network
Swetha P1, Mohanram S2

Scalable Video Streaming over Wireless Access Networks
Leelavathy G1, Deepthi Joseph2

Traffic sign and Obstacle detection in Vehicular Ad-Hoc Network (VANET) using HOG and Haar Classifier Techniques
T. Rajasekaran1, Sumathi Eswaran2, A. Rengarajan3, T.V. Ananthan4

Standard Multiple Regression Analysis Model for Cell Survival/ Death Decision of JNK Protein Using HT-29 Carcinoma Cells
Shruti Jain1, D.S. Chauhan2

Sentiment Analysis for Tweets using Patterns and Strategies to Detect the Genuineness of Tweets
Deepti Kulkarni1, Nagaraju Bogiri2

An Efficient Load Balanced Strategy for LTE-WLAN
K. Sireesha1, G. Chakravarthy.2

KNN Classification Based Nonlinear Noise Delineation in Color Image using Optimized BM3D Filter
Mandar D. Sontakke1, Meghana Kulkarni2

Numerical Integration of Arbitrary Function over Multidimensional Cubes using Haar Wavelet Method
K.T. Shivaram1, N. Mahesh Kumar2, S.M. Nikitha3, R.G. Swathi4

Fire Exposure Behavior of CFST Column
Kamaljit Singh1, Khushpreet Singh2, Aditiya Kumar Tiwary3

Response of Recycled Brick Aggregate Concrete to High Temperatures
Kasi Rekha1, Potharaju Malasani2

Performance Evaluation of Several Machine Learning Techniques Used in the Diagnosis of Mammograms
Sushreeta Tripathy

SCI-Tree: An Incremental Algorithm for Computing Support Counts of all Closed Intervals from an Interval Dataset
Dwipen Laskar1, Naba Jyoti Sarmah2, Anjana Kakoti Mahanta3

Effect of Retrogression and Re-Aging on Fatigue Crack Growth Behavior of Al 7075 Alloy
Sunil Kumar k1, P L Srinivasa Murthy2

Manufacturing and Testing of PAN Nano Fibres, Banana Epoxy Nanocomposite
A. V. Devrukhkar1, Y. V. Thorat2, Sachin Chavan3

Optimization of Surface Roughness of Turned Nano-Khorasan Based Madar Fiber Composites Using Response Surface Methodology
G Dilli Babu1, B Jagadish Babu2, K Sivaji Babu3

Semantic Correlation Based Deep Cross-Modal Hashing For Faster Retrieval
Nikita Bhatt1, Amit Ganatra2

Effects of Mass Suction on MHD Boundary Layer Flow and Heat Transfer over a Porous Shrinking Sheet with Heat Source/Sink
B. Shankar Goud1, Pudhari Srilatha2, MN Raja Shekar3

Renewable Energy Substitution in Lieu of Fossil Fuel Based Energy For India
L. Suganthi

Enhancement of Coronary Blood Vessels based on Frangi’s Vesselness Filter and Morphological Operations
Sukanya A1, Rajeswari R2

Secure Routing through Refining Reliability for WSN against DoS Attacks using AODSD2V2 Algorithm for AMI
Priyanka D.Halle1, Shiyamala S.2

Thermal Effects of Steam Pipe used in Activated Carbon Industry under Conditional Circumstances
Vijayan. S. N1, Deepak.P2, Duraimurugan. G. K3

Simulation and Optimization of Warpage of Fiber Reinforced using Human Behavior Based Optimization
Ekta Sandeep Mehta Jain1, Rajesh Kumar Bhuyan2

Estimation of Conventional Pcc Strength And Durability with Partial Replacement of Cement using Aluminium Powder and Rice Husk Ash
T. Siva Sankar Reddy1, Bodanapu Sony2, M. Madhusudhan Reddy3, U. Praveen Goud4, Shaik Ahamed Mynuddin5

New Oscillation and Nonoscillation Criteria for a Class of Linear Delay Differential Equation
P. Sowmiya1, G.K. Revathi2, M. Sakthipriya3, V. Ramya4

Ml Based Naive Bayes Methodology for Rate Prediction Using Textual Rating and Find Actual or Movie Rating Based on Mbnbr Optimization
Hima Keerthi Penumetsa1, Shashi Mogalla2

Behaviour of a New Concrete Composition with Jaggery as Admixture
V. Giridhar1, P. Rajendra Kumar2, P. Kishore Kumar Reddy3

Social Spider Optimization Algorithm: Theory and its Applications
D. Evangeline1, T. Abirami2

Food Consumption Analysis of Convict’s Family: Application of Fuzzy Logic
Snigdha Sarkar1, Sasmita Samanta2, Arpita Mitra3

Improved Cuckoo Optimization Algorithm for Association Rule Hiding
G. Bhavani1, S. Sivakumari2

Design and Analysis of Dual E-Shaped Antenna for Wireless Applications
B. Srikanth Deepak1, B.T.P. Madhav2, T. Anjali3, P. Chaithanya4, P. Avinash5, K. Sanjeev6, S. Salma7

Design and Prototype Development of Portable Trash Collector Boat for Small Stream Application
S.H.Y.S. Abdullah1, M.A.A Mohd Azizudin2, A. Endut3

Reservoir Sedimentation and Flushing using Run-of-River Project
Yugandhara Liladhar Devikar1, R. A. Oak2, S. D. Talegoakar3

High Performance VLSI Architecture for Braun Multiplier
S. Karunakaran1, B. Poonguzharselvi2

Design Of High Attenuation and Less Damping Filter for Renewable Energy Source with Parallel Lrc Component
Sukriti1, Sudeep Kumar Mohaney2

Design and Fabrication of Automatic Onion Planting Machine
S. Panneerselvam1, A. Rakesh2, R. Saravana Kumar3, S. Saravanan4, R.O. Yadunath Gurudeep5

Assessing Competency of Community Healthcare Workers
A.S. Princy1, M. Rajeswari2

ANN Based SVC FACTS Controller to Enhance Voltage Stability of Multi-Machine Power System
M. Suman1, M. Venu Gopala Rao2, P.V. Ramana Rao3

Multi-relay Antennas for Energy Harvesting Cognitive Radio Networks using Energy-Assisted Decode Forward Method
Yadlapalli Priyanka1, R. Arthi2

Electrical Characteristics Assessment on Heterojunction Tunnel FET (HTFET) by Optimizing Various High-κ Materials: HfO2/ZrO2
Ritam Dutta1, Nitai Paitya2

Lightweight Certificate less Signcryption Scheme Based on Elliptic Curve
Dhanashree Toradmalle1, Jayabhaskar Muthukuru2, B Sathyanarayana3

Design and Fabrication of Four-Wheel Steering System for Efficient Transportation Systems
P. Suresh Kumar1, Swapnil Joshi2, N. Prasanthi Kumari3

Influence of Different Powder-Suspended Dielectric on The EDM Characteristics of Inconel 825
Soni Kumari1, Goutam Nandi2, Pradip Kumar Pal3

A Solar Powered SRM Drive for EVS using Fuzzy Controller
T. Vinay Kumar1, M. Kiran Kumar2

Performance Analysis of Load Balancing Algorithms using Microsoft Windows Azure Cloud Platform
S. Thirumurugan1, D. Suresh kumar2, K. Sankar3

Building an Effective Intrusion Detection System using combined Signature and Anomaly Detection Techniques
Prakash N Kalavadekar1, Shirish S. Sane2

Predictive Analysis of Cryptocurrencies for Developing an Interactive Cryptocurrency Chatbot using IBM Watson Assistant
A. Shamila Ebenezer1, S. Jebapriya2, B. Jefferson Raja Bose3

Regression Testing of Service-Oriented Software
Kaushik Rana1, Harshal Shah2, Chetan Kapadiya3

Performance Analysis of a Selective Encryption Algorithm for securing Text data over Mobile Ad hoc networks
Ajay Kushwaha1, Megha Mishra2, Subhash Chandra Shrivastava3

Microstructure and Hardness Characterization behavior of Al-Mg-TiB2 In-Situ Composite
A. Ramki1, K. Brahma Raju2, K. Venkatasubbaiah3, Ch. Suresh4, Jagadish K E5

Artifacts Removal of Compressed Digital Images by Linear Enhancement and Filtering
Shanty Chacko1, F. T. Josh2, J. Jayakumar3

Recommendation of online Products Using Microblogging Information in Social Media
K. Srinivas1, V Shivanarayana Reddy2, B Ramya3

Image Segmentation on Satellite Based Image Using Advanced Watershed Method

Land Change Prediction using Markov Change Multi-Layer Perceptron in Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Sandip P. Patil1, Manisha B. Jamgade2

Integration of Blockchain Technology in IoT for High Level Security
Siva Naga Lakshmi Pavani Kallam1, BVNR Siva Kumar2

Microstrip H-Shape Patch Antenna’s Analysis and Layout
R. Durga Bhavani1, J.L. Narayana2

Design of Framework to Quantitatively Measure the ubiquity of an IT Solution
Anil Kumar Mishra1, Yogita Gigras2, Latika Singh3

An Energy Efficient Enhanced Hybrid Routing Protocol for MANET utilizing Artificial Bee Colony
Vandana1, Navdeep Kaur2

Skin Lesion Detection Based on Fuzzy Logic
L. Megalan Leo1, V. Yokesh2, K.V. Karthikeyan3, G. Ramkumar4, S. Agnes Shifani5

The method of Project Team Formation on the Example of the Ship’s Crew
Sergiy O. Kramskyі1, Oleg V. Zakharchenko2, Aleksandr V. Darushin3, Olena V. Bileha4, Tetiana P. Riepnova5

Optimized Feature Extraction Based Artificial Intelligence Technique for Empirical Analysis of Stock Market Data
Vani Kansal1, Rakesh Kumar2

Performance Analysis of Big data Classification Techniques on Diabetes Prediction
P. Pandeeswary1, M. Janaki2

IAAS Reactive Auto Scaling Performance Challenges
E. Ramya1, R. Josephine Sahana2

Development of Smart Number Writing Robotic Arm using Stochastic Gradient Decent Algorithm
P. Velrajkumar1, C. Senthilpari2, P. Ramesh3, G. Ramanamurthy4, D. Kodandapani5

Handling Concept Drift in Data Stream Classification
Ritika Jani1, Nirav Bhatt2, Chandni Shah3

FPGA Implementation of Adaptive Multiplier-Based Linear Image Interpolation
C John Moses1, D Selvathi2

Modeling and Simulation of Photovoltaic Cell using Single Diode Solar Cell and Double Diode Solar Cell Model
Tarana Afrin Chandel1, Mohd Yusuf Yasin2, Md Arifuddin Mallick3

ChatBot for College Website
Shubham Sonawane1, Shanmughasundaram R2

Assurance of Efficiency and Environmental Improvement in a Cement Plant by using Hypothesis (Special Reference to Cement Industry in Satna District, M.P)
Neeraj Gondu Bhalerao1, S.N Varma2

Some findings of Hybrid Sustainable Energy System for Standalone and Grid Connected Operation: Types, Storage Options, Trends for Research and Control Strategies
Ashwani Kumar1, V. M. Mishra2, Rakesh Ranjan3

Anonymization and Publication of Trajectories by Sensitive Halting points Generalization
Rajesh N1, Sajimon Abraham2, Shyni S Das3

Security Based Neighbour Selection for Vehicular Ad-Hoc Networks
Diksha Pandey1, Manvendra2, Anil Kumar3

A Link Distribution Algorithm with Efficient Relay Node Optimization for Congestion Control in Urban Vanets
Mantasha Haseeb1, Ashok. A2

L-Shaped Monopole Antenna with Modified Partial Ground Plane for Multiband Operation
Prachi Pandey1, Neelesh Agrawal2, Mukesh Kumar3, Navendu Nitin4, Anil Kumar5

FFT using Power Efficient Vedic Multiplier
Nidhi Gaur1, Anu Mehra2, Pradeep Kumar3

IoT Based Occupancy Detection using Wireless Controller in a Building/Workspace
U B Mahadevaswamy1, Gurudutt M S2

A Compact UWB Antenna Design using Modified Ground Plane
S K Toshniwal1, A Prajapati2, K Ray3, M R Ahmad4, B H Ahmad5, P Singh6, A Bandyopadhyay7

Fault Tolerant Scheduling Methods in Cloud Based 5G Networks
Yashaswi R1, Naidila Sadashiv2

Design of 2kW DC Charger for Two Wheelers
D. M. Chandwadkar1, Azmina Gayasuddin Maniyar2, S. P. Ugale3

Graphical User Interface for Electric Vehicle Charging Station
S.P.Ugale1, Monali Tukaram Mandlik2, D.M. Chandwadkar3

A Better Gauging Model for the Evaluation of Automatic Machine Translation of English – Hindi Language
Pooja Malik1, Mrudula Y2, Anurag Singh Baghel3

Modified Boundary Matching algorithm for Error detection and Error Concealment for Video Communication
Ketki C. Pathak1, Jignesh N. Sarvaiya2, Anand D. Darji3

Accelerator Design for Ethernet and HDMI IP Systems for IoT using Xilinx Vivado 18.X
Ipseeta Nanda1, Nibedita Adhikari2

Smart Home Automation System using Ble
Manchanda Sonam1, Paul Aman2, Thakral Bindu3

Low Power 32-Bit Floating Point Adder/Subtractor Design using 50nm CMOS VLSI Technology
Shrikant J. Honade

DWT-DCT Based copyright Protection In Ycbcr Color Space
Rekha Chaturvedi1, Abhay Sharma2, Umesh Dwivedi3, Sandeep Kumar4

Exploring the use of Water Cycle Optimization Algorithm for Foreign Exchange Prediction
Arup Kumar Mohanty1, Debahuti Mishra2

Adaptive Best Mother Wavelet Based Compressive Sensing Algorithm for Energy Efficient ECG Signal Compression in WBAN Node
Rajashekar Kunabeva1, Manjunatha P2, Narendra VG3

Efficient Perturb and Observe Algorithm for Photovoltaic Maximum Power Point Tracking and Drift Avoidance using SEPIC Converter
Yogesh Y. Katdare1, Pranita Chavan2, Dhananjay Borse3

Computational Performance of a Single Server State Dependent Queue
R. Sakthi1, V. Vidhya2

Heart Disease Risk Predictor
Rashmi Mishra1, Pooja Saharan2, Amrita Jyoti3

Microarray Gene Expression Data Classification using a Hybrid Algorithm: MRMRAGA
Rabindra Kumar Singh1, M. Sivabalakrishnan2

Statistics Based Optimization Technique for Query Processing
Rubin Thottupurathu Jose1, Sojan Lal Poulose2

Seismic Vulnerability Assessment of Buildings in Surat City of western India
Abhijitsinh Parmar1, Vikram M. Patel2, A. P. Singh3

Automatic Eye Screening Method Based on a Multi -Anatomical Retinal System Segmentation with the Help of Morphology & Fuzzy Logic
Tulasi vitta1, Shaik saheb basha2

The Effects of Elbow Flexion Angles on Handgrip Force Production among Trained Women
Nurul Uyun Abd Aziz1, Noorzaliza Osman2, Noor Aiwa Rosman3, Nur Khairunisa Abu Talip4, Chamnan Chinnasee5, Ali Md Nadzalan6

Ensure Security for Mapreduce-Hadoop Distributed File System using Encryption Method Over Big Data
Gunjan V. Keswani

Advanced Tamil POS Tagger for Language Learners
M. Rajasekar1, A. Udhayakumar2

Balanced XOR/XNOR Circuits using CNTFET
Anitha N1, Srividya P2

Web 2.0: An Evaluation of Social Media Networking Sites
P. Balaji1, S. Sreenivasa Murthy2

Effects of Stress among the Faculty Working in Private Universities and Colleges with Special Reference to Uttarakhand (India)
Amit Kr. Uniyal1, Anil Kr. Dixit2, Pooja Kanojia3

Mathematical Analysis and Mechanical Modeling of an Inoculation System on Feeder Control for Pouring Unit in a Foundry Station
P. Gomathi1, S. Gowri2, A. Viswanathan3, T. A. Selvan4, S. Madhankumar5

Optimal Classification of Lung Cancer Related Genes using Enhanced reliefF Algorithm and Multiclass Support Vector Machine
Ashok K Patil1, Siddanagouda S Patil2, M Prabhakar3

A Bio-inspired Modified PSO Strategy for Effective Web Information Retrieval using RCV1 Datasets
Ramya C1, Shreedhara K S2

Applications of RFID Systems in Healthcare Management: A Simulation for Emergency Department
Onur Deryahanoglu1, Batuhan Kocaoglu2

A Ranking Based Model for Selecting Optimum Cloud Geographical Region
Neeraj1, Major Singh Goraya2, Damanpreet Singh3

Multi-modal Iris Recognition System based on Convolution Neural Network
Gajanan Choudhari1, Rajesh Mehra2, Shallu3

Deep Recurrent Network Based Feature Selection using Single Matrix Normalization and Eigen Vectors for Analyzing Sentiments
Rajalaxmi Hegde1, Sandeepkumar Hegde2

Computational Analysis of Distance based Phylogenetic Tree for Azotobacter Species
Akansha Sharma1, R.S Thakur2, Shailesh Jaloree3

Wide Band Microstrip Patch Antenna for S & C Band Applications
Abhinav Bhargava1, Poonam Sinha2

Detection of Traffic Congestion and Marine Border Intrusion using Vehicular ad-hoc Networks
R. Raja Kumar1, R. Pandian2, P. Indumathi3, Sheik Mohammed Shoaib4

Building a Retail Sysem Based on Distributed Databases Model
Phan Thi Ha1, Trinh Thi Van Anh2

Drowsiness Detection using Band Power and log Energy Entropy Features Based on EEG Signals
Pranesh Krishnan1, Sazali Yaacob2

Ensure Data Protection in Cloud Computing using ASCII Based Encryption Technique
Shivanna K1, Prabhudeva S2

Design and Hardware Implementation of Portable Generator using TEG
K. Balachander

A Novel M-Commerce Data Security Mechanism using Elliptic Curve Cryptography
Balasubramanian Prabhu Kavin1, Sannasi Ganapathy2

Low Power 32 x 32 – bit Reversible Vedic Multiplier
Ansiya Eshack1, S. Krishnakumar2

Mapping Provenance Model to e-learning Ontology
Amit Kumar Bajpai1, Rajiv Pandey2, S P Tripathi3

Health Insurance Data Processing using Linked Data
Vishal Shah1, Shridevi S2

Optimized Data Collection and Computation using Internet of Things (IoT)
Bharath Kumara1, S. Anantha Padmanabhan2

Schematic Representation of Bridging Artistic Skills and Leadership Styles
Qistina Donna Lee Abdullah1, Khashini Devi R. Varatharajoo2

Electromagnetic Bandgap Structured CPW Fed Circular Monopole Antenna with Bandwidth Enhancement for Wideband Applicatio
Raghavaraju Aradhyula1, T V Rama Krishna2, B T P Madhav3

A 10-bit 150MS/s Pipelined ADC with 2.5bit Gain Stage for High Frequency Applications
G. Kirubakaran1, D. Dineshkumar2, R. Varun Prakash3

Effect of Helix Angle on the Gear Design Parameters in Helical Gears
Shubham Dhokale1, Sanjay Bahulikar2, Vishal Hemke3

Hierarchical Semantic Relational Coverage Measure Based Web Document Clustering Using Semantic Ontology
B. Selvalakshmi1, M. Subramaniam2

Fuzzy Tsukamoto and ITIL for Improvement Strategy on Incident Ticket Services
Indra Ranggadara

Dengue Disease Detection using K- Means, Hierarchical, Kohonen- SOM Clustering
P. Yogapriya1, P. Geetha2

An Efficient Parallel and Distributed Algorithm on Top of MapReduce
G. Karuna1, I. Rama Krishna2, G. Venkata Rami Reddy3

Modifying the MANET Routing algorithm by GBR CNR-Efficient Neighbor Selection Algorithm
Ankur Goyal1, Vivek Kumar Sharma2

Hybrid Cryptography based E2EE for Integrity & Confidentiality in Multimedia Cloud Computing
Shilpi Harnal1, R.K. Chauhan2

An Empirical Evaluation on Customer Satisfaction in Retail Banking Services of Sbi Bank in Hyderabad District
K. Vinaya Laxmi1, P. Vijaya Kumar2, M.S. Narayana3

Implementation of Low Power Memory on FPGA
Kshitij Wahurwagh1, Shruti Danve2

IoT Botnet Detection Using System Call Graphs and One-Class CNN Classification
Hai-Viet Le1, Quoc-Dung Ngo2, Van-Hoang Le3

Design And Fabrication of Semi-Automated Lawn Mower
Ramachandran N1, Neelesh kumar N2, Rajeshwaran S K3, Jeyaseelan R4, Sree Harrish S5

Tribological Characteristics of Natural Fiber Reinforced Polyester Hybrid Composites
S. Sathees Kumar

Simulating Hydraulic Characteristics and Enhance Design of My Lam Spillway-Stilling Basin, Vietnam
Le Thi Thu Hien

Coap Based Congestion Control Mechanism For Low Power Iot Networks
Swarna M1, Godhavari T2

Heart Disease Prediction System Using Linear Regression, Smoreg, And Rep Trees Algorithms
R. Nanthini1, P. Pandi Selvi2

Outlier Detection in Climatology Time Series with Sliding Window Prediction
Manish Mahajan1, Santosh Kumar2, Bhasker Pant3

Globalization’s Impact on the Usages of Imported and Local Building Materials in Jordan
Yaman Sokienah

Automatic Road Segmentation from High Resolution Satellite Images Using Encoder-Decoder Network
Naveen Pothineni1, Praveen Kumar Kollu2, Suvarna Vani Koneru3

Performance Evaluation of Mimo System with Massive Antenna Arrays
Kamal Kumar1, Hardeep Singh Saini2

Kernel Based K-Nearest Neighbor Method to Enhance the Performance and Accuracy of Online Signature Recognition
R. Ravi Chakravarthi1, E. Chandra2

Classification and Stage Prediction of Lung Cancer using Convolutional Neural Networks
K. Narmada1, G. Prabakaran2, S. Mohan3

Stabilize Nonlinear Interactive Process By Predictive Method On Receding Horizon
P. Srinivasa Rao1, G. Hemanth Kumar2, K. S. Chakradhar3

Advanced Vehicle Management with Cyber-Physical System and Vehicular Cloud Computing
G. Mervin George1, B. Dhanalakshmi2, N.R.P. Nivetha3, M. Sundarrajan4, J. Akshya5

Creating a Smart Agricultural Environment using Ambient Intelligent Technique
Angel C1, Asha S2

Research on Performance of Multi-Skilled Workers for Sustainable Production Planning in Seru Production Systems
T. Venkata Deepthi1, K. Ramakotaiah2, K. Krishnaveni3

Web Application Penetration Testing
Nagendran K1, Adithyan A2, Chethana R3, Camillus P4, Bala Sri Varshini K B5

A Spatial Correlation Based Power Aware Event Driven Image Stitching In Wireless Multimedia Sensor Network
Chethan L S1, Manjunatha P2

Testing the Sensitivity and Specificity of ICU Patients and Diagnose Statistics Hypothetical Errors
K. Kavitha1, D. Catherine Rexy2, D. Anuradha3

Road Detection & Extraction for Autonomous vehicles Using Satellite Images
Shelke Poonam Uttam1, Parul S. Arora2, D.A. Jadhav3

Adaptive PI control of Electric Springs For Voltage Regulation Under Dynamic Load Changes
K.K. Deepika1, J. Vijaya Kumar2, G. Kesava Rao3, Seelam Chaitanya4

Exploiting the Interdependence of Electrocardiography (ECG) with Other Physiological Parameters of Human Body in Remote Monitoring System
Revathi K1, Samydurai A2

Modeling and Simulation of a Building towards Energy Efficiency
RM. Ijasahmed1, Ramesh Krishnan .L2, Gangadhara Kiran Kumar .L.3

Toxic Gas Detection using Low Power Controller with Alert System
Karthika S1, Vanitha U2, Rejina Parvin J3, Supraja Arasu T4, Sampritha R V5, Srinithi K6

Cervical Cancer Cell Identification & Detection Using Fuzzy C Mean and K nearest Neighbor Techniques
Bhuvaneshwari K V1, Poornima B2

Functional Method for Joints Parameters Assessment in Human Body Modeling
Giulia Lisco1, Stefano Pastorelli2, Laura Gastaldi3

Software Project Management Training through game like simulation and Virtual Reality
Shaily Sharma1, Prakriti Trivedi2

Multi-Focus Fused Image using Inception-Resnet V2
M. Sobhitha1, C. Shoba Bindu2, E. Sudheer Kumar3

Big Data Analytics With Reference To Wide Variety of Domains
Niteesha Sharma1, A. Sriram2, K. S. Reddy3

Minimization of NCL in Dense Femtocellular Networks
Savita Kumari1, Brahmjit Singh2

Automated Car Number Plate Recognition System using K-Nearest Neighbor
Divya Narula1, Manish Mahajan2, Kamalinder Kaur3

Principal Component Analysis For Dimensionality Reduction For Animal Classification Based On LR
Sumathi Doraikannan1, Prabha Selvaraj2, Vijay Kumar Burugari3

The Key Determinants of Behavioural Intention Towards Mobile Banking Adoption
R. Tamilselvi1, P. Balaji2

Effect of Various Coarse Aggregate Sizes and Different Marble Chips Proportions on Properties of Pervious Concrete
Rahul Kumar Jadon1, Nakul Gupta2

Power Management in Server Farms
R Maruthi1, N.Siva Sankari2

Impact of Promotional Strategies on Viewers of Kollywood Movies
Mahesh.V.J.1, Uma Rani.P2

Data Deduplication Techniques for Big Data Storage Systems
Niteesha Sharma1, A. V. Krishna Prasad2, V. Kakulapati3

Optimized Multi-layer Machine Learning Technique for Movement Detection and Tracking in Video Data Stream
Manisha Devi1, Nidhi Bhatla2, Harinder Kaur3

Inquiry of Personal Intelligence Of Adolescence and Early Adulthood College Students of Tamilnadu using Id3 Algorithm
S. Muthukumaran1, P. Geetha2, E. Ramaraj3

Mitigation of Harmonics in a Grid Connected Photovoltaic Inverter
Saradha Devi R1, R. Seyezhai2, Mrudhulaa P V3, Priyadharshini K4

Design of Fast Efficient Radix-16 Sequential Multiplier
B. Gokul1, M. Padmaja2

Adaptive Head Light System using Image Processing
Medha B. Patil1, S.V. Phakade2

Dynamic Key Switching Integrated Scenarios for Performance Aware Implementations in Cloud and Integrated Internet of Things
Kapil Aggarwal1, Santosh Kumar Yadav2

Revolution by using Optical Character Recognition Technique to Identify Registered Number Plate
Rucha S. Dabholkar1, S. V. Phakade2

K-Anonymity Enhancement for Privacy Preservation with Hybridization of Cuckoo Search and Neural Network using Clustering
Inderjit Kaur1, Vijay Bhardwaj2

The Combined Power Generation in Pre-Start Thermostating Systems
Sergiy S. Bulavka

The Combined Power Generation in Pre-Start Thermostating Systems
Sergiy S. Bulavka

Effect of Various Coarse Aggregate Sizes and Different Marble Chips Proportions on Properties of Pervious Concrete
Ranjith Kumar S1, Ramachandran N2, Arvind M3, Divaakar D4, Dineskumar P5, Adhith S6

A DSP Technique for Prediction of Cancer Cell
Malaya Kumar Hota

Electric field Analysis of Water Electrodes for Noninvasive Pulsed Electric field Applications
Ramya Ramaswamy1, R. Raja Prabu2, V. Gowrisree3

Effective Avoidance of Queuing in Super Market using Li-Fi Technology
Dr. Sumit Gupta1, M. Sai Krishna2, N. Poojitha chowdary3, B. Pavithra reddy4, M. Sandeep5

Web Based Online Crime Reporting System using Asp.Net
S. Selvakani1, K. Vasumathi2, M. Harikaran3

Efficient Design and Fpga Implementation of Microarchitecture for Network-On-Chip Routers
Amaresh. C1, Anand Jatti2

An Evaluation of Current Status of Renewable Energy Sources in India
Sunil Kumar1, Manish Kumar Rawat2, Sanjeev Gupta3

Electrical Energy Transmission Systems at Elevated Frequency
L. Iu. Iuferev1, D.V. Ermolenko2, O.A. Roshchin3

A Systematic Learning on Variety of Recommender Systems for Online Commodities
D. Anand Joseph Daniel1, M. Janaki Meena2

Architecture Evaluation of Mobile Application: Whatsapp
Almas Begum1, Cyrilraj2

Enhanced Deep Learning with featured transfer learning in Identifying Disguised Faces
Yedavalli Venkata RaghavaRao1, Kuthadi Venu Madhav2, Selvaraj Rajalakshmi3

Design and Development of a Home-based Uric Acid/ pH Level Analysis Device for Gout Patients: A Health Information Technology Application (HIT)
Neil P. Balba1, Favis Joseph C. Balinado2, Rio Aguilar-Escanilla3, Terrence Lim4, Elvin F. Gaac5

ISAKAY: Android Based Booking System for Tri-Bike Operators and Drivers Association with Cloud-Based Data Analytics
Neil P. Balba1, Nova Marie F. Rosas2, PJ Zeder Drilon3, Sarah Jane F. Fallaria4, Julie F. Fallaria5

Analysing the Quality of Phaseolus Vulgaris Family of Legumes using Artificial Neural Network and “Bag of Features” Techniques
Mirafe R. Prospero1, Bryan G. Dadiz2

Solar Energy Harnessing Optimization Algorithm in a Robotic Solar Tracker with Arduino Based Monitoring System
Mirafe R. Prospero1, Neil P. Balba2, Ricky V. Bustamante3, Gerby R. Muya4

Energy Optimization on Symmetric Key Encryption and Decryption Algorithm using Genetic Algorithm
Ratnesh Mishra1, Ravi Shanker Shukla2, Rajesh K. Shukla3, R.R. Tewari4

An Efficient Graph Database Model
Harsha R. Vyawahare1, Pravin P. Karde2, Vilas M. Thakare3

Examination and Assessment of Different Cryptographic Technique Based on a Variety of Features
C. P. Dhanakarna1, R. Jayakarthik2

Efficient User Revocation for Shared Data in the Public Cloud
Achintaya Saha1, S. Suresh Kumar2

PSO Based Reactive Power Coordination of Multiple Dispatchable Distributed Generations & Voltage Controlled Devices
Mogaligunta Sankaraiah1, S Suresh Reddy2, M Vijaya Kumar3

Exploring Challenges of Web-Based Purchasing
Santhia Nadesan1, Choo Wou Onn2, Shahryar Sorooshian3

IoT based Energy Management System for an Autonomous Hybrid Micro-Grid
S. Sivakumar1, K. Siddappa Naidu2, K. Karunanithi3

Peristaltically Induced Electroosmotic Flow of Jeffrey Fluid with Zeta Potential and Navier-Slip at the Wall
Laxmi Devindrappa1, N. B. Naduvinamani2, G.C Shit3

Bond Performance of Sand-Coated BFRP Bars to Concrete
V. Pavalan1, R. Sivagamasundari2

Role of Yoga for People Suffering from Schizophrenia in India
Sonia Singla1, Aswath S.2, Dhirendra Kumar3, Satish Thatavarti4, Veeramalai, G5

Rank Based Pseudoinverse Computation in Extreme Learning Machine for large Datasets
Ramesh Ragala1, G. Bharadwaja Kumar2

Computer Aided Classification and Detection of Leaf Disease using ANN
Bharath Subramani1, Selvapandian Arumugam2, Balakumaresan Ragupathy3

Emprovement Efforts Iii Through Content Control Services With Role Playing Techniques In Fkip Products and Counseling Christian University of Indonesia
Melda Rumia Rosmery Simorangkir

Semantic Web Enabled GUI SPARQL CRUD operation on VPS with Integration of Apache Jena Fuseki Server
Priya R. Swaminarayan1, Ronak Panchal2

“Qualitative Analysis to Assess the Best Renewable Energy Scenario for Sustainable Energy Planning”
Sachin S. Ingole1, Satish G. Bahaley2, Sumit S. Kalmegh3, Sumit S. Jamkar4

Physicochemical Quality of the water Table of Temara the Salted Rabat Region Kenitra, Morocco
Hamdan Abderrahim1, Maria Mouden2, Chaouch Abdelaziz3

Design and Development of Microcontroller Based Multilevel Inverter
Ganesh H. Wani1, D.K. Shedge2

Potential of Cellulose Acetate for the Removal of Methylene Blue Dye from Aqueous Streams
Jyoti Rana1, Gyanendra Goindi2, Navneet Kaur3

Application of Lean Concepts in Process Industry
T. Niruban Projoth1, R. Rohith Renish2, K. Arun Kumar3, P. Jeyaraman4

Failure Analysis of Strap Joint
Minakshee R. Shinde1, Umesh S. Chavan2, Kishor P. Deshmukh3

A Robust Artificial Intelligence: Smart Indoor Positioning System
Bharath Subramani1, Deepika SP2

Automated Detection of Cervical Cancer
Lavanya Devi. N1, P. Thirumurugan2

Design of Z Source Inverter based VSWECS with Improved PWM Control
T. Muthukumari1, P. Selvaraj2, L. Pattathu rani3, Prajith Prabhakar4

Optimization of Inlet and Exhaust Manifold on a Single Cylinder Diesel Engine to Enhance the Combustion
V. V. Naga Deepthi1, K. Govinda Rajulu2

Adaptive Traffic Management in Heterogeneous Wireless Networks
A.Kishore Reddy1, Rajesh Banala2

Experimental on Eucalyptus Oil with Additives Blend as A Fuel for Diesel Engine
N. S. Senthur1, H. Imamul Hasan2, S. Shafquath ibn sulthan3, S. Balamurugan4, M. Maheshkumar5

Histogram Equalization Based Defogging of Fogged Image
Shafiya. Shaik1, K. Sujatha2, M. Kumaresan3, V. Srividhya4

Detection of Vehicular Traffic Using Convolutional Neural Networks
Sai Krishna. Parachoori1, K. Sujatha2, M. Anand3, T. Godhavari4, S. Jayalakshmi5

Experimental Research on the Behaviour of Concrete Containing Waste Plastic Granules as a Fine Aggregate Replacement
Sugunadevi1, K. Jayshree Natchiyar2, J. Dhivya3, A.S Arshavardhini4

Membrane Process and Graphene Nano-Particles in Water Treatment
V. Yogeshwaran1, Thamilselvan R.P2, Divya Dharshini V.M3, Vignathirishaa T.S4

Pursuance for Identity and Self Love in the Leema Dhar‟s Novel “You Touched My Heart” (Echoes of love and a Nightmare)
R. Viswanathan

Estimating Optimal Geotextile Type for Controlling Soil Erosion
Lava Kumar Reddy Palle1, Arti Sudam2, Madhav Madhira3

Internet of Things Based Early Detection of Diabetes Using Machine Learning Algorithms: Dpa
Viswanatha Reddy1, Allugunti1, Elango NM2, Kishor Kumar Reddy C3

Power Saving Scheduling for Iot Based Garbage Monitoring System
V. Mallikharjuna Rao1, M. Satya Sai Ram2, M N Giriprasad3

Greedy Knapsack Based Energy Efficient Routing in WMSNS
T Venkata Naga Jayudu1, M Rama Krishna Reddy2, C Shoba Bindu3

Absorbent Li – Ideals of Lattice Implication Algebras
N. Srinivas1, T. Anitha2, V. Amarendra Babu3

A Machine Vision Based Detection & Classification of Neovascularisation in Retinal Blood Vessels
S. Sudha1, A. Srinivasan2, S. Karthik3, S. Hari Krishnan4, S. Prakash5

Identifying Efficient Road Safety Prediction Model Using Data Mining Classifiers
Durga Karthik1, P. Karthikeyan2, S. Kalaivani3, K. Vijayarekha4

Alpha Labeling of Splitting Graph of a Gutman Tree
Natarajan C1, Sathiamoorthy G2

Applications of Linear Volterra Integral Equations of First Kind by Using Tarig Transform
M.G. Gnanavel1, C. Saranya2, A. Viswanathan3

Mobius Function Graph Mn(G)
R. H. Aravinth1, R. Vignesh2

Web-based Learning: How fair is ‘Fair use’?
Ratan Singh Solanki

Lung Cancer Detection using Modified Gabor Filter, Gradient Operators and Morphological Segmentation tool
Avinash s1, K. Manjunath2, S. Senthil Kumar3

Chan-Vese Segmentation of SEM Ferrite-Pearlite Microstructure and Prediction of Grain Boundary
Subir Gupta

Prolong Lifetime of Wireless Sensor Network Using Reliable Power Grouping Algorithm
Manish Bhardwaj1, Anil Ahlawat2

A Decentralized Accountability Framework for Enhancing Secure Data Sharing Through ICM in Cloud
Dhanapal.R1, Tharageswari.K2, Karthik.S3

IQ, EQ, SQ and Skill Development are not Balanced in Board Examination – Research on Reference to Chennai City
R. Mary Geetham1, G. JoicyLidwina2

Spam Exploration Along with Learning Content Management System (LCMS)
Nishant Katiyar1, Rakesh K Bhujade2

Error Estimation of Three Dipoles used as near Field sensors
Suma M1, Goutham M A2, Paramesha3

Strength Properties of Fibre-Reinforced Self-Consolidating Concrete with Foundry Waste Sand
R. Elangovan

Power Load Forecasting using Back Propagation Algorithm
J. VeerendraKumar1, K. Sujatha2, B. Chandrashaker Reddy3, V. Karthikeyan4

Modulus of Elasticity on High Performance Glass Fibre Rcc Beams with Partial Replacement of Cement by Silica Fume
Y. Kamala Raju1, M.S. Britto Jeyakumar2

Exoneration Of Waste Water With Solar Energy
V. V. Prathibha Bharathi1, T. Krishnaiah2

Performance of Diesel Engine using Bio-Fuel From Sesame Oil
Srikanth Vadlamudi1, R Naresh Kumar goud2, T. Krishnaiah3

Preparation of Ss 316l Feedstock for Metal Injection Molding (Mim) Process
Thota Siva Prasad1, C. Yuvara2, K. Prahalada Rao3

BER Performance evaluation of FBMC-OAQM and OFDM Multicarrier syste
Patteti Krishna

Unique Methodology to Mitigate Anti-Forensics in Cloud using Attack- Graphs
Shaik Khaja Mohiddin1, Y Suresh Babu2

Conflicts and Delays in Mega Construction Projects – Kuwait International Airport Cargo City – Research
Mohammad Kh Th E Alazemi1, A. K. M. Mohiuddin2

Design and Development of Novel Semi Active Eddy Current Damper for Aerospace Applications
Sanjay H R1, S C Gulati2, Nithesh Naik3, Suhas Kowshik CS4

An integrated PCA – FFNN Approach for Short Term Electricity Point Price Forecasting in Deregulated Electricity Markets

Volatility Indices Evaluation for Deregulated Electricity Markets

Personify Educational Assistance Application for Special Children Using Deep Learning
S. Sankara Gomathi1, A. Amutha2, M. Jayapraksan3

SDN-Based Resource Reservation Protocol for IoT applications in Constrained Networks
Shubha Rao V1, M. Dakshayini2

Enhancement in Brain Image Segmentation using Swarm Ant Lion Algorithm
Sonali Bansal1, Shubpreet Kaur2, Navdeep Kaur3

RSS Based Selective Clustering Technique to Improve Power Utilization in WSN
Shiv Prasad Kori1, Alok Sahelay2

Cross Layer Interaction for Strong Route Selection in AODV for MANET
Mazher Sarfaraz Khan1, Sayyad Ajij D2

Advances in Scene Classification of Remotely Sensed High Resolution Images and the Existing Datasets
Akila G1, Gayathri R2

Technology Application of the Concept of Market-Oriented Reporting in Accounting and Statistics
G.I. Lukyanenko1, O.V. Antonova, I.Y2. Glebkova3, N.I. Golysheva4, I.O. Yurasova5

Fabrication, Characterization and Drilling Operation of Natural Fiber Reinforced Hybrid Composite With Filler (Fly-Ash/Graphene)
Pranav Kumar Saraswati1, Saritprava Sahoo2, Sarada Prasad Parida3, Pankaj Charan Jena4

Entrepreneurial Intentions among Business Students in Ethiopia
Solomon Melese1, Debi Prasad Das2, Sanjaya Kumar Ghadai3, Anil Bajpai4

Design of Building Risk Monitoring From Earthquakes Using Wireless Sensor Network
K.E. Sreenivasa Murthy

A Condition Monitoring System Based on Dyadic Wavelet Transform Using Thermal Image
S. Senthilraj1, N. R. Shanker2

A PID and PIDA Controller Design for an AVR System using Frequency Response Matching
Anand Kumar1, Md Nishat Anwar2

Incrementing Bit Fields of Subscriber Identity Module (SIM)
Debabrata Sarddar1, Utpal Ghosh2, Rajat Pandit3

Optimization of Clearance Volume for Performance Improvement of Reciprocating Compressor
Jayesh Patil1, Rajkumar Bhagat2

Innovative Behavior among Teachers: Empirical Evidence from High-Performance Schools
Noor Hashimah Hashim1, Mohd Faiz Mohd Yaakob2, Mat Rahimi Yusof3, Mohd Yusri Ibrahim4

Mathematical Modelling of Structures Using Model Order Reduction Technique
Daroga Ajahar M1, M. K. Nalawade2

Design and Analysis of Multi-Stage Intercooler
Samarth. S. Nimbal1, M. K. Nalawade2

Green Energy: Modeling and Simulation of Thermoelectric Generator for Production of Electricity from Air Conditioner Waste Heat
K. Kanimozhi1, B. Raja Mohamed Rabi2

Modern Techniques of Promoting the Banking Financial Services and Insurance (Bsfi)
Pendyala John Adinarayana1, B. Kishore Babu2

The Role of Shaping Fin-Tech Services: Social Media Marketing
Pendyala John Adinarayana1, B. Kishore Babu2

Fracture Behavior of Nano Particle Reinforced Sisal Fiber Composites using Analytical and Experimental Methods
Snigdha Surapaneni1, P. Phani Prasanthi2, M. Mounika3, A. Eswar4, K. Venkata Rao5

Fatigue Characterization of Sisal Fiber Reinforced Composites Using Experimental and Finite Element Method
I. Arun Babu1, B. Raghu Kumar2, P. Phani Prasanthi3, A. Eswar Kumar4, Ch. Vidya5

Cognitive Computational Model for Evaluation of Fintech Products and Services With Respect To Vijayawada City, Ap
J. Katyayani.1, Ch. Varalakshmi2

Lung Cancer Segmentation in CT Images Using Fuzzy-C Means Clustering and Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm
J. Maruthi Nagendra Prasad1, M. Vamsi Krishna2

Impact of Micro Finance among Self Help Groups in Fisheries (At North Chennai)
D. Balaji1, M. Vinoth2, K. Santhanalakshmi3, Ananth Selvakumar4, Zeba Jihan5

Disease Prediction Using Snn over Big Data
R. Chitravathi1, G. Kanimozhi MCA2

Hybrid Classification Technique for Sentiment Analysis of the Twitter Data
Jaanu Sharma1, Vinayak Khajuria2, Dilbag Singh3

Security Enhancement and Privacy Preserving of Big Data
Taran Singh Bharati

EMG Signal Based Pattern Recognition of Grasping Movement Using MODWT And Weighted K- Nearest Neighbor
Shivi Varshney1, Ritula Thakur2, Rajvardhan Jigyasu3

Machine Learning for Prognosis of Life Expectancy and Diseases
Palak Agarwal1, Navisha Shetty2, Kavita Jhajharia3, Gaurav Aggarwal4, Neha V Sharma5

Numerical Modeling on Heat Dissipation from Electronics through Water-Titanium Carbide Nanofluid
N. K. Kund

CFD Modeling on Influence of Impinging Spout Strength for Device Cooling with Water-Al2O3 Nanofluid
N. K. Kund

An Acquisition on Big Data Model for Quality Tracing of Iron and Steel Industries
S. Priyadharsini1, K. Ponnalagu2, E. Glory Bebina3, A.V.R. Aarthi4

2D CNN and Gated Recurrent Network for Dynamic Hand Gesture Recognition with A Fusion of RGB-D and Optical Flow Data
Sunil A. Patel1, Ramji M. Makwana2

Parametric Analysis of Tube during Bending Operation
Nitinkumar Anekar1, Shrikant Nimbalkar2, Hanmant Shinde3, Gautam Narwade4, Sunil Nimje5

Machine Learning Based Diagnosis and Prediction System for Congestive Heart Failure
Niharika Saxena1, L.S. Maurya2

Optimized Design of CMUT with Hexagonal Membranes
Rashmi Sharma1, Rekha Agarwal2, Ashwani Kumar Dubey3, Anil Arora4

A Reliable Intrusion Detection System in Wide Area Networks against the assault of DDOS
Mohammad Arshad1, Md. Ali Hussain2

M/M/C Queue under Monte Carlo Simulation for a Restaurant Model
Vijeta Iyer1, S. Aruna devi2

Root and Shoot Uptake of Synthesized Nano Zno and Its Impact on Differences in Bio-Availability During Exposure In Aqueous Suspension
Shylaja Singam1, M. Anand Rao2, Ch. Shilpa Chakra3

Novel Algorithm for Enhancing MANET Protocol in Smart Environment
Munisha Devi1, Nasib Singh Gill2

An Agent Based Multimodal Biometric Method for Secure Systems
Nidhi Srivastava

Intra-Chip and Inter-Chip Wireless Communication Analysis for Millimeter Wave using Miniaturized On-Chip Antenna
Deepa N P1, K L Sudha2

Suitability of Influxdb Database for Iot Applications
Mohammad Nasar1, Mohammad Abu Kausar2

Livestock Farming: A Speedy Solution towards an Enriched Nepal
N. Sundaram1, Ajay Kumar Sharma2

DALT: Double Anchor-Based Localization Technique for Wireless Sensor Networks using RSS and AoA Measures
Mamidi Kiran Kumar1, V Kamakshi Prasad2

Mechanical Properties of Banana Fabric and Kenaf Fiber Reinforced Epoxy Composites: Effect of Treatment and Hybridization
Aniket A Terwadkar1, M V Walame2

Performance of Hybrid Ensemble Classification Techniques for Prevalence of Heart Disease Prediction
Sachin Kamley

International Legal Aspect of Scientific (Scientific and Technical) Activity Regulation
Demian V. Smernytskyi1, Vitalii P. Bakal2, Mykola P. Budzynskyi3, Yevhen V. Samus4, Maryna V. Tryhubenko5

The Methods and Evaluation of RIC Integrated Business Indicators
Natalia Alekseevna Prodanova1, Liudmila Borisovna Trofimova2, Lyudmila Nikolayevna Korshunova3, Sergey Georgievich Kamolov4, Konstantin Zaurovich Trapaidze5, Albert Valentinovich Pavlyuk6

Enhancement of Time-Driven Activity–Based Costing (TDABC) by using Simulation in Manufacturing Process towards Industry 4.0
Soufhwee A.R1, Effendi Mohamad2, Abdul Rahman A.A.3

Internet Enabled Remote Control Device for Air Conditioners
K. R. K. Sastry1, P. Praveen Kumar2

Quantifying Inference Learning Model to Explore Twitter User Emotions
G. Srinivasa Raju1, M. Ajay Dilip Kumar2, S. Suryanarayana Raju3

Effectiveness of Magneto-Rheological Damper Placement in Seismic Vibration Control
Bhagyashree1, Kavyashree2

Implementation and Utilization of LBIST for 16 bit ALU
Nilima Warade1, T. Ravi2

An Assessment on Relationship of Agricultural Sub-Sectors with GDP in Nigeria
Hüseyin GÖKÇEKUŞ1, Youssef Kassem2, Ogodor Elvis Ikechukwu3

Hybrid Routing Protocol for Wireless Body Area Networks
Prabhjot Kaur1, Sandeep Singh Kang2

Client/Server Model of Data Privacy using Extended Playfair Cipher for SaaS Applications on the Cloud
David Livingston J1, Kirubakaran E2

Determining the Effectiveness of ‘Cloud Computing’ on Human Resource Management by Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) in Manufacturing Sector of West Bengal, India
Pradip Paul1, Arunangshu Giri2, Satakshi Chatterjee3, Swatee Biswas4

Diabetic Retinopathy Screening using Machine Learning for Hierarchical Classification
Nandana Prabhu1, Deepak Bhoir2, Nita Shanbhag3

Audio Tagging System using Deep Learning Model
E. Sophiya1, S. Jothilakshmi2

Recognition of X-rays bones: Challenges in the Past, Present and Future
Mahima Shanker Pandey1, Sudhir Singh Soam2, Surya Prakash Tripathi3

Computational Modeling on Fuel Cell Cooling with Water Based Copper Oxide Nanofluid
N. K. Kund

Modeling and Simulation on IC Cooling using Water Centered SiO2, TiC and MgO Nanofluids
N. K. Kund

CFD Simulation on IC Thermal Cooling through Water Involved TiO2, AlN and CuO Nanofluids
N. K. Kund

Wideband Rectangular Patch Antenna for X-Band Applications
B. Nataraj1, K.R. Prabha2

Evaluation of Tensile Toughness and Also Turnout Toughness of Abrasion Uproar Soldered Dissimilar Aluminium Lightweight Metal
Radhika Chanda

Heart Rate Measurement Based on Color Signal Extraction
Ruchika Sinhal1, Kavita Singh2, Mukesh Raghuwanshi3

Design And Fabrication of Copra Sweeping Robo
Emmanuel Gospel Raj R1, Joby Titus T2, Sanjana Devi V. S3, Nithya Priya S4, Adeline Daisy R5

Recent Innovations in Automated Detection and Classification of Diabetic Retinopathy
Wafa Aladawi1, C. Jayakumari2, Sumesh E P3, Vidhyalavanya4

Implementation of Low density Parity Check system using Probabilistic Gradient Descent Bit Flipping Decoder
Venkateswara Rao Varri1, N. Arun Vignesh2, Asisa Kumar Panigrahy3, C H Usha Kumari4

Implementation of Security Enhancement in AES by Inducting Dynamicity in AES S-Box
Gousia Nissar1, Dinesh Kumar Garg2, Burhan Ul Islam Khan3

Personality Traits and Risk Tolerance among Young Investors
Garima Mathur1, Navita Nathani2

Fabrication of Wireless Remote Controlled Electric Lawn Mower
Parthipan G1, Dhiyaneswaran J2, Vimal raja M3, Rajesh K4, Sanjeeviraj K5

Handling Multifacets of Trust Management in Cyber Physical Systems
Manas Kumar Yogi

An Insight on Sentiment Analysis Research from Text using Deep Learning Methods
D. Christy Daniel1, L. Shyamala2

Enhanced Medical Tweet Opinion Mining using Improved Dolphin Echolocation Algorithm Based Feature Selection
T. Anuprathibha1, C. S. KanimozhiSelvi2

Rapid Emergncy Message Dissemination Routing in Delay Tolerant Network
G. Santhana Devi1, M. Germanus Alex2

Effect of Yoga on Physical and Physiological Parameters
Nitin Sahai1, Adarsha B. Chandran12, Akashitara Bhuyan3, Bikash Das4, Sushil Mandal5, Tribedi Sarma6

Hybrid RF-FSO System Cascaded with UWOC Link
Sanya Anees1, Smriti Rekha Baruah2, Pallab Sarma3

A Novel Purchase Target Prediction System using Extreme Gradient Boosting Machines
Shambhu Nath Sharma1, S. Prasanna2

Effective Data Analytics on Opinion Mining
CH. Naga Santhosh Kumar1, K. S. Reddy2

Supervised Machine Learning for Training a Neural Network as 5:2 Compressor
Lavanya Maddisetti1, Ranjan K. Senapati2, Ravindra JVR3

Learning Attitudes and Resistance to Learning Language in Engineering Students
Sonu Joseph1, Sherine Joy2

Estimation of a Spark Ignition Engine’s Performance Parameters for Ethanol-Gasoline blends using Response Surface Methodology
Kiran Kumar.M1, M.C. Math2

Performance Improvement of TCP New Reno using one way delay Measurement
Sanjesh S. Pawale1, Sandeep B. Vanjale2

Electroencephalograph Based Control and Feature Extraction Algorithms for Automated Powered Exoskeleton
Shivam Gupta1, Nersisson Ruban2, Shivam Kumar3

Design of Intelligent CNC system using IEC61499 Function Block
Muhammad Azri Othman1, Zamberi Jamaludin2, Mohamad Minhat3

FSO Cooperative System Analysis for DF based Relay
Sanya Anees

Real Time Traffic Light Detection by Autonomous Vehicles using Artificial Neural Network Techniques
Mahesh. G1, Satish Kumar. T2

Machinability Optimization of Abrasive Water Jet Cutting Process on AA6082 Aluminium Alloy
C. Joel1, T. Jeyapoovan2

Transmission of Audio signals using Visible Light Communication via LEDs
Dhanamjayulu C1, Ankita Ghorui2, Subhasri Chatterjee3, Yashraj Saluja4, Sarthak Singhal5, Arunkumar G6

A Research on Microstrip Ultrawide Band Filters using Defected Ground Structure Techniques
Hussain Bohra1, Amrit Ghosh2

Performance Evaluation of Naive Bayes Classifier with and without Filter Based Feature Selection
D.Prabha1, R. Siva Subramanian2, S. Balakrishnan3, M. Karpagam4

Generation of Electrical Energy for Charging of a Battery by using Exhaust Gas Energy
Dineshkumar C1, Roshan D2, Jeyakumar P. D3, Tamilarasan T. R4, V. Deepan5

Characterization of ABS for Enhancement of Mechanical Properties
Vishal Saroha1, B. S. Pabla2, Sukhdev Singh Bhogal3

Merkle Hellman Knapsack Cryptosystem based Cloud Auditing Protocol
A. Charles

Improved Multiple Gateway Node Based Routing Architecture for Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Network
Pratima Malhotra1, Kanika Sharma2

Manoj B Chandak

A Hybrid Artificial Bee Colony and Bacterial Foraging Algorithm for Optimized Clustering in Wireless Sensor Network
Bandi Rambabu1, A Venugopal Reddy2, Sengathir Janakiraman3

Image Distribution with Scalable Access Control for Privacy in Social Network
Vijay Anand R1, Prabhu J2, Kumar P J3, Kiruba thangam R4, MuthamilSelvan5

Secured Service Chains Tuned Resource Sharing using Nsdp
Vijay Anand R1, Prabhu J2, Muthamil Selvan T3, Thanapal P4, Manivannan S.S5

Development of Prediction Models for the Dengue Survivability Prediction: An Integration of Data Mining and Decision Support System
Rosalinda B. Guiyab

Multi Modal Hybrid Image Fusion using Discrete Wavelet and Contourlet Transform
Latha B. M1, Manjula B. K2, Venkata Sumana C. H3

Achieve High Compressive Strength and durability of Concrete Made from Recycled Concrete Aggregate
Yash D. Chhaniyara1, Mahesh. M.Makwana2, Mrudula S. Kulkarni3

Influence of Leadership on Creativity in Business Academics/ Higher Education
Sanghamitra Brahma

Applying and Evaluating Supervised Learning Classification Techniques to Detect Attacks on Web Applications
Madduri Venkata Sai Soma Manish1, Rajesh Kannan Megalingam2

Effect of Epoxy Glass Fiber Reinforcement on Dynamic Characteristics of Sheet Metal Structure
Sankalp. U. Joshi1, Nishant. S. Kulkarni2

On the Design of 2×2 MIMO Fractal Antenna Array for C band applications
Gurmeet Singh1, A.P. Singh2

EeadSelfCloud: Energy Efficient Adaptive Depth Self Cloud Mechanism for VM Migration in Data Centers
Sebagenzi Jason1, Suchithra R2

Strength Properties of Nano Silica Recycled Sustainable Concrete
S. Yuvaraj1, V. Anish2

Cluster Associations as a Factor of Innovative and Integrative Development of the Economy
Oksana Bakulina1, Iryna Legan (Lehan)2, Ivan Bakhov3

CLDC: Efficient Classification of Medical Data Using Class Level Disease Convergence Divergence Measure
K. Ananthajothi1, M. Subramaniam2

Development of Ozone Prediction Model in Urban Area
Samsuri Abdullah1, Najihah Husna Ahmad Nasir2, Marzuki Ismail3, Ali Najah Ahmed4, Mohammad Nor Khasbi Jarkon5

Stationary Time Series in Pricing
Anna Anatolyevna Burdina1, Anna Aleksandrovna Nekhrest2, Yuriy Nikolayevich Frolov3, Yelena Timofeyevna Manayenkova4

Application of Graphs in Security
Debajit Sensarma1, Samar Sen Sarma2

Two-Phase Security Framework for Network Layer Communication in Ad Hoc Clouds
Niroj Kumar Pani1, Satyasundara Mahapatra2, Rati Ranjan Dash3

The role of self-regulated learning Strategies on learners’ Satisfaction in Massive Open Online Course (MOOC): Evidence from Malaysia MOOC
Mohd Muslim Md Zalli1, Hasniza Nordin2, Rosna Awang Hashim3

Efficient Intelligent Generic Recommendation Knowledge Graph in Education Domain using Association Rule Mining and Machine Learning
D Sathyanarayanan11, M Krishnamurthy2

Automatic Vowel Recognition from Assamese Spoken words
P Sarma1, M Mitra2, M P Bhuyan3, V Deka4, S Sarmah5, S K Sarma6

Innovations in Kazakhstan’s Architecture
Oksana Priemets1, Konstantin Samoilov2, Inna Zayats3, Zhanar Kenessarina4, Ellina Yssembayeva5

Envelope Life Cycle Costing of Energy-Efficient Buildings in Ukraine
Galyna V. Getun1, Svitlana I. Botvinovska2, Nataliia F. Kozak3, Andrii V. Zapryvoda4, Hanna H. Sulimenko5

Congestion Control in Cable Network Transmission using Novel RED Algorithm
Prasant Kumar Dash1, N. K. Barpanda2, Madhumita Panda3

A Robust Isolated Automatic Speech Recognition System using Machine Learning Techniques
Sunanda Mendiratta1, Neelam Turk2, Dipali Bansal3

Cognitive Computational Model for Evaluation of Fintech Products and Services With Respect To Vijayawada City, Ap
Elamurugan Periyasamy1, Ragul S2, Jainul Aafdeen3, Varathan G4

Collusion Attacks in XOR Based RG-VSS
Mainejar Yadav1, Ranvijay2

Impact of Energy and Mobility on MANETs Routing Protocols: AODV and DSR
Rajesh Kumar Upadhyay1, Subodh Kumar2, Manoj Kumar Rana3

Oxidation Effects on wear Resistance of SS-304 and SS-316 Austenitic Stainless Steels
Jasbir Singh1, Sandeep Sharma2, Amrinder Pal Singh3

Advanced Deep Learning Framework for Stock Value Prediction
Sumanjit Das1, Sarojananda Mishra2

A Secure Boot Loader System for Loading an Operating System with Fingerprint Authentication
Alycia Sebastian1, K. Siva Sankar2

An Efficient Technique to Remove Gaussian Noise and Improve the Quality of Magnetic Resonance Image
N. Rajeswaran1, T. Samraj Lawrence2, R.P. Ramkumar3, N. Thangadurai4

Novel User Level Data Leakage Detection Algorithm
T. Lakshmi Siva Rama Krishna1, P. Bandavi2, K. Priyanka3, V.P. Vivek4

FPGA Implementation of RECTANGLE Block Cipher Architectures
Nivedita Shrivastava1, Bibhudendra Acharya2

Utilisation of E-Waste, Fly Ash in Manufacturing of Paver Blocks and Tiles
Aniket Ravindra Ingole1, Nilesh Naresh Sonole2, Chirag Ramesh Thakur3

Modified Master Key Based Multipath Reinforcement Pre-Distribution Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks
B. Paulchamy1, J. Jaya2, K. Kalpana3

Performance Analysis of Elastic Search Technique in Identification and Removalof Duplicate Data
Subhani Shaik1, Nallamothu Naga Malleswara Rao2

The Spectrum Sensing and Path Optimization Techniques in Cognitive Radio Networks
Chandrika Gadiparthi1, Manasa Bathina2, Supriya Emani3, Venkata Vara Prasad Padyala4

The Mediating Effect of Knowledge Transfer in Construction Project
Mohammed Hatem Obaid1, Nurul Fadly Habidin2

GEVD Based on Multichannel Wiener Filter for Removal of EEG Artifacts
K. Srinivas1, J. Tarun Kumar2, Shyamsunder Merugu3

Kleinberg’s Hyper-Richness Based Fuzzy Partition Clustering for Efficient Bi-Temporal Data
L. Jaya Singh Dhas1, B. Mukunthan2

Design of a Roller Bearing Grease Removal Device
Anupoju Sai Vamsi1, Singavarapu Veerendra2, Seela Chiranjeeva Rao3

Preparation and Characterization of Gel Polymer Electrolyte Based on PAN- NH4CF3SO4 and Nano ZrO2 Filler –Application as an Electrochemical cell
Hari Prasad Dara1, Narasimha Rao Maragani2, K. Vijayakumar3, K. Sunil Babu4

Acoustic Signal Analysis and Identification
Bernd Wiedecke1, Mamatov Narzillo2, Mirabbos Payazov3, Samijonov Abdurashid4

Automatic Speaker Identification by Voice Based on Vector Quantization Method
Mamatov Narzillo1, Samijonov Abdurashid2, Nurimov Parakhat3, Niyozmatova Nilufar4

Karakalpak Speech Recognition with CMU Sphinx
Mamatov Narzillo1, Samijonov Abdurashid2, Nurimov Parakhat3, Niyozmatova Nilufar4

Ethics in Cloud Computing: Implications for India
Manish Mohan Baral1, Amitabh Verma2, Venkataiah Chittipaka3

Multiwall Carbon Nanotube Made Antenna at Terahertz Frequency Range
Niranjan Kumar1, Saurabh Sambhav2, Prakash Kumar3, Srest Somay4

Object-Based and Rule-Based Classification of Synthetic Aperture Radar Images
Aishwarya Rastogi1, Amit Doegar2

Upcoding Fraud Discovery in the Economical Fields Using Block Chain Technology
E.V.N. Jyothi1, S. Sailaja2

Passenger Capacity of Underground Metro by the Use of Neural Network Program (NNP)
Mai M Eldeeb1, Akram S kotb2, Hany S Riad3, Ayman A. Ashour4

Customer Service Quality Management System
Mikhail Yu. Dyakonov1, Aleksey Valeryevich Novikov2, Diana N. Slabkaya3, Suzana L. Balova4, Vladimir Dmitriyevich Sekerin5, Anna Evgenievna Gorokhova6

Comprehensive Analysis of Machine Learning Algorithms for Face Detection
Bhavana1, V. Jagan Naveen2, K. Krishna Kishore3

IoT Implementation and Management for Smart Farming
M Nagaraju1, Priyanka Chawla2

An Application of Big Data in Social Media Anomaly Detection using Weight Based Technique to Compare Performance of PIG and HIVE
Prashant Mishra1, Dheeraj Rane2

Robotic Handwritten Kannada Character Recognition using Neural Network
Shakunthala B. S1, C S Pillai2

Distributed Architecture for Secure, Attack-Resilient Crypto Currency Transactions for the Classified Temporal and Text Data
Challa Narasimham

An Impact of Operating and Non-Operating Expenses on Financial Viability in Jet Airways
M. Shankar1, Meena GL2, V. Mouneswari3

A Hybrid Intelligent Decision-Making System for Navigation with Optimized Performance
Khyati1, J.S. Sohal2

Optimal C Code Implementation of OWGWA-CSS Algorithm on TMS320C6713 DSK
Rachana Nagal1, Pradeep Kumar2, Poonam Bansal3

Hierarchal Trust Certificate Distribution using Distributed CA in MANET
V. Vinoth Kumar1, K. S. Arvind2, S. Umamaheswaran3, Suganya K.S4

Bio Oil from Bio Waste (Mahua Oil Cake) Using Fast Pyrolysis Process
V. Sukumar1, R. Senthilkumar2, V. Manieniyan3

A Vignette of Spiritual Intelligence and Transformational Leadership
Preetha Menon1, Anand Sadasivan2

Dynamic Response of RC Panel with and Without Openings Subjected to Blast Loading
Palak J Shukla1, Atul K Desai2, Chetankumar D Modhera3

An Optimal Filter to Reduce BER Utilizing RLS and Firefly
Swati Katwal1, Vinay Bhatia2

Estimation of Soc and Soh Using Mixed Neural Network and Coulomb Counting Algorithm
Abhash Ganeshan1, R. Shanmughasundaram2

The Importance and Necessity of Establishing Strong Cooperation Between Businesses and Universities in Uzbekistan
Gulnora Ismoilova1, Feruza Nabieva2, G’ ayrat Dehqonov3

Development of High Quality Color Image Compression using Block Transformation
Prashant Parashar1, Divakar Singh2

Bearing Strength and Failure Modes Analysis of Carbon Reinforced Aluminium Laminate
P. Sathyaseelan1, S. Karthik2, Mathew Alphonse3, R. Ramesh Kumar4

E-Type Asymmetric Multilevel Inverter Based Transformer less Traction Drive
Ashok Kumar Mohapatra1, Minakhi Behera2, Nanda Kishore Ray3

A Heterogeneous and Optimized System for Trainers for Analysis and Rectification of Compilation Errors
Badr Almutairi1, Sultan Almotairi2

Internship: A Realistic Job Preview and Selection Mechanism
Urvashi Srivastava1, Namita Mohanty2, Jitendra Mohanty3

Heart Disease Prediction Using Machine Learning Algorithm
Praveen Kumar Reddy M1, T Sunil Kumar Reddy2, S. Balakrishnan3, Syed Muzamil Basha4, Ravi Kumar Poluru5

Adsorption and Statistical Analysis of Textile Effluent Contaminated with Congo red On Orange Peel
Shashikumar Prakash Mitadar1, Veena-Kumara-Adi2

Citrus Classification and Grading Using Machine Learning Algorithms
Sugumar D1, Harshavarthan V2, Kavisri S3, Aezhisai Vallavi M S4, Vanathi P T5

Development of Asynchronous Motor Bearing Fault Diagnosis Method using TDA and FFNN
Amit Shrivastava

Prediction of Vertical Handover Using Multivariate Regression Model
Siddharth Goutam1, Srija Unnikrishnan2, Sundary Prabavathy3, Neel Kudu4

Advanced Network Security Analysis (ANSA) in Big Data Technology
Shivi Sharma1, Ashish Sharma2, Hemraj Saini3

Whale Optimization Based Recommendation System
Bharti Sharma1, Adeel Hashmi2, Ankit Kumar3

Resource Optimized Security Coding in Light Weight Security Protocol
Sunitha Tappari1, K. Sridevi2

Effective Utilization of Quarry Residues and Mineral Admixtures in High Strength Concrete
Syed Afzal Basha1, B. Jayarami Reddy2, C. Sashidhar3

Surface Plate Based Method for Quick Check CMM Accuracy Measurement
Vinay A Kulkarni1, Maneetkumar R Dhanvijay2, A Y Momin3

“Enabling Women Entrepreneurs in Horticulture and Instruction Parts in India through Microfinance Advancements”
Avinash Pareek1, Sandeep Kumar Saini2, Chitra Holla3, Geetha Nagaraju4

Structural and Thermal Analysis of Disc Brake with Drilled Holes of Various Materials
K. Viswanath Allamraju1, Arrola Ravikumar2

ANN Based Block Chain Security Threat Mechanism
Pranab Kumar Bharimalla1, Souratendu Praharaj2, Satya Ranjan Dash3

Efficient Load Balancing and Service Broker Policy Using Local and Global Representatives in Cloud Computing
Amrita Jyoti1, Shiv Singh Sarangdevot2, Munesh Chandra3

Node Failure Handling Through Localized Relocation over Wireless Sensor Network
Jaspreet Kaur1, Amit Kumar Bindal2

Method of Real Options in Managing Investment Projects
Bohdan Danylyshyn1, Svitlana Bondarenko2, Marina Malanchuk3, Kateryna Kucherenko4, Vitalii Pylypiv5, Oleksandr Usachenko6

The Use of Microturbines as an Energy Converter for Motor Transport
Kirill Evgenievich Karpukhin1, Aleksey Stanislavovich Terenchenko2, Aleksey Fedorovich Kolbasov3, Vladimir Nikolaevich Kondrashov4

Sculpture in Modern Environment: Educational Technology
Elena S. Medkova

The Economic Significance of Statistical Research Activities of Representative Offices of Companies Abroad
Marina V. Kosolapova1, Alexander M. Petrov2, Igor G. Yshanov3, Nataliya K. Muravitskaya4, Hursheda Sh. Nurmuhamedova5

Software in the Architectural Presentation and Design of Buildings: State-Of-The-Art
A. Zeynep Onur1, Fatemeh Nouban2

Database Migration using Data Synchronization and Transactional Replication
Winda Sekar Dewi1, Ema Utami2, Bambang Sudaryatno3

Prediction and Optimization of Weld Bead Geometry
Jigesh Yadav1, Manikant Paswan2

Network Data Classification through Artificial Neural Networks and GenClust++ Algorithm
Ichrak LAFRAM1, Siham EL IDRISSI2, Aicha Marrhich3, Naoual BERBICHE4, Jamila EL ALAMI5

Wireless Security Camera System
Aishwarya S Lande1, B.P. Kulkarni2

A Fuzzy Lattice System to Trust Management in Mobile Grid
Grantej Vinod Otari1, Vijay Ram Ghorpade2, Sachin Harakhchand Dhanani3

Different Methods for Predicting and Optimizing Weld Bead Geometry with Mathematical Modeling and ANN Technique
Jigesh Yadav1, Manikant Paswan2

Identification and Classification of Cataract Stages in Old Age People Using Deep Learning Algorithm
Sahana M1, Gowrishankar S2

New Robust MEWMA Control Chart for Monitoring Contaminated Data
Faridzah Jamaluddin1, Hazlina Haji Ali, Sharipah Soaad Syed Yahaya3

An Optimized Hybrid Neural Network Model for Detecting Depression Among Twitter Users
Dhamini Poorna Chandra1, S. Rajarajeswari2

Application of Vee Diagram as a Problem-Solving Strategy in Developing Students’ Conceptual and Procedural Knowledge
Chua Ye Ling1, Sharifah Osman2, Mohd Fadzil Daud3, Wan Nazdah Wan Hussin4

A Novel Framework Design for Semantic Based Image Retrieval as a Cyber Forensic Tool
Ramesh Babu P1, E Sreenivasa Reddy2

Using Natural Pozzolan, Cement and Lime for Stabilizing Soil in Earth Dams
Huu Nam Nguyen1, Van Quan Tran2, Anh Quan Ngo3, Quang Hung Nguyen4

Development and Experimental Characterization of Fibre Metal Laminates to Predict the Fatigue Life
Boopathy G1, Vijayakumar K.R2, Chinnapandian M3, Gurusami K4

The Technology of Media Culture usage in the Educational Environment: Development of Creative Self-Actualization
Elena Petrovna Olesina1, Tatyana Valentinovna Gorodilina2

Despeckling and Analysing Land Use Land Cover of Synthetic Aperture Radar Image
V.B. Pravalika1, S. Nageswararao2

Designing and Implementation of Free RTOS Multichannel Data Logger using Microcontroller
Gazal1, Sangeeta Kamboj2

Anaphora Resolution using Theme Sets
Praveen K Wilson1, J R Jeba2

Automatic JUnit Generation and Quality Assessment using Concolic and Mutation Testing
Avadhani Bindu1, Saumya Ranjan Giri2, P. Venkateswara Rao3

Single Image Dehazing using Transmission Estimation
S. Saradha1, V. Priyanandhini2, V. Priyanandhini3, T. Sreekala4

A Novel Method of Rainfall Prediction using MLP-FFN and Hybrid Neural Network Algorithm
G. Thailambal1, P. Shanmugalakshmi2, R. Durga3

Malware Detection and Classification using Random Forest and Adaboost Algorithms
A.S. Arunachalam1, S. Vaishnavi Sree2, K. Dharmarajan3

Optimization Parameters in Passive Energy Technologies Plus its Execution
B Vikram Anand1, Sujit Kumar Patro2, Srikant Misra3

Detection, Localization of Text in Images by Mser and Enhanced Swt
S. Shiyamala1, S. Suganya2

Mechanical and Wear Characterization of Nano Based Calotropis Gigantea Fiber Reinforced Polyester Composites
K. Bintu Sumanth1, G Dilli Babu2, S Satish Kumar3

Secure and Error-Free Data Storage on Cloud via Deniable CP-ABE Scheme
Vanitha M1, Mangayarkarasi R2, Sumaiya Thaseen I3, Saira Banu J4

Confidence-Based Assessment of Safety of Irrigation Reservoir in Vietnam
Lan Huong Nguyen1, Quang Hung Nguyen2

Normalization of Behavioral Features in Autism Spectrum Disorder with Influencing Attributes
K. Vijayalakshmi1, M. Vinayakamurthy2, Anuradha3

Optimal Design of Unequal Conductor Spacing in Grounding Grid by Modern Computational Intelligent Techniques
Soni M1, Abraham George2

Design and Fabrication of Magnetic Drive System
Abhishek. A.R1, Chinmaya Murthy. H.R2, Kushal.D3, Mayur. M.S4, Raghu.N5, Deepak.G6

An Efficient Cryptography Key Management for Secure Communications in Smart Metering
Abdul Khadar Asundi1, Pradeep Basavaraj Jyoti2, Mudakapla Shadaksharappa Nagaraj3, Shabana Sarmas Sultan4

Routing Protocol for Clustered Bee-Ad Hoc MANETS with Proper node Utilization
Sasmita Mohapatra

Consequences of Body-Biasing Technique on SRAM Memory
Mukesh kumar1, J.S. Ubhi2

Ant Colony Optimization Based Routing Scheme in Vehicular Delay Tolerant Networks
Nidhi Sonkar1, Sudhakar Pandey2, Sanjay Kumar3

Practical Scrutiny for Concrete Strength Properties of Ready-Mix Concrete Plant from Waste Concrete Aggregate
Abhay Shelar1, Amit Mahindrakar2

Diabetic Retinopathy Detection Using Neural Network
Vijay Kumar Gurani1, Abhishek Ranjan2, Chiranji Lal Chowdhary3

Optimized S-box and Mix-Columns for AES Architecture for live IP video Encryption and Decryption by Key Generation Through Face Recognition
Jayanthi K Murthy1, Sneha N S2

Analytical Modeling and Simulation of Nanoscale Fully Depleted Dual Metal Gate SOI MOSFET
Prashant Kumar1, Munish Vashishath2, P. K. Bansal3

An Empirical Analysis on Information Technology Adaptation in Nationalized and Private Sector Banks
Simrat Tuteja1, Anukool Manish Hyde2, Rashmi Somani3

Measuring Security for Applications Hosted in Cloud
Nitin Singh Chauhan, Ashutosh Saxena, J.V.R. Murthy1

Measurement of Bone Density Parameters using Ultrasound and Hardware Development on bone Density Measurement
Kunal Khosla1, Apurva Naik2

A Post-Processing Algorithm for Spatial Domain Detection & Removal of Blocking Artifacts
Anudeep Gandam1, Jagroop Singh Sidhu2

A Backward Single Source Shortest Path Algorithm for Directed Graph
D. Jasmine Priskilla1, K. Arulanandam2

Full Stack Software Development and Multi Aspect Testing
Gayathry G1, Thirumalaiselvi R2

License Plate Recognition with Feature Salience and Neural Network
Uganya G1, Sudhan M.B2, Shijin Kumar P.S3

E-Commerce Sites with Outfit Composition using Deep Learning Method
Aparna V. Mote1, Pratima Patil2

Knowledge Based System using Ontology for Accessing Sentiments of Indian Railways Tweets
Rakesh Kumar Donthi1, Md. Tanwir Uddin Haider2

The Assessment of the Effectiveness of the Implementation of Scenarios for the Sustainable Development of Agriculture
Alexander Valerievich Nikitin1, Svetlana Nikolaevna Trunova2, Victoria Aleksandrovna Voropaeva3

Mechanical Behavior of Coir Fiber Reinforced Epoxy Composites with Variable Fiber Lengths
V. S. Jagadale1, S. N. Padhi2

Privacy Preserving Outsourced Calculations with Symmetric Fully Homomorphic Encryption
C.N. Umadevi1, N.P. Gopalan2

Cost Effective Ant Colony Optimization in Cloud Computing
Chandrakanta Yadav1, Yogesh Kumar Gupta2

Novel Method of FKP Feature Extraction Using Mechanical Variable
Sukhdev Singh1, Chander Kant2

Advanced Energy Management System for Hybrid Vehicle
Ben John Stephen S

Mirafs – Multi Image Resoulution Quality Acuminate Fusing System
John Livingston. S1, Kumudha Raimond2

A Simplified Interval Type-2 Fuzzy Implementation for Financial Credit Decision
Praveen Kumar Dwivedi1, Surya Prakash Tripathi2

Assessment of Plan Form Development using Protective Materials around an Island
Snigdhadip Ghosh1, Vijay Kumar Dwivedi2

Performance Evaluation of Battery and Super-Capacitor for Electric Vehicle with Hybrid Techniques
Nagesh B.K.1, B. R. LakshmiKantha2

Development and Evaluation of Eastern Samar State University-Can-avid Campus Website
Janice Dyan G. Quiloña1, Shoven M. Afable2

Nonlinear Analysis of Flat Steel Frame Semi Rigid Connection Subjected to Dynamic Loads
Hong Son Nguyen1, Trung Thanh Pham2, Van Quan Tran3, Quang Hung Nguyen4

A Design Pattern Structure Specification to Extract Statistical Report
Mythily M1, Radhika Nambiar2, Kethsy Prabhavathy3, Iwin Thanakumar Joseph4, Deepa Kanmani S5

Influence of Parameters Reinforced Concrete Floor to Stiffness of Beam – Columns Connector in Composite Structures
Hong Son Nguyen1, Van Quan Tran2, Quang Hung Nguyen3

Impact of Wind Load on Large Plate Billboards in Vietnam
Le Thuy Nguyen1, Hong Son Nguyen2, Van Quan Tran3, Quang Hung Nguyen4

Numerical Modeling of Square Steel Members Wrapped by CFRP Composites
S. Sivasankar1, A. Praveen Kumar2

Crumb Rubber: A Sustainable Road Paving Material
Minati Mohanty1, Sagarika Panda2

Implementation of User Centric SSE for Privacy-Preserving and Enhancing Searching Efficiency in Cloud Environment
Rudragoud Patil1, R. H. Goudar2

A Conceptual AI-System Model for Home Automation and Smart Monitoring Based on Vision
Edwin S Soji1, T. Kamalakannan2

Literary Trends in Cyber Space: Portrayal of the Metamodern “wings of Poesy”
Amritha G1, Manasi Suresh2, Indu B3

Secure Data Sharing of Sensitive Medical Record (Phr) In the Cloud
L. Ramesh1, R.A. Roseline2

Mobischool School Management System Using Android Application
Aniruddha P. Kshirsagar1, Shradha K. Dhole2, Pravin S. Patil3, Rohini B. Kokare4

Assessing the Effect of Financial Literacy on Investors Decisions Making
Neha Yadav1, T.V. Raman2

An Effecient Fake News Detection System Using Machine Learning
A. Lakshmanarao1, Y. Swathi2, T. Srinivasa Ravi Kiran3

Development of Technology for High-Power Industry Converters
D. Rajababu1, A.V.V. Sudhakar2, B. Sathyavani3

An Integrated Technique for Face Sketch Recognition Using DCNN
Shivaleela. Patil1, Shubhangi.DC2

Application of Monte Carlo Method in Hydraulic Structures Safety Assessment in Vietnam Conditions
Lan Huong Nguyen1, Quang Hung Nguyen2

IoT Standards and Applicability to Human Life
Vatan1, Avinash Sharma2, Sandip Goyal3

Graph of an Intuitionistic Fuzzy Ideal of M⟙ Groups in Near Rings
S K Mala1, M M Shanmugapriya2

Vortex Prediction in a Pump Intake System Using Computational Fluid Dynamics
Ajai S.1, K. Kumar2, P. M. Abdul Rahiman3, V. S. Sohoni4, V. S. Jahagirdar5

Design an All Digital PLL with Ripple Reduction Technique
Rajni Singla1, Rekha Yadav2

Text Classification Using Ensemble of Non-Linear Support Vector Machines
Sheelesh Kumar Sharma1, Navel Kishor Sharma2

Privacy Preserving Using Extended Euclidean Algorithm Applied To RSA-Homomorphic Encryption Technique
D. Chandravathi1, P.V. Lakshmi2

A Novel Tweet Recommendation Framework for Twitter
Kamaljit Kaur1, Kanwalvir Singh Dhindsa2

An Efficient Gesture Recognition with ABC-ANN Classification and Key-Point Features Extraction for Hand Images
Satinderdeep Kaur1, Nidhi Bhatla2

Power Quality Improvement in a Grid Coupled Solar PV System using Grey Wolf Optimization
Manoj Gupta1, Pankaj Gakhar2

Radiated Force due to Surge Motion by a Pair of Submerged Cylinder in Water
Pankaj Borah1, Nijara Konch2

Experimental Evaluation of Temperature Difference on Needle roller Bearing using Different Loads and Grades of oil Lubricant
Praveen Sharma1, Subhas Chandra Rana2, Rabindra Nath Barman3

Detection and Classification of ECG Signal Through Machine Learning
Shalini Sahay1, A.K. Wadhwani2, Sulochana Wadhwani3, Sarita S. Bhadauria4

Augmented Reality (Ar) & Virtual Reality (Vr) – A Channel for Digital Transformation in Industrialization Fostering Innovation & Entrepreneurship
Devesh Rath1, Ipseeta Satpathy2, B. C. M. Patnaik3

Camphor Sulfonic Acid Protonated Poly (2, 5-Dimethoxyaniline) – Cadmium Sulfide Blend thin Film for Ammonia gas Sensing Application
Maggie Dayana. A1, Victor Williams Rayar2

Femone Health Monitoring System
Minoshma M1, Sanil Jayamohan2, Namitha Sharon3

Augmentation of Compressive Strength of Bricks Made of Various Materials by Adding Molten Plastic Waste
Ashish Kumar Parashar

AI-based Short-Term Electric Time Series Forecasting
Anamika Singh1, Manish Kumar Srivastava2, Navneet Kumar Singh3

Test Case Generation for UML Behavioral Diagram by Traversal Algorithm
Rashmi Gupta1, Vivek Jaglan2

An Experimental Programme on Fibre Reinforced Concrete Made with OPC, Fly Ash and Metakaolin
N. Sanjeev1, Kaza Prem Rakshit Kumar2

Extended model for Privacy Enhanced Personalized Web Search Ranking System
Nidhi Saxena1, Bineet Gupta2

Estimation of Injection Molding Process for a Thin Fresnel Lens by Plastic Flow Simulation
Atish Kumar1, Harry Garg2, B. S. Pabla3

Smart Python Coding through Voice Recognition
M. A. Jawale1, A. B. Pawar2, D. N. Kyatanavar3

Mechanical and Durability Properties of Fibre Reinforced Concrete Made with OPC, GGBS and Metakaolin
N. Sanjeev1, T. Sampath Kumar Reddy2

Investment Decisions, Herd Behaviour and Retail Investors
Madhavan Devadas1, T. Vijayakumar2

Management of Construction & Demolition Waste in Pune City
Kamlesh V. Madavi1, Ramesh D. Dod2

Personalized Medical Information Filtering using Evidence Phrases
Mu. Annalakshmi1, A. Padmapriya2

Generation of Synthetic Design Storm Hyetograph and Hydrologic Modeling under HEC HMS for Ziz Watershed
Ismail Elhassnaoui1, Zineb Moumen2, Issam Serrari3, Ahmed Bouziane4, Driss Ouazar5, Moulay Idriss Hasnaoui6

Mechanical Behaviour of Self Compacting Concrete by using M-Sand & Rice Husk Ash
Mallikarjuna Reddy V1, Bhaskar B2

Detection and Prevention of De-Authentication Attack in Real-Time Scenario
Shweta Sharma1, Meenakshi Mittal2

Long Channel Keeper based Open Loop Difference Amplifier Domino for Noise Tolerant Low Power OR Gates
Manish Tiwari1, Vijayshri Chaurasia2

Evaluation of Mechanical Behavior of Hybrid Natural Fiber Reinforced Nano Sic Particles Composite using Hybrid Taguchi-Cocoso Method
Abhishek Barua1, Siddharth Jeet2, Dilip Kumar Bagal3, Pratyashi Satapathy4, Pulkit Kumar Agrawal5

Variation in Ignition Delay with Changing the Environment inside the Combustion Chamber for Different Sprays
Tushar Gupta1, M. Emran Khan2

Evaluation of Phonetic System for Speech Recognition on Smartphone
Gulbakshee J Dharmale1, Dipti D Patil2

Removal of Initial Phase Transient Current in DC-DC Boost Converter using Modified Switched Inductor
Preeti Gupta1, Shimi S.L.2

Multi-Phase Digital Authentication of E-Certificate with Secure Concealment of Multiple Secret Copyright Signatures
Soumit Chowdhury1, Sontu Mistry2, Nabin Ghoshal3

Low Power High Throughput Memory Less Adaptive Filter using Distributed Arithmetic
Paida Chiranjeevi1, B. Venkatesu2

Efficient Implementation of Big Data Access Control Scheme with Privacy-Preserving Policy
Niranjanamurthy M.1, Esha Jain2, Bhawna Nigam3, Sushmitha M.4

Machine Learning Based Supervised Feature Selection Algorithm for Data Mining
K. Sutha1, J. Jebamalar Tamilselvi2

Pre-Competitive Anxiety of Malaysian Premier League and University Football Players
Zulakbal Abd Karim1, Rania Mahadi2, Hazuan Hizan3, Mirza Azny Mustafa4, Zulezwan Ab Malik5 & Syed Kamaruzaman Syed Ali6

Simulation Based Process Optimization for Additive Manufacturing
Anupam Pandit1, Ravi Sekhar2, Pritesh Shah3

Markov Process in Varying Value in Production by Machinery with Two Components
C. Mohan1, P. Selvaraju2, S. Shanmugan3

Mitigating Economic Denial of Sustainability (EDoS) in Cloud Environment using Genetic Algorithm and Artificial Neural Network
Swati Nautiyal1, C Rama Krishna2, Shruti Wadhwa3

Subject Independent Automatic Facial Expression Recognition from Partially Occluded Still Images by Employing Appearance Based Feature Extraction Schemes
Naveen Kumar H N1, Jagadeesha S2

Sentiment Analysis on Social Media Big Data with Multiple Tweet Words
S. Uma Maheswari1, S. S. Dhenakaran2

Methods of Assessing the Strength of Masonry to Ensure the Reliability of Reconstructed Structures
L.F. Kazanskaya1, Yu. A. Belentsov2

Smart Joint Bank Locker Operation using Visual Cryptography
Sapna B.K1, K L Sudha2

Hybrid Text and Value Based Ncryption and Obfuscation (Tvbencobfus) To Safeguard Data in Cloud Storage Server
B. Rex Cyril1, S. Britto Ramesh Kumar2

Image Denoising by Hybridizing Preprocessed Discrete Wavelet Transformation and Recurrent Neural Networks
Raj Kumar Goel1, Shweta Vishnoi2, Saurabh Shrivastava3

Meta-Feature Classification to Explore Automatic Detection of Malware Using Segmentation Method
Chandra Sekhar Vasamsetty1, Siva Sankar Chandu2, Janakidevi Maddala3

Due Professional Care as a Moderating Variable to Independence Relationship to Audit Quality

Performance Improvement of FSO Communication System using MIMO Technique
Arjun Dubey1, Davinder Prakash2

Sluice Safety Reliability Analysis – Application for Baovan Sluice in Vietnam
Lan Huong Nguyen1, Quang Hung Nguyen2

Enhanced Cyber Security for Big Data Challenges
S. Padmapriya1, N. Partheeban2, N. Kamal3, A. Suresh4, S. Arun5

Design and Development of Smart Medicine Information System
Rakesh Kumar Pattanaik1, M. Kathirvelu2, T. Govinda rao3

Converting from Service Level Agreement to Probabilistic Temporal Logic Specification
Nur Diana Madinah Ab Hadi1, Azlan Ismail2, Nur Syazleen Rosli3, Suzana Zambri4

Evaluation of Various Vegetation Indices for Multispectral Satellite Images
L. Gowri1, K.R. Manjula2

UMN Site Traffic Prediction using Technical Method
Alvin Alexander1, Seng Hansun2

Document Image Compression using DC-DWT
S. S. Thakare1, S. N. Kale2

Broadband Stacked Antenna Design with Hybrid Structure for C-band Communication
Swati Kandoria1, Garima Saini2

Brain Tumor Detection and Identification Using Histogram Method
MB Bramarambika1, Seshashayee2

A Deep Learning Neural Network for Detecting the Diabetic Retinopathy
R. Raja Kumar1, G. Kishor Kumar2, M.K. Koushik3, M. Chennakesavulu4

Convolutional Windows for Side Lobe Reduction
N. Adithya Valli1, D. Elizabath Rani2, C. Kavitha3

Bearing Capacity of Concrete-Filled Steel Tube Column Sections under Long-Term Loading
Hong Son Nguyen1, Quang Hung Nguyen2

Analyze The Effects of Quarantine and Vaccination on Malware Propagation in Wireless Sensor Network
Satya Ranjan Biswal1, Santosh Kumar Swain2

A Novel Algorithm for Soil Image Segmentation using Color and Region Based System
Prathik A1, Anuradha J2, Uma K3

Design of RF Energy Harvesting Patch Antenna for Wireless Communications
N. Rajesh Kumar1, P.D. Sathya2

Design of the Configurable Watch Dog Timer using FPGA in Space Probe Application
Varsha Parekh1, Pogaku Divya2, K. Srilatha3, P. Chitra4

A Simple and Novel Algorithm for State Estimation of Continuous Time Linear Stochastic Dynamic Systems Excited by Random Inputs
Robinson P. Paul1, Vishvjit Thakar2, Hetal N. Patel3

Improved Bat Algorithm using Super-Region Volume Segmentation for Medical Images
Bhawna Nigam1, Ramakrishnan M Ramanathaiah2, Basavaprasad B.3

Performance Analysis of IIR & FIR Windowing Techniques in Electroencephalography Signal Processing
Anshul1, Dipali Bansal2, Rashima Mahajan3

Characterisation of Aluminium Alloy (Lm6) Metal Matrix Composite Reinforced with Copper Slag/Ferro Sand
Prabhakaran A1, Sanjivi Arul2

HYBCIM: Hypercube Based Cluster Initialization Method for K-Means
Manoj Kumar Gupta1, Pravin Chandra2

Multi Spectral Coding in RADAR Signal Conditioning using Recurrent Spectral Mapping
K. Satish Babu1, P. S. Sarma2, Y. Madhveelatha3

Deep Neural Network: Recognize Data Management of Artificial Intelligence in Retail
D. Prabha1, P. Manivannan2, K. Balasubramanian3

Cost Sensitivity Ranges in Rough Set Interval Transportation Problem
P. Pandian1, K. Kavitha2

Amalgam Of Hamming Weight-Based RSA And Multi Party Computations to Enhance Security in Multi Cloud Ambience
Parsi Kalpana

Influence of Gr, MoS2 and BN on the Hardness and Wear Resistance of AA2014 Hybrid Composite After Artificial Aging
Sachin K Murali1, A. Shanmugasundaram2

Methodology for Developing E-Learning Courses in IT Education
N.I. Tukenova1, R.G. Ramazanov2, M.L. Gruzdeva3, T. Zh. Baydildinov4, Sh. A. Naubetova5

Educational Multimedia-Resources in Education
N.I. Tukenova1, G.A. Mursakimova2, M.L. Gruzdeva3, K. Zh. Chetiyeva4, A.U. Elepbergenova5, A.A. Iskakova6

Energy Loss Minimization by Optimal Siting and Sizing of DG with Network Reconfiguration in Distribution Networks
Rudresh. B. Magadum1, D.B. Kulkarni2

Performance Evaluation of Induction Motor for Unipolar and Bipolar Pulse Width Modulation Techniques
T. Murali Krishna1, K. Krishna Veni2, G. Suresh Babu3, D. Sushma4, C. Harish5

Design and Analysis of a Reconfigurable Antenna for Dual Band ISM Medical and Wi-Fi Applications
K S R Murthy1, K Umakantham2, K S N Murthy3, B T P Madhav4

Substation Maintenance Optimization by Considering Ageing Equipment
N.V.P.R. Durga Prasad1, C. Radhakrishna2

Efficient Health Monitoring Networks Using Secured Energy Aware (SEA) Scheme
R. Sivaranjani1, A.V. Senthil Kumar2

Data Mining Based Outlier Cluster Detection Algorithm
Sayali S. Rane1, Mangesh M. Ghonge2, Amol Potgantwar3

Capacitive Disc Fed GPS Antenna Operating at L Band
Sugumar. D1, Trinita Princy. S2, Angelin Sarah. D3, T. Anita Jones4, M.S. Aezhisai Vallavi5

Experimental Analysis and Effects of Gasoline as an Additive in Compression Ignition Engine
Appu Kurian1, Rameshan K.P2, Ryne P.M3, Benphil C Mathew4

Fungal Disease in Cotton Leaf Detection and Classification using Neural Networks and Support Vector Machine
Ch. Usha Kumari1, N. Arun Vignesh2, Asisa Kumar Panigrahy3, L. Ramya4, T. Padma5

A Solution for Line Segmentation Problems in Sindhi Character Recognition System
Shanky Goel1, Gurpreet Singh Lehal2

Role of EEG for Diagnosis of Alzheimer Disease
Sachin M. Elgandelwar1, Vinayak K. Bairagi2

Design and Implementation of Real Time Data Acquisition System in All Programmable System on Chip
P. Suresh1, U. Saravanakumar2, V. Karthikeyan3, G. Vamsi Krishna4, K. Sreekanth5, G. Kumar Reddy6

Partial Fingerprint Recognition of Feature Extraction and Improving Accelerated KAZE Feature Matching Algorithm
P. Gayathiri1, M. Punithavalli2

Design and Fabrication of Robot for Surveillance using Arduino
N. Pugazhenthi1, K. Vinu Lakshmi2, V. Preneeth3, K. Shrivani4

Testing of Image Steganography with use of LSB and DCT Techniques
Gayatri G. Bobade1, A. G. Patil2

Metallic Surface Coating Defect Detection Using Firefly Based Adaptive Thresholding and Level Set Method
Yasir Aslam1, Santhi N2, Ramasamy N3, K. Ramar4

Performance Improvement of Intrusion Detection Systems
Debi Prasad Mishra1, Satyasundara Mahapatra2, Sateesh Kumar Pradhan3

An Experimental Programme on Frc with Opc, Flyash, Ggbs, and Metakaolin
N. Sanjeev1, Katta.Manoj2

Smart Agricultural using Internet of Things, Cloud and Big Data
Sarangam Kodati1, S Jeeva2

Changes in Financial Performance of Traditional Intermediatries for Financial Innovation
Rajnish kler

An Effective Software Effort Estimation based on Functional Points using Soft Computing Techniques
Rama Sree S1, Ramesh S.N.S.V.S.C2, Prasada Rao Ch3

Capacity Enhancement through Value Stream Mapping and Line Balancing Technique in Compressor Assembly Line
R. Dinesh1, V.R. Sathish Kumar2, M. Krishnakumar3

Organizational Ergonomics: Human Engineering Leading to Employee Well-Being
K. Gomathi1, Rajini.G2

Implementation of FFT Architecture using Various Adders
Mallika Verma1, Ankur Bhardwaj2

A QoS-Latency Aware Event Stream Processing with Elastic-FaaS
Jagadheeswaran Kathirvel1, Elango Parasuraman2

User Satisfaction Detection System for Smart Healthcare using Multimedia
Rajesh S M1, Suresh Kumar K R2

Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction: Variation in Customer Perception Across Demographic Profiles in Life Insurance Industry
Sukhvinder Singh Paposa1, V.G. Ukinkar2, Kamalpreet Kaur Paposa3

Measurement of Thickness of Foam layer and Entrance Region in a Bubble Column using Image Processing Technique
Neha Agarwal1, Ashok Kumar Verma2

Effects of Forced Cooling in Laser Forming
Sachin Kumar1, Sukhdeep Singh Dhami2

Machine Learning Techniques for Prediction of Parkinson’s Disease using Big Data
S. Kanagaraj1, M.S. Hema2, M. Nageswara Gupta3

Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm Based Reactive Power Optimization in Distribution Network
Amar Nath Patel1, Shobhna Jain2

Weather and Stochastic Forecasting Method for Generated Discharge Level Data at Sathanur Dam
S. Sathish1, SK. Khadar Babu2 and C.U. Tripura Sundari3

Symmetric Cryptographic Framework for Network Security
Kanagaraj Narayanasamy1, Padmapriya Arumugam2

Future Trends of Artificial Intelligence in Human Biofield
Gunjan Chhabra1, Ajay Prasad2, Venkatadri Marriboyina3

Secure and Authenticated Naming Scheme for IoT Devices in Heterogeneous Networks
Tamizh Selvan. C1, V. Vijayalkshmi2

A Forecasting tool for Air Quality Monitoring Built up on Cloud and IoT
Mohd. Tahseenul Hasan1, Vijay S. Chourasia2, Sanjay M. Asutkar3

Tb Diagnosis System using Genetic Particle Swarm Optimization Based Neural Network Classifier
P. Prasanna Kumari1, B. Prabhakara Rao2

Aspect Based Mobile Recommendation System
Mokshali Bawiskar1, Vijayshri Injamuri2

Double Fibonacci Spiral Microstrip Patch Antenna for Dual Band Applications
Asha Meena1, Anita Garhwal2, Kanad Ray3

Simulating Hybrid Power Plants in Strategic Industrial Areas in Nigeria: Solar PV-Diesel Hybrid for Kano Free Trade Zone
Ahmad Garba Khaleel1, Mridul Dharwal2

Influence of Profesional Teacher Competence, Self Concept, Interest Learning, And Early to Learning Outcomes Mathemathics
Hasnan Nafis1, Rusdinal2, Azwar Ananda3, Khairani4, Haris Satria5

Geographical Information System Based Safe Path Recommender
Aman Jain1, Simran Sharma2, Hrishav Kumar3, Deepak Parashar4

Performance Analysis of Cooperative Spectrum Sensing in Different Case Scenarios
Amardeep A. Shirolkar1, S. V. Sankpal2

Performance Improvement of a Fin-Tube Heat Exchanger Using Rectangular Winglet as Vortex Generator
Sachin Gupta1, Arvind Gupta2, Munish Gupta3

Virtual Reconstruction of Historical Architectural Monuments: Methods and Technologies
Abdulkhalyk Sadykhozhaevich Nabiev1, Lyazzat Tuleuvna Nurkusheva2, Kymbat Kasymovna Suleimenova3, Gaukhar Kasenovna Sadvokasova4, Zhanerke Askhatovna Imanbaeva5

FPGA Based Engine Control Module for Fuel Injection System
Surabhi Ghatole1, Harshali Zodpe2

An Integrated Model of IoT and Cloud for Detecting Green House Gas Emissions
Jeberson Retna Raj1, T. Sasipraba2

Development of Thematic Multi Media-Based Learning Model to Increase Clean Life Skills
Yufiarti1, Wuryani2, Fitri L Issom3, Gumgum Gumelar4

FPGA Implementation of Variable Feed Rate Algorithm for a Three Input Fuzzy Controller to Maintain the Cane Level
V. Sai Sri Krishna1, Yogesh Misra2, G. Anantha Rao3

WSN Based Flood Estimations and Early Cautioning System using IoT
Maligi Anantha Sunil1, Sagar Simha K T2

E-Learning Attributes Selection Through Rough Set Theory and Data Mining
C.S. Sasikumar1, A. Kumaravel2

Mathematical Formula of Performance of Watermarking System with Repetition of Bits of Watermark
Himanshu Agarwal

Smart Firefighting System for Smart Cities Adopting Fog/Edge Computing
P. Punitha Ilayarani1, M. Maria Dominic2

Photochemical Behavior of Allyl Ethers of Vicinal Hydroxynaphthophenones
Kumaresan Murugesan1, Sumathi Sowrirajan2, Balasubramanian Kalpattu Kuppusamy3

Activity Scheduling on Identical Parallel Processors
Satyasundara Mahapatra1, Rati Ranjan Dash2, Niroj Kumar Pani3

Classification of Facial Images into Adult or Minor Categories using Facial Features
Harsh Modi1, Daniyah Ammarah2, Aditya Rai3, Sweta Jain4

Machinibility Performance of CNC Turning Based on Automated Coolant Supply System
Wan Nur ‘Izzati Wan Md Hatta1, Fairul Azni Jafar2, Farizan Mohd Nor3, Ahamad Zaki Mohamed Noor4

Intuitionistic Fuzzy Digital Continuous Maps and Connected Maps
S. Meenakshi1, D. Amsaveni2

Stable Confident Rating Prediction in Collaborative Filtering
Chetan J. Awati1, Suresh K. Shirgave2

Recent Developments on Ethylene Dimerization with Focus on Alphabutol Optimization
Hamoud Alenezi1, Sharifah Rafidah Wan Alwi2, Zainuddin Abdul Manan3, Dayang Norulfairuz Abang Zaidel4

Substation Monitoring and Control using Rs485 Transceiver
Sanya Sreenath1, Gowtham Shantan M2, Rohini B3

Filler Slab with Partial Replacement of Cement by Eggshell Powder
Sindhumathi E

Research Experimentation on Channel Characteristics with Different Channel Models for the Better Packet Delivery Ratio for the Auv Search Applications using Vbf Based Model
Gurrala Chandrashekar Reddy1, T. Jaya2, Arun Raaza3

Development of Appropriate Under Water Channel Model for Limited Acoustic Network of Underwater Survey Application with Comparison of Rmac, Uwaloha and Uwanmac Algorithms
Jetty Bangaru Siddhartha1, T. Jaya2, P Swaminathan3

Development of Software Defined Radio Algorithm using Mimo OFDM for Short Range Communication
Vankayalapati Nagaraju1, T. Jaya2, Arun Raaza3

Detection of Human Brain Activities in a Normal Human being
Ashima Sindhu Mohanty1, Krishna Chandra Patra2, Akshya Kumar Sahoo3

The Development Rate and the Commitment of Different Chose Parts Towards the Collision of FDI Inflow in India
A. Muthusamy1, Jansi Rani. P2

Impedimetric Sensors: Principles, Applications and Recent Trends
Nitin Kumar Sharma1, Abhimanyu Nain2, Kuldeep Singh3, Nisha Rani4, Anuj Singal5

Secret Image Digitization Over Public Cloud Through Cbtv Based Image Fusion
Sangeeta Gupta1, Ashwani Kumar2

Enriched Rapid Composting Techniques for Agro Industrial Organic Solid Waste
Ashok More1, Santosh More2

Process Map of a Unified Data Platform for Operational Intelligence and Analysis of Power Sector
Pratik Ghosh1, Ratna Banerjee2, Vinay Kandpal3, Jacob T. Verghese4

Raspberrypi Based Assistive Communication System for Deaf, Dumb and Blind Person
Suvarna Nandyal1, Shireen Kausar2

Artificial Intelligence based Human Facial Action Recognition by Deep Learning Neural Network
Suvarna Nandyal1, Lakshmi2

Automated Vehicle Security System using Convolutional Neural Networks and Support Vector Machine
Shubham Agarwal1, Kushagra Goel2, Anirudh Jain3, Pratibha Singh4

Adaptation using Machine Learning for Personalized eLearning Environment Based on Students Preference
John martin A1, Maria Dominic M.2

Development of a Low Cost Heart Rate Monitoring and Transmission System using PPG Signal Processing for Wearable Devices
Nidhi R. Chaurasia1, Meghana A. Hasamnis2

Portfolio Selection using DEA-COPRAS at Risk – Return Interface Based on NSE (India)
S. Gupta1, G. Bandyopadhyay2, M. Bhattacharjee3, S. Biswas4

Influence of Lime and Brick Dust on Compaction and Strength Properties of Clay Soil When Mixed with Ldpe
Sameer Khaliq1, Mohammad Irshad Malik2, Jagdeep Singh3

Level Control of Nonlinear Hopper Tank Process in Pharmaceutical Industry using Ziegler Nicholas and Cohen Coon Tuning Techniques
Vinothkumar. C1, Esakkiappan. C2

Attendance Management System using Deep Learning and Facial Recognition Technique
S.U. Saoji1, Naveen kumar2, Jayakumar3, Vaibhav Gupta4, Prakhar Agarwal5, Parth Astogi6

Electrical Energy Audit –An Experience in a Small Scale Textile Mill
P. Nagaveni1, M. Siva Ram Kumar2, M. Nivetha3, A. Amudha4, G. Emayavaramban5

Egg Productivity in the Quails Fed on the Extract of Calendula Officinalis
Olga Bagno1, Sergey Shevchenko2, Antonina Shevchenko3, Ekaterina Izhmulkina4, Oleg Prokhorov5, Alina Petruchenko6

Slaughter Qualities and Chemical Composition of the Meat of the Broiler Chickens Fed with Thyme Extract
E.A. Kishnyaykina1, K.V. Zhuchaev2, O.A. Bagno3, O. H. Prokhorovt4, E.V. Ulrich5, E.A. Izhmulkina6

Exploring Statistical Parameters of Machine Learning Techniques for Detection and Classification of Brain Tumor
Manu Singh1, Vibhakar Shrimali2

A New Pentagon Search Algorithm for Fast Block-Matching Motion Estimation
Neetish Kumar1, Deepa Raj2

Detecting IP Spoofing Attack with SDN-Based Integrated Architecture using Distributed Packet Filtering
T. Sree Kala1, V. Rajakumaran2, S. Saradha3

Effective Routing Protocol and Analysing Various Attacks in the Manet Network
M V S SNagendranath1, A. Ramesh Babu2

Impact of Finding Selfish Nodes in Manet
V Anandkumar1, Kalaiarasan T R2, Ratheesh Kumar A M3

Secure and Access Control Data Monitoring in Vehicular Ad Hoc Network
Nagarjuna Appana1, Udaya Raju P2

Implementation of Software Controlled Radio for Long Range Communication with High Data Rate and Optimal Capacity
Parvathapuram Pavan Kumar1, T. Jaya2, P. Swaminathan3

Dynamic Analysis of Steel Frame Structure (Regular in Plan) using Curved Bracing Systems
Madhav Rana1, Supervisor ER. Nitin Verma2

Reduction of Power Quality Issues in Micro-Grid using GA Tuned PI Controller Based DVR
Thaha. H.S1, T. Ruban Deva Prakash2

Mining Software Repositories for Software Metrics (MSR-SM): Conceptual Framework
Tamanna Siddiqui1, Ausaf Ahmad2

Watershed Management using Remote Sensing and Gis of Maheshwaram Watershed
Kavita Singh1, Naveen Kumar Band2, M. Anji Reddy3

Mindscapes in Contemporary Architecture – Colors of Creativity
Jayakrupa G.J1, Latha.R2

Quick Response Code as a Communication Medium
Thamilvanan G1, Mohanasundaram K2

Numerical Modelling of Drying Kinetics of Banana Flowers using Natural and Forced Convection Dryers
E. Veeramanipriya1, AR. Umayal Sundari2, R. Asaithambi3

Design and Implementation of Fuzzy-PID Controller with Derivative Filter for AGC of two-area Interconnected Hybrid Power System
Binod Kumar Sahu1, Pradeep Kumar Mohanty2

Performance Analysis of 60 Ghz Wireless Communications for Wigig Networks
S. Praveen Chakkravarthy1, V. Arthi2, Leeban Moses3

Development of Dual Band Feed
Sama Rupa1, CHVRS Gopala Krishna2, L. Nageswara Rao3

Management of Coal Mine Overburden and Fly Ash using Bamboo Cultivation
Sheetal S. Kamble1, Ramesh D. Dod2

Enhanced Thermal Characteristics of NG Based Acetamide Composites
Apurv Yadav1, Abhishek Verma2, P.K. Bhatnagar3, V.K. Jain4, Vivek Kumar5

Design And Analysis of RHBD Memory Cells And 4×4 RHBD 10T Memory Cell Architecture
M. Chaitanya1, V. Kannan2

Time and Resource Management of Residential Apartment Construction using Building Information Modeling
Gaurav S. Narlawar1, N. B. Chaphalkar2, Sayali Sandbhor3

A Security Framework for A Sustainable Smart Ecosystem using Permissioned Blockchain: Performance Evaluation
George Gabriel Richard Roy1, S. Britto Ramesh Kumar2

Intelligent Companion for Blind: Smart Stick
Sanika H. Shinde1, Mousami V. Munot2, Prashant Kumar3, Surabhi Boob4

A Linear Filtering on Automatic Decomposition and Reconstruction of Dermoscopy Images using Global Thresholding
A. Prabhu Chakkaravarthy1, A. Chandrasekar2

Applicability of Blockchain Technology in Communication of Data using Raspberry Pi as Server
Siva Naga Lakshmi Pavani Kallam1, BVNR Siva Kumar2

Three-Phase Symmetric Cascading Z-Source Seven Levels Multilevel Inverter Excited by Multi Carrier Sinusoidal Pulse Width Modulation Scheme
Rajnish Kumar Sharma1, G. Irusapparajan2, D. Periyaazhagar3

A Secured Data Retrieval Architecture for WBAN using Elliptic Curve Digital Signature
M.J. Bharathi1, V.N. Rajavarman2, R. Shobarani3

Experimental Analysis for Semantic Based Large Scale Service Composition using Deep Learning
Jackulin Sam Gini. A1, A. Chandrasekar2

Solving Real-Life Problem Using Transportation
A. Seethalakshmy1, N. Srinivasan2

Design of High-Speed Desensitized FIR Filter Employing Reduced Complexity SQRT Carry Select Adder
K. Manivannan1, L. Lakshminarasimman2, M. Janaki Rani3

Design and Fabrication of Electric Vehicle for Physically Challenged Person
K. Ramash Kumar1, K. Aswin2, S. Hariharan3, S. Mohamed Rilwan4, Tamil Poonkundran5, A. Vinothni6, V. Karmugil7, K. Narentheran8, L. Naveen j9, N. Yuvaraj10, V. Tamilselvan11

Performance of Fuzzy Rough Sets and Fuzzy Evolutionary Classifiers using Medical Databases
S. Poongothai1, C. Dharuman2, P. Venkatesan3

Image Compression Utilizing Wavelet Transform
B Gowri Sankaran1, B Karthik2, S P Vijayaragavan3

Distributed Wideband Sensing Method for Faded Dynamic Spectrum Access
Dinokumar Kongkham1, M Sundararajan2

Weight Ward Change Region Plummeting Change for Square Based Image Huffman Coding
B Gowri Sankaran1, B Karthik2, S P Vijayaragavan3

Offloading Computation for Efficient Energy in Mobile Cloud Computing
N Kandavel1, A Kumaravel2

Classification of Landsat-8 Imagery Based on Pca and Ndvi Methods
M Venkata Dasu1, Dr P V N Reddy2, Dr S Chandra Mohan Reddy3

Recent Updates on Electrochemical Detection of Perchlorate Ions
Nisha Rani1, Kuldeep Singh2, Nitin Kumar Sharma3, Anuj Singal4

Advanced Machine Learning Models to Handle Unifying Attacks in Images
K. P. Sai Rama Krishna1, K. Sravani2

Artifact Elimination in EEG Signal using Block and Sign Based Normalized Least Mean Square Techniques
Venkata Yashwanth Goduguluri1, Soniya Nuthalapati2, Addanki Naveen Murthy3, Duggi Sreeramasai4, Bandi Sowmya Adda5, Naga Sai Manisha6

Gaussian Energy Distribution of a RC-Circuit Based Single Discharge Pulse in Micro-EDM
Vishwa Bhanu1, P. Sudhakar Rao2

Pixel Based Sar Image Classification using Random Forest Algorithm
Battula Balnarsaiah1, T.S. Prasad2, P. Laxminarayana3

Cascaded Rf-Fso-Vlc System using Df Relays
Rima Deka1, Sanya Anees2

Design of Planar and Conformal Microstrip Patch Antenna for Avionics Applications
Ch V Ravi Sankar1, P V Y Jayasree2

Manufacturing and Research of Mechanical Properties of Natural Grit Reinforced Hybrid Polymer Composites
D. Logendran1, M.K. Aravindan2, A. Abraham Eben Andrews3

Experimental Research on Abaca/Agave/ Fly ash Nano Powder Reinforced Hybrid Composites
T. Naresh Kumar1, D. David2, S. Shankaranarayanan3

Assessing Mechanical Properties of NFRPC Material
D. Logendran1, A. Abraham Eben Andrews2, S. Gopinath3

Experimental Research on Natural Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composite Material Composites
D. Logendran1, T. Naresh Kumar2, A. Abraham Eben Andrews3

Tensile, Flexural and Surface Hardness Properties of Wool Grit/Silicone Polymer Composites
T. Naresh Kumar1, M.K. Aravindan2, A. Abraham Eben Andrews3

Design and Finite Element Analysis of Thick Walled Laminated Composite Pressure Vessel
Sarada Prasad Parida1, Pankaj Charan Jena2

A Multi-Agent Bio- Inspired System to Map Learners with Learning Resources using Clustering Based Personalization
Nageswara Rao Gottipati1, A. Rama Prasath2

2-D histogram Based Multilevel Thresholding for Image Segmentation by Hybrid Bacterial Foraging Optimization and Particle Swarm Optimization
N S R Phanindra Kumar1, P.V.G.D Prasad Reddy2, G. Srinivas3

Demystifying User Data Privacy in the World of IOT
Shruti Patil1, Shashank Joshi2

A Preliminary Exploration on Health Care Professionals (Doctors) Stress due to Competition, Advancement of Technology & Environment at Chennai
K Asokan1, NG Brindha2, S Valarmathi3

Estimation of Energy in Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor using VLSI Design
Jagadeesh Bodapati1, Atava G V Karthik Raju2, Durgachandramouli Yenugu3

A Technical Recitation on Efficiency of Islamic and Traditional Banking System in Kingdom of Bahrain
Atul Bansal1, Aysha Faraj Mohamed Abualroos2

Reduced Complexity Trellis for Coded Modulation on Channels Subjected to ISI
Vanaja Shivakumar

A Light Weight Cryptographic Technique for Secure Outsourcing and Retrieval of Data in Cloud Computing
D Ramesh1, B Rama2

Predicting Breast Cancer using Modern Data Science Methodology
Vinoothna Manohar Botcha1, Bhanu Prakash Kolla2

Design and Computational Fluid Dynamic Analysis of a Medium Haul Commercial Aircraft Wing and Fuselage
Pratulya Rajan S.M1, Vinusha D.G2, Pushkala Gopikrishnan3, Jensin Joshua4

Support Vector Machines to Identify Information towards Fixed-Dimensional Vector Space
Naresh Kumar Sripada1, Shwetha Sirikonda2, Nampally Vijay Kumar,Vahini Siruvoru4

Breast Cancer Diagnosis (BCD) Model Using Machine Learning
Priyanka Israni

Nano Titanium Dioxide -An Effective Photocatalyst for Emerging Applications
Ragavi Priyadharshani Raja1, Geetha Kathiresan2, R. Ilavarasir3

Synthesis of Nano Copper Shell for Conductive Ink in Wearable Electronics
Akash Prabhu S1, Geetha Kathiresan2, Suganthy R3

Voice Recognition System Through Machine Learning
Sindhu B1, B Sujatha2

A Methodology for Discovering Upstream and Downstream Causal Relationships in Stock Market
Harchana Bhoopathi1, B Rama2

Seismic Analysis of Steel Structures with and Without Bracings in Different Seismic Zones
Dadi Rama Dumpa Venkateswarlu1, N. B. Chaphalkar2

Design Analysis and Implementation of a Three Phase Seven Level PV & Wind based Microgrid
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Reducing the Delay by Optimizing the Via in Compact Automatic Metal Routing Algorithm
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Channel Occupancy Ratio Based TCP Congestion Control in Adhoc Networks
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Mobility Management Techniques in 5G Wireless Networks
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Implementation and Evaluation of Intelligence Incorporated Tutoring System
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Empirical Analysis of Explicating the Tacit Knowledge Background, Challenges and Experimental findings
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Low Phase Noise Current Starved Ring VCO on MOS Capacitance
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Impact Of Camel Model in Determining the Health Status of Indian Banking Industry
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Psychiatry on Heart Issue and Different Data Classification Prediction with Scheduled Cause of Diabetes
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Three Phase 9-Level Hybridised Cascaded Multi-Level Inverter for Use in Smart Grid
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A Hybrid Classification and Prediction Methodology for the Diagonosis of Osteoporosis
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Distributive System for Congestion Control in WSN directing through IoT
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Improvement of Electrical Insulation in Silicone Rubber by Adding Al2O3
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The Water Level and Outflow Prediction Using the Artificial Neural Network (ANN) for the Management of the Reservoir Flooding
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