Volume-8 Issue-8, June 2019

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Volume-8 Issue-8, June 2019, ISSN: 2278-3075 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering and Sciences Publication (BEIESP)

Investigations on Sliding Mode Controlled Micro Grid System with Improved Time Domain Response
Bagam Srinivasarao1, SVNL Lalitha2, Yerra Sreenivasarao3

A Brief Review on Advancements in Kalman Filtering and Phase Based Modulation Domain Speech Enhancement
V.Srinivasarao1, Umesh Ghanekar2

The Effects of Resistance Training with Different Focus Attention on Muscular Strength: Application to Teaching Methods in Physical Conditioning Class
Ali Md Nadzalan1, Jeffrey Low Fook Lee2, Mohamad Shahrul Azzfar3, Nur Shazana Muhammad Shukri4, Ebby Waqqash Mohamad Chan5, Nur Ikhwan Mohamad6

Strong Stability of a Nonlinear Difference System
G Naga Jyothi1, T S Rao2, G Suresh Kumar3, T Nageswara Rao4

VPRSM based Improved Decision Tree Induction Approach for Handling Uncertain Data
Surekha Samsani1, G.Jaya Suma2

Analysis of Version and Dis Attack in IPV6 Vera Routing Protocol for IoT for Low Lossy Networks
K.R.R. Mohan T Rao1, N. T Jaga T Jeevan2, P. Subba T Rao3, A.naga raju4

Battery Energy Storage System to Improve the Efficiency of Pv and Fuel Cell Based on Modular Multilevel Converter
Ch. Santosh Kumar1, G. Chandra Sekhar2

Isolation Forest and Xg Boosting for Classifying Credit Card Fraudulent Transactions
Chandra Sekhar Kolli1, T.Uma Dev2

Irrigation Alert System for farmers based on External Intelligence and Field Sensors data
K. Sumathi1, Kundhavai2, K. Selvarani3, K. Nagarajan4

Partition Based Single Scan Approach for Mining Maximal Itemsets
U. Mohan Srinivas1, E. Srinivasa Reddy2

Texture Feature Extraction of CTB Radiograph Image Using Derivative Gaussian filter With NN Classification to Diagnose Osteoporosis
Kavita. Avinash. Patil1, K. V. Mahendra Prashanth2

Comparing Conventional Reactive Protocols and Swarm Intelligence based Reactive Protocols in MANETs
Aashdeep Singh1, Savita Shiwani2, Gurpreet Singh3

Assortment of Slot and Pole Relation for A Permanent Magnet Brushless DC Motor
Upendra Kumar Potnuru1, P. Mallikarjuna Rao2

An Investigation on Performance Assessment of Renewable Energy Systems
Deepthi Joseph1, Pradeep Katta2, Johnson Uthayakumar3, A. Mohammed Ovaiz4

Capital Structure Decision and Survival of Firms: A Dividend Approach
G Archa Sreekumar1, Rajiv Nair2

Design of Efficient 16 Bit Crc with Optimized Power and Area in Vlsi Circuits
B.Balaji1, N Ajaynagendra2, Erigela Radhamma3, A Krishna Murthy4, M Lakshmana Kumar5

Performance Comparison of Downlink Channel Estimation in FDD Massive MIMO using CS-Aided and Bayesian Compressed Sensing Methods for 5G Systems
T.Ravibabu1, C. Dharmaraj2

Compact INSAT C-Band Notched Ultra Wide Band Antenna
Pradeep Vinaik Kodavanti1, Jayasree PVY2, Prabhakara Rao Bhima3

Smart Cities in Italy: An intelligent Contribution to Sustainable Development
Vinci G.1, Ruggeri M.2, Rapa M.3, Ruggieri R4

Novel and efficient Authentication Scheme for IoE in Smart Home Environment
Ajay Nadargi1, Mythili Thirugnanam2

Brain Tumor Detection in Fmri Images
Roshan Jahan1, Deepak Kumar Singh2, Preetam Suman3

Effect of Mobile Phone Radiation on EEG Wave
D. S. Bhangari1, A. C. Bhagali2, R. V. Kshirsagar3

Operational Scheduling for Small Satellite using Heuristic Algorithm
Rajathi K1, Alex David S2

Soft-Computing Based Recommendation System: A Comparative Study
Shreyas Das1, Bhabani Shankar Prasad Mishra2, Manoj Kumar Mishra3, Subhashree Mishra4, Suresh Chandra Moharana5

Impact of the Substrate Characterization Process on the Implementation of a 3.5 GHz Amplifier
Guillermo Rafael-Valdivia 

Mechanical Properties of Hybrid Fiber Concrete
Sivakamasundari.S1, Balamurugan.S2

Influence of Br-Mk Blend on Micro Structure, Workability and Mechanical Properties of Concrete
Kotha Bala Tripura Sundari1, Venkeswaram Ramanjaneyulu2, Chandolu Raaga Praneetha3, Chava Venkatesh4, Polu Sathish5

Smart Diagnosis of Injection Moulding Machine Using Ultrasonic Sensor and Monitoring Using GSM
D.C. Kumaresan1, V. Jayakumar2, G.N.Sachin Amressis3

Emotion Recognition System for Autism Children using Non-verbal Communication
R. Santhoshkumar1, M. Kalaiselvi Geetha2

Circularly Polarized Dielectric Resonator Disc Monopole Antenna for Mobile Communication and IoT Application
B T P Madhav1, K Mayukha2, M Mahitha3, M Manisha4, J Somlal5

Energy Optimized Simon Lightweight Security Algorithm for Internet of Medical Things (IoMT)
Somasundaram R1, Mythili Thirugnanam2 

Reusable Object Oriented Design for Stereographic Projections of Tetragonal Point Groups
Puvvada Nagesh1, M. Radha Madhavi2, M. Surendra Prasad Babu3

Frequency Reconfigurable Lungs-Shaped Microstrip Antenna Using Pin Diodes and Annular Ring
Ram Prasad Gundu1, P Pardha Saradhi2, B T P Madhav3, Badugu Prudhvi Nadh4

Trust Aware Svm Based ids for Mitigating the Malicious Nodes in Manet
A.R. Rajeswari1, K. Kulothungan2, S. Ganapathy3, A. Kannan4

Full Adder Designs Using Low Power Full Swing Xor and Xnor Structures
Rajesh Pyla1, L V Santosh Kumar Y2, H K Raghu Vamsi3

Improvement of Ber for Mimo-Ofdm System Using Wavelet Transform
A. Vani1, Pranali Shanker Bargade2 

An Approach to Latent Fingerprint Indexing Preprocessing Techniques and Its Functionality
Harivans Pratap Singh1, Priti Dimri2, Shailesh Tiwari3

Multi-objective Test Suite Prioritization Using Concolic Testing
Gayatri Nayak1, Mitrabinda Ray2

An Analysis of a Block Matching Method on Single Chrome Images
Y. Murali Mohan Babu1, K. Radhik2, G. Kameswari3

Experimental Investigation of Concrete with Ggbs, Quarry Dust and Steel Slag Waste
Gopireddy Madan1, G. Vimalanandan2  

Neural Network Ensemble for the Prediction of Pathological Complete Response After Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy for Breast Cancer
Raghvi Bhardwaj1, Nishtha Hooda2

A Multi-Objective Genetic Algorithm for Virtual Machine Placement in Cloud Computing
Avinash Kumar Sharma1, Nitin2

A Trusted Data Transmission Protocol for Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks
Shaik Noor Mohammad

Assessment of Architectural Design Features of Effective Circulation Spaces in Intermodal Passenger Terminals
Eziyi O. Ibem1, Daphne A. Chilaka2, Sonia E. Nelson3, Titilope V. Ogunnubi4

Utility-Driven Adaptive Scheduling for Cloud Service Provisioning
Manisha T. Tapale1, R. H. Goudar2, Mahantesh N. Birje3

Resolution Enhancement in Video Using Super Interpolation Algorithm
S. Muthuselvan1, S. Rajaprakash2, J Hemanth Sai3, Byrapaneni Nikhil4

Sentiment Analysis Using Naïve Bayes Classifier
Kavya Suppala1, Narasinga Rao2  

Pattern Based Detection of DDoS Attacks in MANET
Divya Gautam1, Vrinda Tokekar2

Combined Economic and Multiple Emissions Optimization Considering Third Order Polynomials Using Grasshopper Optimization Algorithm
Karthikeyan. R1, Subramanian. S2, Elanchezhian. E. B3

Teachers’ Attitude towards Integrating ICT in Teacher Education
Nimisha Beri1, Lalit Sharma2 

Facial Expression Recognition using Fusion of LBP and HoG Features
Mamta Santosh1, Avinash Sharma2

Smart Crop Protection using Deep Learning Approach
Vidhya S1, Vishwashankar TJ2, Akshaya K3, Aiswarya Premdas4, Rohith R5

Experimental Study on Use of Waste Hdpe, Ldpe and Chloroprene Rubber in Bituminous Concrete
Abhishek Sharma1, Sandeep Singh2 

Real Time Object Detection for Visually Challenged Persons
Anitha.J1, Subalaxmi.A2, Vijayalakshmi.G3

Energy Management by Using Renewable Energy Sources
B. Bajibabu Naik1, M. Rambabu2 

Experimental Investigation on efficient Supercritical CO2 Extraction of Essential Oil from Turmeric Rhizomes: Effects of Geometric and other Operation Parameters
Sutapa Roy1, Chandan Guha2, Asit Kumar Saha3, Somak Jyoti Sahu4

Mix Design of Reclaimed Aggregates with Concrete Debris
Aarti1, Sandeep singh2

An Analytical Study on Entrepreneurial Intentions Among Students
Nisha Ashokan1, P.S. Rajeswari2, Priya.K3

Analysis of Afl Results for Years 2016 and 2017 Using Elo Models
Keerthi Prasad K1, NithyaPreetha2, Gokul Prasad K3, P.S. Rajeswari4

An Empirical Study on Entrepreneurial Intention and Dimension Affecting the Entrepreneurial Intentions
Nisha Ashokan1, P.S. Rajeswari2, Priya.K3

Green Practices in the Supply Chain and their impact on Its Performance: in Perspective of Indian Plastic Processing Industry
Yogesh P. Deshmukh1, Atul B. Borade2 

Performance Analysis of Low Power 8-Tap FIR Filter using PFAL
Premananda B.S.1, Ganavi M.G2

Design of Fins as Heat Sink for 80 watt Cob-Led Light
Muhammad Anas Rasool1, Ijaz Ahmad Chaudhry2, Muhammad Sohaib Hanif3, Muhammad Zeeshan Rafique4, Mansoor Ali Zaheer5, Atif Ilyas6

Impact of Financial Inclusion Strategies for Sustainable Development of Economy (With Reference to Andhra Pradesh)
Gowsya Shaik1, P. Raja Babu2 

Object Detection and Classification Algorithms using Deep Learning for Video Surveillance Applications
Mohana1, H. V. Ravish Aradhya2 

Computation of Chromatic Numbers for New Class of Graphs and its Applications
B. Logeshwary Natarajan

InstantSL: A Sign Language Model to Support two-Way Communication between Aurally Impaired Communities with Others
Deshinta Arrova Dewi1, Harprith Kaur Rajinder Singh2, Mohammad Abbas Husaini3

Biological Based Algorithms for Cost Optimization for Competitive Power System Market: A Review
Rahul Gupta1, Aparna N. Mahajan2, Anshu Mli Gaur3

Modeling and Analysis of Wheel Rim Using Ansys
Naveen Kancheti1, Atchi Reddy Vemula2, Gopi Reddy Gudibandla3, Hetesh Krishna4, P N V Bala Subramanyam5

Strength Comparison of Cylinder Liner for different materials using Ansys
N.Mohan Phani Gopal1, Shaik Jubear2, Md Mansoor3, K.Sesha Sai4, P. N. V Balasubramanyam5

Experimental Investigation on Light Transmission and Structural Performance of Translucent Concrete Using 3mm Diameter Plastic Optical Fibers
Nawaz Shakeel1, Shalika Mehta2, Khushpreet Singh3

A Comparitive Study on Air Pollution Modelling Techniques – A Review
Laxmipriya.S1, Narayanan.Rm2

A Systematic Study of Advancements in Change Impact Analysis Techniques
Ankit Dhamija1, Sunil Sikka2 

Comparative Analysis of Analytic Measures of Discrete Wavelet Transform Methodology in Gray-Scale and Color Image
S. Thilagamani1, K.Prem Kumar2 

Split Ring Loaded Slotted Patch Antenna for Wimax and X-Band Applications
CH. Sai Ram1, Ramesh N V K2, B T P Madhav3, B Prudhvi Nadh4

Sentiment Analysis Using Robust Hierarchical Clustering Algorithm for Opinion Mining on Movie Reviews-Based Applications
Mohan Kumar AV1, Nanda Kumar AN2 

Automatic Smart Street Light by Intensity Controller Using Node-MCU
Sandhya Pasala1, Veeramanickam M.R.M2, Mamatha Vayelapalli3

Key Drivers of the Implementation of Smart Technology in the Food Value Chain: Innovation for a sustainable Food Production
Karl-Armin Brohm

Impact of Operating and Non-Operating Expenses on Profitability of Air India and Indigo: A Comparative Study
Sayyad Saadiq Ali1, Shaik Abdul Mazeed2, R. Sarveswara Reddy3

Effect of Volume Discounts on Optimal Transportation Cost
D.R.S. Narsingh Rao1, G. Sreeram Reddy2, V.V. Satyanarayana3, J. Jagadesh Kumar4

Performance Evaluation on Compressive Behaviour of Contrary Cold Formed Steel Sections
Praveen Kumar S1, Suresh Babu S2

Power Allocation in MIMO of DM system using ANN-PSO
G.Koteswar Rao1, G. Laxminarayana2 

Ubiquitous Metrices for Multi-platform Ubiquitous Applications
Anil Kumar Mishra1, Yogita Gigras2, Latika Singh3

Search Engines Analysis for Search Result Based on Phrase (Group of Words) as Query Topic
Nripendra Dwivedi1, Ajay Tripathi2, Ashwani Varshney3

A Solution for Reduction of Bearing Pressure for Sea Dike Foundation Using Wedge-Block Foundation
Nguyen Vu Viet1, Do the Quynh2, Quang Hung Nguyen3

Image Retrieval Based on Color and Full Texton Matrix Histogram (C&Ftmh) Features
G. BinduMadhavi1, V. Vijaya Kumar2, K. Sasidhar3

Dynamic Analysis and Investigation of the Frequency Response of the Moored Vessel
Shujaathussian. M. Soudagar1, Sudhir Kumar Chaturvedi2

Experimental Study on Compressive Behaviour of Cold Formed Steel Sections with and Without Bent Lips
Praveen Kumar S1, Suresh Babu S2, SenthilSelvan S3

Metaheuristic Homomorphic FFHE Architecture to Upgrade Encryption in Cloud Communication
Akhilesh Kumar Bhardwaj1, Rajiv Mahajan2, Surender Kumar3

MLMGAD Configuration to Expand Load Management for Cloud
Akhilesh Kumar Bhardwaj1, Rajiv Mahajan2, Surender Kumar3

Implementing Discrete Cuckoo Search Algorithm for TSP using MPI and Beowulf Cluster
Bhavana V1, Varshini Ramesh2, Sivagami M3

Three-Axis Force Measurement Using Capacitive Sensor for Object Detection
P. Anantha Christu Raj1, P. Ramesh Kumar2, Dayanand Peter3

The Depiction of Metaphorical Aspects in the Selected Literary Work by the American Dramatist Eugene O’neill
Haider Ibrahim1, Abdullah Mohd Nawi2, Ansam Ali3

Scientific and Educational Experiment in the Engineering Training of Students in the Bachelor’s Degree Program in Energy Production
A.V. Deryagin1, L.A. Krasnova2, I.A. Sahabiev3, M.N. Samedov4, V.Y. Shurygin5

An Implementation of Anomaly Detection in IoT Medical Data using Deep anomaly Detection Models
K.V. Daya Sagar1, DBK Kamesh2

Analysis and Design of Hexagonal Patch Antenna with Fractals for Wide Band Applications
I. Raviteja1, Ch. Padmanjali2, D. Venkata Sai Kalyan3, B. Alekhya4, G. Chakravarthy5, M. Venkata Ramya6

Automatic Railway Bridge for Disabled Persons
Shivendra Kaura1, Md Moti Urr Rahman2, Md Tanvir Khan3, Md Hamid Ansari4, Md Nikhar Waris5

Roadbed for Ballastless Track
Alexander Vladimirovich Savin1, Victor Osherovich Pevzner2, Boris Einikhovich Glyuzberg3, Yuriy SemenovichRomen4

Designing and Fabrication of Waste Seperator
Seeram srinivasa rao1, Shaik. Mastan Vali2, Amaresan. Akanksh3

Optimization of Design Techniques by Reducing Power and Area of two Stage CMOS Operational Amplifier Employing Salp Swarm Algorithm
Telugu Maddileti1, S. Govindarajulu2, S. Chandra Mohan Reddy3

Performance Evaluation of TCP Protocol Using Network Simulator
Alaa Mohammad Ali1, Rabih Roufayel2, Seifedine Kadry3

Principal Component Analysis with SVM for Disease Diagnosi
Juby Mathew1, R Vijayakumar2, Julie John3

Security and Privacy Challenges Using Multi-Layer Encryption Approaches in Cloud Computing Environments
Naveen N1, K.Thip peswamy2

Improving Teachers’ Professionalism Through the Development of Creativity
O. I. Vaganova1, A.A. Korostelev2, Z.V. Smirnova3, N.S. Abramova4, S.N. Dolmatov5

Methodical Activities Organization in Additional Education Institution
Z.V. Smirnova1, O. I. Vaganova2, O.P. Denisova3, I.S. Vinnikova4, S.G. Litke5, A.V. Chanchina6

Development of Partnerships in Additional Education
O.P. Denisova1, Z.V. Smirnova2, O. I. Vaganova3, M.N. Gladkova4, J.M. Tsarapkina5

FinTech: A new Avenue of Banks to Enhance Customer Digital Experience (DX)
Landa Ramesh.  

A Model on Understanding Mobile Buying Behaviour of Migrant Workers with Consideration to Kerala Region
Akshay Prakash1, Avinash Shivdas2

Design and Performance Analysis of Hybrid Micro-Grid Power Supply System Using Homer Pro Software for Rural Village Near to Kom bolcha Town, Ethiopia
Wond wossen A.1, Chandrasekar P2 

Activity Recognition Using Video Captioning and Summarization
Deepanshi Bansal1, Kshitij Gupta2, Aayush Gupta3, Pooja Gupta4

Prospects and Challenges of Lean Construction Practice in The Building Industry in Nigeria: Architects’ Perspective
A. B. Sholanke1, S. J. Chen2, A. A. Newo3, C. B. Nwabufo4

A Review on the Higher Education Entry Qualifications and Entrance Examinations in Indian UG Admissions
Krishnamoorthy A1, Srimathi H2 

Dwindling Influences of Television Advertisements on the Consumption of Branded Snacks and Beverages
Jahirul Islam Shabuz1, Manual Selvaraj Bexci2

A Review: Theory of Plasma Disruption and Prediction in Tokamak
C. Jayakumar1, J. Sangeetha2

Automatic Thresholding for Segmentation in Chest X-Ray Images Based on Green Channel Using Mean and Standard Deviation
V.Thamilarasi1, R. Roselin2

Lightweight Cryptography: an IoT Perspective
Deena Nath Gupta1, Rajendra Kumar2

Optimization of Zuc Stream Cipher to Attain High Throughput (Gbps)
Laya Krishna Patibandla

An Intelligent Reallocation of Load for Cluster Cloud Environment
Arun Kumar Singh 

Block chain Based Implementation of Electronic Medical Health Record
B. Narendra Kumar Rao1, B. Bhaskar Kumar Rao2, Vellingiri J3

Analysing various Regression Models for Data Processing
K. K. Baseer1, Vikram Neerugatti2, Sandhya Tatekalva3, Akella Amarendra Babu4

Fresh and Hardened Properties of Alccofine Based Self-Curing High Strength Self-Compacting Concre
P. Sivasankar1, S. Karthik2, K. Saravana Raja Mohan3

Diagnosis of Various Faults in MLI Fed Induction Drive Using Fuzzy Logic
Y. Krishna Priya1, M. Vijaya Kumar2

Identification of Exon segments in DNA sequences using Modified Normalized Adaptive Algorithms
Md. Zia Ur Rahman1, Farmanulla Shaik2, SrinivasareddyPutluri3

Identifying Outliers from Web Documents Using Reflective Weighted Correlation
Raheemaa Khan1, Mohammed SaleemIrfan Ahmed2, HusniHamadAlmistarihi3

Analysis of SAR Images using New Image Classification Methods
B. Malakonda Reddy1, Md. Zia Ur Rahman2

DSLR-Net a Depth Based Sign Language Recognition Using two Stream Convents
P.V.V. Kishore1, K.B.N.S.K. Chaitanya2, G.S. S.Shravani3, M. Teja Kiran Kumar4, E. Kiran Kumar5, D. Anil Kumar6

Performance of Beam-Column Joint using Steel Fibers
M. A. Tantray 

Burr Type III Quality Assessment using SPRT
N. Krishna Kumar1, R. Satya Prasad2, G. Sridevi3

Detection of Brain Tumor using K-Nearest Neighbor (KNN) based Classification Model and Self-Organizing Map (SOM) Algorithm
S. G. Raja1, K. Nirmala2

Trust Based Security of MANETS
Taran Singh Bharati 

A Mixture of DWT-DCT based Digital Watermarking Algorithm against Various Attacks and its Application
Kaushik H. Raviya1, Dwivedi Ved Vyas2, Ashish M. Kothari3

Development of High Precision with Suitable Hysteresis for Automatic Voltage Regulator
Ramya.D1, Santhi Mary Antony.A2, Godwin Immanuel.D3

Deep Traffic Learning: An Automatic Vehicle Speed Assisting Tool Based on the Varying Traffic Conditions to Ensure a Safe Driving
N.V.S.Pavan Kumar1, Feroz khan2, Madhumitha kuppachi3

Visualization of Flow Pattern over Cylinders and Cylinder with Cone for Improved Performance of Wind Turbines
K. Ashokachary1, Dr. Chirra Kesava Reddy2, J. Pradeep Kumar3, V. Rajarao4, Ravi Kumar Kotturi5

High Gain Low NF Stable Transformer Feedback Common Source LNA Design for 60 GHz Applications
Rajendra Chikkanagouda1, Cyril Prasanna Raj P.2

Application of Machine Learning Techniques in Predicting Breast Cancer – A Survey
K. Prasuna1, K.V.S.N. Rama Rao2, CH. M.H. Saibaba3

Speed Control of Vector Controlled Induction Motor by Sliding Mode Control with Exponential Reaching Law
Jisha L K1, A  A  Powly Thomas2, Suresh Srivastava3

Sensor for Beverages Analyses a Review
D’Ascenzo F.1, Maddaloni L.2, Rapa M.3, Rocchi A.4, Ruggieri R5, Vinci G.6

Analysis of Diagrid Structural System using Push over Analysis
Chava Venkatesh1, Chereddy Sonali Sri Durga2, Komma Hemanth Kumar Reddy3, Polu Sathish4, Muddineni Naresh.5

A Novel Approach for Classification of Mammograms using Longest Line Detection Algorithm and Decision Tree Classifier
A. M. Solanke1, Manjunath2, D. V. Jadhav3

Empirical Validation for Energy Efficiency of DEAR Routing Protocol over AODV in IEEE802.15.4 based Wireless Sensor Networks
Piyush Charan1, Tahsin Usmani2, Rajeev Paulus3, Syed Hasan Saeed4

Recent Trends in Smart Grid Technology-A Review Paper
T.M. Thamizh Thentral1, Purusharth Semwal2, Preeti Kumari Pandey3, Aishwarya Raju4, Utsahan Mukherjee5, Urmi Ganguly6

Implementation of Live Data Analytics using Machine Learning Techniques and FPGA
Arun Kumar D R1, Lokesh M2, B Sumangala3

Spanning Trees of a Triangle Snake Graph by BFS and DFS Algorithms
Srinivasa G1, S.Sujitha2

Active Harmonic Filtering in Grid Connected Dg Unit by Observor
ElamCheren.S1, Ashok Kumar.L2, Radhakrishnan.G3, Kavin.R4

Effect of Culturing and Decaying Leaves the Board on Financial Aspects, Vitality Necessity and Yield Execution in Corn–Wheat Revolution in Downpour Bolstered Sub-Sticky Commencements, India
P. Rathna1, A. RaviKumar2

XSS Attack Prevention over Code Injection Vulnerabilities in Web Applications
K. Joylin Bala1, E.Babu Raj2, A. M. Anusha Bamini33

Integration of Non-Conventional Energy Sources using Modified Full Bridge Converter
S. Banumathi1, A. S. F. Subhamathi2, V. Indra Gandhi3

Design of Flexible Slot Antenna using different Substrate Materials for UWB Applications
M. Pandimadevi1, R. Tamilselvi2, A. Saba Afroze3, M. Parisa Beham4

Evaluation of Fracture Risk Condition using Bone Mineral Content and Standard Deviation
Nazia Fathima S M1, Tamilselvi R2, Parisa beham M3

Detection on Credit Card Scam Using Self Organization Approach with of Support Virtual Machine Model
V.Vivek1, P.Senthil Pandian2, R.Rubesh Selvakumar3, S.Duraipandi4, R.Rajaguru5, B Sivananthan6, S Sathish Kumar7

Color Textured Feature based Image Retrieval using Local Binary Pattern with Hyper Plane Thresholding
C.CallinsChristiyana1, M. Mathinakani2, M. Poomani Punitha3, K. Priyadharsini4

Influence of Nano Silica as Additive in Concrete
Pragadeeshwaran B1, Sattainathan Sharma A2

Thermal Face Recognition using Bag of Words
R. Sumalatha1, R. Varaprasada Rao2, D. Rajasekhar3

OpenCV Algorithms for Facial Recognition
Praveen Tumuluru1, Burra Lakshmi Ramani2, CH.M.H.Saibaba3, B.Venkateswarlu4, N.Ravinder.5

Global Trade War and its impact on Trade and Growth: War between USA, China and EU
Naila Iqbal Khan

Supervised UFR (UFR Fast Regression) Machine Learning Algorithm for Enhancing Performance of Intrusion Detection System
J. Dillibabu1, K. Nirmala2

Early Detection of Plant Disease using Machine Learning
D.Femi1, T.Danush Chowdary2, Nallanukala Anilkumar3

Study of Alterations of Deductive and Inductive Function in Sickle cell Children CHR in the Region of Rabat-Sale-Kenitra, Morocco.
Mouden Samira1, Ahami Ahmad Omar2, M. khorassani3, Fayek Aicha4, Abd Hamdan5, N. Ait Said.6

Machine Learning Algorithms for Oil Price Prediction
J Shiva Keerthan1, Y Nagasai2, Subhani Shaik3

Indication of Pothole on Roads for Safety Driving
M. Narmada1, P. Munaswamy2

IoT Based Crop Selection in Corresponding Lands
B. Susmitha1, V Padmanabha Reddy2

Perception of Investors towards Indian Commodity Derivative Market in Chennai City
D. Periasamy .P1, Dinesh .N2

Enhancing Border Gateway Routing Protocol with Software Defined Networking
Vidhu Baggan1, Surya Narayan Panda2

Demonstrating Protein Analysis for cancer Disease using Approximation Algorithms
A. Rajapriya1, A. Nagarajan2

Cost Optimization of a Building Using Sustainable Building Concept
Mohammad Qasim1, Shalilka Mehta2, Sandeep Salhotra3

Zigbee-Based Smart Sewer
N. Dinesh Kumar1, Roja Ramanathapuram2, Pragnya Rangi3, Twinkle Sheoran4

Heat transfer Analysis of Automobile Radiator with Helical Tubes using CFD
S. Sudhakar babu1, Shaik Yasin2

A Work on Women Empowerment with Special Reference to Kerala
Jobin V Jacob1, Soni Viveko2

Multi-hop Vitality Enhancement Protocols for Data Collecting in WSN
D. Jayakumar1, S. Samundeeswario2

Modeling and Implementation of Adaptive Control Technique on a TRMS Model
G. Shivani1, Anuja E. Jamodkar2, B. Jaganatha Pandian3

Fabrication and Low Velocity Impact Response to Ballistic Grade Fabrics
Arunesh Kumar Srivastava1, K.N. Pandey2

Performance Analysis of Alternative Low GWP Refrigerant Mixtures as a Direct Substitute of HFC-134a in a Domestic Refrigerator using LSHX
Mohammad Hasheer SK1, Kolla Srinivas2

Power Optimization using Dual Sram Circuit
M. M. Siva Kumar1, Syed Inthiyaz2, Ch. Krishna Vamsi3, Sk. Hasane Ahammad4, K. Sai Lakshmi5, P. Venu Gopal6, A. Bala Raghavendra7

Flood Prediction Using Seasonal Autoregressive Integrated Moving Average (SARIMA) Model
Abdulrazak Yahya Saleh1, Roselind Tei2

A Deep Learning Approach to Malware Detection in Android Platform
Abdulrazak Yahya Saleh1, Corrine Francis2

Monthly Average Irradiation Forecasting for Malawi’s Solar Resources
Anand Mohan1, Mathangeni Ngwira2

Performance Analysis of Vapour Compression Refrigeration System with Mechanical Subcooling
S. Panneerselvam1, P. Thangavel2, S. Kannaki3

The Role and Importance of Insurance in the National Economy
Nargizakhon Iminova1, Sherzod Sindarov2

An Empirical Study on Marketing of Handloom Fabrics in Andhra Pradesh (A Case Study with reference to Guntur District)
J Venkata Ramana1, D Hanuma Reddy2, K S Venkateswara Kumar3, Ms K Sirisha4

The Partial Test of UTAUT Model to Explain the Influence of Variables on the Intention to Adopt the Mobile Learning in Higher Education
Densingh Joshua Israel1, R. Velu2

IoT Based Smart Drainage Worker Safety System
Pushpakumar R1, Rajiv S2

Prediction and Analysis of Sentiments on Twitter Data using Hybrid Naive Bayes Approach
Ch. Srinivasa Rao1, G. Satyanarayana Prasad2, Vedula Venkateswara Rao3

Face Recognition Attendance System
Ayush Atul Hate

Erudition on Ladder Network and Prolonged Ladder Network – Semigraph Approach
Thiagarajan K1, Mansoor P2

Supervised Learning Algorithms for Detection of Brain Tumour
Pranitha Bhuta1, Konda HimaKireeti2, Nazma Mohammad3

Review on Facial Micro – Expression Detection
C.Gnanaprakasam1, Manoj Kumar Rajagopal2

An Experimental Study on Concrete Cloth
M. Satyanarayana1, P. Padma Rao2, A. Suri Babu3, R. Venkata Ramana4, G.Sambasiva Rao.5

Machine Learning based 2D Pose Estimation Model for Human Action Recognition using Geometrical Maps
M.V.D. Prasad1, K. Durga Bhavani2, S. M. Tharun Kumar3, P.V.V. Kishore4, M. Teja Kiran Kumar5, E. Kiran Kumar6, D. Anil Kumar7

A Proposed Concept of Learning Based 3D Hologram to Enhance Attention Among Primary School Learner
N. H., Loh1, S. S. Shaharuddin2

Safety Rest Areas and Fatigue Related Road Accidents in Enugu, Nigeria
Austine M. Ezezue1, Eziyi O. Ibem2, Emmanuel I. Kikanme3

A Critical Study on Using Fly Ash in NH Project (Kharar-Ludhiana) As an Embankment Fill Material
Sanjay Kumar Sharma1, Amit Goel2, Amanpreet Tangri3

Low Power and High-Speed Efficient Multiplier Design
M. Saravanan1, R. Arun Sekar2, Ramanan S.V3, M. Srinivasaperumal4

A Pedagogical Evaluation of Knowledge Acquisition by Social Media Users
Sadia Riaz1, Arif Mushtaq2

Determining Effects of Tropical Cyclones to Rice and Corn Production in Eastern Samar Philippines an Association Rule Mining Application
Niel Francis B. Casillano

Improved Communication Strategy Based on Optimization Algorithm for Unmanned Multi-Robot Open Area Exploration
Kiran Jot Singh1, Divneet Singh Kapoor2, Balwinder Singh Sohi3, Nittin Mittal4

Strength and Durability Properties of Synthetic Macro Fiber with Recycled Aggregate
P.Jaishankar1, M.S. Ahmed Kabeer2, K. Saravana Raja Mohan3

A Protocol Based Routing Technique for Enhancing the Quality of Service in Multi Hop Wireless Networks
P.Arivubrakan1, S.Sundari2

A Local Ict Application Tools for Agricultural Development in Nigeria
J.S. IGWE1, F.U. ONU2, C.O. Agwu3

Content-based Cybercrime Detection: A Concise Review
Amanpreet Singh1, Maninder Kaur2

Camera Captured Kannada Hand-Written Document Binarization & Segmentation in Color Space
Vinod H C1, S K Niranjan2

Emerging Technology of Block chain: Design, Consensus and Future Trends
V.Usha1, N.Rajkumar2, R.Saranya Jothi3

Improvement of Tensile Strength of 1018 Mild Steel Welded Joints Produced Under the Influence of Electrode Vibration
Bade Venkata Suresh1, P Srinivasa Rao2, P Govinda Rao3

Secured Data Outsourcing in Cloud with ECC Encryption
K.Sumathi 1, K.Jose Triny2

Genetic Algorithm Operations Implementation on Traffic Anomaly Intrusion Detection using NSLKDD Dataset
Nagarajan Munusamy1, L.G nanaprasanambikai2

Triggering Clinical Decision Support Systems Alerts at the Point of Care
Gitanjali.K1, S. Thenmalar2

Development of Low-Cost Robotic Arm for Welding
T. Vignesh1, Manikandan N2, Kannaki. S3, Prasath C4, Bhuvaneswari M5, Vignesh S.6

A Novel Partitioning Driven Differential Evolution based Epileptic Seizure Cluster Analysis
Maninder Kaur1, Meghna Dhalaria2

Drug Dote and Healthcare Analysis Using Topic Modeling
Sunil Bhutada

Analysis of Optimization Parameters of OLSR Protocol for VANETs
Ramneet Kaur1, Navdeep Kaur2, Satwinder singh3

Combined Effect of Using Sub-Cooling Regenerator and Porous Evaporator on the Performance of Refrigeration System
Mohammad Tarawneh

Investigation on Failure Modes of Precast Foamed Sandwich Panels under Punching
Praveen Anand1, H Thiagu2

Applying Reliability Theory to Appraise Quality of Irrigation System in Vietnam
Pham Hong Cuong1, Quang Hung Nguyen2

Gesture Design for Visually Impaired People on Mobile Platforms: A Systematic Literature Review
Nor Azman Ismail1, Yohgamalar N. G2, Md. Sah Salam3

Flow Characteristics of StormPav Green Pavement System
Ching Vern LIOW1, Darrien Yau Seng MAH2, M. A. MALEK3

Temperature Controlled Self Compacting High-performance Concrete
Kuppala. V. V. N. Gopi Chaitanya1, Anirudh Maddi2

Securing 5G Het Nets in SDN Using Authentication
Monica Murlidhar Jagtap1, S. Renuka Devi2

Evaluation of Properties of Porous Asphalt by Adding Granulated Waste Plastic
Vijay Pathania1, Sandeep Singh

Partitioning in Three Dimensional Integration Microelectronics using Cuckoo Search Meta-heuristic
Maninder Kaur1, Ashwin Prashar2

Kalia Scheme: Contours, Prospects and Challenges for Agricultural Productivity
Nikita Ahya1, Satya Narayan Misra2, Sanjaya Kumar Ghadai3, Subhra Parida4

Triple Band Edge Feed Patch Antenna; Design and Analysis
Praveen Kumar Kancherla

Circularly Polarization of Edge-Fed Square Patch Antenna using Truncated Technique for WLAN Applications
Praveen Kumar Kancherla

Active Switchable Band-Notched UWB Patch Antenna
Praveen Kumar Kancherla

CPW Feed Flag shaped Array Antenna on Common Ground for UWB MIMO and IoT Applications
Nagageetha Mamilla

Novel SRR loaded Hexa Band Antenna Design and Analysis
T. Santosh Kumar

Bans Width Enhancement of Filtenna using DGS
N. Neelima

CPW fed Arc loaded Monopole Antenna, Design and Analysis
Nagageetha Mamilla

Investigations on CPW fed Hexagonal Shaped UWB Antenna for Triple and Penta Band Applications
A. Shiva Prasad

Investigations on Metamaterial Substrate for Performance Enhancement of Microstrip Patch Antenna
Pankaj S shende1, Vandana Somkuwar2

Fractal Array Antenna Design for C-Band Applications
Kumaraswamy Gajula1, Praveen Kumar Kancherla2

Adaptive Bilateral Filter for Multi-Resolution in Brain Tumor Recognition
P Kavitha1, S Prabakaran2

Delay Research at Three-Legged and Four-Legged Signalized Intersection on Urban Arterial
Praveen Kumar1, Deepak Juneja2

Experimental Research on the Strength Parameters of Concrete using Sugarcane Bagasse Ash, Marble Waste Powder and Recycled Concrete Aggregate
Gursimran Singh1, NirbhayThakur2, Nitish Kumar Sharma3

A Research on the Behaviour of Columns of Steel Framed Structure with Various Steel Sections
Sourabh Dhiman1, Nirbhay Thakur2, Nitish Kumar Sharma3

Seismic Performance Evaluation of Hybrid Coupled Shear Walls in High Rise Buildings
Abhishek Sharma1, Prince Sharma2

Experimental Investigation on Performance of Concrete Using Hybrid Fibers
A. Arokia Prakash1, Gokul. R2

Experimental Research on the Combined Effect of Bagasse and Steel Slag for the Mechanical and Durability Possessions of Concrete
Bindu Sharma1, Rajeev Kumar2

Wind Analysis of Composite Building with Bracing System
Mayank Walia1, Supervisor Nirbhay Thakur2, Nitish Kumar Sharma3

An Experimental Research on the Strength Characteristics of Concrete with Ground Nutshell Ash, Fly Ash and Coconut Shell Ashas Partial Replacement of Cement
Vijay Kumar1, Prince Sharma2

Data Partition Based Encryption for Cloud Data Storage
B. Muthulakshmi1, M. Venkatesulu2

A Novel Approach for Identification of Indian Currency Using Super Resolution Method
Anjana P1, Apoorva P2

Image Plagiarism Detection Using Compressed Images
Akshay S1, Chaitanya B N2, Rishabh Kumar3

A Customised Approach for Reducing Energy Consumption in Wireless Sensor Network
Krishnapriya K M1, Santosh Anand2, Somnath Sinha3

Cloud-based Dashboard for Medical Data Center
Manishankar S1, B Unnikrishnan2, Sreenadh M3

Randomized Online Question Paper Generation through SQL query and JEE
Vinayak Hegde1, Sharanya T D2, Likhitha S3

A Soft Computing Approach to Analyse Aodv Routing Protocol
Rafia Kulsum1, Santosh Anand2, Somnath Sinha3

An Efficient Stack Based Graph Traversal Method for Network Configuration
Prajwala. N. B1, Vijayalakshmi. M. K2

Performance Study on One Slope Solar Unit Conjoin with Parabolic Concentrator
B. Swapna Babu1, G. Murali2

IoT-Based Smart Solid Waste Management System A Systematic Literature Review
Nor Azman Ismail1, Nurul Aiman Ab Majid2, Shukur Abu Hassan3

Predictive Maintenance for Monitoring Heritage Buildings and Digitization of Structural Information
B. Narendra Kumar Rao1, B. Bhaskar Kumar Rao2, Nagendra Panini Challa3

Optimum Structural Design for High Rise Building
Nakul Khanna1, Jagdish Chand2

Modified Circular Patch and Its Log Periodic Implementation for Ku Band Application
Ribhu Abhusan Panda1, Debasis Mishra2

Adaptive Artifact Elimination in Telecardiology Systems using Leaky LMS Variants
AsiyaSulthana1, Md. Zia Ur Rahman2

An Analysis of Detecting and Finding Solution to Stress through Social media
S. Rajiv1, R.Pushpa Kumar2

Finite Element Modelling and Simulation of Composite Magnetic Materials Using ANSYS
S.Sundara Mahalingam1, S. Arockiaraj2, S. Alagammal3, N. Vanaja4

Behavior Reliance Anomaly Detection with Customized Compact Prediction Trees
K. Venkateswara Rao1, T. Uma Devi2

Community Engagement to Gender Differentiated Impacts of Climate Change in Social Media
Amit Pariyar1, Narayanan Kulathuramaiyer2

Creating a Brand Value and Consumer Satisfaction in E-Commerce Business Using Artificial Intelligence with the Help of Vosag Technology
Nazim Sha S1, Rajeswari M2

Low Power and High Speed Full Adder using New XOR and XNOR Gates
PygastiJuveria1, K. Ragini2

Automation in Agriculture Using IoT and Machine Learning
Abhishek L1, Rishi Barath B2

Tourist Expectation on UNESCO World Heritage Sites Brand Signals in Malaysian Historical Cities
Salmiah Abdul Hamid1, Qistina Donna Lee Abdullah2, Teo Miaw Lee3

An Effective Heart Disease Prediction Method using Artificial Neural Network
Mohammad Ismail1, V. Harsha Vardhan2, V. Aditya Mounika3, K. Surya Padmini4

A Mechanism for Efficient and Secure Data Storage in Cloud
GudiseKarthik Reddy1, ChakralaCharan Sai2, ChebroluRanjith Kumar3, V.Divya4

Performance Analysis of Power Line Fault Not Touching the Ground
Umesh Kumar Sinha

Implementation of System for Detecting Unwanted Gases and Monitoring the Agricultural Parameters using IoT
M.Venkata Sudhakar1, P.K. S.Supriya2, Y. Saidileep3, P. Chennakesava Reddy4, B.Anil Kumar5

Development of Lesser Complexity Transmitter and Receiver for Generalized Frequency Division Multiplexing Systems
M. Venkata Sudhakar1, U. Sirisha2, K. Sudheer Kumar4, K. Ramya4

Perceived Visual Enjoyment Factor in Artistic Playability: in Case Study Real Time Strategy (RTS) Game
Ahmad Azaini Manaf 1, Jaibi Sabian2

Reputation Reporting System using Text Based Classification
Divyanshu Jalther1, Priya G2

Non-Linear Seismic Analysis of Rc Framed Structures with and Without Infills
Kanakamedala Meghana1, B.J.N Satish2, M. Shiva Rama Krishna3, Mounika Jonnadhula4

Load Balancing in Heterogeneous Network Using Machine Learning Technique
L. Rajesh1, K.Bhoopathy Bagan2, Tamilarasan. K3, Meena. M4

Mitigation of Voltage Sag, Swell in Hybrid Power System Using Dstatcom
V. Dega Rajaji1, K. Chandrasekhar2

High Performance Line Started PMSM: Modeling and Analysis
Arvind Kumar1, Ajay Srivastava2

Investigation of Air Conditioning System by Vapour Compression Refrigeration Cycle Using Waste Heat Energy from the Engine Exhaust
Deepak Bohra S1, Vinoth Kumar V2, Veeramanikandan K3, Vijay Ananth G.K4, Naveen Kumar M5

Effective Implementation of Padlet ICT Tool for Engineering Education
M. Malathi1, C. Paramasivam2, S. Sangeetha3, S. Gospeline Christiana4, K. Nagalakshmi5

Design and Performance Analysis of Pentagon Shaped Microstrip Patch Antenna
P A Nageswara Rao1, YSukanya2, P. Mallikarjuna Rao3

Detection of Vehicle Intrusion Using Opencv
Ch.Sekhar1, K Venkata Rao2

Consistent Information Insolvency in Cloud using Cipher Text Encryption
Ramesh Kumar Mojjada1, Ravi Kumar Tenali2, B.B.V. Satya Vara Prasad3, B. Aruna4

Analysis and Design of 90 nm CMOS Amplifier for UWB Applications
Kusuma M. S1, S. Shanthala2, Cyril Prasanna Raj P.3

An 86 dB Gain 18.06 mVrms Input-referred Noise LNA for Bio-medical Applications
G. Revanth Kumar1, K. Naga Sunanda2, M. Durga Prakash3

Execution of judgments of the European Court of Human Rights
Naser Abdel Raheem Al Ali1, Elena Olegovna Tchinaryan2, Roman Marselievich Dzhavakhyan3, Natalya Viktorovna Lutovinova4

Design and Performance Evaluation of Hybrid Vedic Multipliers
Jami Venkata Suman

Experimental Approach on Strength Characteristics of Concrete on Partially Replacing Sand with Waste Foundry Sand and Cement with Marble Dust Powder
BRajni1, Vipasha Rishi2, Himanshu Guleria3

A FinFET Based Adaptive Filter Design Using Evolutional Algorithm for Noise Suppression
Udara Yedukondalu1, V Vijayasri Bolisetty2, Udara Srinivasarao3

Determining the Shortest Current Flow Path Using Dijkstra’s Algorithm in Mess Circuit
Chitham Baramani. R1, Prakash. M2, Angel Latha Mary. S3

Human Action Recognition using CNN and LSTM-RNN with Attention Model
Kuppusamy. P1, Harika. C2

Feasibility Studies on Waste Glass Powder
Sudharsan N1, Saravanaganesh S2

Disaster Management – an Urgent Need of the Hour
Angel Latha Mary S1, Chithambaramani R2, Bino Sam Raver T3, Hari Haran R4, Kulothungan K5, Saravana Kumar P6

Thermal and Optical Characterization of Linear Hydrogen Bonded Supramolecular Liquid Crystal Mixture
T Vasanthi1, V Balasubramanian2, P Subhasri3, R Jayaprakasam4, V N Vijayakumar5

Labours Managements -Janayogana Services using Centralized Web Application Portal
K. Akhil Manikanta1, M.R.M Veeramanickam2, M. Srinivasa Rao3, R.Velumani4

Strength Characteristics of Expansive Soil Mixed with Quarry Residue and Cement
Jemal Aliy Gobena1, S. Suppiah2

Soft Computing Techniques for Channel Equalization
Ami Kumar Parida1, Subodh Panda2, R. P. Singh3

Performance Evaluation of a Novel Wick Type Four Slope Solar Still Coupled with a Parabolic Reflector
Arun Kurien Reji1, G. Kumaresan2, Archit S Menon3, Ajaykrishnan Mukundhan4, Harikrishna A P5, Jitesh J Parappadi6

Integrated Clinician Decision Supporting System for Pneumonia and Lung Cancer Detection
Venkata Tulasiramu Ponnada1, S.V.Naga Srinivasu2

Efficient Spectrum Utilization using Dynamic Spectrum Allocation in Multiuser Cognitive Radio Network
Tamilarasan. K1, JeevaaKatiravan2, Rajesh.L3

Speed Response of Brushless DC Electric Motor Based ANFC Tuned PID Controller under Different Load Condition
S. Swapna1, K.Siddappa Naidu2

Characterization Theorem for Fuzzy Functions on Time Scales Under Generalized Nabla Hukuhara Difference
R. Leelavathi1, G.Suresh Kumar2

Development of Electronic System to Examine the Quality of Drinking Water
M.Venkata Sudhakar2, K.Lakshmi2

Metrics for Assessing Quality of a Web Site
M Mary Sujatha1, PVRD Prasada Rao2, JKR Sastry3

Solar Powered Dtmf Controlled Robot over Skype and Its Applications in Various Fields
Vishal Kumar Singh1, Koduru Sriranga Suprabhath2, Mounica Nutakki3, Jami Sridevi4, Sri Vidya Devi Palakaluri5

Hamming Code for Double Bit Error Detection & Rectification Capability by Using Cadence Tool
M. Narasimharao1, Telagarapu. Prabhakar2, K. Satya Kiran3

Executive Information System for Loan Processing and Approval Using Two-Way Verification Method
Lance Jay T. Montalban1, Ramil G. Lumauag2

Design and Thermal Validation of Four Wheeler Disc Brake Using Different Material
Purusothaman M1, Sunil Kumar M2, Praveen kumar V3, Suraj kumar4, Senthamizh Selvan S5

Color and Texture in Classification of Coconut
Siddesha S1, S K Niranjan2

Detection of Mobile Keyloggers Using Deep Learning
Ch. Madhuri1, K. Rama Siritha2, S. Sai Ram3, G. Rama Koteswara Rao4

A Novel Data Classifier Using Social Spider Optimization
Ravichandran Thalamala1, B. Janet2, A.V. Reddy3

Solving a Particular Form in Laplace and Z Transform
S. Pradeep

Role of PMI on GDP With Reference to Post GST Indian Scenario
P.S. Rajeswari1, Ravi. T.N2, R. Seetharaman3

Experimental Investigation on Strength Properties of Lignite Fly ash Geo polymer Concrete
G. Harikumar1, S. Harishankar2

Durability Study on Lignite Fly Ash Based Geo Polymer Concrete
R. Bharath Kumar1, S. Harishankar2

Application of Queuing theory in Hospital Management
R. Prabakaran1, K. Kumar2

Smart IoT Device for Child Safety and Tracking
M Nandini Priyanka1, S Murugan2, K N H Srinivas3, T D S Sarveswararao4, E Kusuma Kumari5

Improved K-Means Map Reduce Algorithm for Big Data Cluster Analysis
Agnivesh1, Rajiv Pandey2, Amarjeet Singh3

Evaluation of Bio-Based Fibers for Treatment of Wastewater from Textile Industry
Chris Sheba M.1, Mohan Dhas S.2, Ashwin G.3

SME Performance Measurement: A Technical Review of Malaysia
Nor Mahirah Mustapha1, Shahryar Sorooshian2

The Future of Chlorine Disinfectant Choice in Rural Areas
T. Vijaya Prasadini1, N. Srinivasu2, M.V. Raju3

Enhanced Expectation–Maximization Clustering through Gaussian Mixture Models
S. Nagarjuna Reddy1, S. Sai Satyanarayana Reddy2, M. Babu Reddy3

Wastes in Lean Production Systems
Muhammad Zeeshan Rafique1, Salman Mumtaz2, Mohd Nizam Ab Rahman3, Imran Afzal Mughal4, Aamir Khan5, Syed Mustafa Haider6

Effect of Water Cement Ratio on Permeable Concrete
Mohd Younis Mir1, Jagdeesh Chand2

Physicochemical Characterization of Grey Water and Treatment
Kavita Gour1, Paras Batra2

An Implementation of Anomaly Detection in IoT DTA Using a Deep (OC-NN) With the Long Short Term Memory Network (LSTM)
K.V. Daya Sagar1, DBK Kamesh2

Smart Surveillance with Smart Doorbell
R.V. S. Lalitha1, Kayiram Kavitha2, N V Krishna Rao3, G. Rama Mounika4, V. Sandhya5

Highly Accurate Emergency Vehicle Management for Multiple Path Using Support Vector Machine Based Predictor
Cyriac Jose1, K S Vijula Grace2, C Asha Beaula3

Self-Activated Commuting of Train Allying Between Stations
G. Srinivasa Rao1, S.V. Jagdeesh Chandra2, A. Narendra Babu3, E.V. Krishna Rao G. Lakshmi Teja4, G. Likitha5, Y. Arun Kumar Reddy6

Hand Gesture Controlled Mouse
E. V Krishna rao1, A. Narendra Babu2, S.V. Jagadeesh Chandra3, G. Srinivasa Rao4, S. Deepika kiranmai5, A. Sai Bhaskar6, P. Pavan kalyan7, B. Divya8

An Automated Unit for the Detection of Accident using Fuzzy Logic and IoT
Y.S.V. Raman1, A. Narendra Babu2, P. Sai Swaroop3, P. Nagarjuna4, D. Jaya Sri5, M. Omkar6

Medical Fusion Image Using Wavelet Transformation
S. V. Jagadeesh Chandra1, A. Narendra Babu2, G. Srinivasa Rao3, Sk. Gousiya Begum4, V. Sai Nageswara Rao5, B. Nagababu6, B. Prem Kumar7

Implementation of System for Air Quality Monitoring with Respect to Atmospheric Parameters using Raspberry Pi
A. Narendra Babu1, E.V. Krishna Rao2, G. Srinivas Rao3, S.V. Jagadeesh Chandra4, B.G.V Pushpanjali5, V. Kranthi Vardhan Reddy6, N. Srikanth7, B. Guravaiah8

An Overall Workflow of Deep Learning in Modern Technology
Thaharim Khan1, Masud Rabbani2, Shah Md. Tanvir Siddiquee3, Ahmed Al Marouf4

An Efficient Trust Based Routing Model using Ant-Colony Optimization for the Security of WSNs
Lakshmisree Panigrahi

Development of Communicative Competencies of University Students
E.V. Smirnova1, O. I. Vaganova2, Z.V. Smirnova3, A.M. Petrovsky4, E.A. Kuznetsova5, A.V. Chanchina6

The Organization of Student Self-Government at a College
Z.V. Smirnova1, O. I. Vaganova2, M.V. Mukhina3, E.A. Konyaeva4, Z.V. Chaykina5

Socio-Educational Design of Educational Environment of a Higher Educational Institution
E.P. Sedykh1, S.K. Peteraitis2, Z.V. Smirnova3, A.A. Popkova4, O. I. Vaganova5, I.V. Vinokurova6

Fuzzy Logic Based Voice Recognition as Per Their Gender and Age Group
Shruti Agarwal1, Ashish Agrawal2, Prabhakar Gupta3

Computational Optimization and Analysis of Functional Bioinformatics using Parallel Algorithm
Ujjwala Hemant Mandekar1, Sunanda P Khandait2, Leena H Patil3

A Heuristic Controller for AC Circulating Current Components Elimination in Modular Multilevel Converter
Mudadla Venkatesh1, K.Chandra Sekhar2

Enhanced Protective Methods for Ddos Attack
G Yuvaraj1, D. Pujitha Sameera2

Implementation and Testing of Dual Polarized Parabolic Dish Antenna
A. NagaJyothi1, T. Pavani2, Dharani3, G.V. Sai Swetha4

Power Management for Hospitalization Environment using Wireless Sensor Networks
G. Gomathy1, K. Sujatha2

Identifying the Working Business Domain of a Region-Based Start-up using Localized Machine Learning Techniques
Arghya Kusum Das1, Susanta Mitra2

Analytical Investigations of Solar Water Heating using Heat Pipe with Evacuated Tubes
Sakthivel M1, P Rajanikanth Reddy2

Experimental Investigations on DGS Monopole Antenna for LTE Applications by few Iterative Techniques for Achieving Stable Gain
Raghava Yathiraju1, P. Pardhasaradhi2, B.T.P. Madhav3

Hardness, Wear and Corrosion Properties of Co-Cr-W Alloy Deposited with Laser Engineered Net Shaping in Medical Applications
Ganzi Suresh1, K L Narayana2, M. Kedar Mallik3

Recommendation System for E-Learning Platforms
G. Senthil Kumar1, T.S. Shiny Angel2, Anirudh Gangwar3, Kaustubh P.M. Saksena4

Scalable Cyclic Prefix Based Adaptive Roll-off Factor for Phase Offset Reduction in LTE
Budhaditya Bhattacharyya

Factors Affecting Adaptation of Information Technology Among Nationalized and Private Bank Employees
Simrat Tuteja1, Anukool Manish Hyde2, Parul Sharda3

Seismic Behaviour of Stiffened Steel Plate Shear Walls
Isha Verma1, S. Setia2

Homomorphic Encryption Over Databases
Jayakrishnan Ashok1, K. N. Dheeraj2, Chaitanya Subhedar3, Rajeev Tiwari4

Energy Aware Data Transaction in WSN using Secure AODV-CC
V. Bindu1, Nithya.M2

Security Analysis on Block Chain using the ECC and Sha Algorithms
B. Aruna1, A. Ajay Prakash2, M. S. Srinija3

Effect of Playing violent Online Games on Students using Combined Disjoint Blocked Fuzzy Cognitive Maps (CDBFCM)
G. Anusha1, N. Srinivasarao2

Effects and Resolution Guidelines of Land-Use Conflict in Construction Management in Lagos State, Nigeria
Sholanke A. B.1, Opoko A. P.2, Yakubu P. O.3, Ukwedeh J. O.4

Is-Is Protocol Model Suite: Simulation of Implemented Features and Their Configuration
Arif Sari1, Joshua Chibuike Sopuru2, ÖnderOnursal3

Domination Parameters of Middle Graph of Sunlet Graph
B. Logapriya1, K. Pandiyan2

Energy Saving Measures in Textile Mill
K. Balachander1, A. Amudha2

To Determine the Strength of Concrete using Human Hair & Corn Starch
Lalit Kumar1, Samad Mobin2, Akshit Pathania3

Segmentation of Natural Images and Retrievals Based on the Mixture of Pearson Type III Distributions
P. Chandra Sekhar1, K Srinivasa Rao2, P Srinivasa Rao3

CFD Studies on Heat Transfer and Solidification Progress of A356 Al Alloy Matrix and Al2O3 Nanoparticles Melt for Engineering Usages
N. K. Kund1, D. Singh2

Simulation of Thermal and Solidification Evolution of Molten Aluminum Alloy and SIC Nanoparticles for Engineering Practices
N. K. Kund1, S. Patra2

Partial Replacement of Cement with Egg Shell Powder and Fine Aggregate with Iron Slag in Concrete
Harjot Singh1, Khushpreet Singh2

Automatic Software Testing Framework for All def-use with Genetic Algorithm
Rijwan Khan1, Akhilesh Kumar Srivastava2

Optimum Finite Element for the 1-D Geometrical Structures
A. Eswara Kumar1, B. Kiran Kumar2, B.V. Dhermendra3, P. Phani Prasanthi4

Investigation of Factors Influencing Prospective Students to Enroll North Cyprus Higher Education
Aral Dogu1, Asim Vehbi2

Ordered Neutrosophic Fuzzy Convergence Bitopological Spaces
R. Narmada Devi

Maximum Power Extraction by using Converters for Hybrid Renewable Energy Source Fed Micro-Grid
K. Sakthivel1, V. Jayalakshmi2

A Novel Approach to Missing Data Estimation Technique for Microarray Gene Expression Data and Dimensionality Reduction
K Ishthaq Ahmad1, Shaheda Akthar2

Prediction of SLA Violation in Cloud Resource Allocation using Machine Learning Based Back Propagation Neural Network (BPNN)
Karthik Kambhampati1, A. Srinagesh2

Analysis of Geolocation Dataset and Fertiliser Availability to Farmers at Minimum Cost
Chintan Rajvir1, Rajasekaran Rajkumar2, Jolly Masih3, Paviter Singh Matharu4

An Elaborate Research Foray on the Strength Parameters of Concrete using Glass Powder, Waste Foundry Sand and Copper Slag
Srinivas Rao1, Gurpreet Singh2

An Experimental Research on the Polypropylene Fiber Concrete using Ceramic Tile Waste as Partial Replacement for Coarse Aggregate
Avneet Saini1, Vikram Singh2

Self Regulatory Automated System for Samson Family and Its Variants to Barricade the Intruders using Wireless Sensor Nodes
Deepali Virmani

A Metanalysis on the Role of Audio-Visual Cartoons in Language Acquisiton Among Primary School Children
Steffy Antony1, Harilekshmi S2, Shilpa M Chandran3

A Research Experimentation on Compressive Strength of Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete Columns Exposed to Temperature up to 700oC by NDT Methods
M K S S Krishna Chaitanya1, K. Srinivasa Rao2

An Experimental Process Validation of Reinforcement Learning in Machine Learning
Amulya Sakhamuru

Real Time Wireless Data Collection using Xbee Radios and Arduino
R.K. Dhammi1, K.M. Soni2, S. Selvam3, Shubham Thakur4

Evaluation of Traffic Congestion and Level of Service at Major Intersections in Lefkoşa, Northern Cyprus
Hüseyin Gökçekuş1, Youssef Kassem2, Gazi Tallawi3

Implementation of Biological Key Based Security Technique in Wireless Body Area Networks
Er. Sandeep Rana1, Sandeep Singh Kang2

Eye Centre Localization Using Low Cost Web Cam
P. Neeraj1, Anurag Sharma2

Secure Link Prediction Based Cross-Layer Optimization for Next Generation Network
Anita Sethi1, Sandip Vijay2, Anurag Aeron3

Modular Current Cell Topology of Seven and Fifteen Level CSI With Reduced Count
E. Himabindu1, M. Gopichand Naik2

An Empirical Evaluation of Temporal Convolutional Network for Offensive Text Classification
Murali S1, Swapna T R2

Classification of Color Textures Using Region Based Motif and Color Features
K.S.R.K. Sarma1, M. Ussenaiah2

Harvesting of Organs Through Aerodrone
Shaik Khamuruddeen1, S. V. Devikaa2

Kahoot! to Enhance Irregular Verbs Learning
MohdAzmanuddin Bin Azman1, Melor Md. Yunus2

The Family of LEACH –Review
Joshua Reginald Pullagura1, Rashmi V.V. Rao2, Venkata Rao D3

A Novel Symmetrical & Asymmetrical Reduced-Switch Topologies for Grid Tied PV Systems
Ch. Punya Sekhar1, P. V. Ramana Rao2, M. Uma Vani3

Evaluation of Properties of Partially Replaced Aggregate Concrete
K. P Mohith Gowda1, S. Kavitha, M.S Sachin2

Modelling of Cancer Treatment with Activity-Meter Records Using Linear and Binary Logistic Regressions
Heri Kuswanto1, Taufik Afif Maldini2

Tracking Alcoholic Driving Using with Artificial Intelligence and IoT Devices
M. Ramprasad1, K. Srinivas2, T. Gangadhar3

Validating the Effect of Different Discretization Methods for Redic K-Prototype Clustering Algorithm
Khyati R Nirmal1, K.V.V. Satyanarayana2

Analysis of Performance and Emission Parameters of IC Engine Fuelled with Neem Biodiesel and n-Octanol Additives
Pramod Kumar P1, Sivanesan Murugesan2

Internet of Things Based Pollution Tracking and Alerting System
S. Sanjay Kumar1, P. Ramchandar Rao2, Ch. Rajendra Prasad3

Asic Implementation of High Speed Discrete Integrator Using Vedic Mathematics
R. Anitha.1, V. Bagyaveereswaran2

Theoretical-Computation Conception for Forecasting on Corrosion Influence into Steel Elements at Sustainable Development
Antonio Shopov

A New Approach for Evaluation of Volume Integrals by Haar Wavelet Method
K.T. Shivaram1, N. Mahesh Kumar2, Megha. V. Goudar3, S. Gagandeep4

Mapping and Classification of Key Features and Technologies behind Distributed File Systems to Make Recognition for Their Inimitable File System
Chitresh Verma1, Rajiv Pandey2, Devesh Katiyar3

Fuzzy Logic Based Routing Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks to Enhance the Network Lifetime
S. Rizwana1, Gayathri. K M2, Thangadurai N3

Improvement in K-Medoids using Shortest Path in Wireless Sensor Network
Garima Sharma1, Praveen Kumar2, Laxmi Shrivastava3

Analysis of Parts of Speech Tagging on Text Clustering
Y. Sri Lalitha1, J Sirisha Devi22, L. Sukanya3, N.V. Ganapathi Raju4

Computational and Experimental Study of Thermal Hydraulic Properties of Slotted Matrix of Rotary Regenerator
Andrey Veniaminovich Kostyukov1, Givi Guramovich Nadareishvili2, Lev Anatolyevich Kosach3

Technological Properties of Milk from The Cows of Black-Motley and Alatau Breeds in Various Seasons of Lactation
A. Zh. Khastayeva1, А. К. Smagulov2, V. S. Zhamurova3, E. V. Topnikova4, B. U. Umirzakov5, M. T. Nurgalieva6

Management of Regional Bioresource Sustainability Based on Modern Modeling Methods
Natalya Yevgenievna Ryazanova1, Vasily Ivanovich Eroshenko2, Vladimir Dmitrievich Naumov3, Natalia Lvovna Kamennykh4, Tatiana Vladimirovna Eremiia5

Cloud Technology Services in the Information Security
Lubov Borisovna Sitdikova1, Svetlana Jurievna Starodumova2

Lmrdbcp – Underwater Routing Local Minima State Using Robotics Diversion with Disorder Detection and Back-Force Connectivity Discovered by Probability Assessment
J. Premalatha1, P.M. Joe Prathap2

Attribute Heaving Extraction and Performance Analysis for the Prophesy of Roof Fall Rate using Principal Component Analysis
M. Shyamala Devi1, Rincy Merlin Mathew2, R. Suguna3

Exploration of Blockchain for Edifying Safety and Security in IoT Based Diamond International Trade
Rincy Merlin Mathew1, R. Suguna2, M. Shyamala Devi3

Customer Churn Predictive Analysis by Component Minimization using Machine Learning
R. Suguna1, M. Shyamala Devi2, Rincy Merlin Mathew3

Assessment of Lightweight Concrete Using Expanded Polystyrene Beads
Ram Kumar P1, Anjan B. K2, Arjun V3

Supervised Machine Learning Supported Time Series Prediction and Analysis of IoT Enabled Physical Location Monitoring
Ajitkumar S. Shitole1, Manoj H. Devare2

Solar Photovoltaic Integrated Pump for Advanced Irrigation System
Bidrohi Bhattacharjee1, Arijit Chakrabarti2, Pradip Kumar Sadhu3

The Role of Artificial Intelligence and Ict on Economic Growth of G7 Countries
Tekin Birinci

Evaluation of the Impact of Sustainable Transportation Alternatives on Environment Using Fuzzy PROMETHEE Method
Hüseyin Gökçekuş1, Dilber Uzun Ozsahin2, Dania Al-Othman3

Modeling off-Street Parking Based on User’s Behavior using Spss Software
Monisa Latif1, Sandeep Singla2, Vishal Vadav3

Performance Analysis of a Grid Tied PV System
N. Chaitanya1, K. Chandra Sekhar2

Energy Efficient Video Surveillance Approach for Multiple Camera in Wireless Sensor Networks
Juginder Pal Singh1, Piyush Vashistha2, Mohd. Aamir Khan3, Manoj Kumar4

Efficient Ship Track Keeping using Predictive PID Controller
Anil Kumar D1, Hari Prasad S. A2

An Energy Efficient Data Aggregation Technique Using Multi-Sink Infrastructure in Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Network
S Anuradha1, D Sreenivasa Rao2

Receiver-Initiated Medium Access Control (RI-MAC) Protocols
P Rachelin Sujae1, S Arulselvi2

An Effective Intra and Inter Cluster Formation with Scheduling Technique for a WSN System
P Rachelin Sujae1, S Arulselvi2

Improved Energy Efficient in WBAN using MAC with Cloud Computing
W Agitha1, K P Kaliyamurthie2

Improved Efficiency in Wireless Body Area Network using Hybrid MAC Protocol
W Agitha1, K P Kaliyamurthie2

Encryption Schemes & Security Issues in Cloud Computing
D Sasikumar1, S Saravanakumar2

An Enhanced Design of BCD Adder using Quantum-dot Cellular Automata Technology
A Kavitha1, M Kavitha2, S Priyadharshini3

Power Factor Correction DC-DC Converter with Fuzzy Logic Controller for BLDC Motor Drive
V Mahalakshmi1, S P Vijayaragavan2

Provenance Descriptions using the OWL Functional Syntax in Protégé
Mrinal Pandey1, Rajiv Pandey2, Manuj Darbari3

Raspberry Pi Zero Wireless Monitoring System for Analyzing Solar Photovoltaic Panel
Ranjit Singh Sarban Singh1, Muhammad Izzat Bin Nurdin2, Wong Yan Chiew3

Real Time Interface for Assistive E-Learning
Indhumathi R1, Geetha A2

Data Masking using Cryptographic Techniques in Steganography
Karthikeyan B1, Narla Sai Teja2, Kolisetty Sarath Chandra3

Automated Warehouse Material Handling using 3-Dof Robotic Manipulator Based on Computer Vision and IoT
Athul Zac Joseph1, Renjith Joseph2, Harikrishnan D3, Sudheer A.P4

A Technical Recitation on Investigation of Islamic and Traditional Banking System in Kingdom of Bahrain
Atul Bansal

Automatic Yarn Handling Robot using Wireless Communication Module for Industrial Application
Bhuvaneswari M1, Mano K V2, Manoj S3, Rakesh A4, Yuvarajan S5

Social Data Analytics for Forecasting Electoral Outcomes
Khalid Ait Hadi1, Rafik Lasri2, Abdellatif El Abderrahmani3

Flexible Pavement Improvement Analysis at Keduncino-Bandengan Road, Jepara Indonesia
Mego Purnomo1, Mela Priyanti2, Hanggoro Tri Cahyo A3

On a New Notation of Fuzzy Subgroup
Sudipta Gayen1, Sripati Jha2, Manoranjan Singh3, Ranjan Kumar4

Augmented Reality Based Turn-by-Turn Navigation System for Mobile Devices
Aman Choudhary1, Ishan Gogna2, Mayuresh Deolekar3, Pranav More4, Rajesh Bhise5

A Novel Conduct Based Aggregate Grouping Strategy on Behavior-Based Collective Classification
B. Amarnath Reddy1, Srinivasa Bapiraju Gadiraju2

Triple Image Encryption using Chaotic Maps and DNA Sequences
Y.S.V. Raman1, A. Narendra Babu2, M. Krishna Priyanka3, Sk. Faria4, A. Ramya Sree5, G. Naga Prasanna6

Modeling Attributes Influencing Intelligent Information Software System using Exploratory Factor Analysis
Manu Banga1, Abhay Bansal2, Archana Singh3

Contextualizing Learning for Rural Community using Library-in-a-Box: Experience from Penan Community
Amit Pariyar1, Narayanan Kulathuramaiyer2, Johari bin Abdullah3, Chuah Kee Man4

Development of Educational Services in Additional Education
Liliya A. Meteleva1, Anna V. Bogacheva2, Olga I. Vaganova3, Zhanna V. Smirnova4, Svetlana M. Maltseva5, Gennady S. Mironov6, Elena A. Aleshugina7

Development of Scheffe’s Model to Predict the Compressive Strength of Concrete using SDA as Partial Replacement for Fine Aggregate
Oba, K. M.1, Ugwu O. O.2, Okafor F. O.3

Productivity Induced by the Information System Technologies, Case of Industry 4.0
Mohammed Ghouat1, Abdellah Haddout2, Mariam Benhadou3

Extended AES Algorithm with Custom Encryption for Government-level Classified Messages
Sreyam Dasgupta1, Pritish Das2

Vehicle Detection in Night Time using Background Model in Urban Traffic Environment
U Pavan Kumar1, Bharathi S H2

An Analysis of Basel I, Basel II and Basel III and Its Impact on Profitability of Banks in Kingdom of Bahrain
Shafeeq Ahmed Ali1, Atul Bansal2

Multi-Perspective Elicitation of Influential Parameters and Measures in Social Network
Sakshi Agarwal1, Shikha Mehta2

Performance Analytics of Network Monitoring Tools
Deepak Chahal1, Latika Kharb2, Deepanshu Choudhary3

Modeling and Simulation of MEMS Comb Accelerometer for Sensitivity Improvement
Anusha Ganta1, Satyanarayana Talam2, Neela. R3

Modeling the Design of Plasmonic Biosensor Device by using Abstract Finite State Machine Model and FDTD Based MEEP Tool
Divya Sharma1, R.P. Dwivedi2

Smart Cash Service and Operational Cost Reduction for ATMs in Smart Cities using IoT
Karanam Uday Kiran1, Sarath T V2

Impact of Dimensionality Reduction and Classification in Breast Cancer
Durgalakshmi B1, Vijayakumar V2

Reliable Energy Aware MAC Protocol for Wireless Body Bio-Sensor Networks
Ch. Rajendra Prasad1, Polaiah Bojja2

Speeded Human Action Recognition Based on Action Snippets Algorithm and Neighborhood Component Analysis
Sanjay T. Gandhe1, Pravin A. Dhulekar2

The knowledge, Understanding and Awareness of Loei People from Media Exposure about ASEAN Economic Community (AEC)
Prayut Wannaudom

Application Specific Embedded Board Development Interfaced with GPS/IRNSS Receiver for Environmental Monitoring
Mohmad Umair Bagali1, Thangadurai N2

Optimization of Machining Parameters in Fly ash/Sic Reinforced Al 7075 MMC by Taguchi Method
V. Venkata Reddy1, M. Gopi Krishna2, K. Srinivasulu Reddy3

Design and Fabrication of Drivable Wheelchair Attachment
S.D. Kumar1, Avinash Jangir2, Nishant Saraswat3, Anadi Nema4, Bhargav Patel5

Annealing Temperature Effect on Structural, Morphological and 1/f Noise Possessions of ITO/TiO2 Thin Films using Chemical Spray Pyrolysis Method for Applications in solar cell
P. Ananda1, S. Victor Vedanayakam2, K. Thyagarajan3, V. Manjunath4, G. Manjunatha5, K. Murali Mohan Achari6, B. J. Babu7, S. Basamma8, B. Rajitha9

Application of Response Surface Methodology in Investigating Cladding of Steel using Gas Metal Arc Welding
Miniappan. P.K

Design and Performance Analysis of Cascade Digital Filter for ECG Signal Processing
Navdeep Prashar1, Meenakshi Sood2, Shruti Jain3

Liquefaction Hazard in the Ap Capital Region, India
Hanumantharao C1, Raja Sekhar P2, Siddhardha R3

Perception of Executive and Non-executive Employees Towards HRD Climate in Vijayawada Thermal Power Station (VTPS), Andhra Pradesh
Shaik Kamruddin

Glioma Classification of MR Brain Tumor Employing Machine Learning
Jyotsna Dogra1, Shruti Jain2, Meenakshi Sood3

A Compact Hexa-Notched Antenna using Combination of CSRR, SRR and DGS
M. Jyothi Pushpa1, A. Jhansi Rani2, V. Saritha3

QoS Aware Resource Provisioning in Federated Cloud and Analyzing Maximum Resource Utilization in Agent Based Model
Pradeep Kumar V1, Kolla Bhanu Prakash2

Data Stream Mining Developments and Applications
Jayendra Kumar1, Anitha Raju2

Repressing Superfluity in Wireless Sensor Network Traffic by Application of Kalman Filtering Technique
Manas Kumar Yogi1, L. Yamuna2, K. Chandrasekhar3

Current Trends in the Application of Thermal Imaging in Medical Condition Analysis
Shazia Shaikh1, Nazneen Akhter2, Ramesh Manza3

Adaptive Speech Enhancement Technique using Time Variable LMS Algorithm
JyoshnaGirika1, Md. Zia Ur Rahman2

Impact of Instance Reduction Filters on Ensembled Decision Tree Classifier
G. Sujatha1, K.Usha Rani2

Effects of Information and Communication Technology in Social Science Research: Probability and Usefulness
Dip Jyoti Bhuyan1, Partha Protim Borthakur2

An Improved Model for Breast Cancer Classification Using SVM with Grid Search Method
Anita Paneri1, Mayank Patel2

The Principles of Risk Assessment for Building Steel Structures with Imperfections
Sergiy Kolesnichenko

Security and Privacy of Internet of Things
Taran Singh Bharati

10-bit 2-stage Time to Digital Converter for Raman Spectroscopy
Mahantesh P Mattada1, Hansraj Guhilot2

Analysis of Products Based on Dynamically Selected Features
Anuradha. T1, Praveena. N2, Lakshmi Surekha. T3

Customer Perception about Service Quality of SBI
Afsal Asharaf1, Arjun A2, Adarsh R3, Vinod Kumar K4

Design of Human Activity Monitor for Push-Up Exercise using IMU
Vaishnavi Kumbargeri1, Saurav Pratap Singh2, Srividya P3

Diamond Search and Its Various Forms for Motion Estimation-A Comparative Study
Hussain Ahmed Choudhury1, Nidul Sinha2

Digital Technologies in the Global Economy: Technologies and Innovations
Diana Igorevna Stepanova1, Satsita Salikhovna Hasanova2, Liliya Mansurovna Allanina3, Boris I. Skorodumov4, Aleksey Valeryevich Novikov5

Tutor Support: Models and Technologies
Marina Georgiyevna Sergeeva1, Anna Konstantinovna Oreshkina2, Vladimir Mikhailovich Litvishkov3, Elena Mikhailovna Klimova4, Olga Nikolaevna Perevezentseva5, Sergey Sergeevich Perevezentsev6, Armine Vachaganovna Dallakyan7

Technical and Economic Evaluation of Turbogenerators in Small Power Plants
L.Yu. Lezhnev1, F.A. Shustrov2, V.A. Neverov3, V.S. Korotkov4

The Efficiency of the Use of Glauconitic Sandstone as an Adsorbent in Beekeeping
Zhanna Aleksandrovna Zemlyankina1, Natalya Vladimirovna Lyashenko2, Natalya Alexandrovna Yurina3, Alexander Vasilyevich Yarmots4, Larisa Yakovlevna Moreva5, Maria Anatolyevna Ovchinnikova6

Dimensionality Reduction in Sentiment Analysis Using Colony–Support Vector Machine
Harjeet Kaur1, Prabhjeet Kaur2

Breast Cancer Detection and Classification using Analysis and Gene-Back Proportional Neural Network Algorithm
Amandeep Kaur1, Prabhjeet Kaur2

Analysis of Local Heat Exchange in Combustion Chamber and Injection Nozzle of Dual-Fuel Engine
Revaz Zurabovich Kavtaradze1, Dmitry Olegovich Onishchenko2, Andrey Victorovich Kozlov3, Alexey Stanislavovich Terenchenko4, Andrey Sergeevich Golosov5

Rules Based Text Analysis to Monitor and Control Multiparty Access in Online Social Networks
R.Prem Kumar1, A. Rengarajan2, S. Hariharan3

Knowledge based Health Care Recommender System for Rural India Based on Primary Health Centers (PHC)
Shweta Singh1, Archana Singh2, Gaurav Dubey3, Abhishek Goyal4

Commodity Market Price Analysis and Prediction using Machine Learning Framework
Amanuel Getachew Bulti1, Abhishek Ray2

Cluster Head Inspired Energy Efficient Data Aggregation Scheme for Wireless Sensor Network
Simarjeet Kaur1, Navdeep Kaur2, Kamaljit Singh Bhatia3

Imitation and Physical Modeling of the Influence of Ice Coating on the Propagation of Location Signals on the Wires of Overhead Transmission Lines
V.A. Kasimov1, R.G. Minullin2, Yu.V. Piskovatskiy3, E.M. Basharova4

Impact of Service Quality on Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty in the Sector of Telecom Service Provider in Delhi-NCR
Kumar Kuldeep1, Rai, R.S.2, Dugar, Anurag3

Effect of Diameter of Reinforced Bar in Various Fiber Reinforced Concretes
Alwyn Varghese1, Harikrishnan T P2, Haritha K3, Mohammed Razeem S M4

Secured Message Transmission between Vehicles for Reducing Delay and Collision in VANET
K. Arthi1,  Kadivendi Sudha Rani2

Detection of Isolation Attack using Olsr Protocol on Manet
C.Bhuvaneshwari1, S. Sathya2, S.Manasa Reddy3

Follow-up and Kinetic Model Selection of Dinitro Pentamethylene Tetramine (DPT)
Hany A. Elazab1, M. M. Seleet2, Said M. A. Hassanein3, M. A. Radwan4, M. A. Sadek5

Revealing and Deterrence of Collaborative Attack along with proficient Routing in Manet
S. Thylashri1, CC.Sushma Chowdary2, Udutha Mahesh Yadav3

Impacts of PLC Reducer on Software Design Cohesiveness
Aprna Tripathi1, Varsha Kumari2, Nikhil Govil3

Rover Control using Optimized Frontal Face Detection Algorithm Based on OpenCV
Gowri Shankar R H

Microstrip Patch Antenna with Defected Ground Structure for X-Band Applications
Surya Deo Choudhary1, Manish Kumar2, Neel Kamal3, Vineet Shekher4

A Novel Approach of Sensitive Data Classification using Convolution Neural Network and Logistic Regression
Gitanjali1, Kamlesh Lakhwani2

An Exploratory Analysis of Corporate Social Responsibility of Domestic Retailers in India
M. Sumathy1, M. Vasan2, M. Sridhar3

Life Cycle Assessment of Hdpe, Lldpe Andmdpe Plastic Bags using Simapro 8.3.0 (Chandigarh)
Jagdish Singh1, Puneet Sharma2

Profiling E-Leadership Practices using Mobile Technology among School Leaders in Malaysia
Mohd Yusri Ibrahim1, Zurita Othman2

Ranking the Higher Influencing Factors that Cause NPAs in Public Sector Banks in Karnataka Using Factor Analysis
Nemani Varalakshmi1, M. M. Shanmugapriya2

Surveillance Camera with GCM Technology
M. Rajesh Khanna

Impact of Digitization on Empowerment of Women Doctors in the National Capital Region
Sharad Khattar1, Gurinder Singh2

Predicting Student’s Coming Target after Completion of Their Graduation by Mining Trained Database using Decision Tree
Sanjeev Gour1, Apoorva Joshi2

Quality Tests on Light Weight Papercrete Concrete
Manzoor Ahmad Tantray

Performance Comparison of DSR and DSSR Protocols with and Without False Data Injection Attack Based on Two Fish Algorithm using Manet
Rajat1, Naveen Hemrajani2

Comparative Seismic and Cost Analysis of RCC Circular, Rectangular and Intze Elevated Water Tank
Tiruveedhula Chandana1, S.V. Surendhar2

Identification of an Object in an Image using Frame Differencing, Optical Flow and Support Vector Machine
Vikash Yadav1, Rati Shukla2, Vandana Dixit Kaushik3

Impacting Students’ Learning Through Incorporating Higher Order Thinking Skills in English Language Activities
Chandra Mohan Vasudeva Panicker1, Melor Md Yunus2

Design of High Speed Comparator using DTMOS Technique with low Power Consumption
Ujjayini Debnath1, Shobha Sharma2, Amita Dev3

Comparative Analysis on Designs of Comparators with Different Techniques and Technologies
Ujjayini Debnath1, Shobha Sharma2, Amita Dev3, Preeti Singh4

Text Extraction and a Deep CNN Based Model for Character Classification in Kannada Documents
Sachin Bhat1, Seshikala G2

Fast Interactive Superpixel Based Image Region Generation
Dinesh Naik1, Muhammed Shameem P.K2

Evaluation and Ranking of Health Care Sectors Through Integrated DEA and SFA
P.S.Prema Kumar1, G. Rambabu2

Bearing Capacity Behaviour of Geosynthetics Reinforced Soil
Ankur Mudgal1, Raju Sarkar2, Amit Kumar Shrivastava3

Speed Control of Brushless DC Motor in Electric Vehicle with Regenerative Braking
Rommala Mahitha1, Gowthaman B2, Mohanrajan S R3

Practical Realization of Three Phase Buck AC Converter Feeding Three Phase Star Connected RL Load using FPGA Real Time Controller
Venkatesha K1, Vidya H A2

Securing Fingerprint Data using Huffman Coding Technique and Cuckoo Search based Steganography
Gnanaprakasam Thangavel1, Santhosh J2, Tigist Adam3

Personal Factor of a Social Entrepreneur in the Context of the Inclusive Economy Development
Olesya Viktorovna Skudalova1, Yuliya Nikolayevna Malanina2, Tatyana Yuryevna Tsibizova3, Alevtina Vladimirovna Vilkova4, Vladimir Mikhailovich Litvishkov5, Boris Anatolievich Shvyrev6, Iana Viktorovna Poliakova7

Student’s Deductive Reasoning: Playing Detective Role in an Online Game
Hairus Saleh1, Rahmania Sri Untari2, Joko Susilo3, Mu. alimin4, Sirajuddin5

Hierarchical Clustering Based Improved Data Partitioning using Hybrid Similarity Measurement Approach
Kiranjit Kaur1, Vijay Laxmi2

Comparison of Different Dispersion Compensation Techniques at 100Gbps Over 120Km Using Single Mode Fiber
Ashwani Kumar1, Inder Singh2, Suman Bhattacharya3, Shalini Sharma4, R.P. Dwivedi5, Hyoung In Lee6

Technology Development of the Institute of Presidency in the Russian State
Igor Olegovich Loshkarev1, Maria Sergeevna Lavrentieva2, Evgeny Sergeevich Kuchenin3

Students’ Research Technology in the Educational Process
Ludmila Pavlovna Kachalova1, Irina Vladimirovna Kolmogorova2, Tatyana Aleksandrovna Kolosovskaya3, Lubov Gennadyevna Svetonosova4, Larisa Valeryevna Solonina5

Design and Analysis of Swingarm for Performance Electric Motorcycle
Swathikrishnan S1, Pranav Singanapalli2, A S Prakash3

Real Impact of Forest and Land Fire on the Environment and the Cost of Health Services in Artificial Disease in Payakumbuh West Sumatra
Linda Handayuni1, Ali Amran2, Abdul Razak3, Eri Barlian4

SISI Metric: Image Quality Assessment from Edge Information based on Local Polynomial Approximation Model
K. Rajkumar1, V. Alamelumanga2

Privacy Preserving Approach for Preventing from Access to Unauthorized Users
Anuradha Padala1, Yarramalle Srinivas2, M. H. M. Krishna Prasad3

Long Term Performance of Mergers & Acquisitions in India
Harita Nair1, Dileep G Menon2

Integration as a Foundation for the Establishment of a New Model of Accounting Reporting in Agrarian Organization
BL.I. Khoruzhy1, T.N. Gupalova2, Yu.N. Katkov3

Influence of Price on the Dynamic Transformation of Search, Experience and Credence Goods
Parvathy S Nair1, Avinash Shivdas2

Simulation and performance analysis of 110 KWP grid-connected photovoltaic (PV) system for residential building in Northern Cyprus
Hüseyin Gökçekuş1, Youssef Kassem2, Shilan Abdi3

Hand Wrist X-Ray Images in Bone Age Assessment Using Particle Swarm and Convolutional Neural Network Algorithm
Akanksha Sharma1, Prabhjeet Kaur2

Evaluation of Strength Properties of Hybrid Fiber (Plastic + Coir + Areca nut Husk) Reinforced Concrete
Manjunath Itagi1, B.P. Annapurna.2

MATLAB Based Manhattan Distance Matrix Method to Solve Cell Formation Problems
K. V. Durga Rajesh1, A. Shanmukh Krishna2, V. Samba Siva Rao3, U.V.S. Phanindra4, B. Kamal5

Gender Differences in Usage of Smartphone Among College Students
Malkar Vinod1, Bhayani Mital2, Bobade Priyanka.3

An Approach for Mining Periodic High Utility Item Sets
Ch. Anuradha1, M. Ramesh2, Patnala S.R. Chandra Murty3

Comparative Evaluation of Steel Mesh Reinforced Concrete Along with Steel Slag as Value Added Material in Concrete
Naveen Kumar S.1, T.M. Prakash2, Kajal R.3, Lakshmi P.S.4

Protection of Dc-Micro grid From Multiple Line and Ground Faults
Srihari Mandava1, Abhishek Gudipalli2, Pradeep Reddy Ch3

An Efficient Term Weighting Approach for Document Classification using Knn Classifier
Aijazahamed Qazi1, R. H. Goudar2, P.S. Hiremath3

Implementation of Fuzzy Based Flow Controller using VHDL
Yogesh Misra

Finding Optimal Operation Schedule for Electrical Appliances using Demand Response in Residential Sector
Nilima R. Das

Software Engineering Innovative Risk Analysis in Matrix Tool
ShankarNayak Bhukya1, Suresh Pabboju2

Seismic Analysis and Design of Structural Lightweight Concrete High Rise Building with and Without Retrofitting
Mirza Mahaboob Baig1, C Mahalingam2, T.G.N.C Vamsi Krishna3, Atif Zakaria4

The Role of Fuzzy Logic in Improving Accuracy of Phishing Detection System
Neelam Badi1, Mayank Patel2, Amit Sinhal3

Design and implementation of automatic gear shifting mechanism by using fuzzy logic controller
K.N Gunasekaran1, Ramprakash M P2, Vishal Arvind3, A.Vishal Mohan4

ANA-MAC and Quantization Method of Authenticated Communication
Blessy Jenila R1, Bharathi S2

The use of Modern Interactive Technologies in Learning: Correlation Analysis of the Results
OlenaBila1, ViktoriiaMiziuk2, Tamara Gumennykova3, Antonina Kichuk4, OlenaSagan5, LyudmylaPerminova6

Entrepreneurship and Risks: Block Chain-Based Management
Nataliia Smentyna1, Valerii Nemchenko2, Larysa Ivanchenkova3, Nataliia Klievtsievych4, Vasyl Buhas5, Vitalii Minakov6

Captioning for Motion Detection for video surveillance Applications using Deep Learning
M. Nivedita1, Asnath Victy Phamila Y2, Harsh P.V3

Smart SIEM: From Big Data Logs and Events to Smart Data Alerts
Mohammed EL Arass1, Nissrine Souissi2

Estimation of Human Error using Fuzzy Relation
L. Swaanika1, R. Sujatha2, D. Nagarajan3

Profession Influences Investment Psychology
Bhayani Mital1, Malkar Vinod2, Bobade Priyanka.3

Behavior of Asphalt Pavement Structure Under Influenced of Alteration Climatic Condition
Huseyin Gokcekus1, Youssef Kassem2, Muhammad Kh. Musa3

Clinical Aspects of the Use of Smooth and Full-Threaded Rods of the VOSIS Veterinary Orthopedic Set in Cats
Igor Georgievich Kiselev1, Igor Alekseevich Rodin2, Alexander Nikolaevich Bezin3, Anatoly Alexandrovich Stekolnikov4, Andrey Georgievich Koshchaev5, Margarita Gennadievna Yakovets6, Anna Sergeyevna Krivonogova7

Information Logistics of Local Government: International Practice
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Productivity Enhancement in a Pressure Vessel Manufacturing Industry Using Lean Principles
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Lipid-Polymer Based Nanoparticles as a New Generation Therapeutic Delivery Platform for Ulcerative Colitis in Vitro/in Vivo Evaluation
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Authenticated Toll Collection and Tracking of Vehicles Using RFID
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Investigating Hierarchical Databases and Congestion Control
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