Volume-8 Issue-8S2, June 2019

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Volume-8 Issue-8S2, June 2019, ISSN: 2278-3075 (Online) Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering & Sciences Publication

Development of the Absent Detection System for Online Integrity Evaluation
Il-Kwon Lim1, Hyun-Jun Park2, Han-Jin Cho3

The Relationship of Multicultural Acceptance, Community Closeness, Self-Awareness, and Interpersonal Relationship: A Structural Equation Modeling Approach
Jung-Hyun Choi

Efficient Virtual Social Media for Location Based Services over Mobile Peer-to-Peer Networks
Byoungyup Lee1, He Li2, Yeonwoo Kim3, YosopPae4, Hyoungrak Choi5, Jongtae Lim6, Kyungsoo Bok7, Jaesoo Yoo8

Design of Learning System for Missing Prevention based on UBSL
Daeun Kim1, Youngseok Lee2

A New Isolated DC-DC Converter Based-on MMC for High Voltage Applications
Tuan-Vu Le1, Ji-Hoon Yang2, Seong-Mi Park3, Sung-Jun Park4

Development of Inpatient Management System Using Context-Aware Computing Technology
Jung-Heui Oh1, Jai-woo Oh2

Diffusion Coefficient for Sublimation Diffusion Of Disperse Dye using Error Function
Geon-Yong Park

Json-Lpg Serialization for Labeled Property Graphs
Ju-Ri Kim1, Bong-Hyun Kim2

Development of AR Underground Facility Management System using Map API
Bong-Hyun Kim1, Ju-Ri Kim2

Deep Learning Based Image Recognition for Vehicle Number Information
Sandeep Kumar Satapathy1, Shruti Mishra2, R. Sai Sundeep3, U. Sai Ravi Teja4, Pradeep Kumar Mallick5, M. Shruti6, K. Shravya7

Regression Estimator for Adaptive Cluster Sample
Chang-Kyoon Son

Algorithm Design and Implementation of the User-optimized AI Curation System with AR-based characters
Tae-Yang Kim

Effects of Manufacturing and Non-Manufacturing Occupations on Smart Manufacturing Technology Acceptance – UTAUT2 Model Perspective
Sung-Yoon Chei1, Yen-yooYou2, Keo Young Song3, Ji Sung Kim4, Mun-Seok Cho5

Application of Different Feature Weights Based on Learning Feature Dictionary for Image Super-Resolution
Hyun Ho Han1, Sang Hun Lee2, Jong Yong Lee3, Young Soo Park4, Ki Bong Kim5

Vehicle License Plate Detection and Recognition Based on Contour Extraction in Various Environments
Sung-Kook Pyo1, Sang-Hun Lee2, Gang-Seong Lee3, Young-Soo Park4

One Board Type Multi Video Control System
Jong-Yong Lee1, SeokJae Moon2, Kye-DongJung3

Calculating Camera Orientation using Optical flow for ADAS Applications
Hyunjun Kim1, Hwanyong Lee2

New Criteria for Evaluating Shear Adhesion of Newly Developed Ceramic Brackets to Different Basic Designs
Youn Soo Shim1, Sang Bae Lee2, So Young Park3, Jong Bin Kim4, JiSun Shin5, Seung Woo Shin6, Jong Soo Kim7, So Youn An8

Evaluation Analysis of Defect materials for IoT Embedded System
Kyu Tae Lee1, Hyun Chang Lee2, DoHyeun Kim3

Design of Signal Delay System for Vulnerable Pedestrians Based on IoT
Sung Ho Sim

A Bibliometric Study of International and Domestic Academic Research on Intellectual property
Youngwoo Sohn1, Sanghyun Sung2

Is Social VR Possible to be the New Journalism? the Effects of Other Users’ Opinions on the Attitude and Perception of Public Opinion When Consuming Contents in VR
Ji-Hoon Yang1, In-Kyu Lee2, Sang-Ho Lee3

Tour Helper Application for Uijeongbu City Tour
Ki-Hwan Ryu1, Woo Suk LEE2

Interference Control Technique through Cooperative Communication in Overlap Region According to FOV in Indoor Visible Light Communication Environment
Doohee Han1, Kyujin Lee2

Analysis and Research Direction of VLC Interference Environment in IoT Sensor Network
Doohee Han1, Kyujin Lee2

Design of Mobile Monitoring Service based on Internet of Things Utilizing Characteristics of Ethylene
Hye-Kyeong Ko

Open-Cloud Computing Platform Design based on Virtually Dedicated Network and Container Interface
Ki-Hyeon Kim1, Dongkyun Kim2, Yong-Hwan Kim3

Reinforcement Learning Based Reliable Route Selection for Internet of Vehicles
Jung-Jae Kim1, Minwoo Ryu2, Si-Ho Cha3

Knowledge and Intention of breast-milk Storage: the Moderating role of Internal Locus of Control
Yeon Ran Hong1, Eunyoung Do2

Bi-AM: Bilateral Authentication on MIPv6 in IoT
Yunjung Lee

Effects of Various Smart Device on Postural Control
Byeong-Ho Jeong1, Ji-WonKim2, Young-Jin Lim3

Effects of Rewards and Collaboration on Patenting and Innovative Activities and Performance
Young-Ki Kim1, Seong-Taek Park2

Improving the Support System of Public Sports Facilities Applying Text Mining and Multiple Focused on the support facilities for the National Sports Promotion Fund
Il-Gwang Kim1, Mi-Suk Kim2, Su-Sun Park3, Jialei Jiang4, Seong-Taek Park5

Ironware Manufacturing Techniques of Goguryeo Shown at Large Iron Swords Excavated from Hongryeong-bong Fort 1/2, Boru-gun, Achasan Area, Historic Site No 455
Seung-Jun Oh1, Koang-Chul Wi2

The Architecture Design of Students‟ Career Information Management System using Block Chain Technology
Jin-ho Lim1, Kwan-Sik Na2, Yen-yoo You3

Location Tracking Method using Communication Signal Strength
Sungkwan Youm

An Approach to Predict Outcomes in Sports Games with Bigdata Techniques and Data Mash-Up
Jee-Ah Shin1, Jin-Hwa Kim2, Joo-Yong Lee3

Application of Big Data and Data Mining Techniques to Designing Building
Hyoung-Seon Choe1, Jinhwa Kim2

Extension of Reception Frequency Control to MQTT Protocol
Kitae Hwang1, Jae Moon Lee2, In Hwan Jung3

Translating System with Android and Raspberry PI
Jae Moon Lee1, In-Hwan Jung2, Kitae Hwang3

Development and Applicability of NCS-based Job Matching Algorithm: Korean Youth Labor Market
Jaehyung Cho1, Yeoungil Lee2, Jungpo Kim3, Seungbum Lee4

A Current Status and Future Prospect of Service Robot Industry
Seong-Hoon Lee1, Dong-Woo Lee2

Effective Policy Development to Promote Cultural Activities of Local Residents in Chungcheongbuk-do
Ji-Hun Lee1, Jun-Mo Kang2

Image Processing Based Drone Landing Technique Considering GPS error and wind Direction
Young-Kwan Ju1, Hyung-Jin Mun2, Kun-Hee Han3

The Effects of Video Advertising in Accordance with the Frequency of Exposure of Digital Limited-Interruption Advertising
Kihyun Kim1, Sangpil Han2

The Effectiveness of the Process of Mobile Video Advertising – Focused on the Perceived Intrusiveness and Attitude Toward Advertising
Logan Myungjin Park1, Sangpil Han2

Adaptive Distributed System Considering Multi-User Based Multi-Channel Signal Processing Response Time
Seok-Hee Lee

Efficient Routing Protocol Based on Distance Vector in the Wireless Sensor Networks
Yong-Zhen Li1, Hyung-Jin Mun2

Research on Risk Endurance Influence to use Behavior of Internet of Things-Focus on Personal Privacy Information and Safety
Chenxi Hu1, Sang-Joon Lee2, Kyeong-Rak Lee3

Development of Solar Cells and Future Fashion Smart Bags and Clothing with Scrap of Pattern Technique
Yong-Ho Kim1, Gul-Won Bang2

Control system of Heat & Cold Storage Optimization for Heating and Cooling Devices using Heat Pump Type
Bong Seok Kim

Acceleration Control of Structures Based on An Optimized Tuned Mass Damper Utilizing A Computing Algebra System
Min-Ho Chey1, Hyung-Jin Mun2

Cloud-based Ontology Context Mining using Deep Learning in Healthcare
Ji-Won Baek1, Kyungyong Chung2, Jonghun Kim3, Hoill Jung4

Development of LoRa-based on Road Lighting Integrated Control System using IoT
Gwang-Hyun Kim

Implementation of GPIS System for Global R&D Science and Technology Information Service
Il-Kwon Lim1, Chul Su Lim2, Ki Seok Cho3, Byeong-Jeong Kim4

Development of Sweet Potato Conditioner
Hui IL Chang

Numerical Prediction of Soil Displacement Based on Imu Sensor Measurement
Sung-Sik Park1, Nhat-Phi Doan2, Seung-Wook Woo3, Jung-Shin Lee4

An Advanced IoT Data Collection Service for Data-centric Smart Cities
Ryong Lee1, Minwoo Park2, Sang-Hwan Lee3

An Effective Deep-Learning Training Method using Data Augmentation
Changhyung Kim1, Deayol Kim2, Sooyoung Cho3, Chanil Park4, Kyounghak Lee5

Automatic Music Selection Algorithm Based on Background Image
Sooyoung Cho1, Deayeol Kim2, Sinwoo Yoo3, Kyounghak Lee4, Chae-Bong Sohn5

Analysis and Investigation on the Research for the Preference on Jewelry Amethyst and Sapphire LED Light Color
Ye-jin Hwang

Derivative based two-point Gauss Legendre rule for the Riemann-Stieltjes integral
P. M. Mohanty1, S.N. Mohapatra2, M. Acharya3

Visual Odometry with Reduced-Iterative Optimization Method for Automobile
Chuho Yi1, Jungwon Cho2

Tracking system of fishing gear on small sized ship
Gul-Won Bang1, Yong-Ho Kim2

Automatic Input System of Passengers Information
Gul-Won Bang1, Yong-Ho Kim2

System Level Hybrid Functional and Power Modeling Methodology to Extend The Longevity of Implantable Seizure Controllers
Sunhee Kim1, Seungdo Jeong2

Analysis of Daxis and Qaxis Inductance Estimation of Interior Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor
Gang-Hyeon Jang1, Sung-Won Seo2, Chang-Woo Kim3, Kyung-Hun Shin4, Jeong-In Lee5, Tae-Kyoung Bang6, Ick-Jae Yoon7, Jang-Young Choi8

Design of Indoor Evacuation Route Simulator
Gang-Hee Jung1, Yoon-Young Park2, Dae-Yeon Noh3, Young-Wook Cho4, Se-Yeob Kim5

Low-Cost Buck Converter and Voltage Sensing Method for Low-Voltage Systems
Jong-cheol Kim1, Seong-mi Park2, Sung-jun Park3

Experimental Evaluation on Impacts of Timers on Diverse Movement Patterns for Mobile Ad HOC Networks
Daniel Godfrey Majengo1, Ki-Il Kim2, Bong Soo Roh3, Jae-Hyun Ham4

High-Voltage Two Stage Smps using Constant Power Buck Converter
Sung-Jun Park1, Seong-Mi Park2

Characteristic Analysis of Transverse Flux Type Linear Oscillating Actuator According to Slot Number
Chang-Woo Kim1, Gang-Hyeon Jang2, Kyung-Hun Shin3, Sung-Won Seo4, Jang-Young Choi5

Black Ice Prediction and Prevention Alarm System
Gul-Won Bang1, Yong-Ho Kim2

A three rates of EOQ/EPQ Model for Instantaneous Deteriorating Items Involving Fuzzy Parameter Under Shortages
Swagatika Sahoo1, Milu Acharya2, Mitali Madhusmita Nayak3

A New Algorithm for Bottleneck Transportation Problem
Bhabani Mallia1, Manjula Das2, Chakradhar Das3

Classification of Features for detecting Phishing Web Sites based on Machine Learning Techniques
Sandeep Kumar Satapathy1, Shruti Mishra2, Pradeep Kumar Mallick3, Lavanya Badiginchala4, Ravali Reddy Gudur5, Siri Chandana Guttha6

The Impact of Project Risk Management Strategies, Group Innovative Performance, and Latent Tensions on Project Conflict Manifestations within Engineering and IT Firms in the UAE
Saeed Alhassani1, Amiya Bhaumik2

The Mediation Effect of Group Innovative Performance on the Relationship between Conflict Management Strategies and Project Conflict Manifestations within Engineering and IT Firms in the UAE
Saeed Alhassani1, Amiya Bhaumik2

Impact of Spacing, Sources of Nutrient and Methods of zinc Application on yield Attributes of Green Gram (Vigna Radiata L.)
S. Krishnaprabu

Impact of using Fertilizers and Tillage Management in Oryza Sativa – Cicer Arietinum Cropping System
S. Krishnaprabu

Impact of Conjunctive use of Oryza Sativa Nutrients on crop Growth, yield, and Fertility of soil in Helianthus Annuus Sequence
S. Krishnaprabu

Influence on Intercropped Cajanus Cajan Caused By Land Configuration, Post-Monsoon Irrigation, and P Fertilization
S. Krishnaprabu

Evaluation of Irrigation Scheduling on Performance of Summer Legumes Grown in Association with Sugarcane
S. Krishnaprabu

Organic Agriculture using Sack and Deck Farm Approach
Paul Oppong Kwabena1, Hanping Mao2, Lin Li3

Proposing and Measuring the Concept of „Constancy in Leadership‟ in a World of Disruptive Innovations
Rajeev Malik1, Jaya Yadav2, Teena Bagga3

Role of HR in Business Process Re-engineering Programs: Changing Paradigms of Employee Expectations in the Banking Sector
Supriya Bhasin1, Pratibha Garg2

The Link between Ethical Profiles of Employees and Workplace Deviant Behavior: An individual level Indicator for Productivity and Innovation
Rajeev Malik1, Jaya Yadav2, Teena Bagga3

Effect of Value Chain Analysis and Activity-Based Costing on Performance of Uae Petroleum Firms
Sultan Alawadi1, Ibrahim Alrajawy2, Aimya Bhaumik3

The Influence of Competitive Advantage Analysis, Continuous Improvement on Organizational Performance: an Empirical Study on Petroleum Firms in Uae
Sultan Alawadi1, Ibrahim Alrajawy2, Aimya Bhaumik3

Work Preferences of Generation Z and Their Impact on Organizational Learning and Development in United Arab Emirates
Iftikhar Ahmed Khan1, Ahmed Hamoud Al-Shibami2

The Influence of Transformational Leadership on Employees‟ Performances Through Organizational Commitment Within Public Sectors in United Arab Emirates (Uae)
Shaikha Alshehhi1, Abuelhassan E. Abuelhassan2, Amiya Bhaumik3

Poverty Alleviation Inspiration in Tourism Development Strategy of Asean
Myo Aung1, Valliappan Raju2, Amiya Bhaumik3, Ibrahim Alrajawy4

Women Role Development of Tourism Business in Myanmar
Myo Aung1, Valliappan Raju2, Amiya Bhaumik3, Ibrahim Alrajawy4

Impact of Selection Methods of Recruitment Channels on Organizational Excellence within the Hospitality Industry in UAE
Mohammed Albreiki1, Mohammed Nusari2, Amiya Bhaumik3

The Relationship Between Internal Recruitment, External Recruitment, and Selection Methods in the Uae Hospitality Industry
Mohammed Albreiki1, Mohammed Nusari2, Amiya Bhaumik3

Self-Compacting Sustainable Concrete using High Volume Fly Ash and Ggbs
Sushree Sangita Rautray1, Manas Ranjan Das2

Budget Participation and Employees’ Motivation in Myanmar Private Commercial Banks
Yu Yu Myint1, Divya Mithunchakravarthy2, Valliappan Raju3, Amiya Bhaumik4

Impact of Budget Participation on Job Performance in Myanmar Private Commercial Banks With Mediation Effect of Budget Goal Commitment
Yu Yu Myint1, Divya Mithun chakravarthy2, Valliappan Raju3, Amiya Bhaumik4

Effect of Transformational Leadership on Employees‟ Performances Through Job Satisfaction Within Public Sectors in Uae
Shaikha Alshehhi1, Abuelhassan E. Abuelhassan2, Mohammed Nusari3

Selection of Temporary Landfill using Fuzzy Multiple Attribute
Muhamad Muslihudin1, Rizky Purnama2, Wahidah Hashim3, Andino Maseleno4

Fuzzy Logic Prediction of Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever Distribution in Pringsewu Region
Muhamad Muslihudin1, Siti Mukodimah2, Erma Dwiyani3, Trisnawati4, Wahidah Hashim5, Andino Maseleno6

A Broad Coverage of Corpus for Understanding Translation Divergences
Simran Kaur Jolly1, Rashmi Agrawal2

Analysis of Human Behavior using Gaming Effects and Social Factors in Video Games
Subhashree K1, Bhanu D2, Lavanya S3, Bhuvaneshwari K S4, Aarthi D5

Farmers Assistant Innovation and Resolution: Web Server based plant monitoring for smart Irrigation
Pushan Kr. Dutta1, Akshay Vinayak2, Simran Kumari3

Risk Driven Testing, Managing Risks and Quality Assurance: An Introspection and Benchmarking Implementation
Vinita Malik1, Sukhdip Singh2

Fabrication and Experimental Investigation on Emission of Internal Combustion Engine
Saurabh Kumar1, Abhinay Swaroop2, Shashank Shekhar Singh3, Jai Parkash4

Square-odd Scanning for WBAN to Reduce Detection Time
Rani Kumari1, Parma Nand2, Avinash Sharma3, Rani Astya4

Design of the High-speed Error-Trapping Decoder for the (693, 676) Fire Code
Jae-Yeon Choi

Higher Education Institution’s Solid Waste Management: Practices, Needs, and Opportunities
Cecilia A. Geronimo1, Audie L. Geronimo2

Implementing and Verifying a Secure M2m Mutual Authentication Protocol Based on Hash Functions
Kun-Hee Han1, Yoon-Su Jeong2, Woo-Sik Bae3

Comparison of Methods to Improve Seismic Performance Depending on the Use of Expansion Joint
Jae-Ou Lee1, Ka-Young Oh2, Dae-Seok Bang3

Using Text Mining in Film Industry through Text Analytics on Reviews of the Movie Kingsman Series
Ji-Heon Song1, Sung-Jun Kim2

Proposal of the Methodology to Predict Convection Heat Transfer by Insulating Gases in Double-Glazed Panes
Sanghoon Baek1, Sangchul Kim2

Development of Route-based Data Generation Algorithm and Data Model for Moving Objects
Yong-Ki Kim1, Cheol-Joo Chae2

Reliability Analysis of Iot Device with Block-Chain
Yo-Han Choi1, Seung-hwan Ju2, Hee-Suk Seo3

Design of Far-infrared Optical System for Night Object Recognition for Safe Driving of Intelligent Automobile
Byoung-Jo Jung1, Sun-Pil Kwon2, Yong-Wook Kim3

Design of Dementia Prevention System using Motion Recognition Sensor Drone
Sung-Jin Jeoung1, Bong-Hyun Kim2

Application and Effect of Low-Emission Coating for Reducing U-Value of Vacuum Glazing
Sanghoon Baek1, Sangchul Kim2

Optimal Design of Induction Heater considering Magnetic Skin Effect
Byoung-Wook Jo1, Byeong-Chul Lee2, Cheon-Ho Song3, Ki-Chan Kim4

A lightweight RSA-based System-on-a-Chip Design for Constrained Application
Richard Boateng Nti1, Kwangki Ryoo2

A System-on-a-Chip Design of the AES Cryptographic System
Alexander Owusu-Ansah Antwi1, Kwangki Ryoo2

Research for Development of a Daejeon Fine Dust Prediction Model through Weather Data and Air Pollutants
Tae-Hyung Kim1, Jae-Ou Lee2

Current Status and Future Opportunities for Big Data Research in the Construction Industry
Donghoon Lee1, Kyeong-Tae Jeong2, Boong Yeol Ryoo3

Comparison of Refractive Errors measured using Auto-Refractometer and calculated using Zernike Coefficients
Sang-Deok Lee

Comparison of the Sphere, Cylinder, Spherical Equivalent and Cylindrical Axis Between the Left and Right Eyes
Sang-Deok Lee

Hardware Architecture of High Speed HEQ for Image Enhancement
Kibum Suh

Optimized Controller Design by Real-Time Model Identification
Hyung-Soo Hwang1, Joon-Ho Cho2

Properties of Permeable Block using Aggregate Grading and Artificial Permeable Tube
Eun-Seok1, Cho2, Won-Gyu3, Lee4, Byeong-Yong5, Yoo6, Sang-Soo7, Lee8

Changes and Prospects of Safety Regulation Activities in Korean Nuclear Safety Research
Jin-Sung Kim1, Soo-Yong Park2, Dong-Hyung Lee3

Properties of Matrix using TiO2photocatalyst for Improving Air Quality
In-Soo1, Kyoung2, Su-Jeong3, Pyeon4, Sang-Soo5, Lee6

Adaptive Topology Reconstruction Mechanism considering Routing Hop and Battery Consumption for Computing Offloading of IoT
Hyun-Woo Kim1, Eun-Ha Song2

Deep Learning based Pedestrian Detection and Tracking System using Unmanned Aerial Vehicle and Prediction Method
Jae Hee Lee1, Chang Jin Seo2

Designs A Multi-user Authentication Structure Optimized for Cloud Environments
Yoon-Su Jeong1, Dong-Ryool Kim2, Seung-Soo Shin3

Development of a Method for Restoring Deteriorated Digital Images
Tae-Eun Kim

Vehicle Detection and Car Type Identification System using Deep Learning and Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
Chang Jin Seo

Fine Dust Predicting using Recurrent Neural Network with GRU
Thanongsak Xayasouk1, Guang Yang2, Hwa Min Lee3

A Meta-Analysis on the Effect of Introducing Novel Information Technology for Preventing Complications After Esophageal Resection
Seong-Ran Lee

User Authentication Scheme with Key Agreement providing Countermeasure of Impersonation Attack
Jaeyoung Lee

Comparing Raw Data and DICOM Data According to Use Duration of Digital Radiography System
Sung-Hun Jeoung1, Chung-Hwan Lim2, Kil-Soo Ra3

Voice Commanding System of a Personal Computer for People with Disabilities
Dong Hyun Kim1, Young Sil Lee2

Infographic Expression Characteristics for Effective Visualization of Big Data
Kyung-il Doo

Data Augmentation through Luminance Transformation
Sang-Geun Choi1, Chanil Park2, Sooyoung Cho3, Chae-Bong Sohn4

Development of Specific Area Intrusion Detection System using YOLO in CCTV Video
Geun Tae Kim1, Yeonghun Lee2, Kyounghak Lee3, Hyung Hwa Ko4

Analysis on the Microstructure and Hardness Change After Carburizing of Chromium-Molybdenum Alloy Steel for Automobile Parts
Choon Yoo1, Sang-Jin Yoon2, Chang- Yeol Oh3, Bo-An Kang4

Security Issues Related to Biometric Security
Sunghyuck Hong1, Jungsoo Han2, Guijung Kim3

Development of Image Projection and Voice Guidance System applying the Concept of CPTED (Crime Prevention through Environment Design)
Young Sil Lee1, Mikyeong Moon2

An AGVS Management Model Utilizing 3D Animation Techniques
Young-Jun Lee1, Koo-Rack Park2, Dong-Hyun Kim3

A Design of Smart Emergency Call System for Elderly Drivers
Myeon-Gyun Cho

Developing a Puzzle using the Mixed Reality Technology for the Elderly with Mild Cognitive Impairment
Mikyeong Moon1, Chongsan Kwon2

Effect of VR Advertisement Components on Advertising Effects: Focusing on the VR Presence
Yun-Seul Choi1, Sang-Rock Lee2, Seng-Yeob3, Yu4

Analysis of Damage in Marine Piles with a Drone-Based Photogrammetric System
Dong-Moon Kim

Radiation Protection using Embedded Application
Choon-Soo Lee1, Shin-Hyeong Choi2

A Deep Learning Resource Allocation Scheme for Physical Layers in Communication Systems
Doohee Han1, Kyujin Lee2

Fingerprint-based Difference-Means Algorithm for Indoor Positioning in Wi-Fi Environment
Dong Myung Lee1, Tae-Wan Kim2

Performance Analysis of (255, 239) Reed Solomon Code for Efficient Knowledge-based Systems in Ubiquitous Environment
Wonshik Na1, Jae-Yeon Choi2

Research on a Security Enhancement System for Cloud Service of Cloud Computing Environment
Young-Sung Cho1,Wonshik Na2

Cost Optimized Hybrid System in Digital Advertising using Machine Learning
Avinash Sharma1, Swati V. Kulkarni2, Dhanajay Kalbande3, Surekha Dholay4

Automatic Gathering of Labeled Images Using a Web Crawler to Facilitate Automotive Machine Learning
Chuho Yi1, Jungwon Cho2

Comparative study of Limitation In Realizing the Right to Be Forgotten in Terms of Technology and Service: Focusing on Access Exclusion and Information Deletion
Mina Shim

Comparative Study on the User-Controlled ISP Switching for Big Data Transmission in Multi-ISP-Connected Campus Network
Hyoung Woo Park1, Il-Yeon Yeo2, Hyungjin Lee3, Seo-Young Noh4

A Comparative Study on Platform Business Strategy of Reward App -Focused on case of Company A-
Jae-han Ryu1, Jung-Ryol Kim2, Sang-Bong Kim3

A Comparative Study on Biometric based Authentication Method for IOT Service
Aeri Lee

A Comparative Study on the Development of High Quality LED Bulb Applying Big Data
Jeong-Beom Kim

A Comparative study on Intention of Using Kakao Bank (Internet Primary Bank) in South Korea: Focused on Technology Acceptance Model(TAM)
Myung-Il Choi

A Comparative Study on the Modern Jewelry Design Using Mathematical Principles -Focused on the Digital System-
Jae-won Yoon

Comparative study on the Material and Method of new 3D Printer when Making Phantom for Mammography
Dong-Hee Hong1, Hong-Ryang Jung2, Cheong-Hwan Lim3

A Comparative study on Countermeasures Leakage of Personal Information in new Mobile Phone Registration and Change in Korea
Il-kwon Lim1, Eun So Mo2

A Comparative Study for Selection Attributes of Coffee Shop using AHP
Choong-soo Lee

A Comparative Study on Virtual Machine Model for Testing Semi-conductor Production Equipment
Dong-Su Kim1, Koo-Rack Park2, Dong-Hyun Kim3, Jae-Woong Kim4

A Comparative study on the Preference of Sapphire Jewelry Emotional Lighting in LED Color
Ye-jin Hwang

Comparative Study of PMS Implementation Challenges in Innovative Organizations
Kajal Kiran1, Jaya Yadav2, Teena Bagga3

Study of Effectiveness of HDFC’s Brand Communication using Social Networking Sites
Divya Pathak1, Marshal Sahni2

Comparative Study of Crossing the Chasm in Applying Smart Factory System for SMEs
Young-Hwan Choi1, Sang-Hyun Choi2

Comparative Study on Value Determining Factors of Factory and Logistics Warehouse
Saejoon Oh

Comparative Study on Damage According to Cover Materials of Car Seat Multi Latch using Analytic Technique
Jae-Won Kim1, Chan-Ki Cho2, Jin-Oh Kim3, Jae-Ung Cho4

Comparative Study on Pedestrian Density Analysis and Spatial Efficiency Improvement for the Homogeneous Use of Public Space in Health Examination Centers
Suk-Tae Kim

A Comparative Study on Strength Characteristics Resulting from Holes or Defects in Notched Tensile Specimens of Heterogeneous Material with Internal Cracks
Jung-Ho Lee1, Jae-Ung Cho2

A Comparative Study on Improving the Durability due to the Design of Automotive Torque Sensor Disk According to the Number of Hole
Kye-Kwang Choi1, Jae-Ung Cho2

A Comparative study on Data Crawling and Extraction of Climate Change Issues Using Machine Learning Technique
Do-Yeon Kim1, Dae-Yong Jin2, Kuk-Jin Han3, Seong-Taek Park4

Comparative Study on the Ventilation Flow Loss and Influence according to Seating Position in Car Seat
Kyungtae Lee1, Dooseuk Choi2

Comparative Study on Implementation of 3D Virtual Simulator System for Manufacturing Facilities Programming Education
Hyeon-Ho Seo1, Koo-Rack Park2, Dong-Hyun Kim3

A Comparative Study on the Carbon Diffusion Characteristics in C 0.20 – Cr 1.14 Carburized Alloy Steel
Chang-Yeol Oh1, Bo-An Kang2, Choon Yoo3, Sang-Jin Yoon4

A Comparative Study on the Implementation an Efficient Indoor Navigation using Smart Devices in Disaster Situations
Linh H. Ngo1, Yoon Young Park2, Manh Luong Tien3, Se-Yeob Kim4, Kyung-Oh Lee5

A Comparative Study on the Effectiveness of the Training System of an Augmented Reality-based Automated External Defibrillator with an added Tactile Sense
Chongsan Kwon1, Dong Hyun Kim2

A Comparative study on the User Satisfaction of Chinese mobile Apps – Moderating the Services between paid and free Apps –
Kyeong-Rak Le

A Comparative Study on AI-based Anti-terror Crime System
Sei-Youen Oh

A Comparative Study on Improved User Authentication Scheme in Response to Smart-card Loss Attack
Jae-young Lee

Analysis of Various Computer Architectures
Kulvinder Singh1, Pushpendra Kumar Pateriya2, Devinder Kaur3, Mritunjay Rai4