Volume-8 Issue-9S3, July 2019

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Volume-8 Issue-9S3, July 2019, ISSN: 2278-3075 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering and Sciences Publication

Analysis of the Efficiency of Circuits using Natural Gas Additional Energy Potentials on Cogenerating Boiler Houses with Internal Combustion Engines
A.G. Arzamascev1, A.I. Sharapov2, A.V. Peshkova3

Solid Modeling in Professional Training of Specialists for Machine-Building Enterprises
Viktor Telegin1, Igor Telegin2

Occupational Safety Control is a Way to Reduce Workplace Injuries at Manufacturing Plants
Nikolay Ligkiy

Youth Political Participation in Russia: Influence of Voluntary Associations
Irina Gukova1, Dmitry Nechaev2, Ludmila Polovneva3, Alla Krivets4, Ekaterina Berdnik5, Dmitry Gukov6

An Analysis on Perspectives of Investors on Commodity Trading and Risk Management in India
D. Shree Jyothi1, D. Srinivasa Rao2

Analysis and Assessment of Enterprise “Vtorchermet” Financial Sustainability
Zyuzina N.N1, Krovopuskov P.A2

Calculation of Parameters of Energy Flows in a Closed System of Electricity Generation based on Renewable Sources
Telegin Valery Viktorovich

The Use of Cloud Technologies in the Modern Educational Process
Natalia P. Nikonova1, Larisa N. Gorina2, Linar G. Akhmetov3

What Whatsapp Status Enables Reseller to Do as Channel
Kusumah Arif Prihatna1, Rosalin Ayal2, Meutia Sistarani3, Yunitasari Christanti4

Moving Objects Detection & Recognition using Hybrid Canny Edge Detection Algorithm in Digital Image Processing
R. Obulakonda Reddy1, K.Reddy Madhavi2, V. Nagalakshmi3

Identification and Prioritisation of Impact Factors in Quality Service of ICICI Bank with Special Reference to Urban Cities of Telangana State
K. Vinaya Laxmi1, P. Vijaya Kumar2, M. S. Narayana3

An Analysis on Impact of Exchange Rate on Nifty and S & P Sensex
G. S. Jayesh

Marketing Model of Professional Orientation
Vera Rogova

Induction of the Field at Different Distances from the Permanent Magnet and Between Opposing Magnets. Testing of the Superposition Principle
Maria Polismakova1, Vera Ershova2, Alexander Sandulyak3, Anna Sandulyak4

Mathematical Education of a Modern Engineer: Problems of Integration
Vardhini V1, P. Raja2, Kabirdoss Devi3

Multiparametric Optimization of Low Plasticity Burnishing Process for AISI 4340 by using Utility Concept
A. P. Kalmegh1, P. M. Khodke2

Quality Assurance of Mathematical Education of the Future Specialist in the Field of Radio Engineering
Dmitry Miskov1, Sergey Grodzenskiy2, Vyacheslav Muraviev3, Irina Vlasova4, Alexey Korotkikh5, Alexander Novikov6, Irina Baranova7, Maxim Nazarenko8

The Main Aspects of the Formation of Digital Competence of Future Civil and Municipal Employees
I.V. Gaidamashko1, Y.I. Zhemerikina2, O.S. Zhigalov3, I.P. Provorova4, O.V. Titkova5

Experience of Interaction Between the Business and Scientific Community in the Formation of Scientific and Technical Potential of Russia in the Second Half of the XIX Century
Viktoria Krasivskaya

Improving the Quality of Welded Joints in Laser Welding of Silver Products
T. N. Borovik

Fuzzy C-Means Partition Cluster Analysis and Validation Studies on a Subset of CiteScore Dataset
T. N. Borovik1, V. V. Zuev2, E. V. Preobrazhenskaya3, I.V. Belousov4, N.S. Baranova5, A.V. Minin6

The Availability and Uses of E-Resources in the College Libraries of Baksa District of Assam: Current Status and Prospects
Rajiv Kalita

Government Policy in Realizing Basic Education Metro
Apri Wahyudi1, Zulela2, Arita Marini3, Choirudin4, B. Ayshwarya5, Phong Thanh Nguyen6, K. Shankar7

Web Based-Decision Support System to Diagnose Hepatitis Disease using SAW Method
B. Ayshwarya1, Abdul Soim2, Phong Thanh Nguyen3, K. Shankar4, Wahidah Hashim5, Satria Abadi6, Andino Maseleno7

Text Independent Speaker Identification with Prosody Features in Presence of Noise
S.M. Jagdale1, A.A.Shinde2, J.S.Chitode3

Differential Algorithm Based Intelligent Protection Scheme for Microgrid
Pooja Khandare1, S. A. Deokar2, A. M. Dixit3

Analysis of Spectral Features for Speaker Clustering
Badhe Sanjay S1, Gulhane S. R2, Shirbahadurkar S. D3

Machine Learning & its Classification Techniques
Atul B. Kathole1, Prasad S. Halgaonkar2, Ashvini A. Nikhade3

Self Organizing Feature Map Network for Musical Instrument Sounds
Gulhane Sushen R1, Shirbahadurkar Suresh D2, Badhe Sanjay S3

Generation the Strategy of Financial Stability at the Enterprises of Textile Industry
Muminova Nargiza Makhsudjonovna1, Maxmudova Dilfuza Marlenovna2

Estimation of the Solution of the Kolmogorov-Fisher Type Biological Population Task by Taking Into Account the Reaction-Diffusion
Muhamediyeva Dildora Kabulovna

Main Problems and Tasks of Intellectualisation of Information Processing System
Mukhamedieva D. T1, Safarova L.U2

The Women of Uzbekistan on the New Step of Development
Nodira Toliboeva

The Role of the International Labor Organization in the Human Resource Management System
Abdurakhmanov Kalandar Khodzhaevich1, Kudbiev Sherzod Davlyatovich2, Magroupov Aziz Yuldashevich3

Strategy of Functioning of Logistics Companies in Uzbekistan
Karrieva Y. K

An Experimental Analysis on Various Techniques for Malicious node Detection in MANET
Chetan S Arage1, K. V. V. Satyanarayana2

Performance Enhancement of Bit Error Rate with Increased Capacity using Modified SIC-MUD for Polar Code based OFDM-IDMA System for 5G
Hemlata Marne1, Prachi Mukherji2

Knowledge Management Processes for B-Schools

Anil K S1, Shubha Muralidhar2

Rural Customers’ Perception Towards the Fast Moving Consumer Goods: A Hypothesis Test
Ritika Singh1, Poonam Singh2

Synthesis of Biofunctionalized Nanofibers (Curcumin, Gelatin and Formic Acid) using Electrospinning Process and Optimization of Parameters for Diameter of Nanofibers
Sachin S. Chavan1, Pramod V. Londhe2, Avinash M. Pawar3, S.M. Shendokar4

An Analysis: Productivity Improvement in Printing Industry
Jatin Haresh Varma1, Sachin Lal2

Accounting for PVT Variations in Design Timing Closure
Vasanth Mundargi1, Siva Yellampalli2

Improving ADA-boost as a Popular Ensemble in Classification Problems
M. Sravan Kumar Reddy1, K.E. Naresh Kumar2, Dharmendra Singh Rajput3

Machine Learning Based Technique for Detection of Rank Attack in RPL based Internet of Things Networks
Vikram Neerugatti1, A. Rama Mohan Reddy2

Design and Implementation of Low Noise Amplifier At 60ghz using Current Mirror Feedback
S. B. Rashmi1, Siva S Yellampalli2

Design of CABAC Entropy Decoding, Inverse Quantization, Inverse Transform Blocks of H.264 Decoder using Verilog HDL
H. N. Shwethashree1, C. Kanagasabhapati2, Siva S Yellampalli3

Host Based System C-TLM2.0 Simulation Model for Memory Device Driver Verification
A. Pallavi1, C. Kanagasabapathi2, Siva S Yellampalli3

Automatic Face Recognition for Various Expressions and Facial Details
Guru Kumar Lokku1, G. Harinatha Reddy2, M. N. Giri Prasad3

Design of Programmable Pixel Shader Computing Unit
C. Kanagasabapathi1, Siddamma2, Siva S Yellampalli3

Wind Based Doubly Fed Induction Generator for Effective Rotor Side Converter Control
K. Naresh1, P. Umapathi Reddy2, P. Sujatha3

PV with Boost Converter Integrated Three-Level Inverter Fed PMSM Drive for Agricultural Application
J. A. Ganeswari1, R. Kiranmayi2

PI Control of Current-Fed Dual Active Bridge Converter for DC Microgrid
A. Geetha1, N. P. Subramaniam2

Influence of E-Marketing Strategy on Customer Satisfaction
Harshit R. Das1, Potti. Srinivasa Rao2, Giridhar B Kamath3, Shiva Prasad H. C4

Analysis on Rural and Urban Employee Job Satisfaction towards SBI Bank in Rayalaseema Division
Obulesu Varikunta1, M. Sudheer Kumar2, K. Kishore Naidu3

Effect of Fiber Mat Density and Crushing Mechanism on the Energy Absorption Capacity of GFRP Crashworthy Tubes
Chethana K.Y1, M. G. Patil2, Y. S. Rammohan3

Optimization of Cutting Force in Turning of AA 7068/TiC MMCs using Taguchi Technique
P. Naresh1, Syed Altaf Hussain2, B. Durga Prasad3

Influence of Frequency Ratio on the Hydroelastic Response of a Cylinder with Degrees of Freedom under Vortex Induced Vibration
Vidya Chandran1, M Sekar2, Sheeja Janardhanan3

Spatial and Temporal Drought Analysis in Sitanadi Basin, Udupi District Karnataka, using SPI
V. Anantharama1, K. Gajalakshmi2, M. Lokeshwari3

A Regression Test Based on the Test Case Prioritization Techniques by using the Nature of Bees
Manaswini B1, Rama Mohan Reddy A2

Detection and Prevention of Black Hole Attack in RPL Protocol Based on the Threshold Value of Nodes in the Internet of Things Networks
Vikram Neerugatti1, A. Rama Mohan Reddy2

An Efficient FIR Filter Architecture Implementation using Distributed Arithmetic (DA) for DSP Applications
Ch. Pratyusha Chowdari1, J. B. Seventline2

An Efficient Design for Multiple Data Stores Cloud Applications
K. Praveen Kumar1, Gautam Rampalli2

Performance of Threshold Detection in Cognitive Radio with Improved Otsu’s and Recursive One-Sided Hypothesis Testing Technique
P. Venkatapathi1, Habibulla Khan2, S. Srinivasa Rao3

Recent Advances in Conformal Antennas and its Design Issues
K. Sumalatha1, Ch. R. Phani Kumar2

IRP Control Based LSCPWM-Multilevel DSTATCOM for Power Quality Improvement
J. Ganesh Prasad Reddy1, K. Ramesh Reddy2

Parallel Connected Multi-DSTATCOM for Power Quality Improvement in Distribution System
P. V. V. Satyanarayana1, P. V. Ramana Rao2

Speed Control of PMSM Drive fed with Nine Level Inverter
R. Sasidhar1, A. Lakshmi Devi2

Design Analysis and Fabrication of Solar Vapour Absorptio
S. Neelophar Begum1, CH. Ravi kiran2, K. Vasundara3

Performance Analysis of Cross-layer Efficient Selfishness Prevention Routing Protocol for the Dynamic CR Networks
R. Sri Uma Suseela1, KSN Murthy2, Hima Bindu Valiveti3

An Analysis on Ensemble Classifiers in Ensemble Classification Problems
P. Naveen Sundar Kumar1, V. V. Nagendra Kumar2, K. E. Naresh Kumar3

Research and Development of User Authentication using Graphical Passwords: A Prospective Methodology
Reshma1, G. Shivaprasad2

Analysis of Transmission Cost Allocation Strategies with Reliability for Deregulated Systems
Shaik. Muqthiar Ali1, Mareddy Padma Lalitha2, N. Visali3

An Experimental Model on the Mechanical Properties of Reactive Powder Concrete by using Cement Replacement of Glass Powder
T. Raghavendra1, C. Ramanjaneyulu2, V. Bhuvaneswar Reddy3

Analysis of Various Control Schemes of Dynamic Voltage Restorer for Power Quality Improvement in Distribution System
S. V. R. Lakshmi Kumari1, M. Uma Vani2

Women Street Vendors, Challenges and Opportunities: An Superlative Analysis with Special Reference to Chittoor District of Andhra Pradesh, India
R. Vara Prasad1, D. Subhashini2

FOSSMC for AGC of Multi-Area Power System in Open Market Environment
Kurakula Vimala Kumar1, V. Ganesh2

Experimental Methodology of Optimum Coagulation Activity on River Water using Chemical and Natural Coagulants for Different PH Ranges
C. Ramanjaneyulu

A New Meta Heuristic Algorithm based FACTs SSFC Implementation for Power Quality Enrichment in Grid Inter connected system with Renewable Energy Sources
Samanthaka Mani Kuchibhatla1, Padmavathi Devasetty2, Srinivasa Rao Rayapudi3

A Novel Method of Univac using Fuzzy Logic
K. Yugendhar1, V. Sugumar2, P. Kavitha3

Alignment Process in the Development of Web Browsers on the Internet
K. Yugendhar1, V. Sugumar2, P.Kavitha3

Versions of IP with Domain Name Server
K. Yugendhar1, V. Sugumar2, P.Kavitha3

Internet Protocols with Input and Output Automata
S. Yogalakshmi1, S. Swetha2, G. Ayyappan3

Evalution of Dataminig for Prediction Techniques Based on Weka Tool
S. Yogalakshmi1, S. Swetha2, G. Ayyappan3

A Novel Method of Rapid Miner for the Data Mining Applications
Rohan Nayak1, S. Dinesh2, S. Thirunavukkarasu3

A Novel Method Improvement of Rapid Miner for the Data Mining Applications
Rohan Nayak1, S. Dinesh2, S. Thirunavukkarasu3

Digital Imaging and Image Sharpening In Computer Networks
Rohan Nayak1, S. Dinesh2, S. Thirunavukkarasu3

Waste Water Characterisation of Milk Processing Industry
L. Maria Subashini1, B. Saritha2, B. Kaviya3

Evolutions of Process Mining: Focus on Pro M
A. Rama1, A. Kumaravel2, R. Udayakumar3

Analysis on the Influence of Emotional Intelligence on the Performance of Managers and Organisational Effectiveness in the it Industry
Vani. M1, H Sankaran2, S. Praveen Kumar3

Mean Square Cordial Labeling of Some Snake Graphs
S Dhanalakshmi1, S Thirunavukkarasu2, N Parvathi3

Building Large Scale Cloud System for Product Sentiment Analysis using Hybrid Group Search Optimization Based Feature Selection
P. Vasudevan1, K. P. Kaliyamurthie2

Brain Tumor Analysis in Basf Framework
P. Kavitha1, S. Prabakaran2

QSAR Models for Cytotoxicity of Chlorinated Alkanes
R. Suganya1, S. Bharanidharan2, R.Velavan3

Blockchain and it’s Applications in Various Fields
Allin Geo Varghese1, R. Kavitha2, G. Michael3

Online Examination Service using Mobile Application
B. Sundarraj1, S. Pothumani2, N. Priya3

IRIS Recognition using Hough Transform
C. Rajabhushnam1, B Sundar Raj2, Sri vidhya3

Opinion Mining for Travel Route Recommendation using Social Media Networks (Twitter)
R. Velvizhi1, C. Rajabhushanam2, S.R. Sri Vidhya3

A Methodology for the Analysis of Consistent Hashing
C. Geetha1, D. Vimala2, K. Shanmuga Priya3

Constructing Multi-Processors and Spreadsheets with SKIVE
C. Geetha1, D. Vimala2, K. Shanmuga Priya3

Automatic and Efficient Allocation for Examination Seats using Android Application
A.V.Allin Geo1, R. Kavitha2, R. Velvizhi3, S. Sangeetha4

A Novel Encrypt Methods of Markov Models
G. Kavitha1, S. Theivasigamani2, S. Amudha3

Activity Pattern Mining from Social Media for Healthcare Monitoring on Big data
N. Priya1, S. Sangeetha2, S. Amudha3

Signature Authentication using Deep Learning
S. Sangeetha1, S. Pothumani2, K. Anita Davamani3

Certifiable, Mobile Configurations for the Lookaside Buffer
S. R. Srividhya1, R. Kavitha2, I. Mary Linda3

Melting: Improvement of Semaphores that Made Evaluating and Possibly Controlling Congestion Control a Reality
S. R. Sri Vidhya1, N.Priya2, R. Velvizhi3

Object Sensing and its Identification & Motion Sensing
S. Theivasigamani1, Mary Linda2, S. Amudha3

Detection of Severity of Chronic Cough in Elders and Children using Machine Learning
R, Velvizhi1, D. Jayapriya2, N. Priya3

Biometric Authentication in Cloud Computing
R. Velvizhi1, P. Nandhini2, R. Elankavi3

System Failure Recognition and Identification by Analyzing Syslog and SNS Data: Applying Big Data Analysis to Network Operations
D. Vimala1, P. Nandhini2, R. Elankavi3

Effect of Egg Shell Powder on Strength Behaviour of Concrete
R. Venkata Krishnaiah1, P. Dayakar2, S. J. Mohan3

A Place and Power Effective Square Root Carry Choose Adder Design by 3t-Xor Gate and Typical Boolean Logic
R. Kavitha1, G. Kavitha2, C. Anuradha3, N. Priya4

Analysis of Consistent Hashing
D. Vimala1, I. Mary Linda2, C. Geetha3

A Novel Method to Identify Stealthy Botnets
S. Pothumani1, C. Anuradha2, G. Kavitha3, R. Velvizhi4

Decoupling Internet QoS from Spreadsheets in Von-Neumann Machines
K. Shanmugapriya1, I.Mary Linda2, Kavitha G3

AI NLP Chatbot for HR and Employee Support
C. Anuradha1, N. Priya2, S. Sangeetha3, G. Kavitha4

Liveness Detection with Open cv
C. Anuradha1, R. Kavitha2, A.V. Allin Geo3, S. R. Srividhya4

Protected Entree Design for Big Data Knowledge in Cloud
R. Kavitha1, G. Kavitha2, S. R. Srividhya3

Smart Server IOT Based Temperature Monitoring System
K. P. Kaliyamurthie1, Nalini C2, N. Priya3,  A.V.Allin Geo4

Automated Teller Machine System
S. Pothumani1, G. Kavitha2, G. Michael3

Certain Improvements in Alzheimer Disease Classification using Novel Fuzzy c Means Clustering for Image Segmentation
K. P. Kaliyamurthie1, G. Michael2, C. Anuratha3, B. Sundaraj4

A Scalable and Fault Tolerant Health Risk Predictor using Bigdata Process Systems
Timmana Hari Krishna1, C Rajabhushanam2, D. Jayapriya3, S. Deivasigamani4

Liver Disorderprognosis with Apache Spark Random Forest and Gradient Booster Algorithms
Timmana Hari Krishna1, C. Rajabhushanam2, G. Michael3, R. Kavitha4

Emailing System with Elevated Safeguard Procedures
S. Sangeetha1, G. Kavitha2, C. Anuradha3, S. Pothumani4

Smartphone Control Robot with Automatic Firing Gun
R. Hema1, M. Sundararajan2, S. Balaji3

Neighbor Discovery in ASN
M. Jasmin1, S. Philomina2, S.Arulselvi3, Balaji S4

Individual Reconfigurability of Wi-Fi Mesh Networks Operating Ns-2
C. Anuradha1, S. Sangeetha2, D. Vimala3, K. Shanmuga Priya4

Involuntary Billing Production Scheme with Digital Water Measuring Device
Mohanraj R1, Balaji. S2, John Paul Praveen A3

Home Energy Conservation, Monitoring and Corrective Techniques
M. Sangeetha1, Balaji. S2, John Paul Praveen A3

Novel Architecture for Binary Multiplication
M. Sangeetha1, Balaji. S2, John Paul Praveen A3, Mohanraj R4

Reliable Power Quality Monitoring and Protection System
S. Saravana1, Balaji S2, Arulselvi S3, John Paul Praveen A4

Technical Unification of Byzantine Fault Tolerance and Randomized Algorithms
G. Kavitha1, I. Mary Linda2, D. Jeya Priya3, S. Theivasigamani4

Enabling Multi-Processors and Expert Systems with Yama
G. Kavitha1, C. Geetha2, S. Sangeetha3, K. Anita Davamani4

Contrast Involving the Performances of Different Detection Approaches to Complimentary Area Optics
S. R. Srividhya1, S. Pothumani2, D. Jeya Priya3, S. Theivasigamani4

A Procedure For Avoid Overrun Error in Universal Synchronous Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter (Usart) by Utilizing Dummy Join and Interrupt Latency Method
S. Sangeetha1, S.R. Srividhya2, K. Anita Davamani3, S. Amudha4

Graphene a Fundamental of Interaction Globe
R. Velvizhi1, R. Kavitha2, C. Geetha3, S. R. Sri Vidhya4

Dual Security Fingerprint that is Utilizing as Well as in Bank System
S. Sangeetha1, G. Kavitha2, S. Amudha3, G. Michael4

Proficient Recovery Over Records using Encryption in Cloud Computing
D. Vimala1, K. Shanmugapriya2, I. Mary Linda3, C. Geetha4

Performances of Different Detection Approaches to Complimentary Area Optics
R. Kavitha1, G. Kavitha2, Tangellapally Kranthikumar Chary3, Sitaroj Srikanth4

Robust FPGA Awareness of DA Headquartered FIR Digital Filter
S. Pothumani1, C Anuradha2, Tangellapally Kranthikumar Chary3, Sitaroj Srikanth4

Clustering Based Loading That is Bit Making Use of Neural Sites
S. Sangeetha1, R. Kavitha2, C. Anuradha3, S. Pothumani4

Automated Error Detection Inreed-Solomon Encoders
S. Pothumani1, Sangeetha. S2, N. Priya3, B. Sundar Raj4

Network Traffic Monitoring Analysis System with Built-in Monitoring Data Gathering
S. Pothumani1, N. Priya2, T. S. M.Aditya3

Potent Error Detection and Correction Making Use of Decimal Matrix Code for Reminiscence Reliability
N. Priya1, G. Kavitha2, T. S. M. Aditya3

Using Co-Precipitation Method Determining Synthesis and Characterization of Fe Doped Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles
S. Bharanidharan1, K. Sathiyamurthy2, B. Sheeba3

A Novel Method of Object Orientation Variation in C++ and Java
Jeffrin Rajan M1, Aravindasamy R2, P. Kavitha3, A. Rama4

Preprocessing Medical Images for Classification using Deep Learning Techniques
A. Rama1, A. Kumaravel2, C. Nalini3

Flexural Behavior of Partially Replaced Prosopis Juliflora Concrete
S. Vinothkumar1, S. Rajesh2, Anish .C3

Docking and Homology Modelling of Human T-Helper Cells for Various SCFV Fragments Domains to Block the Access of GP120
Jayalakshmi T1, R. Priya2, K. Vijayalakshmi3

Recent Methods in Identifying Drug Targets using Insilico Methods
P. B. Ramesh Babu1, R. Priya2, A. Manikandan3

Evaluation of Binding Confirmation Method for Ligand Binding to CD4 Receptor in HIV Infected T Lymphocytes.
P. B. Ramesh Babu1, T. Jayalakshmi2, R. Priya3

A Novel Method of Internet Protocol in Embedded Systems
S. Yogalakshmi1, S. Swetha2, G. Ayyappan3

D-Wave Characteristics due to Inter Atomic Nature of Superconductors
P. Antony Lyla1, R.Suganya2, K. Sathiyamurthy3

Exploration of the Location-Identity Split
Jeffrin Rajan M1, R. Muthu Venkata Krishnan2, B.Sundarraj3, S. Sri Gowtham4

Relative Assessment of Channel Fading Models in Wireless Networks
P. Nandhini1, G. Kavitha2, N. Priya3, Nikita Sharma4

Execution Increment of Classifiers using Combination of Clustering and Examination Techniques
P. Nandhini1, R. Velvizhi2, A.V. Allin Geo3, Nikita sharma4

Extended VEOT Framework – Implemented in a Smart Boutique
S. Pothumani1, Ashok Kumar Anandam2, Nikita sharma3, S.Franklin4

Analysis of RC Beams Repaired with CFRP Laminates
T. P. Meikandaan1, M. Hemapriya2, P. Mugilvani3, R. Chitra4

Experimental Studies on Bendable Concrete
P. Mugilvani1, Thendral Sundararajan2, Arunya. A3

Experimental Behavior of Masonry Arches with and Without Fiber Reinforced Polymer
R. Chitra1, S. Thendral2, S. J. Mohan3

Degradation of Anionic Dye using Fe /Tio2 Composite by Photocatalysis
B. Saritha1, M. P. Chockalingam2, Aswathy. M3

Air Pollution Control-Electrostatic Precipitator
K. Seevakan1, K. Sathiyamurthy2, R. Suganya3

Vibrational Spectroscopic Studies of KDP, Pure and Doped with NH4Cl(0.1m)
B. Sheeba1, C. Rathika Thaya Kumari2, K. Seevakan3

Cluster Behavior of Barbituric Acid Based on Hartree-Fock (HF) Theoretic Calculations
Sreelatha1, P. Antony Lyla2, N. Swarna Sowmya3

Birefrince Characteristics of an Optical Element
R. Suganya1, S. Bharanidharan2, R. Sreelatha3

Shear Performance of RC Beams with Externally Bonded FRP Wraps
K. Anitha1, R. Venkatakrishnaiah2, T. P. Meikandaan3, M.Hemapriya4

Properties of Concrete using Eggshell Powder and Glass Powder as a Cement Replacement
A. Arunya1, S. Thendral2, R. Chitra3

Hydraulic Conductivity of Sandy Soil with Varying Grain Size
P. Dayakar1, K. Venkat Raman2, R.Venkata Krishnaiah3

Development of Energy Sustainability in the Waste Water Treatment Plant at Chennai
A. Mani1, R. Venkata krishnaiah2, P. Dayakar3

Packet Switching Network in Throughput Rate Less Code
G. Michael1, R.Kavitha2, Allin Geo Varghese3

Task Trail Based Enhanced User Experience in Customer Facing Website using Automatic Facet Construction Techniques
A R. Arunachalam1, G.Michael2, R. Elankavi3

Picturing Extreme Programming and Public-Private Key Pairs
A.V.Allin Geo1, I. Mary Linda2, S. Amudha3

A Deployment of Congestion Control
A.V. Allin Geo1, I. Mary Linda2, S. Amudha3

Evaluating Architecture using Compact Modalities
A V Allin Geo1, A R Arunachalam2, G. Michael3, R. Elankavi4

Towerywing – Electronic, Pervasive Symmetries
G. Kavitha1, S. R.Sri Vidhya2, S. Sangeetha3

The Relationship Between Sensor Networks and Online Algorithms using Lone
G. Kavitha1, S.R.Sri Vidhya2, S. Sangeetha3, R. Velvizhi4

Read-Write, Peer-To-Peer Algorithms for the Location-Identity Split
G. Kavitha1, N. Priya2, C. Anuradha3, S. Pothumani4

A Methodology for the Emulation of IPv4
Mary Linda I1, D. Vimala2, K.Shanmuga Priya

Concurrent, Reliable Modalities for Randomized Algorithms
Mary Linda I1, D. Vimala2, K. Shanmuga Priya3

Distillation Fiber-Optic Cables and Journaling Dossier Systems
I Mary Linda1, G. Kavitha2, S.Sangeetha3, S. R. Srividhya4

Towards the Synthesis of DHCP
A R. Arunachalam1, G. Michael2, R. Elankavi3

A Case for Context-Free Grammar
A R. Arunachalam1, G. Michael2, R. Elankavi3

Relative Analysis of Channel Fading Models in Wireless Networks
N. Priya1, P. Nandhini2, D. Jeya Priya3, Nikita sharma4

Software Error Indication using Artificial Neural Network and Strong Back Propagation
N. Priya1, P. Nandhini2, D. Jeya Priya3, Nikita sharma4

Online Polling Scheme
K. Sivaraman1, A.V.Allin Geo2, G. Michael3, S. Pothumani4

Network Failure Detection and Diagnosis by Analyzing Syslog and SNS Data: Applying Big Data Analysis to Network Operations
K. Sivaraman1, R.Muthu Venkata Krishnan2, B. Sundarraj3, S. Sri Gowthem4

Emulating Multi-Processors using Modular Theory
B. Sundarraj1, R. Muthu Venkatakrishnan2, S. Sri Gowthem3

Decoupling Web Services from the Transistor in Expert Systems
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Analysis of Time Delay and Cost Overrun in Road Construction
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Utilization of Spent Coffee Grounds for Compost Production
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Trial Think About on Flexural Quality of Fortified Solid Pillars Remotely Reinforced with CFRP Sheets
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Pseudorandom Techniques for the Internet
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Mobile Health Monitoring System
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Robust Time Optimization in HD Video Surveillance System
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Smart Fast Motion Estimation Processors
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DNS in Real World
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Decoupling IPv7 from Multi-Processors in Redundancy
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The Affiliation Between Markov Models and Wide-Area Networks with BOSS
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Decoupling Online Algorithms from Erasure Coding in DNS
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Dynamic Web Page Security using Fingerprint and Card System
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Implementing Aggregate-Key for Sharing Data in Cloud Environment using Cryptographic Encryption
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Many Number of Partition Board for the Ethernet
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Practise Mining to Predict Type of Client Performence
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Relationship Identification & Prophecy of Diseases Connection using Micro-Rna of Genomic Facts
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A Novel Method on Kelt: Implement of Simulated Annealing
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The Synthesis of Decoupling Courseware from Object-Oriented Anguages in Byzantine Fault Tolerance
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A Novel Method on Developing Superblocks and the Transistor using Apodryal
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A Novel Method on Constant-Time Information in Small Talk
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Deep Learning Provisions in the Matlab: Focus on CNN Facility
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Secrete: A Methodology for the Typical Unification of Hash Tables and the Partition Table
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Empathic, Game-Theoretic Information
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Reckoning Examination for Precip Soothsaying
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E-Commerce Performance with Cloud Computing
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Simulating Symmetric Encryption and Local-Area Networks using Celt Trend in Solar Business Marketing
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A Methodology for the Synthesis of Congestion Control
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RIB: Analysis of I/O Automata
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TIMAL:A Line of attack Theoretical Unification of Spread out/ Congregate I/O and Gigabit Switches
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Decoupling Model Checking from Object-Oriented Languages in Internet QoS
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Controlling SMPs using Authenticated Configurations
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Unfortunate Unification of Compilers and Von Neumann Machines
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Hypothesis and Automata Modified Archetypes
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Structure of DHCP Stochastic, Unstable Models
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A Case for Heterogeneous Procedures on Model Checking
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Heuristics Architecture using Scalable Methodologies
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Task Trail Based Enhanced User Experience in Customer Facing Website using Automatic Facet Construction Techniques.
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Payload Based Internet Worm Disclosure using Neural Network
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The Effect of Replicated Archetypes on Machine Learning
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Emulating Hierarchical Databases and DHCP with Hipe
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Decoupling the Turing Machine from Replication in IPv6
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3D MR Image Denoising using higher Order Kernel Regression
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A Behaviour of Axially Loaded Steel Concrete Composite Long Columns with Basalt Fiber
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Smart Mobile System for Pregnancy Care using Body Sensors
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Relationship Identification & Prediction of Diseases Association using Micro-RNA of Genomic Data
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Detecting and Analyzing Urban Regions with High Impact of Weather Change on Transport
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Human Activity Patterns in Big Data for Healthcare Applications
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The Need for Integrating Emotional Intelligence as an Essential Skill for Graduates with Special Reference to Employability of Engineering Graduates
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Big Data Confidentiality in Healthcare
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Image Enhancement Techniques in Digital Image Processing
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Anamoly Analyzing and Exploring for Wireless Sensor Networks
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Analysing Data Mining Applications in Healthcare Sector
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Online Portal for Job Aspirants
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Recognizable Proof and Analysis of Palm Print in Biometric Authentication System using Bayes Techniques
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Subcarrier Allocation Techniques in OFDMA
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Parallel Computation in Correspondence and Signal Processing
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Passive IP Trace back using Border Gateway Protocol (BGP)
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Treatment of Type II Diabetes using Combinational Herbal Compounds
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Analysis of Cytotoxic and Gene Expression of KRAS Gene in Lung Cancer Cell Line of A549 Treated with Tinospora Coridifolia Extract
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Availability of Adaptive, Fairly-Available Units for the Univac Computer
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Data Duplication in Cloud for Optimal Performance and Security
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Applying Cryptography in E-Banking Security
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Experimental Analysis on Fractional Substitution of Bond by Utilizing Rice Husk Cinder
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EMF Pollution–Causes, Effects and Protection
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Aspects of Image Regwastration in Digital Image Processin
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Cancer Recognition in Medical Image Processing using Watershed Algorithm
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Rule Based Event Log Generation Technique using Reverse Engineering
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Security and Privacy in Mobile Cloud Computing
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Analysis of Big Data in Healthcare Applications
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Evaluation of Health Concern using Big Facts Analytics
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Program Detection in Wireless Feeler Networks
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Medicinal Image Classification using Association Regulation Mining with Resolution Tree Algorithm
D. Jeyapriya1, S. Theivasigamani2, R. Velvizhi3, P. Nandhini4

Development of Superblocks and the Transistor using Apodryal
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The Relationship Between Probabilistic Methodologies and Pervasive Computing
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Safeguard Clothing and Dive Decrease
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Security Amalgamation using Cloud Computing
D. Jeyapriya1, S. Theivasigamani2, R. Velvizhi3, P. Nandhini4

Data Warehouse using Assimilated Algorithm
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Sarmful Effect of Transistors on Users
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Decoupling Web Services from 802.11b in Markov Models
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Blood Pressure Monitoring and Analysis as Android Application
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Attrition of Employees of Information Technology (It) Companies in Bangalore City
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Hyper Spectral Image Classification using Multi Labelled, Multi-Scale and Multi-Angle CNN with MS-MA BTAlgorithm
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Impact of Goods and Service Tax (GST) on MSMEs in India
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Simulation of Masonry Wall using Concrete Damage Plasticity Model
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Style and Skill: Critic’s Artistic Ability
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Impact of Human Resource Accounting Practices on Decision Making in the Organization – Evidence from a Private Company in Kurdistan Region of Iraq
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Impact of Attitude Towards Human Resource Accounting on Performance of Undergraduate Students’ Education – Evidence From Private University Students in Kurdistan Region – Iraq
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Gender Prediction of Indian and Hungarian Students Towards ICT and Mobile Technology for the Real-Time
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Motivation, Adjustment and Retention of Academic Expatriates: An analysis of Tishk International University
Fatih Cura

The Effect of Perceived Organizational Support on Employee’s Organizational Commitment and Employee Behavior. The case of a Construction Company in Erbil City, Kurdistan Region
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Web-of-Service Software Reusability Prediction using Heterogenous Ensemble Classifier
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An Exploratory Viewpoint on the Perspectives and Practices of Testing Alternative Option Pricing Models
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Distributed Misbehavior Detection Scheme for Delay Tolerant Networks
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Measuring Industry Readiness of Engineering Students of Nagpur Region with Reference to Social Skills
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Portfolio Management and Investment Strategy of Institutional Investor: An Analysis in Indian Capital Market
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Optimization of Process Parameters for Friction Stir Welding of Dissimilar Aluminium Alloy AA6061 to AA5183 using TOPSIS Technique
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Analysis of Human-Machine Interaction Through Facial Expression and Hand-Gesture Recognition
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Development of Paving Blocks using Waste Materials
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Mobile-based Interventions in Nursing Education among Undergraduate Nursing Students: An Analysis
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The use of Decision Tree in Breast Cancer-Related Research: a Scoping Analysis Based on Scopus-Indexed Articles
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3D-Printed Model Enhances Learning Experience in Optometric Education
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Effectiveness Analysis of Transverse Rumble Strip using the Image Processing Technique
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Application of UAV and Csp1 Matrix for Building Inspection at Muzium Negeri, Seremban
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Forecasting Monthly Gold Prices using ARIMA Model: Evidence from Indian Gold Market
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Features of using Invisible Signs in the Word Environment for Hiding Data
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A Proficient Technique for Extraction the High Average-Utility Itemsets with Enhanced Bounds From Transactional Database
L. Chandana1, P. Radhika2

A Low Power, Area Efficient Implementation of AES Algorithm
S. Neelima1, R. Brindha2

Hybridizing Network Attack Detection and Prevention Via Integrated DADCQ Protocol
Dharmaveer P. Choudhari1, S. S. Dorle2

Application of a Multi-Agent System for Risk Assessment with Fuzzy Background Information
Muhamediyeva D.T.1, Urokov Sh.2

Analysis of the effect of LPG on the Performance and Frictional Power Loss for SI Engine
Pundlik N. Patil1, Dheeraj S. Dehmukh2, Vilas S. Patil3

Democratization of the United Nations: What is Expected of India and the European Union?
Avijeet Kumar Biswas1, B. Krishnamurthy2

The Development of Radio and 3G Based Telemetry System for the Remote Gas Accounting and Control Nodes
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The Feasibility of Irradiated Bioplastics As Future Packaging Material
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Analysis on Absorption Sound Acoustic Panels from Egg Tray with Corn Husk and Sugar Cane
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License Plate Character Recognition using Riesz Fractional and Convolutional Neural Network
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University Autonomy and Sustainable Finance: A Case of Royal University of Bhutan
Kriti Bhaswar Singh1, Abhishek Singh2

Women and Media: An Analysis of Role of Women Journalist in Indian Media
Trishu Sharma

Recognition of Text CAPTCHA by using Back Propagation Algorithm of Artificial Neural network
Sumeet Gill1, Renu Saroha2

Mélange of IoT and Ransomware
Aditya Tandon

An Empirical Analysis of using Blockchain Technology with Internet of Things and its Application
Aditya Tandon

Challenges of Integrating Blockchain with Internet of Things
Aditya Tandon

Segmented Phase of Ultraviolet (UV) Curable Thermoset Polyurethanes-Graphite (TPU-G) Composites
Anika Zafiah M. Rus1, Nur Munirah Abdullah2, M. F. L. Abdullah3

Happiness in the Workplace
Nesreen Ibrahim Awada1, Fadillah Ismail2

Animals Breeding Efficiency According to the Phenotype of their Offspring
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‘Solve for India, Solve for the World’: Strategies of India to Lead with New Age Disruptive Technologies
Alka Maurya

Handwriting Recognition by Machine Learning
Anandika Sharma1, Anupam Sharma2

Technological Upgradationon Educational Reforms in India
Anupam Sharma

Modeling Elliptical Curve Cryptography Keys using Back Propagation Algorithm
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Symbolic Description of the Year Seasons in Uzbek Poetry
Zarnigor Sohibova1, Dilrabo Quvvatova2

Analysis of “Spirituality” Category and its Structure in the English Language
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Learning Quality Innovation through Integration of Pedagogical Skill and Adaptive Technology
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Similarities in Addressing the Complex Nature of Love and Devotion in Methamorphosis by Kafka and in ghazals of Mir Alisher Navoiy
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Translations of William Shakespheare’s Tragedy “Hamlet” In Uzbek Literature Studies
Jeyren Mizrabova

The Role of the Ethnographic Vocabulary in the English and Uzbek Languages
Kayumova Nigora Muxtorovna1, Shukurova Nigora Shavkatovna2, Safoeva Sadokat Nasilloevna3

Retinal Image Quality Assessment: Portable Eye Examination Kit Retina (Peek Retina)Tm Versus 3d-Printed Ophthalmoscope (3dpo)
Nur Raihan Esa1, Firdaus Yusof @ Alias2, Mohd Zulfaezal Che Azemin3, Norsham Ahmad4, Nor Azwani Mohd Shukri5

Reliability of Manual Vascular Segmentation for Retinal Fractal Dimension using Peek Retinatm
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Application of Fourier Methods and Discrete-Cosinus Transformation in the Process of Processing of TV Images
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Syirkah Amlak’s Implications in Building Community Economic Independence (Analysis of Meranti Islands Regency, Riau Province)
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Sound Absorption Coefficient and Water Content Responses in Acoustic Analysis Based on Renewable Polyurethane Foam Composites
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Observation and Analysis of the Peculiarities of English and Uzbek Detective Genre (in the Examples of J.H.Chase’s Works)
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Adaptive Units for the Univac Computer
S. Yogalakshmi1, S. Swetha2, G. Ayyappan3

Sentiment Analysis using Rapid Miner
Aravindasamy. R1, C. Nalini2, Sangeetha. S3, S. Theivasigamani4

Effect of Water Cement Ratio in Hybrid Fibre Reinforced Concrete
Thendral Sundararajan1, Arunya.A2, Chitra.R3

Development of Plain cement Mortar mixed with Tamrind Kernel Powder
S. Venkatraman1, K. Kiruthiga2, B. Kaviya3

Employment Opportunities of Daily Wages Construction Labour at Camp Road Junction
K. Venkatraman1, P. Dayakar2, R. Venkatakrishnaiah3,  A. Mani4

Increased Routing Algorithm for Mobile AdHoc Networks
R. Velvizhi1, D. Jaya Priya2, D. Vimala3, I. Mary Linda4

A Novel for Construct Knowledge Structure using Marker Watershed Algorithm
Aravindasamy. R1, Jeffrin Rajan M2, Sugumar. V3, P. Kavitha4

Segregate of Distinctiveness, Significance and Priority in Ranking
B. Sundarraj1, D. Jeyapriya2, S. Theivasigamani3

The Application of A Multi-Agent System for Risk Assessment with Fuzzy Background Information
Muhame Diyeva D.T1., Urokov Sh.2

Linking Green Human Resource Management Bundle to Environmental Performance in Malaysia’s Hotel Industry: The Mediating Role of Organizational Citizenship Behaviour Towards Environment
Yusmani Mohd Yusoff